St Lawrence Parish Register Extracts from 1901


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Last Name Index - O


Last Name First Name(s) Year Bapt/Marr/Burial
OAKE Harold John 1917 Marr
OAKLEY Lynda Jane 1970 Bapt
OAKLEY Joanne Catherine 1970 Bapt
OAKLEY Michael Alan 1983 Marr
OATES Roderick William 1945 Bapt
OATES Angela Joanne 1946 Bapt
OATES Richard Joe 1960 Bapt
OATES Jon William 1964 Bapt
OATES Anne May 1964 Bapt
OATES Roderick William 1971 Marr
OBBARD Stephen 1958 Bapt
OBBARD Susan 1962 Bapt
OBBARD Brian Richard George 1957 Marr
OBBARD Susan 1982 Marr
OBORNE Ernest Alfred 1965 Marr
O'BRIEN Elizabeth 1908 Burial
O'BRIEN Ronald Charles 1919 Bapt
O'BRIEN Francis Walter 1925 Bapt
O'BRIEN Beryl Marjorie 1926 Bapt
O'BRIEN Raymond Patrick 1948 Bapt
O'BRIEN Mary Margaret 1927 Marr
OCLEE Augustin Henry 1908 Bapt
OCLEE Henry Augustine 1928 Marr
O'CLEE Beryl Isabel 1938 Bapt
O'CONNELL Callum Paul 1981 Bapt
OFFEN Robert William John 1922 Bapt
OFFEN Muriel Emma Mary 1924 Bapt
OFFEN Eileen Sylvia Dorothy 1929 Bapt
OFFERMAN Albert Ernest 1959 Burial
OFFERMAN Iris Jessie Louise 1981 Burial
OFFERMAN Ruth Agnes 1954 Bapt
OFFERMAN Margaret Joan 1954 Bapt
OFFERMAN Susan Anne 1956 Bapt
OFFERMAN Gillian Elizabeth 1962 Bapt
OFFERMAN Rachel Iris 1965 Bapt
OFFERMAN Henry George 1952 Marr
OFFERMAN John Lawrence 1953 Marr
OFFERMAN Margaret Joan 1977 Marr
OFFERMAN Sarah Frances 1982 Marr
OFIELD Mary Janet 1901 Bapt
OFIELD Minnie Louise 1901 Marr
OFIELD Frances 1902 Burial
OFIELD Mary Jane 1906 Burial
O'FIELD Charles 1914 Burial
OGDEN Wilson 1978 Marr
O'HARA Henry Joseph 1951 Marr
O'KEIFE Ruby 1920 Bapt
OLIVE Dennis William Percy 1927 Bapt
OLIVE George Alfred 1929 Bapt
OLIVE Gilbert Alfred 1932 Bapt
OLIVE Philip Edward 1937 Bapt
OLIVE Rosemary June 1942 Bapt
OLIVER William James 1901 Bapt
OLIVER Jessie Louise 1909 Bapt
OLIVER James Frederick 1901 Marr
OLIVER William George 1916 Marr
OLIVER Harold Horace 1930 Marr
OLIVER Grace Mary 1931 Marr
OLIVER Henry William 1932 Marr
OLIVER Evelyn Grace 1933 Marr
OLIVER Alison Joan 1965 Bapt
OLIVER Matthew John 1968 Bapt
OLIVER Kelly Joanne 1974 Bapt
OLIVER Rachel Jane 1976 Bapt
OLIVER Victoria Kathryn 1983 Bapt
OLIVER David 1963 Marr
OLIVER Barry David 1964 Marr
OLIVER Keith Donald 1968 Marr
OLIVER Gail Valerie 1981 Marr
OLIVER Peter Mark 1981 Marr
OLIVER Derek Kevin 1984 Marr
O'MAHONY Anthony Richard 1982 Marr
O'NEILL Ada Maria 1955 Burial
ORBELL Julian Edward 1946 Bapt
ORDERS Archibald 1915 Marr
ORRILL Stuart Michael 1975 Bapt
ORRIN Phyllis Edith 1935 Marr
ORVILL Andrew Mark 1972 Bapt
OSBORN Sharon Elaine 1966 Bapt
OSBORN Stuart James 1969 Bapt
OSBORNE Albert Edward 1901 Bapt
OSBORNE Elsie Violet 1903 Bapt
OSBORNE Terrence Kenneth 1964 Bapt
OSBORNE Sarah Jane 1964 Bapt
OSBORNE Stephen Joseph 1971 Bapt
OSBORNE Neil 1983 Bapt
OSBORNE Glenys 1967 Marr
OSBORNE Edward David Gerard 1974 Marr
OSBOURNE David John 1958 Marr
OSGOOD Neil Richard Alexander 1964 Bapt
OTTAWAY Dennis John 1936 Bapt
OUTHWAITE Edna 1930 Marr
OUTHWAITE Emma Louise 1984 Bapt
OUTHWAITE Peter 1980 Marr
OVENDEN Walter Henry Frederick 1920 Bapt
OVENDEN Hilda Daisy 1922 Bapt
OVENDEN Lois Elizabeth 1927 Bapt
OVENDEN John James 1911 Marr
OVENDEN Louis George 1918 Marr
OVENDEN Everill 1929 Marr
OVENDEN Susan Jayne 1956 Bapt
OVENDEN Willow Emma Mary 1966 Bapt
OVENDEN John Anthony 1957 Marr
OVENDEN Richard James 1961 Marr
OVENDEN Penelope Jane 1976 Marr
OVENDEN Patricia Alice Emily 1976 Marr
OVENDEN Robert Steven 1979 Marr
OVERDEN Henry John 1912 Bapt
OWEN Patricia Mary 1929 Bapt
OWEN Philip John 1932 Bapt
OWEN Hugh John 1935 Bapt
OWEN Philip John 1932 Marr
OWEN Gemma Teresa 1983 Bapt
OWEN Dawn Gwendoline 1960 Marr
OWEN Douglas Frank 1961 Marr
OWEN Rebekah Rachel 1962 Marr
OWEN Patricia Jeanette 1964 Marr
OWEN Robert John 1976 Marr
OYSTON Karen Alison 1973 Bapt

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