Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1977-78


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
22nd January Michael LAMB 20 bachelor Royal Navy HMS Dolphin, Gosport, Hampshire James LAMB coal miner banns James LAMB, Charles PARISH
  Karen Nina PARISH 17 spinster shop assistant 126A Melbourne Avenue Charles PARISH fireman    
19th February Ian David WARD 22 bachelor heating fitter 5 Manston Court Bungalows Harry Reginald Dan WARD Department of Environment banns Jennifer HUNT
  Dawn Marie Mary KILPATRICK 17 spinster factory worker 5 Manston Court Bungalows William KILPATRICK -    
19th March Alan Peter DADD 21 bachelor butcher 14 Dunston Avenue, Westgate Albert Raymond DADD tyre fitter banns A R SPAIN, A R DADD
  Jennifer Jane SPAIN 18 spinster factory worker 18 Kimberley Road Arthur Reginald SPAIN handyman    
26th March Peter YOUDEN 30 bachelor factory chargehand Thanet House, Sarre Frederick James YOUDEN shepherd banns P A CRON, F J YOUDEN
  Lynda CRON 20 spinster clerk 8 Grumock Avenue Philip Arthur CRON fitter welder    
11th April Philip John BUTTERWORTH 24 bachelor cook 32 Rydal Avenue Kenneth Francis BUTTERWORTH toolmaker banns K F BUTTERWORTH, Beryl H MACKIE
  Angela Margaret MACKIE 18 spinster house mother 5 Coniston Avenue John MACKIE B R Engineer    
16th April John Victor ROOS 21 bachelor motor mechanic 8 Keith Avenue Victor ROOS steward banns S C BALLARD, V L LOOS
  Patricia Christine BALLARD 22 spinster postal officer 8 Keith Avenue Sidney Charles BALLARD groundsman    
16th April Robert John DEARSLEY 30 bachelor diesel fitter 33 Bush Avenue Alfred Robert DEARSLEY (deceased) - banns C A CULLEN, R E THORNTON
  Valerie Anne GERARD 30 spinster factory worker 17 Kimberley Road Gordon Charles GERARD (deceased) -    
30th April Robert John William ARCHER 26 bachelor B R Guard 77 Edith Road Albert ARCHER (deceased) Roayl Marines banns K L J KNIGHT, R CURTIS
  Sheila Ann KNIGHT 20 spinster store supervisor 33 St Lawrence Avenue Kenneth Louis John KNIGHT municipal engineer    
11th June John Melvin BAXTER 22 bachelor carpenter 48 Royal Road John Alexander BAXTER publican banns J L OFFERMAN, J A BAXTER
  Margaret Joan OFFERMAN 22 spinster child care worker 11 Wilfred Road John Laurence OFFERMAN biochemist    
25th June Kevin Charles SHEPHERD 23 bachelor welder 53 Ellington Road Charles Henry SHEPHERD carpenter banns C H SHEPHERD, J GORDON
  Julie Margaret GORDON 22 spinster clerk / typist 10 Colombo Square John GORDON retired clerk    
25th June David SIMMONDS 32 bachelor carpenter 16 Downs Road Stanley SIMMONDS retired miner banns F RATCLIFFE, S SIMMONDS
  Gloria Dawn RATCLIFFE 34 spinster shop assistant 90 Sandwich Road, Eythorne Frederick RATCLIFFE retired newsagent    
23rd July Robin John DULSON 18 bachelor unemployed 15 Queens Avenue John DULSON (deceased) stoker banns D A SMITH, D M DULSON
  Jenny Dawn SMITH 17 spinster factory worker 12 Bengal Road John Walter James SMITH factory worker    
23rd July Robert Charles HEAD 24 bachelor office manager 133 Friars Wood, Pixton Way, Forest Dale near Croydon Desmond Charles HEAD electrical estimator banns A De LOCOVICH, Dennis H BISHOP
