Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1973-74


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
13th January Albert Christopher William LIPSCOMBE 24 bachelor Officer in Merchant Navy 28 Spencer Square Albert Pritchard LIPSCOMBE (deceased) - banns E E WARREN, Sidney C FOX
  Christine Anne WARREN 23 spinster State enrolled nurse 57 Downs Road James Henry WARREN (deceased) -    
31st March Kenneth Roy SPENCER 23 bachelor confectioner 3 Dunedin Road Thomas Henry SPENCER miner banns J T APPLEYARD, T H SPENCER
  Sandra Patricia APPLEYARD 22 spinster student 11 Rydal Avenue John Thomas APPLEYARD policeman    
7th April David Michael RANKIN 20 bachelor salesman 57 Chapel Road James RANKIN leather printer banns A E GOLDSMITH, J RANKIN
  Susan Mary GOLDSMITH 20 spinster hairdresser 1A Manston Road Albert Ernest GOLDSMITH electrical fitter    
21st April David William LILLEY 26 bachelor H M Forces 70 Miers Avenue, Hartlepool David LILLEY process worker banns A HINNIGAN, D LILLEY
  Ann HINNIGAN 18 spinster H M Forces 13 Lagos Avenue Anthony HINNIGAN factory cleaner    
12th May Robert BLACKABY 24 bachelor post graduate student 27 Grove Hill Road, Birmingham Ernest William BLACKABY carpenter & joiner banns Kathleen MANN, Robert BURLINSON
  Jennifer Mary FINCH 22 spinster librarian Chilton Farm House, Chilton Lane John Edward FINCH co founder Childrens Holiday Home    
16th June James STEVENSON 22 bachelor H M Forces 66 Southwood Road, Ramsgate James STEVENSON (deceased) - banns Benjamin Anthony SIMMONS, John Keith NEVE
  Barbara Glennis BOWLES 24 spinster shop assistant 66 Southwood Road, Ramsgate George BOWLES baker    
23rd June Anthony Richard MACKENZIE 21 bachelor senior storeman selector 88 Central Avenue, Herne Bay Richard Ernest MACKENZIE chief rating officer banns Herbert Edward HOUGHAM, Richard Ernest MACKENZIE
  Shirley Anne HOUGHAM 18 spinster bank clerk 28 Quetta Road, St Lawrence Herbert Edward HOUGHAM despatch manager    
30th June Christopher Anthony CHAPMAN 20 bachelor Army 2 Auckland Avenue, Ramsgate Stanley John CHAPMAN train driver banns Stanley John CHAPMAN, Harold William PHILPOT
  Sandra Elizabeth PHILPOT 18 spinster dental receptionship 45 Melbourne Avenue Harold William PHILPOT council employee    
7th July John Michael LYCETT 19 bachelor coil winder 59 Foads Hill, Cliffsend Henry George LYCETT carpenter banns D A EKE, H G LYCETT
  Lesley Sheila EKE 19 spinster shop assistant 145 Newington Road Donald Albert EKE Post Office engineer    
7th July John Francis SAUNDERS 19 bachelor clerk 72 Newington Road John SAUNDERS building worker banns N BAKER, John SAUNDERS
  Susan Kathleen BAKER 17 spinster clerk 152 Newington Road Arthur Edward BAKER bookmaker    
14th July Michael Peter GURR 24 bachelor machinist 28 Abbots Road, Faversham Albert GURR machinist banns B FORD, P M GURR
  Marion Anne FORD 20 spinster accountant 161 Grange Road Cyril GILKES -    
28th July Barry Alan MAY 26 bachelor builder 212 Ramsgate Road, Broadstairs George Frederick MAY builder banns G F MAY, B M TURNER
  Maureen Brenda TURNER 20 spinster wages clerk 30A Princess Margarets Avenue John Dennis TURNER train driver    
18th August Trevor John MILLARD 22 bachelor fork lift driver 40 Coleman Crescent Alvin Amos MILLARD retired banns G FEUILLATRE
  Margaret Rose FEUILLATRE 19 spinster machine operator 51 Conyngham Close Gaetan FEUILLATRE bus driver    
