Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1969-70


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
1st February David Conway BENTON 23 bachelor credit traveller 115 Sandwich Road Kenneth George CONWAY master mariner banns Melvyn HINCHON, Ethel Winifred LUCAS
  Diane LUCAS 19 spinster shop assistant 48 Princess Margaret Avenue Dennis Walter LUCAS engineer    
15th February Leslie SMITH 20 bachelor mate 100 Staner Court Leslie SMITH cleaner banns Martin KING, Bernard WARREN
  Pamel Joan WARREN 18 spinster machinist 57 Downs Road James Henry WARREN bus driver    
1st March Anthony William BLACKWELL 23 bachelor chargehand 152 Grange Road William Cyril BLACKWELL shoe repairer banns D BLACKWELL, N LANE
  Collette Helene TURNER 18 spinster wages clerk 19 Edith Road Henry William TURNER butcher    
15th March John Charles KILLER 25 bachelor printing mechanic 161 Abbey Road, West Bridgeford, Nottinghamshire Frank Sidney KILLER retired from GPO banns T G POVEY, S S KILLER
  Carol Elizabeth POVEY 22 spinster hairdresser 3 Newington Road Thomas George POVEY supplies manager    
5th April Brian George HARMER 21 bachelor metal sheet worker 14 Rossland Road George HARMER shoe repairer banns G DAVIES, B J HARMER
  Lillian HOOD 21 spinster machinist 77 Northdown Park Road, Margate Thomas HOOD -    
12th April Robert Charles AVENT 21 bachelor police officer 62 Judd Road, Tonbridge Robert William AVENT student teacher banns R H TYE, R AVENT
  Vivian Sandra TYE 22 spinster police woman 50 Southwood Gardens Ronald Henry TYE mental welfare officer    
12th April David Michael ASH 22 bachelor farmer Newlands Farm, Ramsgate John Philip ASH farmer banns W W STEED, J P ASH
  Sarah Peggy STEED 22 spinster secretary Grove Farm, Manston Norman Harold STEED farmer    
12th April Roger Victor BOWEN 23 bachelor street mason 32 Riversdale Road Hugh William BOWEN bank messenger (retired) banns Doris Winifred CATTERMOLE, Lillian Eunice BOWEN
  Susan Margaret CATTERMOLE 21 spinster clerk 73 Rydal Avenue Stanley Leonard CATTERMOLE clerk    
3rd May Thomas HILL 30 bachelor telegraph systems supervisor 72 Woodland Rise, N10 Roland Benjamin HILL retired banns William Alexander WOTTON, R B HILL
  Angela WOTTON 22 spinster secretary 1 High Street, St Lawrence William Alexander WOTTON company director    
17th May John Eric SPANTON 22 bachelor farmer Minster House, Minster Thomas Eric George SPANTON farmer banns John P ASH, Muriel SPANTON
  Margaret Ilona ASH 20 spinster secretary Updown House, Margate John Phillip ASH farmer    
24th May Colin Thomas JAMES 23 bachelor Solicitors Articled Clerk 5 Saltwood Gardens, Cliftonville Stanley Arthur JAMES painter & decorator banns A J J PRICE, S A JAMES
  Veronica Ann PRICE 24 spinster shorthand typist 13 The Retreat Archibald John Jones PRICE miner    
7th June Laurence John WHITING 22 bachelor carpenter & joiner 23 Bracken Road, Tunbridge Wells William James WHITING painter & decorator banns M S SHERRINGTON, T J WHITING
  Gillian Rose BROWN 21 spinster nursery nurse 4 Downs Road James William BROWN -    
12th July Graham LEDLEY 18 bachelor sales manager 25 St Johns Avenue Leonard Frederick LEDLEY heating engineer banns L F LEDLEY, G SUTTON
  Lynda Elizabeth SUTTON 17 spinster secretary 28 Kimberley Road George Frederick SUTTON stoker    
21st July John Henry GOODSPEED full age widower retired 21 Thirlmere Avenue John Edward GOODSPEED (deceased) - banns F A KENNEDY, H L BROWN
  Lillias Georgena GREENING full age widow housewife 16 Grummock Avenue Frank KENNEDY (deceased) -    
