St Lawrence Parish Register Extracts from 1901


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Last Name Index - D


Last Name First Name(s) Year Bapt/Marr/Burial
DABORN William Henry 1948 Burial
DABORN Patience Eliza 1949 Burial
DACRE Zoe Miranda 1977 Bapt
DADD Henry William 1915 Burial
DADD Jennie 1952 Burial
DADD Walter Charles 1923 Bapt
DADD Rita Marjorie 1940 Bapt
DADD Norman Patrick 1944 Bapt
DADD Annie Rose Lillian 1921 Marr
DADD James Eason 1970 Bapt
DADD John Arthur 1962 Marr
DADD Norman Patrick 1966 Marr
DADD Alan Peter 1977 Marr
DADE William Arthur Ernest 1928 Marr
DADSON Douglas Ivan Keith 1933 Bapt
DADSON Rosetta Astrid 1948 Bapt
DADSON Arthur Robert Patrick 1948 Bapt
DAKE Claire Lorraine 1984 Bapt
DALE Reginald Charles 1901 Bapt
DALE Paul Martin 1953 Bapt
DALE Reginald Cornelius 1945 Marr
DALE Johanne Lindsay Marion 1956 Bapt
DALE Mark Russell 1967 Bapt
DALE Alan James 1971 Bapt
DALTON Liam George 1980 Marr
DALY John Clifford 1966 Bapt
DALY Rebecca Karen 1980 Bapt
DANE Roland John 1925 Bapt
DANE Getrude Alice 1925 Marr
DANES Kenneth Edward 1947 Marr
DANIELS John 1940 Burial
DANIELS John 1917 Marr
DANIELS Paul Robert 1959 Bapt
DANIELS Lawrence Robert 1962 Bapt
DANIELS Norman James 1956 Marr
DANIELS Christopher 1964 Marr
DANIELS Leonard Ernest Albert 1968 Marr
DANN Doris Maud 1939 Marr
DANN Derrick Wilson 1965 Marr
DANNATT Hugh St. Lawrence 1921 Bapt
DANNATT Irene Constance Alice 1925 Bapt
DANTON Emma Elizabeth 1901 Bapt
DANTON Ernest George 1903 Bapt
DANTON Isaac 1903 Burial
DANTON Alfred William 1911 Burial
DANTON Jane 1913 Burial
DANTON George 1915 Burial
DANTON Matthew Constable 1918 Burial
DANTON Stephen 1919 Burial
DANTON Ellen Wellman 1920 Burial
DANTON Mary Ann 1935 Burial
DANTON Florence Ethel 1907 Marr
DANTON Jessie Loiuse 1911 Marr
DANTON Jacqueline 1948 Bapt
DANTON Emma Elizabeth 1922 Marr
DANTON Walter Alfred 1965 Bapt
DANTON Tracey Ann 1983 Bapt
DANTON Maureen 1966 Marr
DANTON Christopher William 1970 Marr
DARBY Gladys Marion 1901 Bapt
DARBY Cyril Owen Amos 1901 Bapt
DARBY Ernest 1902 Bapt
DARBY Leslie Alfred 1904 Bapt
DARBY William 1907 Bapt
DARBY Eileen 1908 Bapt
DARBY Marion Phyllis 1910 Bapt
DARBY Katherine Maria 1901 Marr
DARBY Rose 1903 Marr
DARBY Cecil William 1901 Burial
DARBY William 1902 Burial
DARBY William 1903 Burial
DARBY Henry 1905 Burial
DARBY Elizabeth 1910 Burial
DARBY Harriett Jane Elizabeth 1917 Burial
DARBY Ann 1917 Burial
DARBY Elizabeth 1925 Burial
DARBY Emma 1930 Burial
DARBY George 1931 Burial
DARBY Ellen Ann 1933 Burial
DARBY Harry 1935 Burial
DARBY Marie Catherine 1941 Burial
DARBY Henry 1942 Burial
DARBY Fanny 1944 Burial
DARBY Alfred 1951 Burial
DARBY Elizabeth Ann 1962 Burial
