Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1971-72


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
6th March Richard Allen CHAMBERS 21 bachelor paint sprayer 27 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence George CHAMBERS (deceased) - banns M G CHAMBERS, A J FRIGHT
  Pauline Anne FRIGHT 21 spinster typist 4 Wentworth Drive Alan James FRIGHT plasterer    
27th March Trevor John Stephen GRAY 21 bachelor miner 32 Auckland Avenue Harry Percy GRAY coalman banns L YANDLE, J V GRAY
  Sandra Kathleen YANDLE 18 spinster machinist 65 Auckland Avenue Godfrey David YANDLE -    
27th March Michael Joseph HARMAN - bachelor policeman 40 Princess Margaret Avenue George Thomas Marcel HARMAN B R Quartermaster banns G HARMAN, Peggy MILLS
  Vilma Doreen MCDONALD - spinster nurse 32 Tregawen Road, London, SW11 Owen MCDONALD policeman    
3rd April Ronald James Albert STRUTT 21 bachelor stores assistant 26 Marden Avenue James Richard STRUTT - banns Albert HORNE, R D HOLDING
  Patricia Ann HORNE 22 spinster assembler 26 Marden Avenue George Albert HORNE Ramsgate Corporation worker    
5th June Ernest ALLINSON 22 bachelor capstan setter operator 5 Trove Court, Ramsgate Sidney George ALLINSON security officer banns S ALLINSON, D KINNILL
  Pamela May KINNILL 19 spinster shop assistant 73 High Street, St Lawrence Dennis Herbert KINNILL train driver    
5th June Raymond Arthur HARRIS 22 bachelor soldier 6 Cheriton Avenue John Rufus HARRIS British Rail banns P WHEELER, J HARRIS
  Doreen Grace WHEELER 18 spinster cashier 20 Bradley Road, Ramsgate Peter George Alan WHEELER Information Bureau    
5th June Robert James SLATER 20 bachelor injection moulder 9 Rockstone Way, St Lawrence Arthur Harold SLATER plumber - D REES, A LEE
  Susan Elizabeth REES 18 spinster cap trimmer 11 Kimberley Road Glyn REES (deceased) -    
19th June Cyril Stanley JUDGE 22 bachelor hairdresser 114 Princes Street, Rochester Cecil Gordon JUDGE foreman hauler banns L R SOLLY, P A BISHOP
  Anne Elizabeth TYAS 19 spinster assistant secretary Whitebeams, Chapel Farm, Manston Henry TYAS (deceased) -    
26th June Brian Frederick ALLEN 18 bachelor butcher 17 Hawley Street, Margate Norman Frederick ALLEN miner licence G L SHARP, J S EMBLETON
  Sandra Mary EMBLETON 17 spinster auxillary nurse 15 Wilfred Road Sidney EMBLETON foreman decorator    
3rd July Alan Leonard PERCIVALL 23 bachelor student 13 Avoncourt, Greenford, Middlesex Leonard Frank PERCIVALL quality control inspector banns D K GEE, L F PERCIVALL
  Diane Margaret GEE 28 spinster scientific assistant 22 Nethercourt Hill Stanley James GEE (deceased) -    
24th July Richard John ADEY 22 bachelor student 52 Helvellyn Avenue John  ADEY butcher banns Percy G CLOKE, T DUNBAR
  Mary Elizabeth CLOKE 22 spinster clerical supervisor 9 Princes Avenue Percy George CLOKE retired shopkeeper    
31st July Philip Arthur William GILLMAN 39 widower land drainage manager 6 Sycamore Close, Hythe Leonard John Luke GILLMAN (deceased) shipping manager banns J A READMAN, F GILLMAN
  Ann Patricia READMAN 37 spinster assistant inspector K.E.C. 35 Manston Road Joseph Andrew READMAN boilermaker retired    
31st July Roland David PULLEN 27 bachelor systems analyst 21 Meverall Avenue Samuel George PULLEN turner & fitter banns Joyce R WRAY, S G PULLEN
  Dianne Louise WRAY 22 spinster secretary 21 Meverall Avenue Donald Edward WRAY business executive    
7th August Stewart Francis PEARCE 24 bachelor Royal Marines 13 Rydal Avenue Edward PEARCE store detective banns S READ, Edward PEARCE
