St Lawrence Parish Register Extracts from 1901


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Last Name Index - J


Last Name First Name(s) Year Bapt/Marr/Burial
JACK Reginald Philip 1952 Bapt
JACK Irene Doreen 1953 Bapt
JACK Jeannette Ruby 1960 Bapt
JACKMAN Edward Charles George 1939 Marr
JACKSON Edith Annie 1931 Bapt
JACKSON Patricia Joan 1941 Bapt
JACKSON Sheila 1954 Bapt
JACKSON Elva Doris 1934 Marr
JACKSON John David 1965 Bapt
JACKSON Carol Ann 1965 Bapt
JACKSON Lillie Ethel 1953 Marr
JACKSON James 1959 Marr
JACKSON Amy 1961 Marr
JACKSON Anthony 1975 Marr
JACKSON Annette Lesley 1975 Marr
JACKSON Elaine 1976 Marr
JACOB Roy George 1962 Bapt
JAGER Elizabeth Susannah 1902 Burial
JAGGERS Henrietta Elizabeth 1926 Marr
JAGGERS Nellie 1930 Marr
JAKEMAN Gary Charles 1970 Bapt
JAKES Gladys Ruth 1937 Marr
JALES Robert John 1952 Bapt
JALES Doreen Violet 1953 Marr
JALES Robert John 1971 Marr
JAMES Robert Pemberton Alan 1916 Bapt
JAMES Frederick Herbert 1918 Bapt
JAMES Alfred William Charley 1923 Bapt
JAMES Glenys May 1931 Bapt
JAMES George Ernest Walter 1933 Bapt
JAMES Derrick Gordan 1939 Bapt
JAMES Colin Lewis 1940 Bapt
JAMES Keith 1942 Bapt
JAMES Christine Mary 1948 Bapt
JAMES Raymond 1948 Bapt
JAMES Alan John 1950 Bapt
JAMES Walter Henry Arthur Richard 1936 Marr
JAMES Thomas William 1938 Marr
JAMES Annie Isabella May 1940 Marr
JAMES Bessie Cecilia Florence 1945 Marr
JAMES Paul Harvey Brandon 1955 Bapt
JAMES Daniel Alan 1963 Bapt
JAMES Anne Jane 1966 Bapt
JAMES Donna Hilda 1971 Bapt
JAMES Simon Spencer 1975 Bapt
JAMES Betty 1952 Marr
JAMES Dennis 1955 Marr
JAMES Margaret Brynhild 1958 Marr
JAMES Colin Thomas 1969 Marr
JAMES Margaret Rose 1970 Marr
JAMES Stuart Martin 1972 Marr
JAMES Linda 1972 Marr
JAMIESON Sarah 1907 Marr
JANAWAY Oliver Mark 1983 Bapt
JANAWAY Mark 1981 Marr
JANES Wendy Ann 1948 Bapt
JANES William 1940 Marr
JANES Rosetta Lillian 1970 Marr
JANMAN Jean Margery 1941 Bapt
JARMAN John 1902 Bapt
JARMAN John Bailey 1906 Bapt
JARMAN Wallace John 1910 Bapt
JARMAN Harold Albert 1913 Bapt
JARMAN Winifred Mary 1914 Bapt
JARMAN John 1902 Burial
JARMAN Mary Ann 1912 Burial
JARMAN Harold Albert 1913 Burial
JARMAN William James 1934 Burial
JARMAN John 1944 Burial
JARMAN Pamela Mary 1923 Bapt
JARMAN Phyllis Sarah Gertrude 1926 Bapt
JARMAN William John 1908 Marr
JARMAN Albert Edward 1911 Marr
JARMAN Winifred Mary 1938 Marr
JARMAN Michael 1960 Bapt
JARMAN Jane 1961 Bapt
JARMAN John Alan 1980 Bapt
JARMAN David 1984 Bapt
JARMAN Alan Ainslie Francis 1978 Marr
JARRATT Marjorie Irene 1903 Bapt
JARRETT Herbert Stanley 1907 Bapt
JARROLD George Edward 1914 Marr
JARVIS Irene Doris 1908 Bapt
JARVIS Dorothy Emily 1911 Bapt
JARVIS Annie Elizabeth 1915 Burial
JARVIS Eleanor Johnson 1953 Burial
JARVIS William Douglas 1920 Bapt
JARVIS Ellen Rebecca 1923 Bapt
JARVIS Alfred Leslie 1931 Bapt
JARVIS Peggy Bessie Ena 1937 Bapt
JARVIS Barbara May 1937 Bapt
JARVIS Brian 1937 Bapt
JARVIS Alan Reginald 1946 Bapt
JARVIS Karen Linda 1949 Bapt
JARVIS June Florence 1950 Bapt
JARVIS Christopher Leslie 1953 Bapt
JARVIS Emily Rose 1930 Marr
JARVIS Edna Dora 1934 Marr
JARVIS Emily Elizabeth 1934 Marr
JARVIS Jessie Florence 1935 Marr
