Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1981-82


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
7th February John William COOK 22 bachelor Government Service (Forces) 82 Hugin Avenue, St Peters, Broadstairs John COOK council employee banns John COOK, C E ARCHER
  Jane  Dorothy ARCHER 18 spinster childrens nurse 40 Grange Road, Ramsgate Cyril Edward ARCHER shopkeeper    
7th March Ronald MCDONALD 19 bachelor machine operator 78 Fairlight Avenue, Ramsgate David MCDONALD (deceased) - banns C D LAMPERT, MCDONALD
  Debbie Marie STOCKLEY 17 spinster machinist 9 Calverden Road, Ramsgate Leonard STOCKLEY labourer    
4th April Mark Gordon DEWEY 24 bachelor electrician 19 Boleyn Avenue, Westbrook Frank Gordon DEWEY milkman banns Gordon F DEWEY, Peter Gordon BOWEN
  Jacqueline Jean BOWEN 19 spinster bank clerk 14 Warwick Drive, Ramsgate Peter Gordon BOWEN research scientist    
11th April Glenn Robert WALLACE 25 bachelor insurance clerk 27 Salisbury Road, Chingford, London E4 Donald Sidney WALLACE site supervisor banns L R WALLACE, H G HOLLICK
  Susan Jane HOLLICK 20 spinster cost clerk 62 Windermere Avenue, Ramsgate Henry George HOLLICK wood machinist    
11th April John Martin BENNETT 21 bachelor soldier 16 Trinity Place, Ramsgate Peter BENNETT self-employed banns P BENNETT, Peter BENNET
  Kim Suzanne HOLNESS 18 spinster shop assistant 120 Windermere Avenue, Ramsgate Colin Howard HOLNESS postman    
18th April Paul GIBSON 22 bachelor computer printer 51 Westfield Road, Garlinge, Margate Samuel James GIBSON (deceased) tailor banns F C WHITE, Peggy GIBSON
  Jill Hazel WHITE 21 spinster assembly worker 34 Rockstone Way Frank Christopher WHITE plastic moulder    
16th May Nicholas Frank RAY 24 bachelor marine engineer 40 Seaview Road, Cliffsend, Ramsgate Frank Alfred RAY driver banns F RAY, W MAROZZI
  Pauline Lesley MAROZZI 23 spinster secretary 40 Seaview Road, Cliffsend, Ramsgate William MAROZZI fitter    
23rd May Christopher Ian ROGERS 26 bachelor electrical engineer 17 The Maples, Broadstairs Lewis James ROGERS civil servant banns Lewis James ROGERS, John Arthur OLIVER
  Gail Valerie OLIVER 24 spinster civil servant 65 Pegwell Road, Ramsgate John Arthur OLIVER credit controller    
23rd May Graham REES 25 bachelor builder 11 Kimberley Road Glynn REES (deceased) mine worker banns S L STOKES, A H BAKER
  Tina Wendy BAKER 19 spinster cutter (hosiery) 23 Elmsthorpe Rise, Leicester Arthur Thomas BAKER engineer    
30th May Neil Martin COOPER 20 bachelor bricklayer 71 Southwood Road, Ramsgate Percy Maurice COOPER builder banns T COOPER, V E ROFFEY
  Debra Jane ROFFEY 19 spinster shop assistant 11 Ethelbert Terrace, Westgate Victor Ernest ROFFEY Civil Engineer    
6th June Barry LINTON 24 bachelor sheet metal worker 42 Northdown Park Road, Margate William Albert LINTON manager banns E M WOODWARD, M L ARMSTRONG
  Shirley Gay WOODWARD 19 spinster assembler 10 Dunedin Road, Ramsgate Ronald Edward Arthur WOODWARD laundry worker    
20th June Stephen Douglas KIRKALDIE 22 bachelor fishmonger 56 Queen Bertha Road, Ramsgate Douglas Henry KIRKALDIE carpenter & joiner banns N D BROWNLIE, D H KIRKALDIE
  Mandy Ann BROWNLIE 22 spinster shipping clerk 7 Elmstone Road, Ramsgate Norman Derek BROWNLIE engineer    
27th June Ian Russell COPPARD 24 bachelor sign maker 18A Fitzroy Avenue, Ramsgate Ernest George COPPARD navigation superintendent banns Ernest C COPPARD, C SMITH
  Allison Jane SMITH 21 spinster nurse 10 Kevin Drive, Ramsgate Colin SMITH welder    
