Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1979-80


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
20th January Peter Robert MILNE 23 bachelor RAF Police Corporal ES117656 2 Kingsway, Tynemouth, Tyne & Wear Peter MILNE area sales manager licence D T EVANS, C W GODDARD
  Wendy Joy GODDARD 19 spinster Princess Marys RAF Nursing Service 41 Chapel Road, Ramsgate Cecil Walter GODDARD mechanical turbine fitter    
24th February John Michael NASH 18 bachelor frame maker 7 Brecon Square, Ramsgate John Albert NASH tailors cutter banns Arthur LANE, E PURCELL
  Cindy Ann PURCELL 16 spinster machinist 10 Cowley Rise Edwin Charles PURCELL lorry driver    
24th March Terence George LACEY 37 bachelor salesman 9 Gray Court, Parkeleys Ham, Richmond, Surrey William Albert LACEY (deceased) instrument maker banns K LACEY, A B LAMONT
  Janet London Donald LAMONT 34 spinster sales assistant 4 Pegwell Road, Ramsgate Alexander Bryce LAMONT farmer    
31st March Julian HEWITT 23 bachelor police officer 13 Norfolk Square Colin David HEWITT leading railman banns Stephen CREEMAR, Reginald Morgan CROLE
  Jacqueline Maria CROLE 25 spinster bank clerk 28 Kings Avenue, Ramsgate Reginald Morgan CROLE leading railman    
21st April Trevor James WARD 20 bachelor heating engineer 5 Manston Court Bungalows, RAF Manston Harry Reginald Dan WARD Clerk of Works, Department of Environment banns N P AMOS, H GINGELL
  Ann Jean GINGELL 20 spinster factory operator 1 Newington Road Henry GINGELL mine worker    
28th April Godfrey Medhurst GEORGE 27 bachelor teacher 148 Grange Road, Ramsgate Cliiford GEORGE glazier banns S HAWKY, S CUMBERLAND
  Mary Alison CUMBERLAND 23 spinster potter 77 Leigham Court Drive, Leigh on Sea, Essex Sidney CUMBERLAND accountant    
5th May Raymond Philip BLAKE 21 bachelor jeweller 39 Foads Hill, Ramsgate Philip Duncan BLAKE factory foreman banns G BLAKE, C E P SMITH
  Sandra Elizabeth SMITH 25 spinster clerk / typist 11 Manston Road, Ramsgate Charles Emanuel Percy SMITH factory worker    
5th May Clive Martin TIDEY 19 bachelor Private 1st Queens Regiment 46 Windermere Avenue, Ramsgate Eric George TIDEY sales supervisor banns Leonard David ANNINGS, Eric George TIDEY
  Debra Payne ANNING 19 spinster shop assistant 94 Staner Court, Ramsgate Leonard David ANNING butcher    
12th May Stephen LEE 27 bachelor police officer 1 Beaufort Avenue, Ramsgate Stanley LEE motor body builder banns David EWINGTON, Carol SEWELL
  Stephanie Jane SLATER 21 spinster State Enrolled Nurse 1 Beaufort Avenue, Ramsgate Geoffrey James SLATER engineer    
12th May Andrew Ronald MOLLART 28 bachelor service engineer 3 Gore Terrace, Eastry Ronald MOLLART welder banns Ronald MOLLART, Peter Reginald SKEY
  Angela Loraine SKEY 23 spinster legal secretary 22 Beaufort Avenue, Ramsgate Peter Reginald SKEY signwriter    
12th May Christopher DENNIS 22 bachelor shop assistant 133 Melbourne Avenue, Ramsgate Frederick William DENNIS paint sprayer banns N R SUTTON, R BALL
  Tina Anne BALL 18 spinster domestic assistant 127A Melbourne Avenue, Ramsgate Raymond BALL factory worker    
26th May Gary John EVANS 21 bachelor toolmaker 37 Phillips Road, Birchington Nigel John EVANS toy company manager licence N J EVANS, D SPENCER
  Beverley Kim SPENCER 21 spinster line operator 3 Dunedin Road Tommas Henry SPENCER mine worker    
2nd June Christopher William CHALKLIN 21 bachelor restaurant manager 65 Chichester Road, Ramsgate Gordon James CHALKLIN driver B R banns B GURTEON, A LASLETT
