St Lawrence Parish Register Extracts from 1901


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Last Name Index - N


Last Name First Name(s) Year Bapt/Marr/Burial
NAILOR Hilda May 1902 Bapt
NAILOR Winifred Mary 1904 Bapt
NAILOR Frederick Sydney 1907 Bapt
NAILOR Beatrice Audrey 1909 Bapt
NAILOR Henry Richard 1911 Bapt
NAILOR Florence Lily 1913 Bapt
NAIRNE Arthur Frank 1938 Marr
NAIRNS John 1903 Burial
NASE Emily 1905 Burial
NASH Elsie May 1902 Bapt
NASH Sarah Ann 1912 Burial
NASH Kenneth Reginald 1920 Bapt
NASH Kathleen Ellen 1928 Bapt
NASH Ellen Amelia 1928 Bapt
NASH Annie 1913 Marr
NASH Leo 1918 Marr
NASH Alfred Richard 1928 Marr
NASH John Michael 1979 Bapt
NASH Paul Michael 1979 Bapt
NASH John Michael 1979 Marr
NAYLOR Ian 1967 Bapt
NAYLOR Pauline June 1970 Marr
NAZER Florence 1901 Marr
NEAL Philip Desmond 1984 Marr
NEALE Kathleen Emma 1901 Bapt
NEALE May Josephine 1905 Bapt
NEAME William 1905 Burial
NEAME Carol Yvonne 1972 Marr
NEAVES Elizabeth Jane 1909 Burial
NEAVES Paul Leslie Bryan 1959 Bapt
NEAVES Sally Annette 1962 Bapt
NEAVES Sally Annette 1983 Marr
NEEDHAM Elizabeth Louisa 1926 Marr
NEEDHAM Ann-Marie 1969 Bapt
NEEDHAM Clare 1971 Bapt
NEEDHAM Geral William 1969 Marr
NEEVE Maureen Diana 1944 Bapt
NEEVE Derek Brian 1978 Marr
NEEVES Elizabeth Sarah 1902 Bapt
NEEVES Louisa Diana Victorine 1902 Bapt
NEEVES Leonard George 1903 Bapt
NEEVES George William Ewen 1904 Bapt
NEEVES William Charles Herbert 1905 Bapt
NEEVES Arthur Edward 1905 Bapt
NEEVES May Louisa 1907 Bapt
NEEVES Daniel Ernest 1910 Bapt
NEEVES Herbert Charles 1904 Burial
NEEVES William 1904 Burial
NEEVES Louisa Diana Victorine 1906 Burial
NEEVES Frederick Alfred 1925 Bapt
NEEVES George James 1927 Bapt
NEEVES Edward William 1908 Marr
NEEVES Agnes Mary 1914 Marr
NEEVES Kate Elizabeth 1918 Marr
NEEVES Michael William Terry 1943 Bapt
NEEVES George William Owen 1930 Marr
NEEVES Daniel Ernest 1934 Marr
NEEVES Arthur Edward 1936 Marr
NEEVES May Louisa 1939 Marr
NEEVES Louisa Hortense 1947 Marr
NELSON Charles Robert 1903 Bapt
NELSON Henry Bywater 1902 Marr
NELSON Charlotte Hallewell 1902 Marr
NELSON Janyce Elizabeth 1938 Bapt
NELSON Elizabeth Anne 1969 Bapt
NESBITT Joan 1967 Bapt
NEVE Andrea Clare 1971 Bapt
NEVE Robert John 1974 Bapt
NEVE John Keith 1967 Marr
NEVILLE Thomas 1901 Burial
NEWBERRY Philippa Margaret 1966 Bapt
NEWBOULD John Herbert Francis 1960 Bapt
NEWBY Arthur John 1922 Bapt
NEWBY Thomas Hobbs 1922 Bapt
NEWELL Linda Marjorie 1963 Marr
NEWING Percy Stephen Frederick 1923 Bapt
NEWING Joyce Dorothy 1926 Bapt
NEWING John William 1931 Bapt
NEWING Carol 1948 Bapt
NEWING Percy Stephen 1922 Marr
NEWING Gillian Mary 1961 Bapt
NEWING Peter Reginald 1966 Bapt
NEWING Graham Paul 1972 Bapt
NEWING Alfred James 1967 Marr
NEWING Sharon 1977 Marr
NEWING Gillian Mary 1983 Marr
NEWINGTON Violet Kathleen 1913 Bapt
NEWINGTON Marjorie Frances 1913 Bapt
NEWINGTON Norah Gwendoline 1913 Bapt