1st September Alec Howard STOVELL 26 bachelor builders site agent Sunnyside, Manston Court Road, Margate Alfred Frank STOVELL flour miller banns R L BARSLE?, T N MORGAN
  Maureen Jane DEASY 21 spinster accounts clerk 39 The Centre James Albert Thomas DEASY miner    
1st September Peter Barry SIMKINS 27 bachelor butcher 76 St James Avenue Albert Charles SIMKINS retired postman banns B F KEANE, A C SIMPKINS
  Beverley Frances KEANE 18 spinster hairdresser 76 St James Avenue Barry Francis KEANE carpenter    
8th September Philip THOMAS 23 bachelor civil servant 17 Linden Avenue, Broadstairs Desmond John THOMAS (deceased) collier banns F J PARKS, L THOMAS
  Joanna BAXTER 19 spinster beauty therapist 15 Westcliff Terrace Ernest Walter Douglas BAXTER -    
9th September Vaughan Philip Raymond FLETCHER 20 bachelor accountant 22 Daryngton Avenue, Minnis Bay Raymond George FLETCHER turf accountant banns R G FLETCHER, W A MARTIN
  Shirley Anne MARTIN 18 spinster student medical secretary 10 Norman Road William Arthur MARTIN Fire Brigade Sub-Officer    
15th September Edward George DAVEY 18 bachelor landscape gardener 83 Prince Charles Road, St Peters Edward Frederick George DAVEY miner banns E DAVEY, F S WELSH
  Valerie Sheila BUTLER 17 spinster machinist 11 The Centre John Stanley Hamilton BUTLER -    
29th September Paul Anthony Edward Peter BRYAN 23 bachelor administrative assistant 1 Hallam House, Churchill Gardens, SW1 Charles Joseph BRYAN taxi driver banns C J BRYAN, H B FAGG
  Susan Elizabeth FAGG 22 spinster computer terminal operator 6 Brisbane Drive Herbert Barham FAGG office manager    
6th October Alan ROGERS 23 bachelor engineer 60 Cornwallis Avenue, Aylesham William ROGERS driver banns Carol BAILLIE, Paul GREY
  Maureen COWELL 24 spinster secretary 25 Rockstone Way Stanley COWELL animal technician    
13th October Brian Gerald WOODWARD 25 bachelor van driver 2 Walmsley Road, Broadstairs Frederick Ernest WOODWARD works superintendent Broadstairs Council banns F E WOODWARD, W BAILEY
  Jacqueline Ann BAILEY 20 spinster clerk / typist 58 Spratling Street William Henry BAILEY tarmac duties Invicta Airways    
20th October Derek Christopher THOMAS 22 bachelor salesman 18 Royal Road Thomas Gowan THOMAS (deceased) - banns A RIDDELL, R M T THOMAS
  Lorraine RIDDELL 18 spinster hairdresser 60 Chichester Road Arthur RIDDELL coil builder    
20th October Peter BURTON 21 bachelor civil engineering technician 71 Newington Road Percy Hollis BURTON caretaker banns H J B GERARD, P H BURTON
  Ruth Candace GERARD 19 spinster secretary Maybury, Margate Road Hector John Peverill GERARD radio & tv engineer    
27th October Michael Frederick SALTER 24 bachelor animal technician 34 Princes Avenue, Cliftonville Frank Allan Arthur SALTER hotelier banns F A SALTER, A G SMALL
  Jennifer SMALL 19 spinster clerical assistant 45 Helvellyn Avenue Alan George SMALL miner    
27th October Robert Michael Edmund SHEPHERD 22 bachelor upholsterer 17 Auckland Avenue Ronald William SHEPHERD pipefitter banns R W SHEPHERD, J H BAILLIE
  Carol BAILLIE 24 spinster printer 11 Newington Road James Howie BAILLIE miner    
10th November Peter James HOLLAND 24 bachelor technical sales representative 24 Bridge View Road, W6 Robert William HOLLAND (deceased) - banns M HOLLAND, H M WILKINSON
  Sheila Margaret WILKINSON 19 spinster sales ledger clerk 10 Wentworth Drive Albert WILKINSON leading railwayman    
17th November Ian James THOMPSON 24 bachelor clerical officer, British Rail 2 Rawdon Road Macdonald THOMPSON driver conductor public service vehicle banns R W THOMPSON, W H COX