27th June Peter Nigel LAMBERT 20 bachelor barman Flowing Bowl, Newington Centre, Ramsgate Patrick Arthur LAMBERT musician banns D C PHILLIPS, Patrick LAMBERT
  Karen Ann PHILLIPS 19 spinster hairdresser 10 Pinewood Close, Ramsgate Douglas Charles PHILLIPS engineer    
4th July Morley Neil BARNETT 21 bachelor coal miner 5 Albion Mews, Camden Square, Ramsgate Frederick James BARNETT coal miner banns N A BARNETT, C T J FREEMAN
  Janice Patricia FREEMAN 18 spinster hairdresser 23 Grummock Avenue, Ramsgate Colin Thomas John FREEMAN transformer inspector    
4th July Benjamin John COLGATE 25 bachelor production controller 13 Southwood Gardens, Ramsgate Benjamin Thomas COLEGATE shop proprietor banns Rodney Allen STEVENS, Stephen Hayden JANES
  Dawn Constance STEVENS 21 spinster circulation representative 30 Leicester Avenue, Cliftonville Rodney Alan STEVENS sign writer    
25th July Benjamin Sydney MENDEZ 23 bachelor lorry driver 7 Molineux Road, Minster Benjamin Sydney Conrad MENDEZ (deceased) driver banns E A MENDEZ, K E NICHOLSON
  Joy Sheila NICHOLSON 21 spinster bank clerk 43 Aukland Avenue, Ramsgate Leslie Robert Clements NICHOLSON engineer (British Rail)    
1st August Mark Roland READ 20 bachelor stockman 14 Charlotte Street, Broadstairs William Michael READ shopkeeper banns P S BANING, A JONES
  Jeannette Joyce JONES 20 spinster cashier / clerk 27 Coleman Crescent, Ramsgate Edward JONES mill supervisor    
1st August Peter Mark OLIVER 21 bachelor mine worker 26 College Road, Margate William Brindley OLIVER mine worker banns W B OLIVER, George W MERCER
  Joanne MERCER 22 spinster teacher 3 Southwood Gardens, Ramsgate George William MERCER marketing manager    
1st August Christopher James GRAY 26 bachelor accountant 34 Clements Road, Ramsgate Jeffrey Richard GRAY postman banns R A SCALDWELL, K F BROWN
  Diane Barbara SCALDWELL 19 spinster production engineer 101 St James Avenue, Ramsgate Roy Albert SCALDWELL production manager    
8th August David Stuart JEFFRIES 20 bachelor carpenter 12 Southwold Place, Westgate William Frederick JEFFRIES labourer licence W F JEFFRIES, T MASON
  Jean Ann MASON 19 spinster dispenser 9 Wentworth Drive, Ramsgate Thomas MASON miner    
15th August Harry Edward WRIGHT 77 widower building contractor 22 Mayforth Gardens, Ramsgate Edward WRIGHT (deceased) plasterer banns K WRIGHT, Una Penman ALLEN
  Agnes Salmond CRAIG 71 widow housewife 5 Devon Court, Stirling Way, Ramsgate William KIDD (deceased) master confectioner    
15th August David John VEALE 20 bachelor serviceman RAF 20 Riversdale Road, Ramsgate Mervyn VEALE general labourer banns A RHODES,  M VEALE
  Beverley Ann RHODES 18 spinster shop assistant 49 Seafield Road, Ramsgate Allan RHODES general labourer    
22nd August Edward James DREWITT 25 bachelor merchant seaman 26 Aukland Crescent, Buckland Estate, Dover John Norman DREWITT miner banns C L HUGHES, J N DREWITT
  Linda Ann GRANT 22 spinster hairdresser 6 Keith Avenue, Ramsgate Alexander GRANT guard (railway)    
22nd August Peter Torin KINDERSLEY 24 bachelor computor programmer 7 Meads Road, Little Common, Bexhill Charles St Barbe KINDERSLEY (deceased) Civil Engineer banns Diana KINDERSLEY, E J MCGUINNESS
  Linda Jane MCGUINNESS 22 spinster commercial teacher 35 Helvellyn Avenue, Ramsgate Ernest James Charles MCGUINNESS maintenance engineer    
29th August Philip John TYLER 27 bachelor assembler 77 Station Approach Road, Ramsgate George Edward TYLER (deceased) - banns G T TYLER, R PUGH
  Debra Ann PUGH 21 spinster clerk 1 Norfolk Square, Ramsgate Raymond Neville Leon PUGH lorry driver    
