Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1975-76


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
1st March Malcolm George SIMPSON 21 bachelor operating theatre technician 7 Durban Close Arthur George SIMPSON groundsman banns Ernest W PERKINS, Arthur George SIMPSON
  Nicola Janine PERKINS 19 spinster nursing auxiliary 57 Helvellyn Avenue Ernest William PERKINS builder & decorator    
8th March Roger Melvyn JOHNS 24 bachelor Post Office 11 Hobart Road Robert Evan JOHNS bus driver banns F S WHYBROW, R E JOHNS
  Diane Lesley WHYBROW 21 spinster sales assistant 12 Beverley Way Frederick Stanley WHYBROW postman    
8th March Brian Richard WARNEFORD 24 bachelor accountant 145 Mandeville Road, Northolt, Middlesex Sidney WARNEFORD printer banns A BAILEY, S R WARNEFORD
  Pauline Susan BAILEY 18 spinster clerk 32 St Johns Avenue Alfred John BAILEY B R Motorman    
15th March Anthony JACKSON 23 bachelor civil servant 2 Kimberley Road Reginald Arthur JACKSON welder banns L G SACKETT, R A JACKSON
  Annette May SACKETT 19 spinster sales assistant 75 Hereson Road Leslie George SACKETT painter & decorator    
15th March Alan Raymond CADBY 21 bachelor engraver 49 Newington Road, St Lawrence James Leonard CADBY coalman banns T E J SMITH, James L CADBY
  Lynda Janet SMITH 20 spinster photographic assistant 80 Dumpton Park Drive Thomas Ernest James SMITH baker delivery salesman    
15th March Lawrence Philip LEHAN 18 bachelor labourer 19 Victoria Road, Margate Stanley George LEHAN builder banns S W LEHAN, D F DEBLING
  Eileen Elizabeth DEBLING 18 spinster machinist 17 Bengal Road Daniel Frank DEBLING council worker    
22nd March George David THOMAS 34 bachelor sheet metal worker 74 Windermere Avenue Henry George Wainwright THOMAS male nurse banns Michael Patrick William EWER, Christine Anne EWER
  Christine Barbara SMITHERS 30 spinster clerk / typist 146 Margate Road, Ramsgate Alfred Edward John SMITHERS Post Office worker    
22nd March Terence David FLYNN 23 bachelor electrician 69 Dane Crescent Patrick David FLYNN plastering contractor banns Patrick David FLYNN, Jean Evelyn JACKSON
  Annette Lesley JACKSON 21 spinster bank clerk 39 Rydal Avenue Peter George Bancroft JACKSON hardware retailer    
22nd March Stephen Kenneth DIXON 18 bachelor baker 62 Margate Road Kenneth Francis DIXON miner banns P F YOUNG, K F DIXON
  Angela Rita YOUNG 18 spinster factory operator 8 Bathurst Close Graham William Terence John YOUNG miner    
29th March Geoffrey Paul LITTLE 21 bachelor salesman 28 Kimberley Road Kenneth George LITTLE accountant banns S ROLPH, D LITTLE
  Christine Ivy Marjory GIFFORD 28 spinster laundry worker 28 Kimberley Road George GIFFORD supervisor    
5th April Douglas Trevor SPOONER 25 bachelor teacher Trevellyn, 48 The Ridgeway, Broadstairs Edward Douglas SPOONER machine toolfitter & turner banns E G SHARP, E D SPOONER
  Christine Joan SHARP 23 spinster teacher Arkers, 117 London Road Edward George SHARP company director    
5th April Stephen John SUTTON 27 bachelor banker 48 Jubilee Crescent, Mangotsfield, Bristol Derrick SUTTON land agent banns D SUTTON, T W GODSALVE
  Rosemary GODSALVE 25 spinster teacher 1 Quetta Road Thomas Walter GODSALVE postal executive    
12th April Michael James BAKER 23 bachelor valuer & auctioneer 38 Elm Grove, Westgate Albert Edgar BAKER tobacconist banns F R SAYWELL, A E BAKER
  Christine Joy SAYWELL 21 spinster staff nurse 1 Rockstone Way Frank Raymond SAYWELL manager Avery Scales    
12th April Geoffrey Michael BOWYER 21 bachelor television technician 120 Southwood Road Stanley Robert BOWYER (deceased) - banns F J REEVES, J G BOWYER
