St Lawrence Parish Register Extracts from 1901


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Last Name Index - E


Last Name First Name(s) Year Bapt/Marr/Burial
EADES Wendy Wildish 1931 Bapt
EAGLESON Lee Roddy Thomas 1973 Bapt
EAGLESTON Paul Anthony 1971 Marr
EARL January May 1924 Bapt
EARL Joan 1924 Bapt
EARL Harry Walter 1917 Marr
EARL Jean Lilian 1951 Marr
EARLETT Christian Douglas 1984 Bapt
EASON Roger Stuart 1943 Bapt
EAST Nora Mable 1913 Bapt
EAST Maisie Constance Julia 1931 Marr
EAST Vincent Lawrence 1965 Bapt
EAST Vincent Lawrence 1965 Bapt
EAST Christina Patricia 1967 Bapt
EAST Albert George 1957 Marr
EAST Ann Jacqueline 1980 Marr
EASTER Lilian Gladys 1943 Marr
EASTER Valerie Beatrice 1969 Marr
EASTERS Alan Michael 1946 Bapt
EASTES Catherine Jeanne 1970 Bapt
EASTES Matthew Alan 1972 Bapt
EASTLAND Charlotte 1901 Burial
EASTLAND William 1906 Burial
EASTO Sheila Mary 1955 Marr
EASTO Peter Charles 1968 Marr
EASTOF Florence 1907 Bapt
EASTOP Ellen 1901 Bapt
EASTOP Doris Ada 1902 Bapt
EASTOP Doris Ada 1906 Burial
EASTOP Doris 1924 Bapt
EASTOP Alice 1918 Marr
EASTOP William 1923 Marr
EASTOP Florence 1928 Marr
EATON Raymond Donald 1954 Bapt
EATON Francis Richard 1958 Bapt
EATON Kenneth Arthur 1950 Marr
EAVES Nora Cordelia 1932 Marr
EDEN Steve (sic) 1968 Bapt
EDEN April Donna 1968 Bapt
EDGAR May Dorothy 1901 Bapt
EDGAR Duncan Alistair 1961 Bapt
EDGAR Kirtsy 1973 Bapt
EDGAR Ian Arthur 1980 Bapt
EDGAR June Anne 1971 Marr
EDGAR Yvonne Marion 1974 Marr
EDIS Mabel 1952 Burial
EDIS William 1971 Burial
EDIS Barbara 1943 Marr
EDLDRIDGE Matthew Lee 1981 Bapt
EDMONDS Richard James 1965 Marr
EDWARD Robert Martin 1954 Bapt
EDWARDS Cynthia Kate Ruth 1906 Bapt
EDWARDS Edward Frederick 1902 Marr
EDWARDS Eva Gertrude 1906 Marr
EDWARDS Jean Elizabeth 1935 Bapt
EDWARDS John William 1948 Bapt
EDWARDS Joan Anne Elizabeth 1951 Bapt
EDWARDS Jeffrey Laurence 1953 Bapt
EDWARDS Elsie Elizabeth 1928 Marr
EDWARDS Henry Thomas 1929 Marr
EDWARDS William Sydney Garfield 1931 Marr
EDWARDS Robert Hamilton 1957 Bapt
EDWARDS Maureen 1957 Bapt
EDWARDS Christopher 1957 Bapt
EDWARDS Peter 1957 Bapt
EDWARDS Marilyn 1960 Bapt
EDWARDS Hugh Kenneth 1960 Bapt
EDWARDS Darron Barry 1966 Bapt
EDWARDS Kirsty Ann 1981 Bapt
EDWARDS Michelle Denise 1981 Bapt
EDWARDS Kerry Vanessa 1983 Bapt
EDWARDS Gwyneth Patricia 1950 Marr
EDWARDS Emlyn Claude 1952 Marr
EDWARDS Dorothy 1960 Marr