26th July John Richard IRELAND 22 bachelor Army 14 Copton Avenue, London E14 John IRELAND cargo superintendent banns N LAWLESS, John IRELAND
  Pauline Gwen LAWLESS 18 spinster shop assistant 22 Conyngham Close Nicholas LAWLESS machine operator    
26th July Roger Steven TAYLOR 21 bachelor insurance clerk 25 Upper Stone Street, Maidstone Philip TAYLOR publican banns K R SETTERFIELD, R TAYLOR
  Jacqueline Leigh SETTERFIELD 22 spinster teacher 25 Grummock Avenue Walter George SETTERFIELD (deceased) -    
2nd August Barry Keith PORTER 23 bachelor glass blower 16 Farley Road, Margate Harold PORTER shop manager banns F C GARLAND, H PORTER
  Sylvia Iris GARLAND 22 spinster shorthand typist 33B Princess Margaret Avenue Frederick Charles GARLAND stores manager    
2nd August Peter Henry ROLFE 22 bachelor teacher 72 Highfield Road Peter Frank ROLFE store superintendent banns Anthony A RICHARDS, Margaret E HOGBEN
  Diane Carol GUTRIDGE 22 spinster teacher 122 Southwood Road Richard GUTRIDGE plasterer    
2nd August Geral William NEEDHAM 24 bachelor teacher 21 Gooden Crescent, Cove, Farnborough William John NEEDHAM civil servant banns W J SWAIN, William J NEEDHAM
  Sonia Anne SWAIN 22 spinster teacher 29 Cannonbury Road William James SWAIN site clerk    
2nd August Keith Geoffrey NICHOLLS 23 bachelor teacher Chez-Nie, Greenhill Road, Herne Bay Wilfred Frank NICHOLLS grocer banns B E GRAINGER, W F NICHOLLS
  Jennifer Margaret GRAINGER 20 spinster waitress 1 Queens Avenue Bernard Edward GRAINGER fish fryer    
16th August Michael John MOBBS 22 bachelor bank clerk 24 Priory Road, High Wycombe John MOBBS company director banns John R HARDING, J THORNTON
  Brenda Mary THORNTON 23 spinster teacher 66 Southwood Gardens Ronald Ernest THORNTON buyer    
16th August Michael John DAVEY 22 bachelor R.A.F. 42 Kimberley Road Edward Richard John DAVEY production controller banns E R J DAVEY, E H BROWN
  Doreen Margaret BROWN 21 spinster laboratory technician 32A Newington Road Henry BROWN (deceased) shopkeeper    
23rd August Michael Francis ROSE-TROUP 22 bachelor student 57 Kenton Avenue, Newcastle Thomas Francis ROSE-TROUP accountant banns Charles Peter ROSE-TROUP, A F BOURNE
  Adrienne Vivienne BOURNE 22 spinster trainee child care officer 25 Downs Road Cyril William BOURNE engineer    
23rd August Keith Edwin CHAPMAN 25 bachelor sales export engineer 38 First Avenue, Acton, W3 Edwin CHAPMAN retired banns R HUDSON, F E CHAPMAN, P J HUDSON, E CHAPMAN
  Angela Patricia BARNES 22 spinster teacher 44 Chapel Road Frederick James BARNES plasterer    
23rd August Brian WHITEHEAD 22 bachelor childrens officer 8 Kimberley Road Harold WHITEHEAD miner banns R H FLINTHAM, H WHITEHEAD
  Marilyn Joan FLINTHAM 18 spinster secretary 65 Eskdale Avenue Robert Henry FLINTHAM Local Government Officer    
30th August Allan Sidney JONES 23 bachelor schoolmaster 170 Grange Road Sidney Holly JONES retired banns C BOURNE, Brian JONES
  Antoinette Yvonne BOURNE 20 spinster secretary 25 Downs Road Cyril William BOURNE insulation engineer    
30th August Sidney John THOMSETT 22 bachelor coach driver 46 Auckland Road Sidney Arthur THOMSETT coach driver banns E HUMPHRYS, S A THOMSETT
  Linda Margaret HUMPHRYS 20 spinster cashier & shop assistant 46 Auckland Road Edward Cater William HUMPHRYS miner    
6th September Brian Arthur HARRIS 24 bachelor technician 14 Hampden Crescent, Cheshunt Leonard Arthur HARRIS supervisor banns E T RUEL, L A HARRIS
  Penelope Frances RUEL 22 spinster teacher 37 Manston Road Edgar Thomas RUEL watch repairer    