  Linda Margaret REEVES 22 spinster telephonist 24 Hobart Road Frederick John REEVES Deputy Foreman S E GAS Board    
26th April David John WHEAL 20 bachelor factory worker 8 Selborne Road, Margate John Childs WHEAL porter banns R C KING, F S KING
  Andrea Carole KING 26 spinster printer 34 Conyngham Close Frederick Stanley KING retired    
3rd May Barry YOUNG 28 bachelor instrument technician 49 The Centre William Bradley YOUNG Area Foreman K E C Estates Department banns R G H WATSON, M YOUNG
  Maureen Gladys WATSON 24 spinster display artist 21 Helvellyn Avenue Ronald George Hubert WATSON lecturer    
10th May Andrew Benjamin THORN known as BALDWIN 19 bachelor brine technician 171 Grange Road Eric Robert Norman Bailey THORN - banns E E CAVELL, J T BALDWIN
  Carol Ann CAVELL 18 spinster factory worker 4 Haine Cottages, Haine Road Ernest Edward CAVELL farm foreman    
10th May Danny MCKEOWN 19 bachelor labourer 19 Ellan Avenue, Dumpton Edward MCKEOWN labourer licence A G STUBBINGS, E W MCKEOWN
  Christina THOMAS 18 spinster care assistant 29 Lancaster Close Reginald THOMAS -    
24th May Lewis Johnman KYLE 21 bachelor van driver 17 Hobart Road John KYLE - banns Lionel George BARNES, P J KYLE, J J TAYLOR
  Susan Marion BARNES 19 spinster laboratory technician 22 Rockstone Way Lionel BARNES electrician    
31st May Martin David JOHNSON 27 bachelor lecturer 179 Hubert Road, Selley Oak, Birmingham Alfred Herbert JOHNSON sales manager banns Reginald JONES, A H JOHNSON
  Alison Alma JONES 25 spinster dental surgeon 25 Rydal Avenue Reginald JONES supervisor    
7th June William John BELL 22 bachelor driver 49 Lynstead Road, Gilingham, Kent Donald BELL inspector banns D C JOLLIFFE, B M J MARSHALL
  Rena Elizabeth WIGFALL 19 spinster clerk / typist 24 Riversdale Road, St Lawrence Christopher Joe WIGFALL Master Sergeant U S Air Force    
7th June Raymond Gordon GOLDSMITH 27 bachelor electrician 41 Melbourne Avenue Reginald Gordon GOLDSMITH electrician banns R G GOLDSMITH, A STONE
  Carol STONE 18 spinster factory worker 132 Melbourne Avenue, St Lawrence Albert Frederick STONE storeman    
21st June Raymond Stuart BUTLER 28 bachelor Post Office Official 13 Bellevue Road, Ramsgate James Stuart BUTLER hospital technician retired banns James Stuart BUTLER, Frederick Harry HORLOCK
  Vivienne Pauline HORLOCK 19 spinster Post Office Official 16 Wimborne Place Frederick Harry HORLOCK carpenter    
28th June Maurice Edward MORGAN 21 bachelor machine operator 41 St Johns Avenue, Ramsgate Silbert Edward MORGAN drain layer banns S E MORGAN, R V CARLEY
  Karen CARLEY 18 spinster clerk 10 Nicholas Drive, Cliffsend, Ramsgate Ronald Victor CARLEY insurance supervisor    
5th July Stephen SOUTHGATE 21 bachelor car transporter driver The Breeches, Mill Lane, Preston, Wingham Jack Edgar SOUTHGATE builder banns Beatrice Annie NICHOLSON, Jack Edgar SOUTHGATE
  Margaret Jean NICHOLSON 20 spinster invoice typist 7 Hamilton Close Robert Orford NICHOLSON B R trackman    
26th July Michael Wayne NORTON 24 bachelor Head of Aduly Education Centre 37 Temple Avenue, Leeds., Yorkshire Donald NORTON National Coal Board Official licence D NORTON
  Susan Florence FENECK 24 spinster teacher 2 Russell Close, Stevenage Vincent FENECK Civil Engineer    
26th July Richard John DAVIES 19 bachelor factory worker 40 Rockstone Way Richard DAVIES electrician banns R DAVIES, J W STEWART
  Sharon STEWART 20 spinster pharmeutical operator 23 Brecon Square James William STEWART Post Office engineer    