DARBY Georgina Elizabeth Rita 1980 Burial
DARBY Owen 1983 Burial
DARBY Betty Marie 1923 Bapt
DARBY Michael Barwick 1934 Bapt
DARBY Dorothy Ann 1913 Marr
DARBY Anne Patricia 1951 Bapt
DARBY Jane 1954 Bapt
DARBY John Wenham 1943 Marr
DARBY Claire Elaine 1966 Bapt
DARBY Lewis Barwick 1968 Marr
DARCH William John 1960 Marr
DARK Adam Nigel 1982 Bapt
DARK Matthew Charles 1982 Bapt
DARK Rebecca Kathleen 1982 Bapt
DARK Beth Helga 1982 Bapt
DARLING Ellen Louisa 1912 Marr
DARTNELL William David 1918 Burial
DARTNELL George Henry Stanley 1918 Burial
DARTNELL William David 1915 Bapt
DARTNELL George Henry Stanley 1917 Bapt
DARTNELL David 1915 Marr
DARTNELL Janet 1970 Marr
DARTON Alan Vivian 1934 Bapt
DARWELL Ethel 1955 Marr
DARWELL Margaret Ellen 1956 Marr
DARWELL John Charles 1966 Marr
DASH Lilian Louise 1901 Bapt
DAVEY Walter 1902 Marr
DAVEY Leonard John 1931 Bapt
DAVEY Michael John 1945 Bapt
DAVEY Paul Edward 1947 Bapt
DAVEY Robin Fairfax 1960 Bapt
DAVEY Michael John 1960 Bapt
DAVEY Susan Joan 1960 Bapt
DAVEY Lesley Ann 1960 Bapt
DAVEY Chantel 1977 Bapt
DAVEY Michael John 1969 Marr
DAVEY Lesley Anne 1972 Marr
DAVEY Edward George 1973 Marr
DAVIDSON Percy Seymour 1939 Burial
DAVIES Thomas Reginald 1927 Bapt
DAVIES Gertrude Verna 1929 Bapt
DAVIES Patricia 1944 Bapt
DAVIES Suzanne May 1953 Bapt
DAVIES Emlyn Richard 1953 Bapt
DAVIES George L 1928 Marr
DAVIES Caroline Annie 1934 Marr
DAVIES Kathleen Netterville 1935 Marr
DAVIES Brian Thomas 1945 Marr
DAVIES Madaline Anne 1958 Bapt
DAVIES Trevor Owen 1964 Bapt
DAVIES Martin Garnet 1970 Bapt
DAVIES Thomas Adam 1983 Bapt
DAVIES Antonia 1984 Bapt
DAVIES Sophie Marie 1984 Bapt
DAVIES Gemma Simone 1984 Bapt
DAVIES Robert Stanley 1958 Marr
DAVIES Pamela Mary 1960 Marr
DAVIES Michael 1966 Marr
DAVIES Glenis Olwen 1970 Marr
DAVIES Richard John 1975 Marr
DAVIS Anne 1915 Burial
DAVIS Ellen Mary 1935 Burial
DAVIS Mabel 1915 Bapt
DAVIS Leslie Ronald 1934 Bapt
DAVIS Janet Patricia 1948 Bapt
DAVIS Carol Ann 1950 Bapt
DAVIS Carolyn Julie 1955 Bapt
DAVIS John William 1962 Bapt
DAVIS Lynda Jane 1967 Bapt
DAVIS Tracy Ann 1967 Bapt
DAVIS Anthony St John 1973 Bapt
DAVIS Kelly 1982 Bapt
DAVIS Anna 1984 Bapt
DAVIS Audrey Marion 1968 Marr
DAVISON Louisa 1919 Marr
DAWES Kenneth Edward 1947 Marr
DAWKINS Daphne Janet 1929 Bapt
DAWKINS Kenneth Riley 1938 Marr
DAWKINS Patricia Violet 1952 Marr
DAWKINS Daphne Janet 1967 Marr
DAWSON Margaret Joan 1921 Bapt
DAWSON Christine 1916 Marr
DAWSON Philip Arthur 1977 Marr
DAWSON Malcolm 1981 Marr
DAY Cecil Clare 1927 Bapt
DAY John Frederick 1929 Bapt
DAY Sidney George 1934 Marr
DAY Helen Ruth 1967 Bapt
DAYNES Steven John 1973 Bapt
DAYNES Claire 1977 Bapt
DAYNES John Stephen 1972 Marr
De VAYNES Julia Henrietta Louisa 1904 Burial