  Julia Denise BISHOP 22 spinster teacher 8 Norman Road Dennis Henry BISHOP shopkeeper    
6th August Richard John DIVERS 22 bachelor electrician 3 Mill Lane, London Road, Canterbury George William DIVER (deceased) - banns L M E CLAYSON, J H E RIDOUT
  Susan Joan RIDOUT 21 spinster technical clerk 18 Lorina Road Irwin Harry Earle RIDOUT B R Driver    
6th August Philip Arthur DAWSON 19 bachelor electrician 128 Crescent Road Philip Godfrey DAWSON conductor guard BR banns R G DAWSON, A GRANT
  Diane Lesley GRANT 19 spinster factory worker 10 Lorina Road Alexander GRANT conductor guard BR    
13th August Philip Maurice BERAET 23 bachelor civil servant 73 St James Avenue Ronald BERAET electrician banns A M SMALL, R M BERAET
  Barbara SMALL 21 spinster teacher 45 Helvellyn Avenue Alan SMALL miner    
20th August Adrain Roger MUNDY 18 bachelor capston operator 33 Brecon Square Robert Sidney MUNDY (deceased) labourer banns C GOODMAN, J E GOODMAN
  Violet Vanessa GOODMAN 18 spinster student 33 Brecon Square Cyril GOODMAN assurance inspector    
20th August Terence David BAKER 25 bachelor engineer 29 Eaton Road, Margate Bernard Michael POLOK paint sprayer banns B M POLOK, W J EVANS
  Carole Julie EVANS 20 spinster factory worker 5 Weyburn Drive William John EVANS coal miner    
20th August James Warner ATKINS 24 bachelor bank clerk 9 Kynnersley Lane, Leighton, Shropshire James Arthur ATKINS power station manager banns J ATKINS, R T PERCIVAL
  Linda PERCIVAL 23 spinster teacher 46 Queensgate Road Reginald Thomas PERCIVAL B R Driver    
3rd September Andrew Duncan RIGDEN 23 bachelor motor mechanic Sydney House, Syney Road, Whitstable Edward Henry George RIGDEN (deceased) - banns John Henry GOLDFINCH, Dulcia Ellen RIGDEN
  Eileen Josiephine GOLDFINCH 24 spinster punch operator 9 Grommock Avenue John Henry GOLDFINCH B R fitter    
10th September Keith Gordon SELLWOOD 22 bachelor welder 6 Gwyn Road George Frederick SELLWOOD motor mechanic banns J HACKETT, K RACKLEY
  Jean Ann RACKLEY 23 spinster dressmaker 2 Lagos Avenue Leonard George RACKLEY (deceased) -    
17th September Andrew John SHARP 24 bachelor local government officer 6 Domneva Road, Minster Leslie SHARP B R Signalman banns S SHARP, R BOOTHMAN
  Joyce BOOTHMAN 32 spinster Solicitors cashier 26 Herbert Road Robert BOOTHMAN Customs Officer    
17th September Stephen Robert CLIFFORD 24 bachelor bus driver 12 Cliftonville Court, Edgar Road, Cliftonville Robert CLIFFORD mechanical & electrical engineer banns R CLIFFORD, R NEWING
  Sharon NEWING 20 spinster student nurse 23 Manston Road Reginald William NEWING GPO electrician    
17th September Raymond Charles KEATLEY 21 bachelor motor vehicles technician 5 Dunedin Road Gordon Thomas KEATLEY laboratory assistant banns S D BALDWIN, G KEATLEY
  Janet Maria BALDWIN 19 spinster factory worker 171 Grange Road Stewart Desmond BALDWIN housing inspector    
24th September Paul THOMAS 21 bachelor Royal Navy 24 Fairlight Avenue William George THOMAS salesman banns T MCMAHON, W G THOMAS
  Susan Jayne MCMAHON 22 spinster Womens Royal Navy Service 24 Fairlight Avenue Thomas MCMAHON retired miner    