9th August Trevor Charles DIAPER 24 bachelor librarian 52 Bridgeway, Twickenham Thomas DIAPER civil servant licence Thomas C DIAPER, R G TULLEY
  Royce TULLEY 24 spinster Crown Servant 28 Pegwell Avenue Refinald Gerald TULLEY architect    
16th August Leonard William MATTHEWS 25 bachelor postman 45 Lea Road, Wolverhampton David Ernest MATTHEWS retired banns S A HILL, M D MIRAMS
  Sandra Patricia SOLLY 22 spinster student 107 St James Avenue Edward Ralph SOLLY booking clerk    
16th August John RICKETTS 21 bachelor analytical chemist 39 Grove Gardens, Westbrook Alan Geoffrey RICKETTS instrument maker banns C CHEESEMAN, A RICKETTS
  Julie Clarice CHEESEMAN 19 spinster shorthand typist 125 London Road Clarence Arthur Ernest CHEESEMAN railman    
23rd August Adrian MORRIS 21 bachelor bank clerk 33 Seaview Road, Cliffsend William Whitehead MORRIS confectioner banns G SLATER, S J PRATT
  Jaqueline Elizabeth SLATER 20 spinster bank clerk 1 Beauford Avenue Geoffrey SLATER Army    
30th August Richard Alan MENNELL 23 bachelor telecommunications engineer 37 Queens Avenue, Canterbury Leonard MENNELL (deceased) - banns L A CARTER, C C MACKENZIE
  Valerie CARTER 19 spinster clerk 108 Newington Road Leslie  CARTER engineer    
30th August Dennis Henry GOLDSMITH 21 bachelor paintline operator 7 Rossland Road Edmund Henry GOLDSMITH assembler banns E H GOLDSMITH, A R RICHARDS
  Valerie Ann RICHARDS 20 spinster machinist 5 Denbeigh Road Albert Frank RICHARDS welder    
6th September Anthony Andrew MIRAMS 22 bachelor trenchman 19 Lorina Road Derek Albert MIRAMS train driver banns J HANCOCK, D MIRAMS
  Catherine Elaine HANCOCK 20 spinster factory operator 31 Sterling Way Norman Leroy HANCOCK coxswain    
6th September William John WHEELER 22 bachelor labourer 37 Spencer Square William Henry WHEELER painter & decorator banns L C ALDRIDGE, J J CHENEY
  Wendy Anita CHENEY 19 spinster cashier 2 Brisbane Drive John Joseph CHENEY buyer    
13 September Brian Lewis HEARD 21 bachelor student 30 Grove Road Reginald HEARD retired policeman banns J T APPLEYARD, Reginald C G HEARD
  Linda Elizabeth APPLEYARD 22 spinster policewoman 11 Rydal Avenue John APPLEYARD policeman    
20th September Duncan Guy DEDINGTON 23 bachelor police officer 4 Dunbar Avenue, Beckenham Rae Cyril BEDINGTON electrical engineer banns Jack COOPER, Rae Cyril BEDINGTON
  Carol Ann COOPER 21 spinster secretary 139 Melbourne Avenue Jack COOPER builder    
20th September John Philip LARKINS 21 bachelor civil servant 6 Wentworth Drive Norman LARKINS factory worker banns Dudley Royston WADE, Norman Arthur PHILPOTT
  Loraine Dawn WADE 20 spinster shop assistant 25 Melbourne Avenue Royston WADE maintenance worker    
20th September Paul Stephen WILKINSON 21 bachelor hydraulic fitter 8 Charles Road Ronald WILKINSON collier banns Matthew John MAUDLIN, Ronald WILKINSON
  Wendy Susan MAUDLIN 19 spinster typist 34 Princess Margaret Avenue Matthew John MAUDLIN gardener    
27th September Nicholas Jon GARDNER 24 bachelor process worker 49 Avenue Road, Ramsgate Alfred Frank GARDNER retired builder banns Keith A BENFIELD, Mr A F GARDNER
  Annette Patricia BENFIELD 22 spinster machinist 1 Anthony Close Keith Ashton BENFIELD bakery supervisor    
4th October Terence MCGILL 22 bachelor lift engineer 115 Hareydene, Westerhope, Newcastle Robert Shotton MCGILL bus driver banns Stanley YOUNG, L LINDLEY
  Dorothy LINDLEY 26 spinster coil winder 40 Sterling Way Albert George LINDLEY factory worker    
4th October Peter James SPAIN 24 bachelor telecommunications technician 22 Conygham Close Owen SPAIN fireman banns F SPAIN, F A TUTT
  Linda Joy TUTT 23 spinster secretary 128 Southwood Road Frank Arthur TUTT industrial cleaner    