  Heather Frances COX 20 spinster library assistant 1 Pegwell Avenue William Henry COX senior laboratory technician    
8th December Roger George Elliott CHAMPION 30 bachelor bakery worker 18 Bengal Road Horace James CHAMPION clerk banns F S ROOTS, H G CHAMPION
  Gillian Verona ROOTS 23 spinster hairdresser 8 Wimborne Place Frank Stanley John Louis ROOTS telegraph wiresman    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
5th January David Clifford EVANS 22 bachelor immigration officer Inglemount, Old Park Road, Dover Clifford John EVANS sub postmaster banns Martin Howard DAVIES, Gillian Carol ALLEN
  Shirley Anne HOPE 22 spinster clerk 2 Eskdale Avenue Stanley George HOPE Tax Officer    
12th January Philip George PELLATT 18 bachelor salesman 1 Norman Road, St Lawrence Joseph Augustus PELLATT retired - E A FORSTER, J A PELLATT
  Denise Ann FORSTER 20 spinster audit clerk 5 Quetta Road Joseph Middleton FORSTER (deceased) -    
19th January Timothy John YARKER 27 bachelor Lieutenant RN St Lawrence Vicarage, St Lawrence Francis Bospidwick YARKER clerk in holy orders banns J M A ELDRIDGE, N M YARKER
  Gwenyth Anne EWART 21 spinster - 3A Danvers Road, London 8 William EWART -    
19th January Michael TWYMAN 21 bachelor carpet fitter 178 Hereson Road Albert Lewis George John TWYMAN maintenance worker banns Roy TWYMAN, Maureen Doris STONE
  Diane Judith HARNETT 19 spinster shop assistant 33 Weyburn Drive George Edward HARNETT -    
26th January Gareth Kirk HUGHES 18 bachelor demolition worker 112 Crescent Road Lancelot Milton HUGHES ex-miner banns Richard John ADEY, Grace Emily HUGHES
  Linda Joy ADEY 18 spinster domestic assistant 52 Helvellyn Avenue John Arthur ADEY butcher    
23rd February John James FARLEY 23 bachelor engineer 41 Pierremont Avenue, Broadstairs Norman John FARLEY shopkeeper banns M REDMOND, J G EDGAR
  Yvonne Marion EDGAR 20 spinster student teacher 5 Newington Road Kenneth James EDGAR aircraft engineer    
9th March Peter George RIGDEN 23 bachelor engineer 49 Wharfedale Road, Margate George Leonard RIGDEN bakery supervisor banns G RIGDEN, M USHER
  Sharon Lesley USHER 18 spinster assembler 35 St Johns Avenue Henry Frederick USHER bricklayer    
23rd March Colin Jeffrey WEBB 19 bachelor driver 7 Quetta Road George Henry WEBB retired miner banns Doris May DIMOND, Keith WEBB
  Susan Mary DIMOND 18 spinster machinist Belvedere, Newington Road JamesDIMOND fireman    
30th March Terry REEVES 22 bachelor vanman 71 West Dumpton Lane Herbert Walter REEVES labourer banns G E TYLER, H W REEVES
  Pamela June TYLER 19 spinster typist 141 Melbourne Avenue George Edward TYLER plastics    
30th March Barry Norman BOLTON 22 bachelor Royal Navy RN Dockyard, Keyham, Devonport Norman BOLTON (deceased) - licence John Stanley BELL, Leonard Oswald BISHOP
  Anne Pamela BISHOP 19 spinster WRNS 20 Auckland Avenue Leonard Oswald BISHOP clerk    
6th April Bernard James KITE 28 bachelor schoolmaster 40 Royal Road Eric James KITE civil servant banns E J KITE, J A GIBBONS
  Barbara Anna Colleen GIBBONS 22 spinster bank clerk 30 Southwood Gardens William Kane GIBBONS (deceased) hospital treasurer    
6th April Victor George BENNETT 25 bachelor assistant manager 9 Hollow Street, Chislet George BENNETT driver salesman banns M E BENNETT, M SMITH
  Marilyn Joy HADLOW 24 spinster machinist 150 Grange Road Arthur Edward HADLOW (deceased) signalman    