22nd October Leslie Frederick BROWN 22 bachelor draughtsman 41 Cliffsend Grove Raymond Stanley BROWN retired banns Roy HOSKIN, Raymond Stanley BROWN
  Julie HOSKIN 19 spinster sales assistant 1 St Augustines Road Roy HOSKIN electrician    
3rd December Ian Gerald HOLLANDS 22 bachelor Royal Navy 123 Wecsford Avenue, Somerset Peter Lionel Gerald HOLLANDS bus driver banns Frederick Robert Henry MORGAN, Peter Lionel Gerald HOLLANDS
  Rosalind Beryl MORGAN 21 spinster factory worker 17 Rydal Avenue Frederick Robert Henry MORGAN company director    
10th December Colin Walter HITCHCOCK 23 bachelor storeman 7 Broad Oak Road, Canterbury Frederick HITCHCOCK (deceased) - banns Philip Harry Cecil RIDOUT, Emily Amelia HITCHCOCK
  Jean Patricia RIDOUT 20 spinster stock controller 26 Grosvenor Road Philip Harry Cecil RIDOUT B R Driver    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
21st January David Michael HARCUS 33 bachelor chartered engineer 84 Meadow Walk, Ewell, Surrey Thomas HARCUS (deceased) - banns Penny Ann TIFFANY, Anthony John CHADWICK
  Melanie Mae GLISBEY 26 spinster management consultant Ronaldsway, Arundel Road Ronald Barry GLISBEY paper technician    
4th February Ronald Charles William HUNSDEN 31 widower chef Flat 7, Abbeygate, Pegwell Road Ronald George William HUNSDEN van driver banns Robert John HUNSDEN, Derek Raymond KEMP, Dorothy KEMP
  Valerie Jane KEMP 18 spinster presser Flat 12, Abbeygate, Pegwell Road Anthony Tom KEMP (deceased) -    
25th March Stephen Charles SPINNER 23 bachelor quality control inspector 19 Prospect Road, Broadstairs Charles William SPINNER (deceased) - banns Ray SPINNER, H CRIBBEN
  Carole Jane CRIBBEN 19 spinster factory worker 2 Rossland Road, Ramsgate Henry CRIBBEN labourer    
27th March Terence Jeffrey BARFOOT 28 bachelor teacher 22 Inner Burden Avenue, East Cosham, Hampshire Gerald Godfrey BARFOOT electrical engineer banns Michael D STEWART, J LIDDLE
  Janet Patricia LIDDLE 24 spinster teacher 20 Colombo Square, Ramsgate John Sidney LIDDLE baker    
22nd April Philip BAKER 26 bachelor electrical engineer 4 Duesbury Green, Loughton, Stoke on Trent Colin BAKER metal polishing inspector banns J DADLE, P J HORNE
  Jane Elizabeth HORNE 22 spinster nurse 10 Princess Margaret Avenue, Ramsgate Peter James HORNE contract manager (building)    
3rd June Anthony David Edward HOLDEN 24 bachelor quanitity surveyor 56 Bishops Road, Trumpington, Cambridge Edward Frederick HOLDEN teacher banns Dennis Charles JEZZARD, Edward Frederick HOLDEN
  Lynn Denise JEZZARD 20 spinster ballet dancer 10 Pegwell Avenue, Ramsgate Dennis Charles JEZZARD company director    
8th July Berwyn Ewart CLARKE 21 bachelor post graduate student 62 Newport Road, Cwmcarn, Gwent Donald Tibbott CLARKE Postmaster banns Andrew PARRY, J E BIGGS
  Gillian Margaret BIGGS 21 spinster nurse 7 Southwood Gardens, Ramsgate John Ernest BIGGS hospital management    
15th July Allan Frederick BRIDSON 20 bachelor engineer 23 Dunstan Avenue, Westgate on Sea Frederick William BRIDSON rigger banns Roy BRIDSON, R F WILLIAMS