11th October Richard Arthur FOX 26 bachelor carpet fitter 67 Whitehall Road Raymond FOX (deceased) - banns J G STEWART, Gilbert BARTHELET
  Linda BARTHELET 20 spinster receptionist 52 Southwood Road Gilbert BARTHELET retired    
18th October Lawrence William BAGLEY 37 bachelor printing engineer 7 Onslow Drive, Sidcup William Henry George BAGLEY (deceased) - banns J S BAGLEY, Nellie L READMAN
  Jean Margaret READMAN 31 spinster teacher 35 Manston Road Joseph Andrew READMAN (deceased) -    
18th October Paul James ATWELL 24 bachelor fireman 116 Crescent Road Bertram Walter James ATWELL interior decorator banns M E ATWELL, A A HODDER
  Marion Sandra HODDER 21 spinster dental nurse 54 Newington Road Arthur HODDER retired electrician    
25th October Stephen Malcolm ARMSTRONG 18 bachelor Private Welsh Guards 20 Mount Green Avenue, Cliffsend Malcolm Joseph ARMSTRONG general manager Astral Fireworks banns Mary S MAYER, Joseph ARMSTRONG
  Anita LEWIS 17 spinster Assembler - factory worker 51 Sterling Way William Frederick LEWIS (deceased) -    
1st November Shaun Carl CONNELL 19 bachelor traffic assistant 24 Hopes Lane Carl Leonard George CONNELL B R Train driver banns C CONNELL, E E WRATTEN
  Karin Anne WRATTEN 19 spinster representative 57 Princess Margaret Avenue Edward John WRATTEN police officer    
8th November Peter Melvin WESLEY 24 bachelor furnaceman engineer 21 Alma Road Frederick Ernest WESLEY painter & decorator banns W A J FRIEND, F E WESLEY
  Linda FRIEND 23 spinster shorthand typist 26 Southwood Gardens William Alfred James FRIEND Post Office worker    
8th November Philip John LITTLE 21 bachelor manager of shoe shop 45 Cowper Road, Bromley Peter John LITTLE insurance official banns P J LITTLE, C W MACKINS
  Lee Jane MACKINS 18 spinster reservations assistant 58 St James Avenue Christopher William MACKINS aircraft engineer    
22nd November David John COCKS 23 bachelor electrical officer Merchant Navy 7 Holbrook Drive David George Arthur COCKS conductor guard BR banns D G A COCKS, A G SMALL
  Susan SMALL 22 spinster staff nurse 45 Helvellyn Avenue Alan George SMALL miner    
29th November Barry Frederick Joseph KEMBER 21 bachelor steel dismantler 10 Gladstone Road, Margate Kenneth KEMBER chef banns P D CACKETT, J KEMBER
  Mary Ann CACKETT 19 spinster secretary 11 Saxon Road Peter David CACKETT sheet metal worker    
13th December Paul Henry Douglas TWYMAN 21 bachelor engineer 30 St Andrews Road Walter Douglas TWYMAN air frame fitter banns W TWYMAN, C KEEN
  Janice Susan KEEN 18 spinster assembler 143 Melbourne Avenue Sidney KEEN miner    
27th December Brian John MCCLELLAN 24 bachelor builders labourer 22 Marden Avenue John Chambers MCCLELLAN fitter turner banns John  Chambers MCCLELLAN, Robert Frank CROUCH
  Patricia Jane CROUCH 22 spinster canvasser 26 Sterling Way Arthur Frank CROUCH (deceased) -    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
20th March Andrew BEVINGTON 25 bachelor male nurse 21 Northfield Road, Burton on Sea Wilfred George BEVINGTON foundry worker banns W G BEVINGTON, James J WALE
  Heather Jean WALE 22 spinster occupational therapist 17 Saxon Road James Joseph WALE builders mechants manager    
20th March Lloyd George STEWART 19 bachelor sheet metal worker 4 Seafield Road, Ramsgate George MCINTOSH Railway Guard banns Malcolm Lloyd BEASON, Susan Valerie WARD
  Sheila May BLIGH 18 spinster cashier 44 High Street, St Lawrence, Ramsgate Ronald BLIGH miner    
27th March Nigel John Edward BRETT 19 bachelor fitter 91 Prince Charles Road, St Peters Edward BRETT retired banns Patricia Martha Lily GOULD, Edward Charles Frederick BRETT