EDWARDS Barbara Anne 1963 Marr
EDWARDS John Hilton 1968 Marr
EDWARDS Stuart Andrew 1984 Marr
EKE Pauline Janet 1945 Bapt
EKE Donald Albert 1944 Marr
EKE Lesley Sheila 1973 Marr
ELBRO Joseph Frederick 1935 Bapt
ELBRO Frederick Henry 1934 Marr
ELDRIDGE Emily Ivy 1909 Bapt
ELGAR Eliza 1902 Burial
ELGAR Ellen Annie 1936 Burial
ELLABY Raymond 1960 Bapt
ELLABY Joyce Ann 1965 Marr
ELLAM John Hugh 1939 Bapt
ELLEN Albert George 1911 Bapt
ELLEN Sybil Evelyn 1929 Bapt
ELLEN Michael John 1943 Bapt
ELLEN Frederick Adam 1922 Marr
ELLEN Ernest Bernard 1925 Marr
ELLENDER Yvonne Naomi 1920 Bapt
ELLENDER Vera Maud 1925 Bapt
ELLENDER Donald 1932 Bapt
ELLENDER Terence 1935 Bapt
ELLENDER Albert Edward 1924 Marr
ELLENDER Julia Gwendoline Scott 1959 Bapt
ELLENDER Terence 1957 Marr
ELLERINGTON Wayne Lee 1971 Bapt
ELLERINGTON Brian James 1967 Marr
ELLERY Arthur 1972 Burial
ELLERY Ethel Annie 1973 Burial
ELLERY Brian Paul 1980 Burial
ELLINGSWORTH Anthony Mark 1962 Bapt
ELLINGTON Linda Ann 1956 Bapt
ELLINGTON Vera Fletcher 1950 Marr
ELLINGWORTH Adriane John 1957 Bapt
ELLINGWORTH Debra Rose 1959 Bapt
ELLINGWORTH Nicola Claire 1978 Bapt
ELLINGWORTH Kathie Marie 1980 Bapt
ELLINGWORTH Steven David 1983 Bapt
ELLINGWORTH Carol Ann 1963 Marr
ELLINGWORTH Anthony Mark 1983 Marr
ELLIOT Mary Frances 1919 Burial
ELLIOTT Gladys Bertha Elizabeth 1914 Bapt
ELLIOTT Ruth 1914 Bapt
ELLIOTT William Albert 1915 Bapt
ELLIOTT Alfred Ernest 1910 Marr
ELLIOTT Hilda Lily 1931 Marr
ELLIOTT Gladys Bertha 1933 Marr
ELLIOTT Craig John 1967 Bapt
ELLIOTT Peter Lanyon 1951 Marr
ELLIOTT Sidney Charles 1966 Marr
ELLIS Edward George 1902 Bapt
ELLIS Alice Maud 1902 Bapt
ELLIS Dennis Arthur 1934 Bapt
ELLIS Rhoda Cecilia 1908 Marr
ELLIS Norma Ann 1939 Bapt
ELLIS Richard William 1942 Bapt
ELLIS Pamela Jacqueline 1945 Bapt
ELLIS Robert John 1946 Bapt
ELLIS Edward George 1931 Marr
ELLIS Doris Mary 1934 Marr
ELLIS Merfyn 1941 Marr
ELLIS Winifred Joan 1943 Marr
ELLIS Jane 1965 Bapt
ELLIS Anne Cathrine 1966 Bapt
ELLIS Mark Charles 1966 Bapt
ELLIS Julie Suzanne 1968 Bapt
ELLIS Neil William 1969 Bapt
ELLIS Donna Colette 1972 Bapt
ELLIS Kenneth Charles 1959 Marr
ELLIS Dennis Arthur 1960 Marr
ELLIS Robert Edward 1966 Marr
ELLIS Selina Ann 1966 Marr
ELLOTT Terence Sidney 1966 Marr
ELLS Walter Arthur 1912 Marr
ELLSON Edward John 1947 Marr
ELMORE Ethel Annie 1916 Burial
ELMORE Henry John Nathan 1918 Burial