  Maureen Helena READ 24 spinster W.R.N.S. 60 Manston Road, Ramsgate Stanly Reginald READ electrician    
7th August Kenneth William POOLEY 23 bachelor farm worker 10 Bloomsbury Road William Charles POOLEY cleaner hoverport banns H W RAPLH, W C POOLEY
  Pauline Teresa RALPH 21 spinster - Southwood Tavern, Southwood Road Henry William RALPH Licensee    
14th August Robert Walter BIRCH 24 bachelor silversmith 21 Canterbury Road East Walter Frederick BIRCH technical director banns W H SHARP, Peter J STEAD
  Jennifer Brenda SHARP 21 spinster school teacher - William Henry SHARP company director    
21st August William TYLER 25 bachelor adult education lecturer Kingsgate College, Broadstairs William Marles TYLER transport & mill manager banns R E THORNTON, William Marles TYLER
  Jennifer Ann THORNTON 21 spinster housekeeper bursar 66 Southwood Gardens Ronald Ernest THORNTON co-ordinator    
21st August Nicol Adrian HOLLADAY 23 bachelor production controller 37 Wilfred Road Harold William HOLLADAY shipwright banns E L GREENLEAF, H W HOLLADAY
  Rosalind Susan ADAMS 23 spinster assistant staff manageress 26 Queensgate Road William John Edward ADAMS (deceased) -    
28th August David COUPS 56 widower County Public Health Inspector Graylands, Shepherds Lane, Bicton, Shrewsbury William COUPS (deceased) - banns Chales E FULFORD, J PERRY
  Betty Patricia PENNY 49 widow pharmeutical packer 69 Sterling Way John RUGMAN (deceased) -    
11th September Ronald James KING 22 bachelor engineer 28 Hawes Avenue James KING engineer banns James KING, Raymond John JOHNSON
  Lynda Margaret JOHNSON 19 spinster shorthand typist 22 St Lawrence Avenue, St Lawrence Raymond John JOHNSON shopkeeper    
18th September John Michael FAGG 22 bachelor postman 11 Leybourne Drive, Garlinge Harry Frank FAGG engineer banns C J SANDUM, H F FAGG
  Rosemary Maureen SANDUM 19 spinster audio typist 34 Sterling Way Reginald Alfred SANDUM metal worker    
18th September Gerald Brian WANSTALL 20 bachelor garage worker Shell Cottage, The Square, Birchington Albert Walter WANSTALL butcher banns Y G EDGAR, P R M ADAMS, A W WANSTALL
  June Anne EDGAR 23 spinster shop manageress 5 Newington Road Kenneth James EDGAR aircraft engineer    
25th September Paul Crayford CRANNAGE 24 bachelor grocer 14 Pegwell Close William Crayford Locke CRANNAGE civil servant banns G T NICHOLS, W C L CRANNAGE
  Rosemary Jean NICHOLS 23 spinster secretary 6 New Street, Sandwich George Thomas NICHOLS wine store manager    
2nd October Robert John JALES 20 bachelor welder 54 Manston Road Albert Ernest JALES gas fitter banns A BLAKE, J HASWELL
  Anne Shirley HASWELL 19 spinster factory worker 24 Marden Avenue James Joseph HASWELL painter & decorator    
9th October Michael John LISTON 24 bachelor sheet metal worker 180 Hereson Road James LISTON (deceased) - banns Mr D HARNETT, G HARNETT
  Linda Marion HARNETT 18 spinster sales assistant 33 Weybourne Drive George Edward HARNETT fitter    
9th October Paul Anthony EAGLESTON 21 bachelor driver 48 Sterling Way Thomas Paton Thornton EAGLESTON builder banns Susan Jane BALDWIN, Richard James HOSKINS
  Diane LEDLEY 19 spinster machinist 25 St Johns Avenue Leonard Frederick LEDLEY plumber    
16th October Richard Joseph FIELD 27 bachelor metal sheet worker 13 The Vale, Muswell Hill, N10 Joseph Thomas FIELD station master banns Doris FIELD, A AUTENBRING
  Sonia Carol AUTENBRING 20 spinster bank official 9 Winborne Place Arthur Edward AUTENBRING bank official    