  Wendy Anne GOULD 20 spinster factory worker 28 Beverley Way Royston GOLULD demolition foreman    
3rd April  Brian William ANSCOMBE 21 bachelor thermal insulation engineer 4 Kevin Drive Peter ANSCOMBE Royal Navy banns S A LARKIN, E D CHITTY
  Ruby Eileen CHITTY 18 spinster calculator operator & typist 8 Hugin Avenue, Broadstairs Edward CHITTY (deceased) -    
3rd April Robert Ernest PHILLIPS 48 widower chartered surveyor 2 Minster Road William PHILLIPS retired cabinet maker banns Victor H WELLS, Robert W TIMMS
  Francis Valerie Joyce ALLEN commonly known as MESSENGER   spinster market researcher 2 Minster Road James Kinson ALLEN architect    
10th April Robert John OWEN 24 bachelor trainee solicitor 16 Dickens Road, Broadstairs John Hadyn OWEN hotelier banns J H OWEN, Leslie W RUFFLE
  Lesley Susan RUFFLE 22 spinster teacher 19 St Mildreds Road Lesley William RUFFLE district sales manager    
10th April Stephen James PIGG 24 bachelor airline officer 4 Helvellyn Avenue Stanley James PIGG shopkeeper banns R THANGER, S PIGG
  Anne Maria RICHMAN 24 spinster telephonist 65 Staner Court John RICHMAN -    
17th April Keith MILES 22 bachelor engineer 103 Byron Avenue, Margate Edward MILES (deceased) - banns R MARKLEY, G W PIDDUCK
  Carol Iris PIDDUCK 20 spinster library assistant 38 Riversdale Road George William PIDDUCK electrical engineer    
17th April Michael Gerald John STURGES 22 bachelor signmaker 24 East Rise Gertald STURGES (deceased) - banns H D PARNELL, S STARKEY
  Julie Deborah PARNELL 18 spinster accounts clerk 90 St Johns Avenue Herbert Henry PARNELL tool setter    
19th June Terry COTTON 26 bachelor R.A.F. 36 Brecon Square Horace COTTON coal miner banns Michael COTTON, Morgan Lewis WILLIAMS
  Susan WILLIAMS 25 spinster hairdresser 10 Kimberley Road Morgan Lewis WILLIAMS pipefitter    
19th June David Charles MYLCHREEST 23 bachelor assistant personnel manager 31 William Pitt Avenue, Deal Charles Edward MYLCHREEST chief clerk banns Craig Ferguson ANDERSON, Charles Edward MYLCHREEST
  Pamela Carolyn Rose TAYLOR 20 spinster beautician & hairdresser 42 Eskdale Avenue Donald William TAYLOR -    
10th July Kim Jonathan Mark STANDEN 23 bachelor electrician 36 Copinger Close, Canterbury Thomas Herbert STANDEN accounts & parts manager banns E PUDNEY, T H STANDERS
  Carol Anne PUDNEY 20 spinster secretary 21 The Retreat Edward PUDNEY engraver & die sinker    
7th August Martin SMITH 23 bachelor miner 35 Harbour Towers Leslie SMITH cleaner banns L SMITH, G L WALKER
  Julie Frances DIMOND 18 spinster machinist Belvedere, Newington Road James DIMOND fireman    
7th August Michael James PIGGOTT 21 bachelor gas engineer 16 Meridian Walk, Tottenham, N17 Jack PIGGOTT window cleaner banns C J P CONWAY, J PIGGOTT
  Rosaline JOSEPH 21 spinster cost clerk 74 London Road - -    
21st August Paul Michael STUART 21 bachelor upholsterer 21 Hobart Road Royston STUART plastic moulder banns M STUART, E GEORGESON
  Teresa Elizabeth GEORGESON 19 spinster sales assistant 14 Brecon Square Ralph Paul Joseph GEORGESON -    
21st August Michael James DUNN 20 bachelor Army 28 Cliffe Avenue, Westbrook Glyndwr Dean DUNN factory worker banns R D CLEMENTS, Glyndwr Dean DUNN
  Debra Ann ROBERTS 20 spinster factory worker 44 Newington Road - -    
4th September Christopher Paul STARTUP 23 bachelor wages clerk 8 Cliffsend Road Frederick Walter George STARTUP shop loader banns A G HARMES, F W G STARTUP
  Karen HARMES 20 spinster civil servant 20 Cliffsend Road Arthur Edward George HARMES laboratory technician    