5th September Peter John ROTHWELL 26 bachelor painter 68 Newington Road, Ramsgate Charles Henry ROTHWELL (deceased) - banns T C WILSON, R J WILSON
  Ann Beatrice WILSON 20 spinster nurse 44 Grove Road, Ramsgate Ronald Joseph WILSON retired    
5th September Douglas Edward GODDEN 19 bachelor farm labourer 54 Staner Court, Ramsgate John Frederick GODDEN telephone engineer banns R F EAMONN, D MACKEN
  Tracey Anne MACKEN 18 spinster factory worker 54 Staner Court, Ramsgate Dennis MACKEN Railway Guard    
5th September Alan Dale WILLIAMS 19 bachelor seaman 8 Norfolk Square, Ramsgate Derek WILLIAMS (deceased) seaman banns P J WILLIAMS, B E F SYKES
  Lorraine Elizabeth SYKES 19 spinster hairdresser 65 Southwood Gardens, Ramsgate Frederick Thomas SYKES mine worker    
5th September Malcolm DAWSON 26 bachelor storeman 22 Westcliff Terrace Mansions, Pegwell Road, Ramsgate Harry DAWSON (deceased) steel erector banns C E DAWSON, K C STEWART
  Gillian Pamela MANNING 18 spinster hairdresser 98 Southwood Road, Ramsgate Ronald Bernard MANNING storeman    
12th September Stephen Colin FREEMAN 25 bachelor bank clerk 23 Grummock Avenue, Ramsgate Colin Thomas John FREEMAN inspector banns C T J FREEMAN, F H SKINNER
  Catherine Louise SKINNER 22 spinster bank clerk 57 Lanthorne Road, Broadstairs Frank Henry SKINNER teacher    
12th September Kenneth Charles LITTLE 22 bachelor butcher 80 Bellevue Road, Ramsgate Kenneth George LITTLE accountant banns G ARCHER, F P LITTLE
  Linda Grace Bernadette ARCHER 20 spinster shop assistant 112 Southwood Road, Ramsgate John Henry Thomas ARCHER shop manager    
3rd October Peter GIBBENS 19 bachelor coil winder 60 Aukland Avenue, Ramsgate Harry William Thomas GIBBENS (deceased) - banns A HARNETT, J GIBBENS
  Shirley Richelle Linda HARNETT 19 spinster unemployed 38 Stirling Way, Ramsgate Albert Edward HARNETT electrician    
10th October Andrew William SLADE 22 bachelor boat builder 2 Anthony Close, Ramsgate Derek Arthur SLADFE shipwright banns J CAVELL, Mark Derek SLADE
  Julie Gloria CAVELL 20 spinster wages clerk 16 Leas Green, Broadstairs Jerry CAVELL crane driver    
10th October Anthony Michael HARRISON 23 bachelor croupier 9 Sudbury Place, Westgate Bernard Anthony HARRISON engineer banns R V EVERARD
  Vivienne Joan EVERARD 22 spinster croupier 35 St Lawrence Avenue, Ramsgate Ronald Victor EVERARD security officer    
31st October Stephen Alfred BAILEY 20 bachelor railway driver 32 St Johns Avenue, Ramsgate Alfred Henry John BAILEY railway driver banns J RINDSLAND, M SPINNER
  Susan Miriam RINDSLAND 21 spinster shop assistant 16 Bellevue Avenue, Ramsgate Joseph RINDSLAND -    
7th November Ian Neal BOAGEY 24 bachelor chartered accountant 27 Uplands Way, Riverhead Charles Edward BOAGEY senior ships surveyor banns R M MASON, T B BOAGEY
  Karen Marie MASON 24 spinster accounts clerk 1 Bush Avenue, Ramsgate Kenneth MASON -    
14th November Mark JANAWAY 21 bachelor police officer 59 Eskdale Avenue, Ramsgate Peter JANAWAY police officer banns P JANAWAY, Gordon E A FISHER
  Philippa Joyce FISHER 21 spinster police officer 85 Ellington Road, Ramsgate Gordon Edward Alexander FISHER undertaker    
14th November Paul John HAMMOCKS 20 bachelor landscape gardener Flat 2, 92 High Street, Ramsgate Walter John HAMMOCKS lorry driver banns W HAMMOCKS, A STEWART
  Leita DODD 21 spinster hairdresser 36 Bloomsbury Avenue, Ramsgate - -    
5th December Robert MUTTON 21 bachelor carpenter & joiner 5 Firtree Close, Ramsgate Eric MUTTON carpenter & joiner - John James LANE, Nigel MUTTON