DEAKIN Susanne Carol 1966 Marr
DEAL Marilyn Ann 1953 Bapt
DEAL Maurice Austin 1951 Marr
DEAMER Amy Evelyn 1929 Marr
DEAN Harry 1901 Marr
DEAN William Frank Edward 1915 Bapt
DEAN William Thomas 1922 Bapt
DEAN Brian John 1924 Bapt
DEAN Jason Frank 1972 Bapt
DEAN Elizabeth Jane 1974 Bapt
DEAN Matthew Richard 1982 Bapt
DEAN Richard 1979 Marr
DEANE Betty 1928 Bapt
DEAR Eileen Brenda Mary 1937 Marr
DEARLE William Harry 1902 Bapt
DEARLOVE Marjorie Ethel 1919 Bapt
DEARLOVE Nora Rosalie 1921 Bapt
DEARLOVE William Henry 1918 Marr
DEARSLEY Sarah Louise 1983 Bapt
DEARSLEY Robert John 1977 Marr
DEASY Maureen Jane 1973 Marr
D'EATH Christina Ina 1926 Bapt
DEBLING John 1915 Bapt
DEBLING Joyce Poppy 1932 Bapt
DEBLING Doris May 1934 Bapt
DEBLING John 1911 Marr
DEBLING Georgina Mary 1944 Bapt
DEBLING Terence John 1947 Bapt
DEBLING Carole Ann 1949 Bapt
DEBLING Michael 1951 Bapt
DEBLING George Thomas 1930 Marr
DEBLING Ian Grant 1955 Bapt
DEBLING Paul Graham 1959 Bapt
DEBLING Nicola Jane 1966 Bapt
DEBLING Darryl Thomas 1972 Bapt
DEBLING Kerri 1976 Bapt
DEBLING Jack Dennis 1953 Marr
DEBLING Doris May 1954 Marr
DEBLING Georgina Mary 1966 Marr
DEBLING Terence John 1968 Marr
DEBLING Carol Ann 1969 Marr
DEBLING Eileen Elizabeth 1975 Marr
DEBONA Joseph 1919 Marr
DEDINGTON Duncan Guy 1975 Marr
DEEGAN Christopher Roy 1962 Bapt
DEEGAN Clare Wendy 1965 Bapt
DEER Sandra Jane 1966 Bapt
DEER Martin John 1971 Bapt
DELO Walter George 1915 Marr
DELO Colin David 1976 Marr
DELUGAR John Alexander 1970 Marr
DENBY Tereasa Lea 1970 Bapt
DENBY Kevin Mark 1975 Bapt
DENBY Stephen Neil 1975 Bapt
DENMEAD Anthony Michael 1959 Bapt
DENMEAD Philip Warren 1961 Bapt
DENNARD Gladys May Patience 1948 Marr
DENNE Darren Mard 1975 Bapt
DENNE Karen Tracy 1976 Bapt
DENNE Keith John 1982 Bapt
DENNE Michael John 1970 Marr
DENNETT Marjorie Eleanor 1906 Bapt
DENNETT Florence Annie 1901 Marr
DENNETT Louisa Harriett 1909 Marr
DENNETT Albert Richard 1911 Marr
DENNIS Eileen Joan 1937 Bapt
DENNIS Robert Henry George 1950 Bapt
DENNIS Stephen Raymond 1959 Bapt
DENNIS Holly Louise 1983 Bapt
DENNIS George 1949 Marr
DENNIS Sandra Ellen 1969 Marr
DENNIS Christopher 1979 Marr
DENNORD Edward Cyril 1942 Marr
DENT Pauline June 1952 Bapt
DENTON Keith Bernard Eric 1926 Bapt
DENTON Alan Edward 1928 Bapt
DENTON Barbara Rose 1931 Bapt
DENTON Christina Joy 1938 Bapt
DENTON Janet Eileen Rosemeary 1942 Bapt
DENTON Debra Ann 1968 Bapt
DENTON Paul Andrew 1970 Bapt
DENTON Jacqueline Dawn Louvain 1964 Marr
DENTON Graham Keith Martin 1964 Marr
DENVER Christine 1961 Bapt
DENVIR Ronald Henry 1960 Marr
DENYER Raymond Frederick 1933 Bapt
DENYER Betty Margaret 1936 Bapt
DENYER Raymond Frederick 1961 Marr
DENYER Betty Margaret 1964 Marr