  Jacqueline Anne LASLETT 19 spinster receptionist 19 Helvellyn Avenue Arthur Edgar LASLETT foreman    
9th July (June?) Stephen John POINTER 21 bachelor electrical fitter 12 Chapel Road, Ramsgate Augustus Edward POINTER train driver banns H GIBBENS, A E POINTER
  Jeannette Joy GIBBENS 19 spinster hairdresser 60 Aukland Avenue, Ramsgate Harry William Thomas GIBBENS train driver    
16th June Robert John CECIL 26 bachelor Local Authority Clerical worker 56 Crescent Road, Ramsgate Carl Hamilton CECIL mine worker banns D A WALTON, H HAYDEN
  Frances YOUNG 21 spinster opticians receptionist 23 Chilton Lane, Ramsgate John William YOUNG (deceased) -    
22nd June Graham Leslie NICHOLSON 24 bachelor plasterer 9 Bloomsbury Road, Ramsgate William Samuel NICHOLSON supervisor printing press banns John NICHOLSON, A STANDEN
  Elizabeth Mary STANDEN 18 spinster office clerk 10 Hopes Lane, Ramsgate Anthony George James STANDEN engineer    
21st July David John PAINE 21 bachelor green keeper 8 Gresham Avenue, Westbrook, Margate John Rodney PAINE national sales manager banns John R PAINE, P W BOULANGER
  Deborah Jane BOULANGER 20 spinster secretary 19 St Lawrence Avenue, Ramsgate Alan Ainslie BOULANGER (deceased) -    
21st July Roger James SOUTH 25 bachelor factory worker 13 Aukland Avenue, Ramsgate James Henry SOUTH (deceased) - banns Albert Frederick HARRISON, Terry John HARRISON
  Simone HARRISON 23 spinster office worker 13 Aukland Avenue, Ramsgate Albert Frederick HARRISON miner    
21st July John Edward ARCHER 22 bachelor shop manager 40 Grange Road, Ramsgate Cyril Edward ARCHER shopkeeper banns C E ARCHER, Brian FRANCIS
  Zoe FRANCIS 19 spinster secretary 89 Rydal Avenue, Ramsgate Brian Frederick FRANCIS electrician    
4th August Richard BLAKE 27 bachelor Post Office Telecommunications Engineer 10 Duxford Close, Elam Park, Hornchurch, Essex Frederick Charles William BLAKE Post Office Executive banns F C W BLAKE, N A BEANSE
  Jame Alison BEANSE 23 spinster teacher 14 Woodville Road, Ramsgate Norman Alec BEANSE engineering worker    
4th August Steven John BARTLETT 20 bachelor toolmaker apprentice 46 East Rise, Ramsgate Alan Henry BARTLETT car distributor banns A BARTLETT, P F GRIGGS
  Christina Jayne GRIGGS 19 spinster factory worker 24 St Lukes Avenue, Ramsgate Peter Frederick GRIGGS instrument technician    
11th August Stephen James PETTERS 22 bachelor musician 2 Grummock Avenue, Ramsgate John Gwylliam PETTERS welder banns Richard John PETTERS, John Gwylliam PETTERS
  Fiona GREEN 20 spinster receptionist 2 Grummock Avenue, Ramsgate Edward GREEN engineer    
25th August David Michael HOARE 19 bachelor labourer 31 Nash Road, Margate David Charles HOARE injection moulder banns Roy Herbert SEAR, Patricia Ann WILLIAMS
  Julie Ann SEAR 19 spinster animal technician 39 Southwood Gardens, Ramsgate Roy Herbert SEAR sales representative    
25th August Barry Harland MCINTYRE 23 bachelor welder 138 Minnis Road, Birchington John Harland MCINTYRE (deceased) engineer banns J PRIESTLY, Jean TODD
  Rosemary Ann PRIESTLY 23 spinster student 81 Southwood Gardens, Ramsgate John PRIESTLY operational foreman power station    
25th August Richard DEAN 30 bachelor retail manager 24 Kings Avenue Johh Henry DEAN plumber banns J H DEAN, L G BARNES
  Tina Maria BARNES 20 spinster invoice clerk 22 Rockstone Way Lionel George BARNES electrician    
8th September Geoffrey John CHENEY 21 bachelor electrical engineer 37 Fairlight Avenue, Ramsgate John Joseph CHENEY assistant purchasing manager banns John J CHENEY, Patricia Rose MOORE