  Doreen Olga LANE 20 spinster factory worker 68 Station Approach Road, Ramsgate James John LANE (deceased) -    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
23rd January John Robert WHITE 21 bachelor miner 28 Upton Road, Broadstairs John William WHITE power station worker banns R V EVERARD, J WHITE
  Adrienne Rhona EVERARD 25 spinster croupier 35 St Lawrence Avenue, Ramsgate Ronald Victor EVERARD lorry driver    
30th January Robert Matthew VEALE 24 bachelor pilot officer RAF 20 Riversdale Road, Ramsgate Mervyn VEALE chef banns M VEALE, E T LEMARE
  Tina Maria LEMARE 18 spinster accounts clerk 9 Belmont Court, Park Road, Ramsgate Eric Thomas LEMARE process worker    
30th January Gary Ross CORDERY 20 bachelor office clerk 8 Northdown Park Road, Cliftonville Stanley Edgar CORDERY toolmaker banns J W SMITH, G C SMITH
  Melanie Jean SMITH 19 spinster shop assistant 57 High Street, St Lawrence John Walter SMITH machine operator    
6th February Christopher Leslie KNIGHT 27 bachelor auto electrician Flat 12, Minster Lodge, Edith Road, Ramsgate Raymond KNIGHT publican banns R KNIGHT, Doris PRICE
  Lynda Christine PRICE 28 spinster editorial clerk 14 Windermere Avenue, Ramsgate James Edward PRICE railway clerk    
20th February Robert Edward POINTER 21 bachelor railwayman 12 Chapel Road, Ramsgate Augustus Edward POINTER train driver banns A E POINTER, J M BOWEN
  Angela June BOWER 22 spinster factory hand 63A Seafield Road, Ramsgate John Michael BOWER swimming bath officer    
6th March Charles John GLEN 23 bachelor winder assembler (GEC) 9 Rossland Road, Ramsgate Peter Henry GLEN retired banns Frederick William WEST, Martin WOOD
  Jacqueline Denise WEST 21 spinster canteen assistant 35 Conyngham Place, Ramsgate Frederick William WEST water board    
13th March William Stephen HEWITT 23 bachelor butcher 43 Belmont Street, Ramsgate Bertram William HEWITT welder banns G LAWRENCE, J BEALE
  Karen BEALE 20 spinster punch operator 57 Whitehall Road, Ramsgate Edgar Arthur BEALE engineer    
3rd April Peter John ADAMS 36 bachelor machinist 2 Hatfield Road, Ramsgate Sidney Albert ADAMS retired banns V R ADAMS, R G WALKER
  Mandy Diane WALKER 22 spinster machinist 3 Denbigh Road, Ramsgate Raymond George WALKER builder    
1st May Albert Frederick WILLIS 78 widower milk salesman 162 Southwood Road, Ramsgate Frederick John WILLIS (deceased) - banns J BATTERY, Albert C BATTERY, D H A PARICIO, J GARDNER
  Margaret Ellen GARDNER 73 widow housewife 37 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence - -    
1st May Andrew CASSELL 22 bachelor farm labourer 24 Melbourne Avenue, Ramsgate Ronald William CASSELL Clerk of Works KCC banns W H HAMMOND, S CASSELL
  Deborak Louise HAMLYN 20 spinster shorthand typist 24 Melbourne Avenue, Ramsgate Leslie Thomas HAMLYN (deceased) shop manager    
8th May Brett Evan JONES 22 bachelor general worker 22 Harbour Towers, Hertford Street, Ramsgate Evan William JONES (deceased) clerical supervisor banns A C STICKELS, B M JONES
  Elaine Karen STICKELS 19 spinster assembly worker 37 Ashburnham Road, Ramsgate Anthony Elvy STICKELS Postal Officer    
8th May Peter Frank BRISSENDEN 28 bachelor H G V driver 38 Allenby Road, Ramsgate Peter Austin Frank BRISSENDEN assistant purser banns P BRISSENDEN, R FRANCIS
  Sharon FRANCIS 25 spinster receptionist 22 Southwood Gardens, Ramsgate Roy FRANCIS waiter    
15th May Colin Edward ARIS 24 bachelor buyer 11 Oakdene Road, Ramsgate Edwward John ARIS (deceased) - banns C R PARKER, J H MIRAMS