  Julie Mary WILLIAMS 17 spinster clerical assistant 17 Princes Avenue, Ramsgate Ronald Frank WILLIAMS shipwright    
29th July Raymond Harold WOOD 30 bachelor lorry driver 118 Grange Road Harold Oliver WOOD baker banns Harold Oliver WOOD, Frederick WARNER
  Annette Jacqueline WARNER 18 spinster assistant cook 79 High Street, St Lawrence Frederick WARNER storeman    
29th July Derek Brian NEEVE 20 bachelor catering manager 18 Victoria Road, Penarth, South Clamorgan Brian James NEEVE carpenter banns Paul HARRISON, Brian James NEEVE, Diane Pamela NEEVE
  Angela COOPER 20 spinster accounts clerk 47 Southwood Gardens, Ramsgate Ronald John COOPER accounts supervisor    
12th August Raymond James BLASKETT 29 bachelor power press operator 61 Connaught Road, Margate Nelson Edward BLASKETT domestic assistant banns Kevin Patrick FLYNN, H HEAP
  Bridgette Ann HEAP 19 spinster laboratory technician 62 Eskdale Avenue, Ramsgate Harry HEAP garage sales manager    
12th August Kim Jan MAPSTONE 24 bachelor fork truck driver 54 Queen Bertha Road Robert John MAPSTONE navigation officer banns J D MOORE, Harold J TUFFS
  Elizabeth Sarah TUFFS 22 spinster secretary 54 Queen Bertha Road Harold John TUFFS labourer    
9th September Alan Ainslie Francis JARMAN 27 bachelor type setting compositor 36 Marden Avenue, Ramsgate John Joseph JARMAN (deceased) type setting compositor banns Mr J O'NEILL, R COOK
  Lynne Christine COOK 26 spinster secretary 91 Rydal Avenue, Ramsgate Raymond Percival COOK television engineer    
30th September Robin John DEWING 22 bachelor fitter B R 53 Melbourne Avenue Benjamin Edward DEWING painter & decorator banns *formerly known as Debra Ann WARREN
  Debra Ann CARNELL* 19 spinster senior sales assistant 5 Prestedge Avenue Ronald Thomas WARREN leading airman   M PEIRCE, V A CARNELL
14th October Timothy George Jeremy WAITE 25 bachelor health service adminstrator 6 Lennox Road South, Southsea, Hampshire George WAITE health service adminstrator banns George WAITE, David A MARTIN
  Sally-Anne MARTIN 22 spinster geographer 7 Durlock Avenue, Ramsgate David Archibald MARTIN building company director    
4th November Alec PETTET 19 bachelor farm labourer 11 Warten Road, Ramsgate William Alec PETTET labourer licence Robert WEATHERLY, C R WEATHERLY, W PETTET
  Cheryl Fay WEATHERLY 18 spinster - 44 Kimberley Road, Ramsgate Colin Robert WEATHERLY warehouseman    
22nd November Frederick John BRIDGELAND 65 widower carpenter decorator 129 Newington Road, Ramsgate John BRIDGELAND (deceased) - banns N W JEFFREY, T W BRILL
  Doreen Lilian BRILL 53 widower housewife 125A Newington Road, Ramsgate Willkiam STEELE (deceased) -    
25th November Trevor Neil DRURY 19 bachelor Guard British Rail 15 Claremont Gardens, Ramsgate Eric DRURY railman banns Ian Dite DIXON, S HAMILTON
  Susan Jane HAMILTON 19 spinster - 85 Station Approach Road, Ramsgate Sidney George HAMILTON glassworker    
1st December Wilson OGDEN 81 widower retired 19 Cliftonville Avenue, Ramsgate Samuel OGDEN (deceased) - licence D OGDEN
  Irene Florence May BULLOCK 55 widow housewife 123 Crescent Road, Ramsgate Patrick PARKHURST -    

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