ELMS Clara Edith 1910 Marr
ELMS Ethel Mary 1932 Marr
ELSE Christopher John 1977 Bapt
ELSON Ellen Mary 1904 Marr
ELVERY Elizabeth Mary 1931 Bapt
EMBLETON Stephen John 1965 Bapt
EMBLETON John Sidney 1963 Marr
EMBLETON Sandra Mary 1971 Marr
EMMERSON Lily 1910 Marr
EMMETT Emily Rebekah 1910 Bapt
EMMETT Amos 1929 Bapt
EMPTAGE Henry George 1909 Bapt
EMPTAGE Thomas 1917 Burial
EMPTAGE Winifred Caroline 1919 Burial
EMPTAGE George Henry 1907 Marr
EMPTAGE Thomas Hughes William 1910 Marr
EMPTAGE Edith Ellen 1912 Marr
EMPTAGE Ethel Helen 1934 Marr
EMPTAGE Ellen Louisa 1936 Marr
EMPTAGE Owen Clifford 1969 Bapt
EMPTAGE Valerie Frances 1965 Marr
ENGLAND Thelma Agnes 1958 Marr
ENGLISH Ruth Isobel 1931 Bapt
ENGLISH Geoffrey Thomas 1935 Bapt
ENSOM Sarah Janie 1982 Bapt
ENSOM Benjamin John 1982 Bapt
ENTWISTLE Kenna Rayma 1978 Bapt
EPPS Annie 1906 Bapt
EPPS Debra Tracy 1963 Bapt
EPPS Sandra Jayne 1964 Bapt
EPPS Ian John 1972 Bapt
ERNEST John Edward 1915 Bapt
ESTEP Richard Thomas 1957 Marr
ETHCUIT Lydia Jane 1905 Marr
EUDEN Elsie Jean 1931 Bapt
EUDEN Terence John 1939 Bapt
EUDEN Anthony Roy 1941 Bapt
EUDEN Joy Emily Jane 1953 Bapt
EUDEN Dennis George 1947 Marr
EUDEN Juliet Ann 1964 Bapt
EUDEN Jonathan Mark 1966 Bapt
EUDEN Anthony Roy 1963 Marr
EUDEN Joy Emily Jane 1974 Marr
EVANS Annie Maud 1903 Bapt
EVANS Frederick Moule 1902 Burial
EVANS Amy 1926 Burial
EVANS Herbert Alfred Charles 1917 Bapt
EVANS Dorothy Kathleen Louisa 1917 Bapt
EVANS Annie Lilian 1917 Bapt
EVANS Maud Mary Joan 1923 Bapt
EVANS John 1910 Marr
EVANS Edward Howard Michael 1947 Bapt
EVANS David John 1950 Bapt
EVANS John George 1954 Bapt
EVANS John Parry 1925 Marr
EVANS Emily Ethel 1930 Marr
EVANS William John 1945 Marr
EVANS Edward Michael 1946 Marr
EVANS Carol Julie 1957 Bapt
EVANS Carolyn Elizabeth 1960 Bapt
EVANS Thomas David 1984 Bapt
EVANS John  Gwilym 1953 Marr
EVANS David Clifford 1974 Marr
EVANS Carole Julie 1977 Marr
EVANS Gary John 1979 Marr
EVANS Peter John 1980 Marr
EVENDEN Susan Janet 1967 Marr
EVERARD Vivienne Joan 1981 Marr
EVERARD Adrienne Rhona 1982 Marr
EVERETT Ann Mary 1931 Bapt
EVERSFIELD Hayley Marie 1984 Bapt
EVERSFIELD Cheryl Ann 1984 Bapt
EVES Ernest Sidney Edward 1910 Marr
EWART Gwenyth Anne 1974 Marr
EWEN Alice Maria 1911 Burial
EWER Angela 1949 Bapt
EWER Elizabeth Anne 1975 Bapt
EWINGTON Lynne Patricia 1983 Marr

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