  Beverley Ann PARKER 21 spinster civil servant 7 Grosvenor Road, Ramsgate Charles Richard PARKER Detective Sergeant Police    
5th June Norman SMITH 32 bachelor broadcasting engineer 1 Church Farm Cottages, Barton Stacy, Winchester Frank SMITH (deceased) civil servant banns A SMITH, H G OFFERMAN
  Sarah Frances OFFERMAN 24 spinster careers advisor 48 Coniston Avenue, Ramsgate Henry George OFFERMAN teacher    
5th June Bruce Andrew PAUL 18 bachelor shop assistant 44 The Centre, Newington Earnest Royston JOHNSON retired plumber banns R W MILES, I E HOPPER
  Sharon Dawn HOPPER 18 spinster shop assistant 44 The Centre, Newington Ivan Eric HOPPER meter mechanic    
5th June Peter William CHANDLER 26 bachelor chef 49 Ramsgate Road, Broadstairs Victor William CHANDLER caretaker banns A G J LAWRENCE, V W CHANDLER
  Valerie BALL 20 spinster waitress 22 Seaview Road, Cliffsend Arthur Henry BALL (deceased) -    
12th June Christopher David BINSKIN 19 bachelor labourer 9 Dane Road, Margate Derek BINSKIN - banns M D BINSKIN, A HOPKINS
  Deborah HOPKINS 19 spinster factory worker 18 Calverden Road, Ramsgate Anthony HOPKINS plasterer    
19th June Shaun Robin SMETHERS 22 bachelor mechanic 127 Victoria Avenue, Margate Herbert Kitchener SMETHERS retired banns D P WHALEM, H SMETHERS
  Jacqueline Kim MCCARTHY known as WHALEN 23 spinster bank clerk 73 Melbourne Avenue, Ramsgate Edward MCCARTHY -    
26th June David John PETERS 24 bachelor bank official 24 St Augustines Park, Ramsgate Leslie Thomas PETERS local government officer banns Philip J G SMITH, J W GILBERT
  Julie May GILBERT 21 spinster local government officer 17 Wimborne Place, Ramsgate Jack Winston GILBERT postman    
24th July Anthony Richard O'MAHONY 26 bachelor quantity surveyor 52 Mitcham Park, Mitcham, Surrey Anthony Joseph Stanislays O'MAHONY (deceased) head cashier banns R J THOMPSETT, E G SHARP
  Jillian Mary SHARP 28 spinster occupational therapist 116 Windermere Avenue, Ramsgate Edward George SHARP company director    
24th July John William Albert GOLDSMITH 23 bachelor electronic technician 23 Nethercourt Gardens, Ramsgate Albert Ernest GOLDSMITH electrician banns D E NEWTON, R ROULTER
  Sharon Debra NEWTON 22 spinster state registered nurse 11 Hollicondane Road, Ramsgate Walter Ernest NEWTON railway engineer    
24th July Jeremy PARKIN 21 bachelor miner 52 Stanar Street, Ramsgate Arthur William Ernest PARKIN painter & decorator banns A W E PARKIN, T G LILLYWHITE
  Jane Barbara LILLYWHITE 21 spinster bank clerk 67 Dumpton Park Drive, Broadstairs Thomas Gordon LILLYWHITE estate agent    
7th August Neil Melvin LIGHT 24 bachelor factory worker 3 Bedford Square, Ramsgate Sidney George LIGHT (deceased) - banns N K DOHERTY, O R DOHERTY
  Tina Janet Ann DOHERTY 23 spinster clerk 58 St Johns Avenue, Ramsgate Oswald Roy DOHERTY clerk    
14th August David Jeffrey MUNDAY 20 bachelor steward Royal Navy 7 Durban Close, Ramsgate Raymond MUNDAY - banns P BATEMAN, D H KIRKALDIE
  Linzi KIRKALDIE 20 spinster nursery assistant 56 Queen Bertha Road, Ramsgate Douglas Henry KIRKALDIE carpenter    
14th August Ian Robert HENDERSON 22 bachelor laboratory technician 38 Clifton Road, Ramsgate William Hope ANDERSON farmer banns B R G OBBARD, K S HAYWARD
  Susan OBBARD 20 spinster nursing auxiliary 38 Clifton Road, Ramsgate Brian Richard George OBBARD -    
14th August Kevin John BURGESS 23 bachelor animal technician 21 Napleton Road, Ramsgate Kenneth Henry BURGESS storekeeper banns K H BURGESS, N L KENNETT
  Carol Anne KENNETT 22 spinster nurse 45 High Street, St Lawrence Norman Leslie KENNETT bricklayer    