JARVIS James Percival 1937 Marr
JARVIS Marjorie Kathleen 1943 Marr
JARVIS Trevor Paul 1955 Bapt
JARVIS Julie Teresa 1965 Bapt
JARVIS Jason Shaun 1973 Bapt
JARVIS Rosaline Dawn 1973 Bapt
JARVIS Elliott Paul 1984 Bapt
JARVIS Frederick George 1954 Marr
JARVIS Anthony John 1974 Marr
JEAYS Basil 1963 Marr
JEFFERIES Paula Doreen May 1947 Marr
JEFFERIES Peter 1955 Marr
JEFFERSON Neil William 1965 Marr
JEFFERY Lorraine 1969 Bapt
JEFFERY Elliot John 1979 Bapt
JEFFERY Daniel Derek 1979 Bapt
JEFFERYS Sharon Lee 1975 Bapt
JEFFORD Andrew Hugh John 1952 Bapt
JEFFREY William George 1903 Marr
JEFFREY Yvonne 1966 Bapt
JEFFREY Christina Ann 1961 Marr
JEFFRIES Archibald Henry 1922 Bapt
JEFFRIES Barbara Ivy 1922 Bapt
JEFFRIES Vivienne Edith Cavell 1922 Bapt
JEFFRIES Robert William 1922 Bapt
JEFFRIES Frank Henry 1931 Marr
JEFFRIES Ellen Mary 1934 Marr
JEFFRIES Florence Violet 1937 Marr
JEFFRIES David Stuart 1981 Marr
JENKIN Charles Colenso 1906 Bapt
JENKIN Charles Collewso 1907 Burial
JENKINS Colwyn James 1938 Bapt
JENKINS Alfred Charles 1938 Bapt
JENKINS David Glyn 1950 Bapt
JENKINS Zoe 1973 Bapt
JENKINS John Howard 1953 Marr
JENNER Pamela Kay 1944 Bapt
JENNER Mabel Vera 1948 Marr
JENNINGS Florence Valentina 1902 Marr
JENNINGS Robert Francis 1946 Bapt
JENNINGS May Louise 1932 Marr
JENNINGS Helen Ada 1940 Marr
JENNINGS Francis Robert Harold 1944 Marr
JENNINGS Ann Patricia 1953 Marr
JENNINGS Eileen 1953 Marr
JEPHCOTT Patricia Doris 1956 Marr
JEZARD Susannah 1912 Burial
JEZARD Irene Winifred 1942 Marr
JEZZARD Lynn Denise 1978 Marr
JILLHAM Betty 1926 Bapt
JILLHAM Dorothy May 1926 Bapt
JOAD Sarah Elizabeth 1912 Burial
JOAD Herbert Edward 1914 Burial
JOAD Hannah 1927 Burial
JOB Philip Leslie 1948 Bapt
JOB Anne Maureen 1952 Bapt
JOB Anne Maureen 1969 Marr
JOBSON Helen Clare 1965 Bapt
JOBSON Paul Charles 1965 Bapt
JOBSON Frank George 1955 Marr
JOHANSSON Conny Jonna 1947 Marr
JOHNCOCK Jane 1905 Burial
JOHNS Michael Franz 1949 Bapt
JOHNS Roger Melvyn 1951 Bapt
JOHNS Sarah Ann 1977 Bapt
JOHNS Roger Melvyn 1975 Marr
JOHNSON James 1901 Bapt
JOHNSON Kate Elizabeth 1903 Bapt
JOHNSON Winifred Marie 1905 Bapt
JOHNSON Sidney Alfred 1907 Bapt
JOHNSON Bessie 1908 Bapt
JOHNSON Susan Dorothy 1910 Bapt
JOHNSON Arthur James 1906 Marr
JOHNSON Joseph 1902 Burial
JOHNSON John 1915 Burial
JOHNSON Maria 1916 Burial
JOHNSON William 1920 Burial
JOHNSON Henry Robert 1925 Bapt
JOHNSON Kathleen Amelia Ellen 1932 Bapt
JOHNSON May 1932 Bapt
JOHNSON Robert 1932 Bapt
JOHNSON John William Henry 1933 Bapt
JOHNSON Patricia Ann 1933 Bapt
JOHNSON Iris Louis 1934 Bapt
JOHNSON George Albert 1916 Marr
JOHNSON Brian Stanley 1940 Bapt
JOHNSON Dorothy Joyce 1941 Bapt
JOHNSON John Henry 1944 Bapt
JOHNSON Beryl Anne 1951 Bapt
JOHNSON Robert Edward 1953 Bapt
JOHNSON Charles Frederick James 1928 Marr
JOHNSON Stanley Thomas 1938 Marr
JOHNSON Elsie Grace 1948 Marr
JOHNSON Carol Anne 1961 Bapt
JOHNSON Mark Ronald 1970 Bapt
JOHNSON Helen Margaret 1979 Bapt
JOHNSON Dorothy Audrey Joan 1950 Marr
JOHNSON May 1951 Marr
JOHNSON Robert 1952 Marr
JOHNSON Margaret Ruth 1954 Marr
JOHNSON Pamela Jean 1965 Marr
JOHNSON Barbara Ann 1965 Marr
JOHNSON William Stanley 1968 Marr