23rd October David Anthony Victor FASHAM 37 bachelor engineer 17 Quetta Road Walter Victor FASHAM (deceased) - banns E P FASHAM, H J SIMMONS
  Beryl Rosemary SIMMONS 34 spinster clerk 29 Manston Road Henry John SIMMONS retired lorry driver    
6th November Roderick William OATES 27 bachelor caravan park manager 107 Sandwich Road Joe William OATES (deceased) - banns F G INGLETON, C WARD
  Veronica INGLETON 28 spinster technical clerk 40 Nethercourt Hill Frederick George INGLETON company director    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
8th January John Stephen DAYNES 19 bachelor diesel engine fitter 70 Canterbury Road, Sittingbourne William Robert DAYNES driver banns A PALMER, J GISBY
  Linda PARKER 21 spinster confectioner 53 High Street, St Lawrence Arthur Ernest PARKER bakery manager    
5th February Robert Henry BROWN 24 bachelor clerk 113 Staner Court Henry John BROWN plumber banns David John BROWN, James Albert COADE
  Maureen Joyce COADE 27 spinster factory worker 21 Bathurst Close James Albert COADE retired power station worker    
5th February Roy William DRING 23 bachelor motor mechanic 21 Ringden Avenue, Paddock Wood Christopher William DRING warehouseman banns Michael John SPENCER, John David FERGUSON
  Jane Helen FERGUSON 20 spinster bank clerk 27 Wentworth Drive John McLaren Mills FERGUSON bus driver    
26th February Richard Lloyd HEADING 27 bachelor bank clerk 15 Bay View Road, Broadstairs Kenneth Henry Frank HEADING bank official banns W S NEAME, M NEANE
  Carol Yvonne NEAME 27 spinster bank clerk 17 Holbrook Drive Wilfred Stanley NEAME carpenter & joiner    
4th March Michael John BOOTES 21 bachelor Army 80 Boundary Road Ernest BOOTES builder banns G H CLARK, E F BOOTES
  Lynnette Suzann CLARK 22 spinster laundry worker 6 Marden Avenue George Henry CLARK Ramsgate Corporation worker    
11th March Karl PERKINS 20 bachelor salesman 8 Langdale Avenue - - banns Ann Sylvia BING, Derek John NEWBURY
  Carol Joan BING 19 spinster secretary 8 Langdale Avenue Stanley James BING fitter & welder    
25th March Colin Donald King PALMER 25 bachelor training officer Flat 2, 28 Queen Anne's Grove, London, W4 Donald Edward PALMER retired banns E ELLANSON, D E PALMER, C BOUCHER
  Eleanor Carlotta STAMP 25 spinster nurse 18 Helvellyn Avenue, St Lawrence Herbert STAMP (deceased) -    
25th March Francis Martin GARRETT 21 bachelor decorator 54 Laburnham Avenue, Sandwich Francis Harting GARRETT press operator banns Alan GARRETT, Philip D BLAKE
  Linda Anne BLAKE 20 spinster typist 5 Auckland Avenue Philip Duncan BLAKE electrical fitter    
1st April Leslie MUSGRAVE 22 bachelor surgical appliance maker 12 King Edward Road Frederick Arthur MUSGRAVE typewriter mechanic banns W J CONWAY, F MUSGRAVE
  Linda Christine CONWAY 20 spinster nurse 48 High Street William James CONWAY salesman    
3rd April Michael David HEAD 22 bachelor Post Office telephone technician 11 Dunedin Road, St Lawrence Cecil Douglas HEAD confectioner banns R F BARBER, C D HEAD
  Pauline Avril BARBER 20 spinster accounts clerk 16 Abbots Hill, Ramsgate Reginald Fredrick BARBER retired barber    
29th April Robert Francis HOUGHTON 21 bachelor civil engineering technician 44 Burshill Crescent Reginald Francis HOUGHTON process operator banns M C MAYO, N HOUGHTON
  Jill Helen MAYO 22 spinster cashier 19 Granville Avenue, St Lawrence Maurice Charles MAYO bricklayer    
29th April Ian MCLEOD 33 bachelor engineer 7 Nelson Crescent John MCLEOD salesman banns R DUGAN, J MCLEOD, A L MCLEOD
  Linda Ann SURMAN 25 spinster group booking officer 36 Station Approach Road Reginald William SURMAN senior administrative assistant health services    
