Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1983-84


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
15th January Basil Clifford GAME 65 bachelor teacher 34 Heather Road, Grove Park, London Frank Harry GAME (deceased) - banns J C PLAYLE, E FARRER, G E BUNT
  Anna Luzie PETTIT 62 widow accountant 62 Queen Bertha Road, Ramsgate Franz Joseph KRESSEMANN (deceased) -    
15th January Robert George DIMOND 21 bachelor electrician Belvedere, Newington Road James Donald DIMOND retired banns J D DIMOND, K FEATLEY
  Sandra Gayle FEATLEY 18 spinster - 11 Norfolk Square, Newington Kenneth Reginald FEATLEY road worker    
22nd January Anthony Michael BOLDER 27 bachelor diver 11 Whitehall Road, Ramsgate Sidney Clarence BOLDER hospital official banns S C BOLDER, J SQUELCH
  Kim Marie SQUELCH 19 spinster hairdresser 122 Windermere Avenue, Ramsgate David James SQUELCH transport manager    
29th January Antony Christopher IRELAND known as DRAKE 25 bachelor engineer 115 Northdown Park Road, Cliftonville Ronald IRELAND - banns C G HOWES, Gavin S SAWH
  Amanda Katrina HOWES 23 spinster riding instructor Hollydene, Haine Road, Ramsgate Charles George HOWES nursery gardener    
14th February Michael Alan OAKLEY 25 bachelor chair frame assembler 45 Prestedge Avenue, Ramsgate Derek Stanley Raymond Peter OAKLEY - banns G J J RIDGES, R H SEAR
  Carol Mary SEAR 21 spinster secretary 39 Southwood Gardens, Ramsgate Roy Herbert SEAR sales manager    
12th March John Henry ATKINS 22 bachelor electrician 27 Lorina Road, Ramsgate Victor Amos ATKINS miner banns J LEDLEY, M J ATKINS
  Patricia Michelle WOOD 19 spinster home duties 27 Lorina Road, Ramsgate John Ledley WOOD water board worker    
12th March Philip James CIRCUS 31 bachelor lawyer 1 Wensleydale Gardens, Hampton, Middlesex Arthur Ernest CIRCUS Minister of Religion (Non-Conformist) banns Arthur E CIRCUS, D SOUTHGATE
  Gaenor Lillian SOUTHGATE 24 spinster secretary 4 Senlac Close, Ramsgate William SOUTHGATE (deceased) garage proprietor    
19th March Leigh William LAWFORD 25 bachelor machine operator 16 Mannock House, Canterbury, Kent - - banns J LEWIS, R REID
  Jacqueline Mary LEWIS 32 spinster machinist 9 Denbigh Road, Ramsgate John Michael LEWIS retired    
2nd April Grahame Leonard Gordon KEATLEY 22 bachelor motor technician 5 Dunedin Road Gordon Thomas KEATLEY research & development officer banns Ronald WILKINSON, Gordon Thomas KEATLEY
  Julie WILKINSON 20 spinster bank clerk 139 Melbourne Avenue Ronald WILKINSON publican    
9th April Andrew James TAYLOR 29 bachelor engineer 9 Nash Close, Chatham Francis Patrick TAYLOR electrical inspector banns R STANLEY, F TAYLOR
  Elisabeth Margaret STANLEY 26 spinster teacher 16 Lauriston Close, Ramsgate Robert Charles STANLEY bank official    
9th April Keith John FREEMAN 23 bachelor factory operator 23 Grummock Avenue, Ramsgate Colin Thomas John FREEMAN factory inspector banns J BELL, Stephen FREEMAN
  Deborah Jean BELL 20 spinster factory operator 44 Northwood Road, Ramsgate James Edward BELL security officer    
9th April Simon James CORDERY 20 bachelor carpenter 1 Dane Park Road, Ramsgate Thomas George CORDERY bookbinder banns T CORDERY, E D MARCH
  Susan Ann MARCH 22 spinster house mother 46 High Street, St Lawrence,, Ramsgate Ronald Alfred MARCH toolmaker    