  Kathleen Rose KEATING 20 spinster factory worker 37 Fairlight Avenue, Ramsgate John Albert KEATING factory worker    
8th September Martin Keith PURNELL 23 bachelor catering manager 63 Ashburnham Road, Ramsgate George Desmond PURNELL train driver banns Christopher Rees BARNES, George Desmond PURNELL
  Mary Ann BARNES 21 spinster chiropodist Montefiore Arms, Trinity Place, Ramsgate Christopher Rees BARNES publican    
15th September David WATSON 30 bachelor management accountant 37 Old Hall Drive, Cliffsend, Ramsgate Frederick WATSON medical laboratory scientist banns Frederick WATSON, Kathleen BAKER
  Linda May BAKER 21 spinster dispensing optician 12 The Retreat, Ramsgate Arthur Edward BAKER (deceased) property developer    
22nd September Michael BELSEY 20 bachelor plant operator 16A The Retreat, Ramsgate Arthur Charles BELSEY train driver banns A BELSEY, Richard RICE
  Patricia Margaret RICE 20 spinster factory worker 3 Spratling Street, Manston, Ramsgate Richard RICE chef    
29th September Robert Frederick BROOKS 23 bachelor store under manager 6 Prospect Road, Broadstairs Henry Albert BROOKS senior maintenance engineer banns M BROOKS, S J SACKETT
  Susan Ann SACKETT 19 spinster shop assistant 28 Melbourne Avenue, St Lawrence Sidney John SACKETT -    
6th October Paul FRANCIS 20 bachelor steward British Rail 22 Southwood Gardens, Ramsgate Roy FRANCIS steward British Rail banns D FRANCIS, R FRANCIS, Robert A MYERS, J A MYERS
  Beverley Anne Elizabeth MYERS 21 spinster shop assistant 14 Mount Green Avenue, Ramsgate Robert Andrews MYERS fire officer    
6th October Michael CARMAN 26 bachelor cardecks supervisor hovercraft 9 Violet Avenue Kenneth Victor CARMAN canteen manager banns D CARMAN, P F STILL
  Ann Doreen STILL 25 spinster factory passer 6B Elmstone Road Peter Frederick STILL sales manager    
13th October Bruce Antony GARDNER 33 bachelor electronics engineer Morningside, Aureole Close, Diep River, Cape Town Nathaniel Mead GARDNER (deceased) - licence Joan W DAWSON, G W STUART
  Pamela Joyce STUART 29 spinster dietician Rosemary, 24 Royal Esplanade, Ramsgate Gordon William STUART general practitioner    
20th October Eric Douglas PEARSON 20 bachelor Guard British Rail 2 Hillside Cotts, Broad Oak, Canterbury James Ronald PEARSON caravan site warden banns J R PEARSON, J MARSDEN
  Janet MARSDEN 20 spinster secretary 12 Lorina Road, Ramsgate John MARSDEN driver B R    
20th October Robert James JORDAN 23 bachelor driver / labourer 2A Greenfield Road, Ramsgate Alan Gerald JORDAN driver banns A G JORDAN, B JACK
  Deborah Joyce MCCANN 21 spinster assembly worker 7 Norfolk Square, Ramsgate Bernard James MCCANN factory worker    
27th October Robert Steven OVENDEN 20 bachelor mechanic 37 Brockmans Close, Minster Robert Henry OVENDEN mechanic banns R H OVENDEN, J H BARNETT
  Christine Anne BARNETT 19 spinster bank clerk 38 Goodwin Road, Ramsgate James Henry BARNETT retired    
27th October Andrew Duncan BEARD 21 bachelor H M Forces 39 Glebe Road, Didcot, Oxfordshire Leslie Henry BEARD (deceased) railway clerk banns A BEARD, R G WEST
  Katherine Irene WEST 20 spinster H M Forces 187 Newington Road, Ramsgate Richard James WEST retired docker    
24th November Andrew Mark BROWN 20 bachelor process screen operator 24 Beacon Road, St Peters, Broadstairs Hubert Charles BROWN electrician banns H C BROWN, N C BROWN, J SHEPHERDSON, S R SHEPHERDSON
  Joy Margaret SHEPHERDSON 18 spinster domestic worker 8 Fir Tree Close, Ramsgate John SHEPHERDSON able seaman    