DEPLING Peter David 1964 Bapt
DERBY Jane 1906 Marr
DERI David John 1980 Marr
DERRETT Helen Suzanne 1976 Bapt
DESMOND John 1978 Bapt
DESPRES Laurence Georges Percival 1958 Bapt
DESPRE'S Jonathan Peter 1954 Bapt
DEVERALL Lilian Ethel 1923 Bapt
DEVERSON Antony John 1941 Bapt
DEVERSON Malcolm Thomas 1950 Bapt
DEVERSON Janet Linda 1952 Bapt
DEVERSON Hubert Charles 1950 Marr
DEVERSON Susan Hilary 1969 Marr
DEVERSON Janet Linda 1970 Marr
DEVESON Marigold Elizabeth Jane 1948 Bapt
DEVESON Horace John 1947 Marr
DEVLIN Jane Isabella 1952 Bapt
DEVLIN Edward 1951 Marr
DEVOS Maurice Adolph 1920 Marr
DEWEY Mark Gordon 1981 Marr
DEWING Daniel Mark 1980 Bapt
DEWING Rosemary Benita 1972 Marr
DEWING Lindy Dawn 1974 Marr
DEWING Hilary Christine 1976 Marr
DEWING Robin John 1978 Marr
DIAPER Trevor Charles 1975 Marr
DIBLEY George Algernon Stamers 1922 Marr
DICKERSON Phyllis Irene 1949 Marr
DICKINSON Laurence James 1914 Bapt
DICKINSON Emily Frances 1931 Bapt
DICKINSON James 1913 Marr
DICKINSON Valerie Ann 1945 Bapt
DICKINSON Barry Whitfield 1949 Bapt
DICKINSON Ronald Keith 1954 Bapt
DICKINSON Barbara Ellen 1938 Marr
DICKINSON Valerie Ann 1966 Marr
DICKSON Erling George 1934 Marr
DIDDAMS Winifred Ada 1902 Bapt
DIDDAMS Walter 1950 Burial
DIDDAMS Lilian Rebecca 1967 Burial
DIDDAMS Patricia Elma 1929 Bapt
DIDDAMS Lilian Clare 1920 Marr
DIDDAMS William Johnson 1925 Marr
DIGWEED Joan 1951 Burial
DIGWEED Leslie Charles 1974 Burial
DIGWEED Martin John 1932 Bapt
DIGWEED Leslie Charles 1931 Marr
DILNOT Winifred Helen 1904 Bapt
DILNOT Hilda Elizabeth 1906 Bapt
DILNOT Frederick William 1907 Bapt
DILNOT Helen Louisa 1908 Bapt
DILNOT Winifred Helen 1904 Burial
DILNOT Hilda Elizabeth 1906 Burial
DILNOT John Austen 1954 Marr
DIMOND Susan Mary 1956 Bapt
DIMOND Julie Frances 1958 Bapt
DIMOND Robert George 1961 Bapt
DIMOND James Donald 1954 Marr
DIMOND Susan Mary 1974 Marr
DIMOND Julie Frances 1976 Marr
DIMOND Robert George 1983 Marr
DINES Joan Alice Edith 1926 Bapt
DINES Fanny Louise 1917 Marr
DINES Cyril Edmund 1950 Marr
DITTON Florence Rose 1955 Marr
DIVERS John James Wat?es 1910 Burial
DIVERS John James Waters 1921 Marr
DIVERS Fanny Eliza Waters 1922 Marr
DIVERS Harry Joseph Waters 1923 Marr
DIVERS Norman Richard Kenneth 1936 Marr
DIVERS Basil Alfred John 1949 Marr
DIVERS Charles Edwin 1958 Marr
DIVERS Richard John 1977 Marr
DIXEY Christine Margaret 1963 Bapt
DIXON William Joseph 1939 Bapt
DIXON Stephen Kenneth 1975 Marr
DOBBIN Madge Kathleen 1914 Bapt
DOBBIN Lilian Mary 1910 Burial
DOBBS Christopher Henry 1901 Marr
DOBSON Gordon 1946 Marr
DOBSON Dennis S tanley 1951 Marr
DOCKER Hilda Alberta 1916 Marr
DODD Sheila Jan 1947 Bapt
DODD Leita 1981 Marr
DODSWORTH Kathleen 1906 Bapt