6th September Dennis Frederick SAWYER 19 bachelor carpenter 12 St James Avenue John Henry SAWYER bus driver banns J H SAWYER, W J ARNOLD
  Elaine Jennifer ARNOLD 19 spinster coli winder 48 Kimberley Road William James ARNOLD lorry driver    
13th September Michael Richard WIGGINS 27 bachelor bricklayer 18 Riverdale Road Richard Henry WIGGINS hotel keeper banns G CLARKE, R H WIGGINS
  Lynn CLARKE 21 spinster hairdresser 14 Riverdale Road George Alfred Frank CLARKE fitter    
20th September Stuart Edward MELSON 20 bachelor porter 51 Westcliff Road, Broadstairs Leslie Stuart MELSON retired banns A L JOB, L S MELSON
  Anne Maureen JOB 17 spinster bank clerk 144 Melbourne Road Albert Leslie JOB turf accountant    
27th September Brain James Frederick DYSON 25 bachelor carriage & wagon repairer 51 Thornbridge Road, Deal Frederick DYSON B R repairer banns G C DUGDALE, F DYSON
  Janet Mary DUGDALE 23 spinster food packer 29 Herbert Road George Charles DUGDALE power station worker    
27th September Philip David BRISTOW 19 bachelor press setter operator 9 Stonar Court Frederick Stanley Walter Robert BRISTOW carriage service man banns C E LINCOLN, F BRISTOW
  Kathleen Mary LINCOLN 19 spinster clerk 6 Buxton Road Charles Edward LINCOLN driver    
4th October Barrington David CHAPMAN 24 bachelor bank clerk 71 Whitehall Road John Dilwyn CHAPMAN engineer banns R T DEVERSON, J CHAPMAN
  Susan Hilary DEVERSON 20 spinster bank clerk 22 Helvellyn Avenue Richard Thomas DEVERSON heating engineer    
4th October Keith Henry CLARKE 23 bachelor quantity surveyor 11 Bath Place, Margate Philip William John CLARKE refrigeration engineer banns L E CLARKE, W BRISTOW
  Jeanette BRISTOW 21 spinster bank clerk 11 Pinewood Close William Bernard BRISTOW gas fitter    
4th October John PARAMORE 26 bachelor local government officer 19A Newington Road Norman Cecil PARAMORE engineer banns N J COLE, N G PARAMORE
  Janice Maud COLE 20 spinster bank clerk 20 Wilfred Road Norman John COLE grocery manager    
18th October David Kenneth BOWMAN 28 widower laundry worker 25 Kings Avenue Jack Thomas BOWMAN retired banns M BOWMAN, C CARSON
  Irene Constance CARSON 25 spinster shopkeeper 118 Newington Road Charles Frederick William CARSON retired    
1st November Bruce Terrance Anthony SALES 21 bachelor tile manufacturers supervisor 8 Guildford Lawn Harry SALES lumberjack banns F J SWEENEY, J M SALE
  Barbara Anne SWEENEY 20 spinster telephonist 159 Grange Road, Ramsgate Edward SWEENEY flooring contractor    
29th November Robin Albert BRUNGER 28 bachelor turner chargehand 30 Magdala Road, St Petsr Fred Alfred BRUNGER (deceased) - banns R J HOGBEN, M F TEDFORD
  Patricia Rose TEDFORD 21 spinster nursery nurse 3 Nicholas Drive Frederick Stuart REDFORD engineer    
29th November Leon John SAUNDERS 28 bachelor physicist 32 Langdale Avenue Leslie John SAUNDERS railway engineer banns K E BROOKS, L J SAUNDERS
  Sandra Ellen DENNIS 24 spinster secretary 22 Northside, Wandsworth Common, SW18 William DENNIS (deceased) -    
6th December Martyn Fuller ROWLAND 24 bachelor managerial assistant 27 Sandwich Road Leslie Albert ROWLAND company director banns Edward EASTER, H ROWLAND
  Valerie Beatrice EASTER 22 spinster assistant school secretary 29 Bellvue Road, Ramsgate Edward John North EASTER master bricklayer    
13th December Michael HARRIS 22 bachelor child care officer 32 A Foads Lane Ronald Wilfred HARRIS clerk in holy orders banns R SHAW, Dennis HOPE
  Hazel FLACK 18 spinster sales assistant 30 St Annes Crescent, Wandsworth Bernard Henry Arthur FLACK van driver    