22nd December Stephen David HOOK 22 bachelor manager 1 Egbert Road, Minster James David HOOK driver banns J D HOOK, Gerard L GRIGGS
  Lisa Amanda KNOWLTON 18 spinster retail trainee 20 Pegwell Avenue, Ramsgate Luther Norman KNOWLTON caterer    
29th December Peter HOBSON 25 bachelor process manager 38 Marden Avenue, Ramsgate Walter Douglas George HOBSON engineer assistant unit operator banns W D G HOBSON, Matthew Ralph MCGUINNESS
  Deborah Anne MCGUINNESS 19 spinster nurse 38 Marden Avenue, Ramsgate John Patrick MCGUINNESS butcher    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
16th February Liam George DALTON 30 bachelor draughtsman 8 Seymour Avenue, Westbrook George Kitchener DALTON antique dealer banns M KING, A MOYS
  Susan Ann MOYS 21 spinster shop supervisor 16 Calverdon Road, Ramsgate Arthur Alfred MOYS yard foreman    
1st March William John MARTIN 24 bachelor plumbing & heating engineer 71 Darcy Road, Norbury, SW16 Kennard Samuel MARTIN factory supervisor banns Raymond HALL, S ARMSTRONG
  Sharon ARMSTRONG 22 spinster hairdresser 18 Downs Road, Ramsgate Jonathan ARMSTRONG (deceased) driving instructor    
8th March Alan Howard JONES 20 bachelor toolmaker 1 Forge Lane, St Lawrence, Ramsgate George JONES toolmaker banns G W FISHER, R BROWN
  Julie Denise BROWN 20 spinster beautician & hairdresser 8 Bellevue Avenue, Ramsgate Ronald Edwin John BROWN chief cashier    
15th March Steven George ADELSBERG 24 bachelor police officer 19 Wentworth Drive Robert Alfred ADELSBERG fabrication inspector (GEC) licence R ADELSBERG, Howard J RICHARDS
  Angela Hayley RICHARDS 19 spinster sales assistant 23 Riversdale Road, St Lawrence Howard John Henry RICHARDS engineer (Hoverport)    
29th March Kevin John WOODLAND 23 bachelor sheet metal worker 1 Denbigh Road, Ramsgate Leslie John WOODLAND mine worker banns S J POINTER, J W COX
  Julie Ann GIBBENS 22 spinster hairdresser 60 Aukland Avenue, Ramsgate Harry William Thomas GIBBENS (deceased) -    
5th April Mordo Chai VANONO 26 bachelor P E teacher 48 Royal Road Benjamin VANONO shop owner licence Andrew MARCHES, Peter J WEBB
  Kimberley WEBB 24 spinster cake decorator 71 Rydal Avenue, Ramsgate Peter John WEBB accountant    
5th April Vigen KARIMIAN 19 bachelor student 48 Royal Road Mehrejon KARIMIAN shop owner licence Andronik ABED, Peter J WEBB
  Penelope WEBB 20 spinster assembly worker 71 Rydal Avenue, Ramsgate Peter John WEBB accountant    
5th April David James SILK 21 bachelor jeweller 5 Beverley Way, Ramsgate Rosslyn Herbert SILK baker banns R H SILK, J W WILKINSON
  Angelia WILKINSON 21 spinster secretary 19 Lawn Road, Broadstairs James Wilfred WILKINSON draughtsman    
20th April Carl CHIBNALL 21 bachelor gardener Gatehouse, Montefiore Avenue, Ramsgate John Arthur CHIBNALL driver banns -
  Debbie Kim BOWIE 20 spinster hairdresser 18 Bathurst Close, Ramsgate William Jack BOWIE self-employed    
20th April Peter John EVANS 24 bachelor electrician 22 St Johns Avenue, Ramsgate David Thomas EVANS driver banns D T EVANS, F A VERNAU
  Susanna Caroline VERNAU 22 spinster receptionist 13 Sandwich Road, Ramsgate Francis Albert VERNAU policeman    
3rd May Peter James THOMAS 29 bachelor furnisher 67 Pegwell Road, Ramsgate Evan Arthur THOMAS furnisher banns R W OLISH?, E PRICE
  Diana Lesley PRICE 26 spinster civil servant 3 Beverley Way Edward PRICE Solicitor    
17th May Saeed SOROUSH 22 bachelor restaurant owner 38 Spencer Square, Ramsgate Najmadie SOROUSH bank manager licence S MAUD, F MAUD