4th September Alan Francis WILSON 21 bachelor welder 11 Coronation Crecsent, Garlinge Frederick George WILSON hospital porter banns J T APPLEYARD, F G WILSON
  Julia Kathleen APPLEYARD 20 spinster secretary 11 Rydal Avenue John Thomas APPLEYARD policeman    
11th September Kenneth William WEDERELL 24 bachelor photographic technician 21 Coldharbour Crescent, Eltham , SE9 Kenneth James WEDERELL caretaker & groundsman banns E D M JONES, K J WEDERELL
  Rosalind Ann JONES 20 spinster nurse 1 Fur Tree Close Emlyn Dewi Merion JONES train driver    
11th September Graham Reginald WINNING 20 bachelor civil servant 60 Prince Charles Avenue, Walderswade, Chatham Reginald WINNING electrical fitter banns P HERITAGE, R A WINNING
  Joanna Elizabeth HERITAGE 21 spinster state registered nurse 73 Newington Road Peter HERITAGE newsagent    
18th September John Andrea MCDOUGALL 26 bachelor bus driver 76 Fairford Road, Tilehurst, Reading John George MCDOUGALL postman banns D MIRAMS, J G MCDOUGALL
  Janet Ann MIRAMS 21 spinster head cook 19 Lorina Road Derek Albert MIRAMS train driver    
18th September Terence David MOORE 24 bachelor carpenter & joiner 10 Pickwick Gardens, Painters Ash, Northfleet Donald MOORE transport manager banns D A MOORE, R MAPSTONE
  Pamela Ann MAPSTONE 20 spinster Post Office clerk 54 Queen Bertha Road Robert John MAPSTONE garage proprietor    
25th September Barry Lionel Ernest WARD 26 bachelor electrician 2 Kimberley Road Ernest Golder Esmond WARD (deceased) - banns Robert WILLIAMS, Reginald A JACKSON
  Elaine JACKSON 21 spinster bank employee 2 Kimberley Road Reginald Arthur JACKSON welder    
25th September Christopher Lloyd KEELER 21 bachelor general artist 23A St Johns Street Norman Henry KEELER bricklayer banns M R KEELER, W OVENDEN
  Penelope Jane OVENDEN 18 spinster pharmeutical operator 23A St Johns Street Dennis George OVENDEN butcher    
2nd October Dale Jeffrey HARRISON 22 bachelor miner 2 Cliffview Road Gerald George HARRISON miner banns R ARCHER, A LASLETT
  Karen Sue LASLETT 20 spinster civil servant 19 Helvellyn Avenue Arthur Edgar LASLETT electrician    
9th October Barry Charles FINCH 20 bachelor carpenter & joiner 100 Crescent Road, Ramsgate Roy Albert John FINCH farm labourer banns R A J FINCH, A R OVENDEN
  Patricia Alice Emily OVENDEN 21 spinster secretary 42 Whitehall Road Alfred Robert OVENDEN B R Guard    
16th October Antoine Joseph PURCHLA 22 bachelor fitter 7 Kimberley Road Joe PURCHLA retired miner banns J PURCHLA, R WALKER
  Denise Irene WALKER 18 spinster clerk 11 Newington Road Robert WALKER farmer    
13th November John ARCHER 22 bachelor assistant area manager 109 Middlebeal Road, Deal Frank ARCHER (deceased) - banns M ARCHER, C C DEWING
  Hilary Christine DEWING 20 spinster civil servant 32 South Eastern Road, Ramsgate Charles Cyril DEWING civil servant    
4th December Kenny Edward LOOS 18 bachelor art student 38 Cliffsend Road Werner Otto LOOS market gardener banns P F MAYBOURNE, D J LOOS
  Deborah Ann BROWN 18 spinster typist 38 Windermere Avenue Dennis BROWN garage owner    
4th December Ronald Gerald RICHARDS 30 bachelor sub contract carpenter 40 Conyngham Close Vernon Gerald RICHARDS farm worker banns K F RICHARDS, G M LIGHT
  Roslyn Hazel LIGHT 17 spinster clerk receptionist 21 Ashley Close Frank LIGHT plasterer    
18th December Colin David DELO 26 bachelor roofing contractor 136 Minnis Road, Birchington Reginald DELO plasterer banns S M LIDDLE, E DELO
  Janice May LIDDLE 18 spinster clerical assistant 78 Chichester Road John Robert LIDDLE (deceased) -    

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