20th December Christopher George CORK 20 bachelor apprentice engineer 2 Dunedin Road George Albert CORK foreman electrician banns A S T DRYDEN, G A CORK
  Patricia Ann DRYDEN 19 spinster telephonist 3 Mountgreen Avenue Alfred George Thomas DRYDEN siesmic driller    
26th December Graham Charles FORD 20 bachelor welder 38 Hereson Road Stanley FORD fitter banns J LEHMAN, S FORD
  Denise Patricia LEHMAN 18 spinster hairdresser 46 High Street, St Lawrence John Kenneth LEHMAN miner    
26th December Martin Richard CARROLL 21 bachelor soldier 58 Hurstway, Luton Martin Kevin CARROLL driver licence Martin Kevin CARROLL, Daniel Frank DEBLING
  Carol Ann DEBLING 17 spinster machinist 17 Bengal Road Daniel Frank DEBLING hoverport employee    
27th December Peter John MARSON 22 bachelor welder 79 Sea Road, Westgate Frederick James MARSON Governor of Old Peoples Home banns F J MARSON, J H HUNT
  Jennifer Carol HUNTLEY 22 spinster secretary 11A Goodwin Road John Henry HUNT electrician    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
17th January Terrence John SPRINGETT 20 bachelor soldier 28 St Lukes Avenue Frank Leonard SPRINGETT fitter GPO banns E A STAFFORD, F L SPRINGETT
  Lesley John STAFFORD 20 spinster production packer Ivanhoe, Stirling Way Edward Peter Mckenna STAFFORD storeman    
27th February Christopher John Upton TAYLOR 27 bachelor electrical engineering technician 9 Meadowside, Walton on Thames Arthur TAYLOR retired draughtsman banns W H COX, E J TAYLOR, Malcolm WELLS
  Bridget Anne COX 20 spinster secretary 1 Pegwell Avenue William Henry COX laboratory technician    
7th March Eric Charles NORTON 21 bachelor builder 116 High Street, St Lawrence Charles Eric NORTON retired banns H G STEVENS, Elizabeth MORTON
  Jean Valerie STEVENS 20 spinster machinist 12 Colombo Square Hedley Gordon STEVENS plasterer    
14th March George William WOOD 28 bachelor farm worker 34 Brook Avenue, Garlinge William Frank WOOD factory worker banns E M MOODEY, W O FOWLER
  Glenis Olwen DAVIES 20 spinster machinist 90 Newington David John DAVIES (deceased) -    
14th March Philip John WELLS 19 bachelor fitter 9 Salmestone Rise, College Wells, Margate Arthur Henry WELLS electrician banns R W NAYLOR, A H WELLS
  Pauline June NAYLOR 19 spinster hairdresser 34 Helvellyn Avenue Ronald William NAYLOR electrician    
21st March Roger Derek MILES 26 bachelor solicitor 34 Clifton Road Henry William MILES railway worker banns F G HEARD, H W MILES
  Susan Elsie HEARD 23 spinster reservations assistant at hoverport 147 Newington Road Douglas Caseley HEARD (deceased) -    
28th March Peter James WHITING 19 bachelor factory worker 47 Newenham Road, Great Bookham Frederick James WHITING painter & decorator banns F J WHITING, M F DEVERSON
  Janet Linda DEVERSON 18 spinster factory worker 1 Wentworth Drive Macdonald Frederick DEVERSON cinema projectionist    
28th March Raymond George WINDUST 23 bachelor electrician 22 Drinkwater House, Picton St, SE5 George WINDUST transport manager banns G WINDUST, E T WALTERS
  Pamela Ann WALTERS 19 spinster bookbinder 12 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence Emrys Thomas WALTERS capstan operator    
2nd May David WOOD 20 bachelor shopfitter 192 Grange Road Alfred Alexander WOOD - banns M A L MOODY, V E R WOOD
  Annette Marie MOODY 17 spinster shop assistant 36 Manston Road Ronald Leonard Desmond MOODY press operator    
23rd May Michael John DENNE 24 bachelor PSV driver 1 Bloomsbury Road John Alfred DENNE bus driver banns J NICKLIN, J A DENNE