21st May Timothy Luke CHAPMAN 21 bachelor H M Forces 2 Aukland Avenue, Ramsgate Stanley John CHAPMAN train driver banns CHAPMAN, D W POTTLE
  Cheryl Michelle POTTLE 16 spinster - 6 Kimberley Road, Ramsgate Donald William POTTLE engineer    
28th May Kevin John GOTTS 21 bachelor electro plater 1 Seafield Road, Ramsgate Alan GOTTS - banns P GOTTS, E BRITTEN
  Diane BRITTEN 18 spinster factory worker 4 Avenue Road, Ramsgate William Victor BRITTEN maintenance engineer    
28th May Stephen James WILTSHIRE 20 bachelor mechanic 32 Stirling Way, Ramsgate James Henry WILTSHIRE driver banns J H WILSHIRE, T A BLACKWELL
  Jane Anita HARROLD 19 spinster secretary 13 St Johns Avenue, Ramsgate Leonard John HARROLD -    
4th June Anthony Mark ELLINGWORTH 21 bachelor printer 47 Whitehall Road, Ramsgate Alan George ELLINGWORTH electrician banns A G ELLINGWORTH, W F GODDARD
  Jacqueline Anne GODDARD 24 spinster messenger 47 Whitehall Road, Ramsgate Thomas Raymond GODDARD (deceased) sales manager    
18th June Nigel Paul MUTTON 27 bachelor freight driver 5 Firtree Close, Ramsgate Eric MUTTON carpenter banns W S APPLETON, E MUTTON
  Angela Charmaine APPLETON 20 spinster hairdresser 11 Brockley Road, Cliftonville Wallace Stephen APPLETON managing director    
18th June Carl VIZER 21 bachelor electrician 24 Kings Avenue Malcolm Allen VIZER electrician banns David Jeffrey MUNDAY, Peter George BROWN
  Angela Heather BROWN 23 spinster insurance broker 10 Ellington Avenue, Garlinge Peter George BROWN postman    
2nd July Peter William THOMAS 23 bachelor technician 54 Southwood Gardens, Ramsgate Graham Alan THOMAS railway inspector banns E H NEWING, G A THOMAS
  Gillian Mary NEWING 21 spinster radiographer 37 Highfield Road, Ramsgate Edward Herbert NEWING retired    
2nd July Philip AMOS 27 bachelor fitter 3 Coastguard Cottages, Ramsgate George AMOS retired banns Julian P RANDALL, J B PRINCE
  Patricia Ann PRINCE 23 spinster clerk 25 Townley Street, Ramsgate John Bernard PRINCE fitter    
16th July John Ferdinand BOWLES 73 widower pensioner The Retreat, Woodstock, Oxfordshire John Erskine BOWLES (deceased) - licence Elizabeth BOWLES, Eleanor M BARNES
  Mary ROBINSON 74 widow pensioner 5 The Grand Mansions, Broadstairs Tom HAIGH (deceased) -    
30th July Keith David HORTON 21 bachelor chef army catering corps 56 The Green, Castle Donnington, Derby Arthur Ernest HORTON aircraft engineer banns A E HORTON, A G HORTON, M W ROWE, G H SHIRLEY
  Katherine Louise ROWE 19 spinster delicatessan assistant 29 Norman Road, Ramsgate Michael William ROWE lorry driver    
13th August David George CHIPPERFIELD 24 bachelor armed forces 77 Helvellyn Avenue, Ramsgate John Patrick CHIPPERFIELD foreman banns F BARKER, H R WARD
  Susan Valerie WARD 25 spinster waitress 77 Helvellyn Avenue, Ramsgate Henry Ralph WARD retired    
20th August Peter HUBBARD 30 bachelor engineer 10 Nash Court Road, Margate George Frederick HUBBARD engineer banns Glyn WATKINS, D KINNILL
  Jill Margaret KINNILL 23 spinster assembler 93 High Street, St Lawrence Denis Herbert KINNILL train driver    
20th August John Anthony HILL 22 bachelor press operator 31 Staner Court, Ramsgate Mervyn Maurice HILL retired banns Jean Ann SADDINGTON, Andrew Melvin Paul HILL
  Carol Jane SADDINGTON 21 spinster clerical assistant 31 Staner Court, Ramsgate Robert John SADDINGTON postal executive    