20th April Roger Charles PEARCE 23 bachelor postman 17 Rossland Road Henry Charles PEARCE postman banns H P PEARCE, T A BOLTON
  Marion Alexandra BOLTON 20 spinster student nurse 40 Chilton Lane Thomas Arthur Owen BOLTON sub postmaster    
20th April Albert Victor FEUILLATRE 21 bachelor animal technician 51 Conyngham Close Gayton Louis Joseph Gerard FEUILLATRE bus driver banns G FEUILLATRE, C E LINCOLN
  Agatha LINCOLN 22 spinster shorthand typist 6 Buxton Road Charles Edward LINCOLN lorry driver    
27th April Paul HOLT 24 bachelor T V engineer 27 Melbourne Avenue Edward George HOLT handyman banns D HOLT, K VERHOEFF
  Marilyn Jean VERHOEFF 20 spinster bank clerk 44 Queensgate Road Kenneth VERHOEFF overseas telegraph officer    
4th May John Henry ADAMS 28 bachelor machine operator 10 Queensgate Road, St Lawrence Albert John ADAMS retired toolmaker banns A J ADAMS, Colin BRAYCOTTON
  Jean Margaret BRAYCOTTON 21 spinster clerk 74 London Road Colin BRAYCOTTON factory manager    
18th May William Alfred BURKE 21 bachelor car breaker Hillside Wood, Church Road, Birchington William Robert BURKE car breaker banns John Mary BURKE, Ellen Rose TEARLE
  Shirley Ellen TEARLE 18 spinster assembler 36 Kimberley Road Charles Walter Yule TEARLE (deceased) -    
8th June John Morgan WRAIGHT 19 bachelor painter & decorator 48 Gordon Road, Westwood, Margate John William Henry WRAIGHT postman banns Kenneth Stephen CURTIS, John William Henry WRAIGHT
  Stephanie Elizabeth CURTIS 19 spinster personal secretary 4 Beverley Way Kenneth Stephen CURTIS British Rail clerk    
15th June Philip Cecil MACKIE 21 bachelor compositor 79 Kingston Avenue, Garlinge Frederick MACKIE merchant seaman banns Frank Christopher WHITE, Frederick Barville MACKIE
  Leigh Hazel WHITE 21 spinster hairdresser 34 Rockstone Way Frank WHITE injection moulder    
22nd June Edward David Gerard OSBORNE 28 bachelor assistant analyst Westmead Rhodes, Minnis near Elham Peter Ivan David OSBORNE commisionaire banns Alan George OSBORNE, Norah OSBORNE, Joan Constance Ada BROWN
  Georgina Irene BROWN 21 spinster senior library assistant 1 Pegwell Avenue Ernest George BROWN (deceased) clerk of works    
6th July David Frederick LOOS 21 bachelor telecommunications technician 38 Cliffsend Road Werner Otto LOOS laboratory equipment operator banns H P BRAND, W O LOOS
  Audrey Jean BRAND 20 spinster radiographer 8 Albion Road Herbert Percival BRAND tool turner    
20th July Peter John MOULT 26 bachelor Army 23 St James Avenue Arthur MOULT garage hand banns W GARWOOD, B J WELLS
  Coral GARWOOD 20 spinster telephonist 21 St James Avenue William GARWOOD paint sprayer    
20th July Michael Charles CORNISH 21 bachelor foreman scaffolder 9 Cheney Road, Faversham Ernest Walter CORNISH coach builder banns B E DEWING, E W CORNISH
  Lindy Dawn DEWING 17 spinster - 53 Melbourne Avenue Benjamin Edward DEWING painter    
27th July Neil George GODDEN 20 bachelor apprentice electrician 6 Brogdale Road, Faversham Ronald Frank GODDEN coal merchant banns Barbara Betty Dora ARNOLD, Ronald Frank GODDEN
  Susan Shirley ARNOLD 18 spinster machine operator 68 Conyngham Close William James ARNOLD transport driver    
27th July Geoffrey Ivor KING 23 bachelor wood machinist 90 Station Approach Road, Ramsgate Harry Ernest John KING assistant network engineer banns Harry Ernest John KING, Dennis George EUDEN
  Joy Emily Jane EUDEN 21 spinster machinist 18 Princess Margarets Avenue Dennis George EUDEN clerk    