  Patricia Ann RICKUSS 22 spinster telephonist 10 Cuthbert Road, Westgate Robert David RICKUSS machine operator    
23rd May Eric Charles PEARSON 19 bachelor railwayman 6 Long Meadow Way, Canterbury Charles Richard PEARSON glazier banns L THOMAS, R FOWLE
  Laureen Mary THOMAS 20 spinster trimmer 39 Melbourne Avenue, Ramsgate Leslie THOMAS railwayman    
6th June Victor MURPHY 26 bachelor Army Gordon Barracks, Gillingham, Kent John Clement MURPHY labourer licence J V MURPHY, L J WILLIAMS
  Barbara Celia WILLIAMS 17 spinster shop assistant 5 Lorina Road Leslie Charles WILLIAMS inspector British Rail    
6th June Peter Arthur SHORT 23 bachelor labourer 16 Bradley Road Cledwin Verdun SHORT labourer banns E L BURTON, C V SHORT
  Suzanne Grace BURTON 18 spinster factory worker 7 Pinewood Close Edward Laurence BURTON paint sprayer    
6th June Larry Stewart Steven PENN 22 bachelor farm worker 12 Hamilton Close, St Lawrence Ernest Philip Godfrey PENN labourer banns E P G PENN, H GRIGGS
  Dorothy Joyce GRIGGS 18 spinster machinist 20 Sterling Way Henry Thomas Richard GRIGGS lengthman BR    
13th June Christopher CARMAN 20 bachelor tailor 9 Violet Avenue Kenneth Victor CARMAN bus conductor banns E H HOWLAND, R CARMAN
  Jacqueline Margaret HOWLAND 19 spinster clerk 77 Southwood Gardens Ernest Henry HOWLAND electrician    
20th June Arthur Peter MILCHAM 23 bachelor B R Fitter 28 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Arthur Alfred MILCHAM B R Foreman banns B GOLDING, W A DARNELL
  Janet DARTNELL 21 spinster secretary 24 South Eastern Road, Ramsgate William Alfred DARNELL caretaker    
25th July William George ROBBINS 26 bachelor dynamic engineer 35 Southway, Bognor Regis Leslie Vivian ROBBINS civil servant banns T A HEALY, L V ROBBINS
  Carol Ann HEALY 23 spinster computer programmer 30 St Johns Avenue Thomas Arthur HEALY cleaner    
1st August Richard Leslie WHITE 19 bachelor butcher 7 Grotto Hill, Cliftonville Leslie WHITE Ministry of Works banns F W G LYAM, L WHITE
  Janice BUSBRIDGE 21 spinster student nurse 32 Weyburn Drive John BUSBRIDGE (deceased) -    
1st August Terence Nolan YOUNG 26 bachelor clerk 10 Highfield Road Gordon Charles YOUNG foreman bricklayer banns G YOUNG, V LEDLEY
  Lorraine LEDLEY 20 spinster shorthand typist 19 Herbert Road Victor John LEDLEY bricklayer    
8th August Keith Gordon DYER 17 bachelor factory worker 12 Norman Road Roy Thomas DYER salesman banns R W C HARTY, Colin BERRY, R T DYER
  Jennifer Mary HARTY 17 spinster shop assistant 16 Bedford Square Roy William Charles HARTY postman    
22nd August Barry Ingles LANDEMAN 22 bachelor musician 16 Fishers Lane, Orwell, Cambridgeshire Ingles Simpson LANDEMAN teacher banns E SCOTT, I LANDEMAN
  Diana Elizabeth SCOTT 19 spinster audio secretary Holnecroft, RAF Manston Eric Newton SCOTT RAF Officer    
29th August Christopher William DANTON 20 bachelor labourer 11 Royal Road, Ramsgate Ernest William DANTON railway upholsterer licence E CARRETT, M S C BOYLE
  Linda Grace CARRETT 19 spinster order editor 28 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Edward CARRETT station inspector    
5th September Terence John GOODMAN 25 bachelor telephonist Flat 2, Packlington Close, Goldhawk Road, W12 Joseph GOODMAN retired clerk banns J GOODMAN, G JANES
  Rosetta Lillian JANES 31 spinster shorthand typist 37 Telham Avenue George Ernest Walter JANES (deceased) laundryman    
5th September Kelvin HANCOCK 21 bachelor Royal Marines Mountain Ash Tavern, Tredegar Road, Ebbw Vale, Monmouthshire William Henry HANCOCK retired miner banns W A BRACEY, W HANCOCK