27th August Darron Keith PETTMAN 21 bachelor labourer 47 Staner Court, Ramsgate Ronald Henry Douglas PETTMAN labourer banns Thomas George CAVELL, Ronald Henry Douglas PETTMAN
  Tina CAVELL 20 spinster assembly worker 21 Stirling Way, Ramsgate Thomas George CAVELL excavator driver    
17th September Anthony Wiliam George PRAILL 25 bachelor computor analyst 51 Elmgrove Road, Barnes, London, SW13 Kenneth Edwin PRAILL (deceased) estate agent banns B PRAILL, Joseph Henry SMITH
  Colleen SMITH 27 spinster computor operator 6 Lauriston Close, Ramsgate Joseph Henry SMITH bricklayer    
17th September Philip Jonathan Guy SMITH 25 bachelor bank clerk 34 Windermere Avenue, Ramsgate John William SMITH health adminstrator bann J W SMITH
  Maxine Louise GAME 21 spinster bank clerk 20 Addington Street, Ramsgate Peter Mervyn GAME graphic designer    
17th September Marcus Joseph REDWOOD 20 bachelor horticulturist 13 Telham Avenue, Ramsgate Frank Joseph REDWOOD driver banns M P REDWOOD, P C HUMPHREY
  Tracey Ann JONES 20 spinster machinist 13 Telham Avenue, Ramsgate John JONES builder    
24th September David Thomas SIMPSON 35 bachelor farm worker 3 Crown Cottages, Finglesham Bert SIMPSON dock worker banns Arthur SHIEL, Deryck J WHEELER
  Dawn Georgina SHIEL 25 spinster factory worker 5 Brandon Road, Ramsgate Arthur SHIEL -    
1st October Keith Leslie SNOWDEN 19 bachelor warehouse assistant 13 Old Crossing Road, Westbrook Victor Oliver James SNOWDEN managing director banns S HANCOCK, T J PARKS
  Kerry Jane PARKS 19 spinster cook 6 Helvellyn Avenue, Ramsgate Terence John PARKS manager    
8th October David Alexander TAINISH 25 bachelor pharmacist 139 Constantive Road, London, NW32LR Iain McLaren TAINSH civil servant banns Neil M TAISH, F INSALL
  Yana INSALL 26 spinster senior pharmacy technician 7A St Johns Avenue, Ramsgate Frederick INSALL engineer    
15th October Christopher Robert JUDKINS 27 bachelor furniture sprayer 26 Clive Road, Cliffsend Kenneth Victor JUDKINS draughtsman banns Timothy JUDKIN, Paul SCOTT
  Paula Penelope SCOTT 20 spinster factory manager 7 Park Place, Margate Andrew Barton SCOTT -    
15th October Paul Reginald BEECHING 27 bachelor assistant manager 27 Colombo Square, Ramsgate Reginald Alfred BEECHING amusements employee banns B BEECHING, J D NEAVES
  Sally Annette NEAVES 21 spinster State Enrolled Nurse 64 Queen Bertha Road, Ramsgate Malcolm John NEAVES clerk    
22nd October Timothy Robert PHILLIPS 25 bachelor warehouseman 36 Foads Hill, Cliffsend Robert Ernest PHILLIPS chartered surveyor banns Jonathan Lloyd PHILLIPS, Lewis John PIPER
  Hilary Anne PIPER 23 spinster typist 29 Victoria Road, Ramsgate Lewis John PIPER off licence proprietor    
5th November Neil Clifford MORGAN 27 bachelor draughtsman 44 Princess Margaret Avenue, Ramsgate Clifford Stanley MORGAN engineer banns R A MYERS, C S MORGAN
  Virginia Elise MYERS 22 spinster sales assistant 14 Mount Green Avenue, Ramsgate Robert Andrew MYERS fire officer    
5th November David MELLIN 22 bachelor police constable 6 Attlee Avenue, Aylsham Kenneth David MELLIN miner banns D K MELLIN, D EWINGTON
  Lynne Patricia EWINGTON 21 spinster police constable 7 Weyburn Drive, Ramsgate David EWINGTON mechanical consultant    