NEWINGTON William 1905 Burial
NEWINGTON Eric Richard 1914 Marr
NEWINGTON Frances Mary 1916 Marr
NEWINGTON Alice Florence 1916 Marr
NEWMAN Elizabeth Teresa Ann 1951 Bapt
NEWMAN Patricia Joan 1953 Bapt
NEWMAN Sydney Philip 1923 Marr
NEWMAN James Thomas William 1927 Marr
NEWMAN Keith Andrew 1957 Bapt
NEWMAN June Valerie 1968 Marr
NEWPORT Stephen John 1954 Bapt
NEWPORT Carole Ann 1954 Bapt
NEWPORT Paul Andrew 1959 Bapt
NEWPORT Lauren Olive 1967 Bapt
NEWPORT Philip Clive 1969 Bapt
NEWTON Gwendolen Constance 1913 Bapt
NEWTON Lona 1938 Bapt
NEWTON Derrick 1966 Bapt
NEWTON Graham 1965 Marr
NEWTON Sharon Debra 1982 Marr
NICE Wendy 1951 Marr
NICHOL Keith Charles 1973 Bapt
NICHOL Walter William 1964 Marr
NICHOLAS de BIGNOLIA Marie Therese 1901 Burial
NICHOLLS Alfred George 1925 Marr
NICHOLLS Keith Geoffrey 1969 Marr
NICHOLS Cyril 1921 Bapt
NICHOLS Arthur 1923 Bapt
NICHOLS Kimberley Jane 1967 Bapt
NICHOLS Jacqueline Elaine 1969 Bapt
NICHOLS Scott 1971 Bapt
NICHOLS Kenneth 1965 Marr
NICHOLS Dennis Brian 1967 Marr
NICHOLS John William 1968 Marr
NICHOLS Rosemary Jean 1971 Marr
NICHOLSON Walter 1917 Marr
NICHOLSON Margeret Jean 1955 Bapt
NICHOLSON Colin James 1958 Bapt
NICHOLSON Carol Ann 1961 Marr
NICHOLSON Pamela Doreen 1968 Marr
NICHOLSON Julia Marion 1968 Marr
NICHOLSON Margaret Jean 1975 Marr
NICHOLSON Graham Leslie 1979 Marr
NICHOLSON Joy Sheila 1981 Marr
NICK James Elezabeth 1977 Bapt
NICK Georgia 1977 Bapt
NICKOL Justin Gerard 1972 Bapt
NIGHTINGALE Lance Graham 1946 Bapt
NINEHAM Amanda Louise 1966 Bapt
NIXON Robert 1918 Burial
NO SURNAME Florence Eunice Frances Mary 1931 Bapt
NOBLE Norah Mary 1909 Bapt
NOBLE Hilda Annie Angela 1909 Bapt
NOBLE Arthur 1909 Bapt
NOBLE Phyllis Margaret 1913 Bapt
NOBLE Norah Mary 1909 Burial
NOBLE Annie Matilda 1917 Burial
NOBLE Michael David 1938 Bapt
NOBLE Arthur 1931 Marr
NOBLE Sharon Anne 1963 Bapt
NOBLE Philip David 1977 Bapt
NOBLE Kelly Patricia 1981 Bapt
NOBLE Kenneth William 1962 Marr
NOBLE Michael David 1966 Marr
NOKES Brent George Bowen 1953 Bapt
NOKES Cherise Anne Winifred 1953 Bapt
NORMAN John 1962 Bapt
NORMAN Valerie Gay 1962 Marr
NORRIS Leslie Cyril 1907 Bapt
NORRIS Sarah Jane 1902 Burial
NORRIS Alfred 1902 Burial
NORRIS William 1905 Burial
NORRIS May Godden 1918 Marr
NORRIS Leonard Thomas John 1954 Marr
NORTHWOOD Sybil Molly 1926 Bapt
NORTON Owen 1963 Bapt
NORTON Owen 1964 Bapt
NORTON Rosalind 1964 Marr
NORTON Eric Charles 1970 Marr
NORTON Michael Wayne 1975 Marr
NORWOOD Thomas William 1941 Burial
NOWERS Mary Ann 1906 Burial
NOYCE Edward Thomas 1929 Bapt
NUNN Andrew James 1983 Bapt
NUNN Amanda Tracey Margaret 1983 Bapt
NUNN Raymond George 1962 Marr
NUNNELEY Philip Tirel Barham 1913 Bapt
NUTLEY Francis Wallace Wattman 1937 Marr
NUTTALL Sarah Louise 1984 Bapt
NUTTER Ernest Charles 1906 Bapt
NUTTER Frederick 1909 Bapt
NUTTER George 1906 Marr
NUTTER Jessie Eliza 1906 Marr

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