29th April Brian Daniel LAMBERT 29 bachelor messenger 108 Welling Way, Welling, Kent Daniel LAMBERT messenger banns C D HAMLYN, D LAMBERT
  Lesley Diane HAMLYN 20 spinster bank clerk 24 Melbourne Avenue Leslie Thomas HAMLYN (deceased) butcher    
20th May Raymond Frederick DOUGHTY 29 bachelor labourer 31 Cecilia Road William DOUGHTY bus conductor banns R DOUGHTY, F W FAGG
  Angela Frances FAGG 25 spinster laboratory technician 11 Clive Road Frank William FAGG agricultural worker    
3rd June David Alan HILLS 21 bachelor telecommunications engineer 116 Margate Road Frederick George HILLS railway cleaner banns F MORGAN, F G HILLS
  Glkoria Louisa MORGAN 20 spinster nurse 17 Rydal Avenue Frederick Robert Henry MORGAN car sales manager    
10th June Christopher Ronald GEORGE 22 bachelor H M Forces 12 Camforth Crescent, Grimsby, Lincolnshire Ronald GEORGE fork truck driver banns David John HOBSON, Georgina ASTKINS
  Gwendoline ATKINS 22 spinster H M Forces 7A Riversdale Road, Ramsgate George Henry ATKINS bus driver    
1st July Ian Scott FARRAR 23 bachelor H M Forces 4 Kent Road, Cliftonville Donald FARRAR Social Security Officer banns E R J DAVEY, D FARRAR
  Lesley Anne DAVEY 19 spinster secretary 42 Kimberley Road Edward Richard John DAVEY order controller    
8th July Philip BROWN 24 bachelor plumber 5 Odessa Road, Harlesden, NW10 Charles BROWN builder banns Carol Ann WALKER, M DOIGS
  Susan Jennifer TOGHILL 23 spinster sales supervisor 51 Southwood Gardens Archibald John TOGHILL coach driver    
15th July Charles Michael SQUIB-BARNETT 31 bachelor industrial fireman 33 St James Road, Isle of Grain Charles Edmund SQUIB-BARNETT process operator banns D V BLOOMFIELD, G AVES
  Hilary Elizabeth BRATT 21 spinster W R N S 73 Staner Court Thomas Albert BRATT carpenter    
15th July Benjamin Anthony SIMMONS 21 bachelor H M Forces 31 Hollicodane Road Benjamin Oliver Sidney SIMMONS RAF banns WIILAMSON, L WILLIAMSON
  Lorraine June BOWLES 18 spinster shop assistant 66 Southwood Road, Ramsgate George Harold BOWLES foreman baker    
12th August David Vincent PRATT 24 bachelor electrical engineer 23 Princes Avenue, Cliftonville Robert Anthony PRATT insurance agent banns E PRICE, R A PRATT
  Margaret Chtistine PRICE 23 spinster teacher 3 Beverley Way Edward PRICE Deputy Town Clerk    
2nd September John HOULDSWORTH 22 bachelor development engineer 156 Firwood Avenue, Urmston, Manchester Thomas HOULDSWORTH (deceased) - banns H BEAUMONT, J I RUEL
  Barbara Anne RUEL 21 spinster zoologist 37 Manston Road Edgar Thomas RUEL watch repairer    
2nd September Douglas Alan Gordon BEAMENT 26 bachelor warehouse supervisor 47 Harold Road, Margate Douglas BEAMENT railway inspector banns Harold Alfred HORTON, Bertram Edward Douglas BEAMENT
  Pauline Elsie HORTON 23 spinster bakery assistant 58 Melbourne Avenue Harold Alfred HORTON press operator    
2nd September Stuart Martin JAMES 25 bachelor plumber 39 Vale Square Ivor JAMES crane driver banns Lydia A DARBY, Robert CAMPBELL
  Lynda Mary CORK 24 spinster shorthand typist 37 St Lawrence Avenue George William CORK shop manager    
9th September Anthony Brian COX 22 bachelor surface mine worker 2 St Johns Avenue Bernard COX postman banns J R PHILBRICK, H GINGELL
  Linda Doris GINGELL 20 spinster factory worker 1 Newington Road Henry GINGELL miner    
16th September Raymond George WALLINGTON 24 bachelor electrician 28 Poets Corner, Margate George Frederick WALLINGTON chef banns Francis John ALLEN, John Richard WALLINGTON