26th November Clive BENNETT 26 bachelor carpenter 118 Grange Road Cyril BENNETT storeman banns Helen PRITCHARD, Denis A BOOTH
  Karen Eve HOULT 20 spinster clerk 2 St Laurence Avenue, Ramsgate Ronald Albury Radage HOULT cabinet maker    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
18th February Stephen Barry HARRIS 23 bachelor ceramic tiler The Hermitage, Shepperton Paul HARRIS surveyor banns Andrew John BUTT, Lancelot Bertram CLEMENTS
  Helen Mary CLEMENTS 22 spinster nurse 11 Bedford Square, Ramsgate Lancelot Bertram CLEMENTS welder    
10th March Paul William BRABIN 23 bachelor site agent Kentlands, Kings Avenue, Sandwich William Anthony BRABIN company director banns William BRABIN, T F CULLEDGE
  Victoria Jane Travers CULLEDGE 25 spinster nurse 71 London Road, Ramsgate Trevor Frederick CULLEDGE retired manager    
10th March Kevin John POINTER 27 bachelor fitter / inspector 32 Harnet Street, Sandwich Derek Henry George POINTER Post Office engineer banns F J POINTER, D A G POINTER, A SEYMOUR, D SEYMOUR
  Caroline Jane SEYMOUR 21 spinster sales assistant 29 Sandwich Road, Cliffsend Douglas John SEYMOUR research scientist    
17th March Gary Ross WEEKS 20 bachelor toolmaker 97 Newington Road, Ramsgate George Ernest William WEEKS self-employed banns Josiah JONES, George Ernest William WEEKS
  Carol Marie JONES 19 spinster electronics 34 Riversdale Road, Ramsgate - -    
24th March Peter Alfred SALDANHA 28 bachelor Telecom Techician 30 Alma Road, Ramsgate Alfred Kenneth SALDANHA retired banns M C SHARPE, D J MUNDAY
  Julia Anne SHARPE 27 spinster secretary 43 Ashburnham, Road Maurice Clifford SHARPE toolmaker    
31st March Stephen George BAKER 26 bachelor H M Forces 3 Bearling Close, Chigwell, Essex Albert George BAKER London Transport banns Steve GIBSON, F E UNDERWOOD
  Virginia Mary FRAPE 19 spinster shop assistant 16 The Retreat, Newington Patrick Michael FRAPE lecturer    
28th April Trevor Charles HARRIS 24 bachelor computer marketing 45 Fairlight Avenue, Ramsgate Clement Railton Henry HARRIS (deceased) estate agent banns K HARRIS, J COUZINS
  Charlotte Fiona COUZINS 21 spinster cashier 35A Kings Avenue, Ramsgate Jonathan Steven Sidney COUZINS water board inspector    
28th April Martin Frederick BULL 20 bachelor double glazing 101 Dumpton Park Drive, Ramsgate John Frank David BULL painter & decorator banns D MAUD, J BULL
  Christina Ann MAUD 19 spinster shop assistant 2 Fairlight Avenue, Ramsgate David Edward MAUD scaffolder    
5th May Dale Peter HAYTON 23 bachelor student 30 Quetta Road, Ramsgate Nathaniel HAYTON costing clerk banns P S WEATHERLY, F H TEDDER
  Sally Ann TEDDER 21 spinster laboratory technician 18 Hollicodane Road, Ramsgate Frederick Henry TEDDER carpenter    
5th May Kevin Thomas Charles CHRISTIAN 21 bachelor retail assistant 56 High Street, St Lawrence David John Victor CHRISTIAN toolmaker banns L D BERRY
  Debra Jane BERRY 21 spinster clerk / typist 77 Ellington Road, Ramsgate Lewis Dudley BERRY house maintenance    
5th May Colin David PALTRIDGE 28 bachelor customs officer 39 High Street, St Lawrence Lawrence Arthur PALTRIDGE lecturer banns SMITH, L A PALTRIDGE
  Fiona Margaret SMITH 27 spinster nurse 39 High Street, St Lawrence Alan Trevor SMITH mechanic    
12th May Tony Trevor MILLS 22 bachelor trainee engineer 1 Nethercourt Hill, Ramsgate Roy MILLS retired banns R MILLS, E A BOAKES