DODSWORTH Ann 1965 Marr
DOHERTY Alan John 1933 Bapt
DOHERTY Oswald Roy 1933 Bapt
DOHERTY Brian David 1937 Bapt
DOHERTY Neville Kenneth 1955 Bapt
DOHERTY Tina Janet Ann 1960 Bapt
DOHERTY Tina Janet Ann 1982 Marr
DOLBY Marie Alice 1951 Marr
DOMAILLE Michael John 1939 Bapt
DONAVON Rebecca Fiona Ingrid 1978 Bapt
DONELLY Eleanor Rosa 1924 Burial
DONNELLY Robert 1915 Burial
DONNELLY Olive Elizabeth 1957 Marr
DONOALDSON Anita Sandra 1978 Bapt
DOORMAN David Jonathon 1938 Bapt
DORES Benjamin Samuel Thomas 1933 Bapt
DORKINGS Anne Christine 1963 Bapt
DORKINGS Graham John 1963 Bapt
DORMAN Kim Elizabeth 1966 Bapt
DOUBLEDEE Ada Evelyn 1908 Marr
DOUGHTY Alfred Henry Cline 1932 Marr
DOUGHTY Raymond Frederick 1972 Marr
DOUGLAS Albert Arthur 1909 Bapt
DOUGLAS William Richard Victor 1911 Bapt
DOUGLAS Alice Louisa Elizabeth 1914 Burial
DOUGLAS Arthur Albert 1908 Marr
DOUGLAS Andrew James 1977 Bapt
DOUGLAS Stewart John 1983 Bapt
DOVE Peter Kevin 1960 Bapt
DOWELL Jack Peter Edward 1934 Bapt
DOWLING Edith Doris Winifred 1906 Bapt
DOWLING William Edward Robert 1906 Bapt
DOWLING Ethel Edith 1906 Bapt
DOWLING Ethel Edith 1907 Burial
DOWLING Grace Beatrice 1909 Marr
DOWLING Lilian Florence 1910 Marr
DOWLING Jacqueline 1965 Bapt
DOWN Robert William 1903 Bapt
DOWN Lillian Buckingham 1906 Bapt
DOWN Rosalind Longley 1908 Bapt
DOWN Lilian Buckingham 1910 Burial
DOWN Derrick Edward 1935 Bapt
DOWN George William 1943 Bapt
DOWNHAM Doreen Gladys 1956 Marr
DOWNHAM Pamela Rose 1958 Marr
DOWNS Herbert John 1906 Marr
DOWNS Joyce Gladys 1929 Bapt
DOWNS Mark Edward Antony 1963 Bapt
DOWNS Lynda Ann 1966 Marr
DOWNS Susan Irene 1967 Marr
DOWNTON Emma Louise 1984 Bapt
DOX Anthony 1951 Bapt
DOY Janice 1947 Bapt
DOYLE Percy Francis 1902 Marr
DOYLE Margaret Mary Helena 1923 Bapt
DOYLE Patrick Neale 1949 Bapt
DOYLE Nicholas Jason 1983 Bapt
DOYLE Robert Stephen 1982 Marr
DRAGE Frederick George 1918 Burial
DRAKE Dorothy May 1930 Bapt
DRAKE Nigel Alan 1971 Bapt
DRAKE Alan Colin 1961 Marr
DRAY Violet Mary 1914 Burial
DRAY Raymond Lewis 1926 Bapt
DRAY Richard William 1917 Marr
DRAY Keith 1954 Bapt
DRAY Dorothy May 1925 Marr
DRAY Sylvia Rose 1957 Bapt
DRAY Lucia Heather 1957 Bapt
DRAY Kenneth William 1950 Marr
DRAYSON Elsie May 1913 Bapt
DRAYSON Rose Phyllis 1916 Bapt
DRAYSON Stephen Joseph 1915 Marr
DREW Ralph William 1962 Bapt
DREW Audrey Mary 1968 Marr
DREWITT Edward James 1981 Marr
DRING Roy William 1972 Marr
DRINKWATER Raymond Thomas 1960 Marr
DRISCOLL Brian Michael 1939 Bapt
DRISCOLL Michael William 1965 Bapt
DRIVER Pamela Anne 1936 Bapt
DRIVER Lilian Louisa 1929 Marr
DRIVER Walter James 1935 Marr
DRURY Janet 1946 Bapt
DRURY John Norman 1948 Bapt
DRURY Lionel Ernest Clifford 1922 Marr