JOHNSON Pauline Helga Leonora 1968 Marr
JOHNSON Lynda Margaret 1971 Marr
JOHNSON Jennifer Mary 1972 Marr
JOHNSON Martin David 1975 Marr
JOHNSTON Janine Eileen 1954 Bapt
JOHNSTONE Wendy Grace 1947 Bapt
JOHNSTONE William 1939 Marr
JOHNSTONE Alan Peter Francis 1955 Bapt
JOHNSTONE Ian Robert 1966 Bapt
JOHNSTONE Louise Claire 1981 Bapt
JOHNSTONE Christopher William 1983 Bapt
JOINER Sidney 1933 Marr
JOLLEY Anthony John 1945 Bapt
JOLLEY Caroline Ann 1951 Bapt
JOLLEY Teresa Jane 1954 Bapt
JONES Annie Barbara 1901 Bapt
JONES Stephen William Henry 1903 Bapt
JONES Ernest Albert 1903 Bapt
JONES Ernest Alfred Thomas 1905 Bapt
JONES Thomas 1915 Burial
JONES Elsie May 1919 Bapt
JONES Daisy 1919 Bapt
JONES Lilian Maud 1919 Bapt
JONES Sarah 1920 Bapt
JONES Vincent Benjamin 1920 Bapt
JONES Megan 1921 Bapt
JONES Jean Ethel 1928 Bapt
JONES Rosemary Louisa 1932 Bapt
JONES Margaret 1934 Bapt
JONES Gloria Phyllis 1936 Bapt
JONES Sydney 1909 Marr
JONES Sarah Bond 1910 Marr
JONES Lucy Edith 1912 Marr
JONES Marjorie Selina 1915 Marr
JONES William Charles 1918 Marr
JONES Christopher Ian 1949 Bapt
JONES David Peter 1952 Bapt
JONES Gillian Margaret Elizabeth 1953 Bapt
JONES Kevin Rhys 1953 Bapt
JONES Ernest Charles 1923 Marr
JONES Phyllis 1924 Marr
JONES Dylis Eileen 1942 Marr
JONES Beatrice 1946 Marr
JONES Megan 1946 Marr
JONES Robert Reekie 1947 Marr
JONES Rosalind Ann 1956 Bapt
JONES Peter John 1958 Bapt
JONES Karen Elizabeth 1959 Bapt
JONES Ann Glynis 1960 Bapt
JONES Yvana Barbara 1960 Bapt
JONES William Henry 1963 Bapt
JONES Daisy Hilda Sophia 1963 Bapt
JONES Allan Sidney 1965 Bapt
JONES Kerry Lewis 1965 Bapt
JONES Nicola Claire 1971 Bapt
JONES Cara Jane 1978 Bapt
JONES Laura Catherine 1979 Bapt
JONES Rebecca Louise 1983 Bapt
JONES Tracey Ann 1983 Bapt
JONES Craig Evan 1984 Bapt
JONES Emlyn Dewi Meirion 1954 Marr
JONES Valerie Kathleen 1957 Marr
JONES Shirley Ann 1964 Marr
JONES Yvonne Annette 1965 Marr
JONES Allan Sidney 1969 Marr
JONES Alison Alma 1975 Marr
JONES Rosalind Ann 1976 Marr
JONES Alan Howard 1980 Marr
JONES Pamela 1980 Marr
JONES David Roy 1980 Marr
JONES Jeannette Joyce 1981 Marr
JONES Brett Evan 1982 Marr
JONES Tracey Ann 1983 Marr
JONES Carol Marie 1984 Marr
JORDAN Annie 1912 Bapt
JORDAN Harriet 1907 Burial
JORDAN Robina Phyllis 1926 Marr
JORDAN William Robert 1928 Marr
JORDAN James Arthur 1966 Bapt
JORDAN Lee David 1967 Bapt
JORDAN Vanessa Mary 1969 Bapt
JORDAN Robert James 1979 Marr
JORDAN Christine Ann 1984 Marr
JOSEPH Rosaline 1976 Marr
JOSEY Paul Anthony 1973 Bapt
JOSEY Andrew Mark 1973 Bapt
JOSLING John 1921 Burial
JOSS Nicola Elaine 1979 Bapt
JOW Jane 1911 Burial
JOY William John 1902 Burial
JOY Harriet 1925 Burial
JOY Shirley Ann 1968 Marr
JOYCE Margaret Moreene 1929 Bapt
JOYCE Betty 1930 Bapt
JOYCE John 1940 Marr
JUDD Elizabeth 1908 Marr
JUDGE William George 1953 Burial
JUDGE William Warren 1926 Marr
JUDGE Cyril Stanley 1971 Marr
JUDGES Christopher William 1943 Bapt
JUDGES Sheila Elizabeth 1947 Bapt
JUDKINS Christopher Robert 1983 Marr
JULL Eliza 1920 Burial
JUPP Ronald Gerald 1925 Bapt
JUPP Patricia Lois 1925 Bapt
JURES Yolanda Myra 1979 Bapt

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