14th August Douglas Edward PETERS 22 bachelor physical training instructor 42 Dallavie, Patna, Ayreshire Thomas PETERS electrician licence Thomas PETERS, J F INCHLEY
  Susan Vera Helen INCHLEY 22 spinster State Enrolled Nurse 28 Rockstone Way, Ramsgate Jack Frederick INCHLEY coal miner    
14th August Martin Andrew CLAPSON 32 bachelor labourer 9 Sandwich Road, Sandwich Ernest George CLAPSON farm worker banns D R COOMBS, V J CLAPSON
  Linda Jane COOMBS 23 spinster shop assistant 45 Rockstone Way, Ramsgate David Robert COOMBS -    
4th September David John FARMER 27 bachelor shop manager Baaeside, Green Lane, Temple Ewell Douglas Victor FARMER retired banns J COLE, Stephen FARMER
  Judy COLE 29 spinster sales assistant 37 Riversdale Road, Ramsgate Jack COLE maintenance engineer    
4th September Martin John YOUNG 20 bachelor mechanic 65 Westcliff Road, Ramsgate William YOUNG - banns J WATKINS, B YOUNG
  Kim WATKINS 21 spinster farm worker 137 Melbourne Avenue, Ramsgate John James WATKINS carpenter    
11th September Stephen Charles MALE 26 bachelor electronic technician 12 Calverden Road, Ramsgate Charles Ernest MALE retired RAF Corporal banns Y N WARREN, Charles Ernest MALE
  Jane Yvonne WARREN 19 spinster toy assembler 2 Norman Road, Ramsgate - deceased    
18th September Malcolm Stuart MILHAM 206 bachelor chemist 38 Cheshnut Drive, Broadstairs Malcolm Frank MILHAM production data processing clerk banns B E CLARKE, W A J FRIEND, M F MILHAM
  Carol Anne FRIEND 25 spinster social worker 26 Southwood Gardens William Alfred James FRIEND Post Office Inspector    
18th September Jeffrey Andrew HORSMAN 25 bachelor laboratory technician 88B High Street, Ramsgate Cyril Edward HORSMAN driver banns K WARD, L L TRISH
  Teresa Ann BOOTH 19 spinster factory worker 2 Lancaster Close, Ramsgate Philip John BOOTH postman    
18th September Derek YOUNG 24 bachelor postman 49 The Centre, Newington, Ramsgate William Bradley YOUNG Local County Officer banns William Bradley YOUNG, Roy COX
  Donna Anne COX 19 spinster hairdresser 8 Brecon Square, Ramsgate Roy COX miner    
18th September Graham Kenneth CARMICHAEL 19 bachelor marine engineer 35 Sipson Road West, Drayton, Middlesex Gordon Nelson CARMICHAEL - banns Gordon Nelson CARMICHAEL, Peter GILES
  Sandra Anne GILES 20 spinster clerk 32 Riverdale Road, Ramsgate Peter Charles GILES salesman    
25th September Robert Stephen DOYLE 20 bachelor mechanic 52 Beacon Road, St Peters, Broadstairs Michael DOYLE ambulance driver banns R FRANCIS, J RIMMER
  Karyl Anne RIMMER 19 spinster shop assistant 17 Sandwich Road, Ramsgate George RIMMER newsagent & coach builder    
25th September Adrian Charles HURST 24 bachelor electronics technician 21 Grummock Avenue, Ramsgate Robert Allan HURST railway inspector banns R A HURST, Cyril PAY
  Linda Ann PAY 19 spinster shop assistant 12 Grummock Avenue, Ramsgate Cyril Charles PAY factory worker    
2nd October Stephen Mark BOWLES 21 bachelor farm worker 80 Telham Avenue, Ramsgate John Edward BOWLES welder banns N BOWLES, D SETTERFIELD
  Denise Ann SETTERFIELD 24 spinster home duties 6 Brecon Square, Ramsgate Denis George Maurice SETTERFIELD farm worker    
24th October Victor Henry STOKES 26 bachelor driver 87 Coleman Crescent, Ramsgate Victor Alfred STOKES labourer banns K A STOKES, Christine NICHOLSON
  Lorraine KOUMBAS 19 spinster clerk Courtstairs Hotel, Pegwell Road, Ramsgate Leonard KOUMBAS (deceased) licensee    

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