  Tracy Jane MAUD 18 spinster shop assistant 2 Fairlight Avenue, Ramsgate David Edward MAUD scaffolder    
7th June Gary FOX 17 bachelor trainee butcher 27 Stirling Way, Ramsgate Jeffrey Harold FOX bus driver banns S FOX, H CRIBBEN
  Beverley Diane CRIBBEN 18 spinster accountants clerk 22 Rossland Road, Ramsgate Harry CRIBBEN labourer    
21st June Graham Michael BUDD 24 bachelor computor support 28 Burton Place, Oxford Albert Michael Raymond BUDD (deceased) R.A.F. banns Ian D EMSLEY, J JONES
  Pamela JONES 24 spinster computor support 24 Riversdale Road, St Lawrence Josiah JONES mine worker    
21st June David John DERI 19 bachelor engineer 14 Eastview, Mitchell Street, Rochdale Francis DERI engineer banns Brian DEDIN?, William COMEREY
  Penelope RICHARDS 18 spinster clerk 58 St James Avenue Harry RICHARDS (deceased) heating engineer    
5th July Anthony John BINSKIN 19 bachelor warehouseman 17 St Lukes Avenue Derek BINSKIN transport manager banns J KING, C BINSKIN
  Jacqueline Lorraine KING 17 spinster factory worker 7 Warwick Drive, Ramsgate James KING company director    
5th July Steven Gregory CLEAVER 25 bachelor Petty Officer RN 59 Model Farm, Holkman, Wells next the Sea, Norfolk Leonard Richard CLEAVER farmer banns L R CLEAVER, W J WATKINS
  Lindsey Jane WATKINS 22 spinster - 19 Beverley Way, Ramsgate Watcyn Joseph WATKINS sales representative    
12th July Andrew Ronald HARLOW 22 bachelor welder 43 St Marys Road, Faversham, Kent Gordon Alfred HARLOW builder banns David George COCKS, Gordon Alfred HARLOW
  Wendy Joan COCKS 23 spinster nurse 10 Holbrook Drive, Ramsgate David George Arthur COCKS railman    
12th July David CANHAM 22 bachelor bank clerk 51 Nash Court Road, Margate Edward CANHAM store manager banns E CANHAM, D H PAGE
  Debra Tracey PAGE 20 spinster secretary 30 Winborne Place, Ramsgate Dennis Harold PAGE plumber    
19th July Richard John PETTERS 25 bachelor electrician 2 Grummock Avenue, Ramsgate John Gwillen PETTERS wireman banns Stephen James PETTERS, W E MACKEN
  Seaneen Gael MACKEN 22 spinster civil servant 2 Colombo Square, Ramsgate Denis MACKEN railman    
19th July Martin John KENSALL 23 bachelor T V technician 51 Ashburnham Road, Ramsgate Ronald KENSALL - banns R KENSALL. P J POPE
  Jill Lorna POPE 21 spinster shop assistant 52 Manston Road, Ramsgate Peter John POPE electrician    
19th July Alan James HARRISON 19 bachelor Army Driver, Royal Corps of Transport 2 Fairacre, Broadstairs John Eric HARRISON warehouse supervisor banns J E CAVELL, S M EAST
  Ann Jacqueline EAST 19 spinster factory worker 23 Lancaster Close, Ramsgate Albert George EAST -    
2nd August Keith Stephen PEEL 27 bachelor computer operations manager 18 Aukland Avenue, Ramsgate Ernest Cecil PEEL factory superintendent banns PEEL, G E FRANCIS
  Penny Susan FRANCIS 22 spinster computer operator 12 Rawdon Road, Ramsgate Gerald Edgar FRANCIS works foreman    
2nd August Vincent Phillip MAY 21 bachelor design engineer 11 Wrotham Road, Broadstairs Phillip Robert Stephen MAY electrical engineer banns H CAESAR?, Yvonne WOODS
  Sharon Elaine STIRUPS 18 spinster factory operator 4 Riversdale Road, Ramsgate Trevor STIRUPS taxi driver    
2nd August Malcolm John MARTIN 23 bachelor marine engineer 7 Arklow Square, Ramsgate Donald Trevor MARTIN storeman banns D T MARTIN, M J THOMAS
  Maria THOMAS 28 spinster machinist 82 Newington Road, Ramsgate Morgan John THOMAS mine worker    