  Margaret BRACEY 23 spinster packer 21 Conynghan Close William Arthur BRACEY cashier    
12th September Clive Alfred WAGNER 21 bachelor electrician 189 Newington Road Alfred WAGNER (deceased) driver banns G SWANNACK, B A GARRETT
  Sandra Dawn SWANNACK 20 spinster secretary 25 Clifton Road George SWANNACK painter & decorator    
12th September David John GIBSON 22 bachelor labourer 36 Hertford Road, Margate William Herbert GIBSON labourer banns A SULLIVAN, W H GIBSON
  Doris SULLIVAN 19 spinster shop assistant 30 Clifton Road Arthur SULLIVAN retired joiner    
12th September David Charles REEVES 20 bachelor trainee toolmaker 24 Hobart Road Frederick John REEVES gas worker banns P SUMMERS, F J REEVES
  Sheila Doreen SUMMERS 19 spinster punch card operator 46 Manston Road Philip Robert SUMMERS warrant officer RAF    
19th Sepember John Alexander DELUGAR 26 bachelor solicitor & barrister 188A London Road, Twickenham Charles Martell DELUGAR dairy farmer banns J SYMONS, Jacqueline SHEARING
  Anthea Priscilla BARBER 26 spinster translator 25 St Lawrence Avenue Reginald Owen BARBER dental surgeon (retired)    
19th Sepember David Anthony GEORGE 24 bachelor draughtsman 63 Windmill Road, Herne Robert William GEORGE retired banns F STOKES, R W GEORGE
  Pauline Ann STOKES 21 spinster shop supervisor 30 Whitehall Road Francis Henry STOKES train driver    
19th Sepember Brian David WEBBER 21 bachelor meat porter 58 Langdale Avenue Glyndwiun Trevor WEBBER miner banns A H PRINCE, Alice May WEBBER
  Susan Frances PRINCE 21 spinster head clerk 58 Langdale Avenue Albert Henry PRINCE driver    
26th September Peter HOPKINS 23 bachelor salesman 9 Glenside Avenue, Canterbury Percy James HOPKINS engineer banns B G HOPKINS, G C MIST
  Diana Lynda Janet MIST 22 spinster hairdresser 18 Rydal Avenue George MIST shopkeeper    
3rd October Terence Brian MUSK 30 bachelor polisher 112 Grange Road, St Lawrence Philip Daniel MUSK driller banns A E MUSK, W M JAMES
  Margaret Rose JAMES 25 spinster polisher 1 Elmstone Road Leslie Albert JAMES (deceased) -    
10th October Graham William LUCAS 25 bachelor engineering technician 18 Alexandra Road, Broadstairs Thomas William LUCAS photographer banns R FAGG, T W LUCAS
  Vivienne Ann FAGG 22 spinster shorthand typist 30 High Street, Manston Ronald Walter FAGG workshop manager    
31st October Frank Sidney BIGGS 73 widower retired 15 Nethercourt Farm Road Joseph BIGGS (deceased) - banns G STEPHEN, L W WHITE
  Grace Emily Mildred WHITE 64 widow housewife 20 Grummock Avenue William Arthur GARDNER (deceased) -    
7th November Renato Harold GOOD 21 bachelor electrician 54 Prince Andrew Road, Broadstairs Harold GOOD security officer banns H GOOD, John T STONE
  Elizabeth Caroline STONE 20 spinster laboratory technician 7 Thirlmere Avenue John Thomas STONE Borough Council gardener    
28th November Rex GOODBAN 27 bachelor farmer St Stephens, Haine Road Reginald Albert GOODBAN farmer banns E C SHARP, R A GOODBAN
  Ann Ruby SHARP 22 spinster shorthand typist Arkers, 117 London Road Edward George SHARP company director    
5th December Branwell Ian Willis BURN 23 bachelor Royal Air Force RAF Manston Thomas Richard BURN probation officer banns G W GENT, Thomas R BURN
  Dorothy Ann GENT 20 spinster clerk 28 Manston Park George William GENT Royal Air Force    
19th December Paul Donald BEAMES 23 bachelor hospital porter 6 Finsbury Road Donald BEAMES (deceased) - banns A BEAMES
  Felicity Gay WILLIS 19 spinster student nurse 12A Weyburn Drive Harold Wilson WILLIS (deceased) -    

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