3rd August Robert BAKER 26 bachelor assistant teacher 141 Markland Road, Dover William George BAKER (deceased) deputy headmaster banns S A BAKER, R LAMB
  Gillian Mary LAMB 25 spinster assistant teacher 109 Pegwell Road Richard Caleb Grant LAMB master mariner    
17th August Kevan Charles SHORT 24 bachelor garage manager Suomi, Nethercourt Farm Road Aubrey SHORT rigger banns A SHORT, S C S LANGSTON, M E LANGSTON
  Karen LANGSTON 20 spinster secretary Suomi, Nethercourt Farm Road Sidney Charles Stephen LANGSTON mechanic    
24th August Anthony John JARVIS 22 bachelor Royal Navy 10 Auckland Avenue Anthony Ronald JARVIS porter banns J W ANDREWS, A R JARVIS
  Jean Mary ANDREWS 20 spinster factory worker 1 Chilton Lane John William ANDREWS boiler worker    
24th August Martin Roy FRANCE 24 bachelor landscape gardener 4 Jesuit Close, Hales Place, Canterbury Samuel Martin FRANCE (deceased) bricklayer banns M FRANCE, R COLLINS
  Linda Susan COLLINS 20 spinster shop assistant 2 Riversdale Road Richard COLLINS painting contractor    
7th September Frederick John FERRAR 20 bachelor trainee accountant 30 The Centre - - banns Alfred Samuel WALKER, George Ernest FERRAR
  Roberta Carol Virginia WALKER 18 spinster hairdresser 13 The Centre Alfred WALKER fitter    
7th September David John PARAMOUR (transcribed as PARAMORE) 25 bachelor architectural technician 30 St Lukes Road Herbert Charles Henry PARAMORE retired banns Herbert Charles Henry PARAMORE, George Arthur HARVEY
  Jean HARVEY 23 spinster bank clerk 6 Princess Margaret Avenue George Arthur HARVEY clerk    
9th September Keith Richard HOLT 21 bachelor shunter 22 Lorina Road Thomas Albert HOLT chargehand banns G C BRITTON, T A HOLT
  Pauline Betty BRITTON 20 spinster typist 33 Auckland Avenue George Charles BRITTON bricklayer    
14th September Martin John PERCY 24 bachelor computer programmer 10 Minster Road Ernest Edward PERCY bank clerk banns Rex Charles Campbell WALLACE, John Seymour CRAWFORD
  Fiona Elizabeth LAPTHORN 20 spinster stewardess 60 West Dumpton Lane Charles George LAPTHORNE consultant engineer    
26th October Harvey James CRAWLEY 21 bachelor RN HMS Valiant Stanley James CRAWLEY child care officer banns Lindy Anne WEBSTER, Paul Alexander William HARRISON
  Kathleen Patricia Joyce MOCKRIDGE (commonly known as SMITH) 22 spinster WRNS 4 Princes Avenue, St Lawrence George MOCKRIDGE (deceased) -    
23rd November Christopher Charles BOWDEN 21 bachelor fork lift driver 2 Granville Avenue Kenneth BOWDEN storekeeper banns D C PHILLIPS, K BOWDEN
  Lynn Denise PHILLIPS 18 spinster clerk 12 Marden Avenue Douglas PHILLIPS maintenance engineer    
23rd November Alan David HEWITT 20 bachelor police constable 13 Norfolk Square Colin David HEWITT BR Guard banns F PILLOW, E J HEWITT
  Gail Denise ANNETT 19 spinster bank clerk 7 Windermere Road Brian ANNETT printer    
7th December Alan John SMITH 21 bachelor dairy worker 21 The Phillips, Newington John Thomas SMITH - banns P M SMITH, R F TURNER
  Susan Marion TURNER 18 spinster machinist 12 Norfolk Square Ralph Frederick Simon TURNER butcher    
21st December Philip Herbert Edmund BAILY 22 bachelor musician Royal Marines The Chaplains House, Perlethorpe, Newark, Notts Robert Spencer Canning BAILY clerk in holy orders banns N H B Canning BAILY, L KEEP
  Jane Elizabeth KEEP 22 spinster nurse 8 Pegwell Road Leonard Cyril KEEP Captain R N retired    

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