30th August Peter OUTHWAITE 21 bachelor coldstore operator 1 The Paragon, Ramsgate Jason OUTHWAITE food sales representative banns N YATES
  Suzanne Marguerite YATES 18 spinster checkout operator 25 Coleman Crescent, Ramsgate Norman Leslie YATES lorry driver    
30th August David John YATES 26 bachelor computer programmer 48 Southwell Road, Crownhill, Plymouth Wilfred YATES school teacher banns M I YATES, A A GODFREY
  Lynda Joy GODFREY 26 spinster computer programmer 25 Wilfred Road, Ramsgate Albert Arthur GODFREY process worker    
6th September Paul James CALCUTT 24 bachelor engineer 139 St Peters Road, Margate Douglas James CALCUTT (deceased) - banns M CALCUTT, B DOMAINE, D ANDERSON
  Catherine Mary WALTON 20 spinster student 10 Hobart Road, Newington Derek Alan WALTON chargehand    
6th September David Roy JONES 24 bachelor manager 2 Mayforth Gardens, Ramsgate Roy JONES chartered civil engineer banns Neil DALY, John TURTON
  Jill TURTON 22 spinster cashier 4 Saxon Road, Ramsgate John TURTON plumber    
13th September Brian PORTANIER 24 bachelor bank officer 28 Nethercourt Hill, Ramsgate Anthony PORTANIER telephone engineer banns Anthony PORTANIER, Brian C RAY
  Anne Catherine RAY 21 spinster bank officer 34 Sandwich Road, Ramsgate Brian Clive RAY site agent    
16th September Frederick Joseph Loftus TOTTENHAM 82 widower retired Duarts Cottage, Norton Bavant, Warminster Frederick William TOTTENHAM (deceased) - banns W TOTTENHAM, M JAPHCOTT
  Isabel Helen BAKER 75 widow retired 29 Helvellyn Avenue, Ramsgate Frank RAWEL (deceased) -    
20th September Carl CHIBNALL 21 bachelor gardener Gatehouse, Montefiore Avenue, Ramsgate John Arthur CHIBNALL refuse driver banns C N CHIBNALL, W J BORRIE
  Debbie Kim BORRIE 20 spinster hairdresser 18 Bathurst Close, Ramsgate William Jack BORRIE self-employed    
11th October Roger HOLDEN 32 bachelor marketing manager 24 Sandstone, Mortlake Road, Kew Gerald HOLDEN (deceased) accountant banns Graham HOLDEN, L C SMITH
  Marion Christine SMITH 29 spinster osteopath 4 Walmer Gardens, Ramsgate Leonard Charles SMITH retired    
11th October John Reginald GLASGOW 32 bachelor electrical engineer 16 Windermere Avenue, Ramsgate Reginald Cyril GLASGOW security officer banns P LAMPERT, E KNOTT
  Christine Janet BURSTON also known as KNOTT 21 spinster Post Office Clerk 28 Windermere Avenue, Ramsgate BURSTON (unknown) -    
29th November Julian Edmund HOWES 28 bachelor market gardener Hollydene, Haine Road, Ramsgate Charles George HOWES market gardener banns Peter W DITTON, G HALL
  Hilda Veronica WALLER 32 spinster state registered nurse Haine Cottage, Haine Road, Ramsgate Rowand John WALLER (deceased) -    
6th December Paul Anthony BLACKMORE 22 bachelor amusement caterer 61 Ellington Road, Ramsgate Ronald George BLACKMORE factory worker banns G E BRIGHT, R G BLACKMORE, K S ISAACS
  Valerie Joy BRIGHT 19 spinster cashier 61 Ellington Road, Ramsgate George Edward BRIGHT farmer    
13th December Michael Peter FORD 23 bachelor laboratory technician 67 Norman Road, Ramsgate Colin William FORD electrician banns John PATERSON, M CAUCHOIS
  Michele Loraine CAUCHOIS 22 spinster shorthand typist 67 Norman Road, Ramsgate Maurice Alan CAUCHOIS company director    
20th December Tudor MORGAN 20 bachelor laboratory technician 41 Weyburn Drive, Ramsgate Archibald Howard MORGAN (deceased) mine worker banns Robert BIRCH, G WOODLAND
  Patricia Jean WOODLAND 22 spinster shop assistant 1 Denbigh Road, Ramsgate Leslie John WOODLAND mine worker    

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