  Jennifer Jane BOAKES 19 spinster hairdresser 30 Gateway Court, Ramsgate Lawrence Edwin BOAKES -    
19th May Vincent Patrick HARVEY 22 bachelor civil engineer 58 Vale Road, Ramsgate Frederick John HARVEY Civil Engineer banns P HARVEY, C SMITH
  Louise Katy SMITH 20 spinster hairdresser 10 Kevin Drive, Ramsgate Colin SMITH welding engineer    
19th May Christopher Andrew SAYER 20 bachelor engineer 4 Bedford Square, Ramsgate David Thomas SAYER postman banns P M HOWLAND, J V SIMPSON
  Lesley Julia HOWLAND 19 spinster factory operator 77 Southwood Gardens, Ramsgate Ernest Henry HOWLAND retired    
19th May Robert Edwin HIBBS 30 bachelor oil exploration 8 Medway, Jarvis Brook, Crowborough Edwin Charles HIBBS retired banns D L MORIGI, L A BORROWS
  Diane Elizabeth ATKINS 27 spinster occupational therapist 70 Auckland Avenue, Ramsgate John William ATKINS technician    
26th May James Robert SETTERFIELD 20 bachelor drivers mate 10 Alland Grange Lane, Manston Dennis George Maurice SETTERFIELD farm foreman banns H R WARDS, D SETTERFIELD
  Karen Janet WARD 23 spinster kitchen assistant 5 Manston Court Bungalows, RAF Manston Harry Reginald Dan WARD technical officer, RAF Manston    
26th May Kevin Roy AVERY 22 bachelor carpenter 24 Dumpton Lane, Ramsgate Maurice William AVERY builder banns M W AVERY, G GRAHAM
  Lesley Anne GRAHAM 21 spinster bank clerk 19 Beech Grove, Cliifsend Keith Eric GROVER -    
2nd June Rayce KNOWLES 23 bachelor marine engineer officer 23 Roxburgh Road, Westgate on Sea Raymond Walter KNOWLES art studio manager banns Raymond KNOWLES, D I L HARDS
  Karon Deborah HARDS 20 spinster telephone salesperson 26 Beaufort Avenue, Ramsgate Derek Ivor Lawrence HARDS processing operator    
2nd June Philip Leslie Frank THOMAS 25 bachelor colour matcher 10 Weyburn Drive, Ramsgate Warren Keith THOMAS welder banns G WEEKS, W THOMAS
  Tina Louise WEEKS 22 spinster hairdresser 97 Newington Road, Ramsgate George Ernest William WEEKS self-employed    
2nd June Robin Michael FRAPE 27 bachelor H M Forces 16 The Retreat, Newington Patrick Michael FRAPE lecturer banns P M FRAPE, E GIRAUD
  Brenda Jean GIRAUD 24 spinster assembly worker 14 The Retreat, Newington Edward Charles GIRAUD power station worker    
9th June Rodney Peter HALL 25 bachelor industrial cleaner 8 Flora Road, Ramsgate Ernest Leslie HALL mechanic banns Derek TAYLOR, Anthony HALL
  Wendy Jane TAYLOR 21 spinster chief clerk 40 Queen Bertha Road, Ramsgate Derek TAYLOR miner    
16th June Colin William LANGLEY 22 bachelor process operator 25 Albert Street, Ramsgate John Wiliam LANGLEY guillotine operator banns J LANGLEY, E C TWYMAN
  Tracey Kin TWYMAN 20 spinster shop assistant 10 Grosvenor Road, Ramsgate Edward George TWYMAN building contractor    
23rd June Stephen Paul MCWILLIAMS 28 bachelor Postal Service 38 Clifton Road, Ramsgate Arthur MCWILLIAMS miner banns L TITHERINGTON, S O DWYER
  Tracey TITHERINGTON 20 spinster receptionist 38 Clifton Road, Ramsgate Leslie TITHERINGTON plasterer    
7th July Stephen David LONGLEY 27 bachelor baker 184 Grange Road, Ramsgate Horace William LONGLEY fireman banns K LONGLEY, R H BLAIR
  Sally-Ann CRAKER 25 spinster local government officer 50 Nethercourt Hill, Ramsgate Roy William CRAKER (deceased) -    