DRURY Trevor Neil 1978 Marr
DRYDEN Jennifer Susan 1956 Bapt
DRYDEN Patricia Ann 1969 Marr
DRYLAND Susan Elizabeth 1946 Bapt
DUCKETT Beryl May 1944 Bapt
DUCKETT Beryl May 1966 Marr
DUDLEY Jane 1984 Marr
DUEL Frederick Ernest 1903 Bapt
DUFF Pauline Grace 1963 Marr
DUFTY Elizabeth Janet 1932 Bapt
DUGDALE Janet Mary 1946 Bapt
DUGDALE George Charles 1944 Marr
DUGDALE Janet Mary 1969 Marr
DUGMORE Sandra 1968 Marr
DUKE Valerie Rosa 1938 Bapt
DULSON Robin John 1977 Marr
DUMBRELL Paul Raymond 1968 Marr
DUMIGAN Katy Anne Marie 1977 Bapt
DUMIGAN Justin 1978 Bapt
DUMPS Nicola Clare 1979 Bapt
DUNCAN Marguerite Helene 1903 Marr
DUNDAS George Stuart 1933 Marr
DUNK James 1919 Burial
DUNK Brian Philip 1938 Bapt
DUNK Derek Barry 1946 Bapt
DUNK Garry Kenneth 1949 Bapt
DUNK Brian Phillip 1961 Marr
DUNKLEY William Leonard 1919 Marr
DUNKLING George 1965 Marr
DUNLOP Annie Margaret Charteris 1960 Marr
DUNMALL Tina Sharon 1974 Bapt
DUNN Ethel Eva 1912 Bapt
DUNN Edward George 1912 Bapt
DUNN Louisa Marian Maynard 1947 Burial
DUNN Joyce Cecily 1932 Bapt
DUNN June Helena 1932 Bapt
DUNN Bernard Pembury 1932 Bapt
DUNN Valerie Ann 1938 Bapt
DUNN Charles William 1929 Marr
DUNN Ethel Eva 1931 Marr
DUNN William Henry 1943 Marr
DUNN June Melena 1947 Marr
DUNN Glyndws Dean 1951 Marr
DUNN Joyce Cecily 1953 Marr
DUNN Michael James 1976 Marr
DUNRIDGE Helen Anita 1977 Bapt
DUNSTAN Richard James Rowley 1946 Bapt
DUNSTER Derek 1929 Bapt
DUNSTER Norman 1929 Bapt
DUNSTER (nee WESTBROOK) Dorothy 1929 Bapt
DUNWELL Peter George 1935 Bapt
DUNWELL David Arthur 1941 Bapt
DUNWELL Arthur George 1932 Marr
DUNWELL Sally-Anne 1959 Bapt
DUNWELL Wendy Margaret 1964 Bapt
DUNWELL Pamela Susan 1967 Bapt
DUNWELL Anne Marie 1969 Bapt
DUNWELL Kelly Louise 1979 Bapt
DUNWELL Julia 1981 Bapt
DUNWELL David Arthur 1962 Marr
DURHAM Neil Robert 1958 Bapt
DURHAM Geoffrey Christopher 1963 Marr
DURRANT Martha 1919 Bapt
DURRANT Edward Frederick 1925 Bapt
DURRANT Harold 1936 Bapt
DURRANT Edward 1908 Marr
DURST Clifford William 1904 Bapt
DURST Grace Marjorie 1904 Bapt
DURST Charles James 1904 Bapt
DURST Dorothy May 1906 Bapt
DURST Grace Marjorie 1924 Marr
DURSTON Karen Elaine 1970 Bapt
DURSTON David John 1968 Marr
DUST Dorothy May 1907 Burial
DUXBURY Joanne Helen 1969 Bapt
DUXBURY Ian Carr 1972 Bapt
DUXBURY Steven Mark 1974 Bapt
DUXBURY Edna 1956 Marr
DUXBURY Gordon Peter Carr 1968 Marr
DWIGHT Margaret Patricia 1963 Marr
DYASON Robert Harry 1907 Bapt
DYER Frederick Thomas 1907 Marr
DYER Noel Roy 1977 Bapt
DYER Grant Keith 1977 Bapt
DYER Keith Gordon 1970 Marr
DYSON Lorraine Nova 1964 Bapt
DYSON Stephen 1975 Bapt
DYSON Bevan 1963 Marr
DYSON Brain James Frederick 1969 Marr

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