  Joan Ellen FROST 23 spinster wages clerk 48 Melbourne Avenue William Frederick FROST Government Officer    
16th September Barry CROSBIE 20 bachelor police constable Lynbriany, Coobbelands, Wittersham William CROSBIE chief nursing officer banns Brian CROSBIE, Kathleen Susan DUCK
  Jane Elizabeth LARKINS 22 spinster staff nurse 6 Wentworth Drive Norman Frederick LARKINS factory worker    
16th September Ernest George HOLLANDS 24 bachelor farm labourer 58 Grosvenor Place, Margate Ernest HOLLANDS farm labourer banns Evelyn Mary HOLLANDS, Arthur SULLIVAN
  Barbara SULLIVAN 18 spinster assembly worker 30 Clifton Road Arthur SULLIVAN joiner    
23rd September Robin Ronald BLADON 28 bachelor draughtsman Glendor, Haine Road, Ramsgate Ronald George BLADON bus driver banns D L ABRAHAMS, E D BLADEN
  Beryl May ABRAHAMS 26 spinster typist Glendor, Haine Road, Ramsgate Leonard James ABRAHAMS (deceased) -    
23rd September Michael Kenneth BUTTERWORTH 22 bachelor apprentice printer 32 Rydal Avenue Kenneth Francis BUTTERWORTH toolmaker banns J COOPER, M W BUTTERWOOD
  Patricia Carol COOPER 21 spinster civil servant 139 Melbourne Avenue Jack COOPER builder    
30th September Ronald Glen PARRISH 20 bachelor merchant seaman 63 Chichester Road Ronald Francis PARRISH factory worker banns R F PARRISH, B E DEWING
  Rosemary Benita DEWING 19 spinster factory worker 53 Melbourne Avenue Benjamin Edward DEWING factory worker    
7th October Barry Michael HARNETT 20 bachelor clerk 20 Whitehall Road, Ramsgate George William HARNETT guard banns E P G PENN, G W HARNETT
  Dorothy May PENN 18 spinster factory worker 12 Hamilton Close, St Lawrence Ernest Philip Godfrey PENN labourer    
28th October Michael George WITHYCOMBE 23 bachelor insurance clerk 19 Blackbrook Lane, Bromley Michael George WITHYCOMBE retired civil servant banns P HERITAGE, A M WITHYCOMBE
  Wendy Kathleen HERITAGE 23 spinster bank clerk 73 Newington Road Peter HERITAGE newsagent    
28th October Peter Thomas REDFORD 24 bachelor engineering 120 Melbourne Avenue Roland REDFORD miner banns D R REDFORD, Edward Evan JOHNSON
  Jennifer Mary JOHNSON 23 spinster machinist 14 Cannonbury Road Edward Evan JOHNSON dairyman    
11th November Philip Sydney Charles HARRIS 19 bachelor bakery assistant 6 Cheriton Avenue John Rufus HARRIS railwayman banns R JAMES, J HARRIS
  Linda JAMES 17 spinster coil winder 13 Hobart Road Raymond Edgar Spencer JAMES capstan setter operator    
25th November Kenneth CHARLES 20 bachelor butcher 1 Wellington Crescent Raymond CHARLES clerk banns W J PEMBLE, R CHARLES
  Carol Ann PEMBLE 18 spinster shop assistant 3 Denbigh Road William Jack PEMBLE driver    
2nd December Patrick Bryan WELLS-COLYER 32 bachelor drayman 32 Sandwood Road, Sandwich Frederick William Samuel Douglas James WELLS-COLYER miner banns C W TEARLE, E K TEARLE
  Maureen Ann TEARLE 22 spinster factory worker 36 Kimberley Road Charles Walter Yule TEARLE fitters mate    
2nd December Barry Albert CLAIR 25 bachelor garage under manager 18 Brassey Avenue, Broadstairs Albert CLAIR works manager banns Brian Richard WORNEFORD, Lynette Anne WILLIAMS
  Elaine Eunice SUSSEX 19 spinster hairdresser 22 Riversdale Road George SUSSEX factory worker    
23rd December Robert Melvin COX 18 bachelor labourer 13 Newington Road Charles Robert COX fitter banns Charles R COX, J E SCOATES
  Susan Jennifer SCOATES 17 spinster clerk Flat 7, Churchill Court Henry Francis SCOATES Captain of Lightship    

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