14th July Gary ROBERTS 25 bachelor stone mason 7 Sanctuary Close, Broadstairs William Thomas ROBERTS stone mason banns Susan HACKETT, Ian COPPARD
  Christine Ann JORDAN 23 spinster wages clerk 39 Canterbury Road East, Ramsgate Maurice Robert Alfred JORDAN teacher    
14th July Christopher David CASTLE 25 bachelor sheet metal worker 19 Hopes Lane, Ramsgate Albert CASTLE train driver banns Sharon Ann SNELL, Martin PENNEY
  Jeanette Ann BOWD 23 spinster shop assistant 5 Norfolk Square, Ramsgate Frederick Charles BOWD site agent    
21st July Derek Kevin OLIVER 22 bachelor house parent 64A Park Road, Ramsgate Ronald Arthur OLIVER provisions manager banns R A OLIVER, P GROOM
  Tracy Ann GROOM 19 spinster child care officer 11 King Edward Road, Ramsgate Patrick John GROOM teacher    
21st July Peter David CACKETT 24 bachelor refrigeration manager 11 Saxon Road, Ramsgate Peter David CACKETT sheet metal worker banns Susan Ann DALTON, Terence David FLYNN
  Karen Patricia MOYS 24 spinster factory operator 16 Calverdon Road, Ramsgate Arthur Alfred MOYS driver    
21st July David John BERRY 23 bachelor paint sprayer 7 Holly Road, Ramsgate Urwin BERRY power station worker banns Martin COX, Steve DUDLEY
  Jane DUDLEY 20 spinster dispenser 15 Grosvenor Road, Ramsgate Michael Burke DUDLEY generator technician    
21st July Nigel Eric SIMPSON 21 bachelor electronics technician 37 Coxes Lane, Ramsgate Eric Victor SIMPSON self-employed banns Deborah PAIN, L BROWN
  Bridgette Anne LEHAN 19 spinster - 84 Windermere Avenue, Ramsgate Edward Anthony Frederick LEHAN accountant    
4th August Philip Desmond NEAL 24 bachelor Insurance Policy Technician 70 Princes Plain, Bromley, Kent William Patrick NEAL chauffeur banns P NEAL, M MALASINSKI
  Susan MALASINSKI 32 spinster company manager 21 Kimberley Road, Ramsgate George Silvestor MALASINSKI mine supervisor    
4th August Stuart Andrew EDWARDS 19 bachelor Royal Marine 79 Reed Avenue, Canterbury Colin EDWARDS farm manager banns V EDWARDS, C A PATMORE
  Toni Ann PATMORE 18 spinster factory worker 20 Cliftonville Avenue, Ramsgate Antony John PATMORE lorry driver    
4th August Robert James GARNIER 23 bachelor teacher 25 St James Avenue, Ramsgate Peter Laurence GARNIER shop proprietor banns M A GARNIER, S CUNNINGHAM
  Julie Anne CUNNINGHAM 22 spinster personnel assistant 11 The Pines, Broadstairs Robert Edward CUNNINGHAM salesman    
11th August John Ewart CAISBROOK 20 bachelor civil servant 39 West Street, Banbury, Oxfordshire Arthur John CAISBROOK paint sprayer banns John THIMLOS, T B WOODS
  Fiona Jane WOODS 21 spinster secretary Whitewalls, Arundel Road, Ramsgate Terence Blacow WOODS accountant    
11th August Edward Stanley Richard RYDZ 31 bachelor factory worker 37 Staner Court, Ramsgate Stefan RYDZ (deceased) - banns R K HOLNESS, P WATKINS
  Linda Jane HOLNESS 21 spinster accounts clerk 10 Norfolk Square, Ramsgate Roger Keith HOLNESS plumber    
18th August Jeremy Robert HOLDCROFT 26 bachelor manager 55 Spratling Street, Ramsgate Robert Richard Peter HOLDCROFT (deceased) - banns Jean CARTER, Iris YOUNG
  Janet Eleizabeth Ann CARTER 22 spinster cashier 53 Sterling Way, Ramsgate Donald Henry Abel CARTER (deceased) -    
18th August Mark ATTWOOD 27 bachelor development manager 8 Wensleydale Avenue, Congleton Robert ATTWOOD builder banns S V BLIGH, John BIRDSEY
  Carol Jayne HEAP 27 spinster scientific officer 62 Eskdale Avenue, Ramsgate Harry HEAP manager    
25th August Kevin Paul SMITH 23 bachelor tyre fitter 24 Davis Avenue, Mill Hill, Deal Edward John SMITH miner banns M K PURNELL, E J SMITH
  Valerie Patricia PURNELL 21 spinster cook 5 Firtree Close, Ramsgate George Desmond PURNELL (deceased) railway worker    
25th August Karl Antony LEMARE 22 bachelor labourer 3 Wheatley Road, Ramsgate Frederick George LEMARE lorry driver banns J W SOLLY, L A LEMARE
  Anne Louise SOLLEY 21 spinster printer machine operator 32 Brecon Square, Ramsgate Jack William SOLLEY security guard    
1st September Paul David CUNNINGHAM 19 bachelor wood machinist 2 Aukland Avenue, Ramsgate Robert Edward CUNNINGHAM delivery man - R J GARNIER, A R ROKE
  Michelle ROKE 16 spinster - 58 The Maples, Broadstairs Allen Robert ROKE signmaker    
15th September David Mark WANSTALL 20 bachelor labourer 8 Bedford Square, Ramsgate Keith Arnold WANSTALL labourer banns Kenneth Reginald PETLEY, Trevor WANSTALL
  Julie Anne FEATLEY 18 spinster - 11 Norfolk Square, Newington Kenneth Reginald FEATLEY labourer    
29th September Antony Michael BURTON 26 bachelor sheet metal worker 10 Brecon Square, Ramsgate Maurice Victor BURTON engineer banns B M BURTON, J D HARRIS
  Barbara Jean HARRIS 18 spinster waitress 32 Marden Avenue, Ramsgate Derek Edward HARRIS steward    
29th September Robert Edward RICHARDS 23 bachelor carpenter 26 Upton Road, Broadstairs Reginald Edward RICHARDS labourer banns E R FORSTER, R E RICHARDS
  Lorraine Erica FOSTER 19 spinster bingo checker 58 Ellington Road, Ramsgate Eric Reginald FOSTER factory operator    
20th October Barry John ALDEN 23 bachelor bank clerk 120 Newington Road, Ramsgate Stanley Leslie Eric ALDEN shop owner banns N J COVERDALE, J W ROSEDON
  Charlotte Anne ROSEDON 20 spinster veterinary assistant 104 Dumpton Park Drive, Ramsgate John William ROSEDON postman    
20th October Gary John MILLS 20 bachelor garage worker 7 St Augustines Road, Deal Alan Trevor MILLS miner banns M TOWN, A T MILES
  Sharron Elizabeth FRATSON 19 spinster auxiliary nurse 27 Picton Road, Ramsgate Dennis John FRATSON (deceased) -    
27th October Michael Steven CROMEEKE 24 bachelor panel beater 37 Ashburnham Road, Ramsgate Godfrey John CROMEEKE retired banns B CROMEEKE, A E STICKLES
  Sandra Anne STICKLES 20 spinster laundry worker 37 Ashburnham Road, Ramsgate Antony Elvy STICKLES Postal Officer    
10th November Paul John CARTER 21 bachelor engineer 11 Boxberry Close, Stevenage, Hertfordshire Alan CARTER - banns H C RYDZ, John CARTER
  Yvonne Karen Louise RYDZ 23 spinster factory 8 Calvedon Road, Ramsgate Stefan RYDZ (deceased) -    
10th November Roger Graham KENT (KEMP?) 30 bachelor RAF Hillcrest, Coombe Road, Langette, St Austell, Cornwall John William Henry KEMP retired banns H HARNETT, D M KEMP
  Lynette Susan HARNETT 28 spinster shop assistant 32 Woodford Avenue, Ramsgate Eric William HARNETT (deceased) -    
24th November Nigel Christopher HUDSON 25 bachelor H M Forces 44 Chapel Road, Ramsgate Ronald HUDSON retired banns M R HUDSON, L HUBBARD
  Lorraine COLEMAN 22 spinster domestic duties 11 Sweyne Road, Cliftonville Brian John COLEMAN hotelier    

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