Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1967-68


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
11th February David Edward SIMMONS 23 bachelor ceramic tile fixer 22 City View, Westminster Thomas Frederick SIMMONS ceramic tile fixer banns T F SIMMONS, M ARATHOON
  Patricia PEGLER 21 spinster sewing machinist 2 Kimberley Road William PEGLER miner    
25th February John Bolam STOREY 24 bachelor bank official 34 Westerfield Road, Ipswich John Bolam STOREY civil engineer banns N A STEED, J STOREY
  Connie Jane STEED 24 spinster nurse Grove Farm, Manston Norman Harold STEED farmer    
4th March Geoffrey BAKER 29 bachelor bank clerk 71 Holden Park, Tunbridge Wells Sidney Alfred BAKER retired banns F S WHYBROW, S A BAKER
  Brenda Valerie WHYBROW 20 spinster forecourt clerical assistant 12 Beverley Way Frederick Stanley WHYBROW postman    
4th March Norman Jack SMITH 30 bachelor market research manager 9 Kingswood Close, Surbiton Maurice Leslie SMITH retired engine driver banns Arthur E FROST, M L SMITH
  Valerie Ann FROST 25 spinster legal secretary 10 Pegwell Road, St Lawrence Arthur Ernest FROST teacher    
11th March John Frederick SHORTER 22 bachelor factory hand 9 Upper Dumpton Park Road, Ramsgate Walter James Jellicoe SHORTER miner banns Ernest Leslie BURTON, W J J SHORTER
  Janice Ann BURTON 21 spinster factory machinist 39 Kimberley Road Ernest Leslie BURTON building worker    
11th March Alfred James NEWING 23 bachelor driver 33 Coleman Crescent W M Frederick NEWING retired banns R NEWING, D E BROWN
  Veronica Betty Joan FORD 22 spinster store supervisor 8 Chapel Road, St Lawrence - -    
11th March Robert Edward FRANCIS 21 bachelor press operator 41 Ellington Road Leonard FRANCIS (deceased) - banns L A BOOTES, H H HUMPHREYS
  Linda HUMPHREYS 20 spinster machine operator 11 Fairlight Avenue Hugh Henry HUMPHREYS miner    
11th March Edward Percy CLINCH 27 bachelor lorry driver 100 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Alfred Stanley CLINCH electrician licence M G CLINCH, E BALDOCK
  Janet Dorothy BALDOCK 18 spinster shop assistant 50 Duncan Road, Ramsgate Sidney BALDOCK taxi driver    
18th March Frank CHARMAN 53 widower foreman bricklayer 42 Pound Road, Banstead, Surrey Frank CHARMAN (deceased) - banns A BARLOW, C M C ANULTY
  Dorothea MCNEILL 53 widow housewife Bay View, Windsor Road, Cliffsend, St Lawrence Frederick SILVAIN (deceased) -    
18th March James MCDONALD 21 bachelor floor layer 28 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence David MACDONALD gas board worker banns R J EVENDEN, D MCDONALD
  Susan Janet EVENDEN 20 spinster shorthand typist 41 Marrose Avenue, Northwood Reginald James EVENDEN electrician    
18th March David Michael FORSHAW 24 bachelor toolmaker 28 Dumpton Park Drive, Ramsgate Arthur FORSHAW works manager (engineering) banns B GROSSMITH, E D M JONES
  Margaret Ann THORNTON 21 spinster typist 25 Herbert Road, St Lawrence Reginald Stanley THORNTON (deceased) glazier    
18th March John Frederick PAY 19 bachelor farm worker 1 Solihull Cottages, Monkton Frederick W M PAY corporation worker banns T GROVES, M E CARTHEW
  Christine May CARTHEW 21 spinster laundry worker 40 Marden Avenue Sidney George CARTHEW (deceased) -    
25th March John Keith NEVE 29 bachelor driver British Rail 79 Southwood Gardens, Ramsgate John Henry NEVE signalman banns R BAVERSTOCK, G BOWLES
  Marcia Dawn BOWLES 20 spinster window dresser 66 Southwood Road, Ramsgate George Harold BOWLES baker    
25th March Allan GODFREY 24 bachelor lorry driver 40 Celtic Road, Deal John GODFREY coal miner banns J GODFREY, P?
  Patricia HANKINSON 21 spinster shop assistant 2 Brandon Road, St Lawrence Wilfred HANKINSON -    
25th March Alan Barry BLAKE 21 bachelor plumber 29 Trove Court James Arthur BLAKE retired banns J HASWELL, D BLAKE
  Christine Ann Edith HASWELL 17 spinster machinist 24 Marden Avenue James Joseph HASWELL painter & decorator    
27th March Gordon Thomas LENFESTEY 206 bachelor assistant horticultural advisory officer Lefrie, St Peters, Guernsey Thomas De Garis LENFESTEY grower banns U PORRITT, D M LENFESTEY, W J SWEETMAN
  Christine Una PORRITT 27 spinster nursery worker 19 Seafield Road Leslie Albert Edward PORRITT (deceased) -    
1st April Kevin Lloyd HUGHES 20 bachelor decorator 12 Cheriton Avenue Lancelot Walter Milton HUGHES retired miner banns E C LUTZ, M WHEELER
  Linda Carol LUTZ 18 spinster cook 59 Southwood Gardens Ernest Charles LUTZ post office clerk    
1st April Dennis Brian NICHOLS 18 bachelor salesman 95 Helvellyn Avenue Reginald William NICHOLS production manager banns M W REDMOND, N L NICHOLS
  Caroline Anne REDMOND 18 spinster factory worker 116 Rumfield Road, Broadstairs Edward Patrick REDMOND glazier    
8th April Roger Frederick SEWARD 23 bachelor manager of building firm 14 Pierremont Avenue, Broadstairs Frederick William SEWARD (deceased) - banns J F SEWARD, G R SMITH
  Valerie Anne SMITH 22 spinster receptionist 29 Canterbury Road East, St Lawrence George Reginald SMITH company director ceremony performed by Vicar of St Peters in Thanet  
10th June Anthony Robert HARNETT 19 bachelor H M Forces (Army) 20 Whitehall Road, Ramsgate George William HARNETT railwayman banns G W HARNETT, J R GABRIEL
  Jill Margaret GABRIEL 19 spinster clerk 27 Winstanley Crescent, Ramsgate John Raymond GABRIEL caretaker    
15th June Bert George BEECH 21 bachelor Royal Navy 12 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Leslie Charles BEECH meter reader gas board banns L C BEECH, D C HEAD
  Margaret HEAD 23 spinster clerk 10 Queensgate Road, St Lawrence Desmond Charles HEAD District Representative Gas Board    
24th June Trevor William BRILL 20 bachelor Royal Air Force 12 Bathurst Close Ernest Henry BRILL maintenance fitter banns E BRILL, W H WOODWARD
  Susan Lee WOODWARD 22 spinster clerk / typist 53 St Johns Avenue Walter Henry WOODWARD printer    
12th August Brian Sidney GOULD 20 bachelor apprentice electrician 15 Southwood Gardens, St Lawrence Sidney Clarence GOULD panel beater banns S GOULD, W DOWNS
  Susan Irene DOWNS 18 spinster student laboratory technician 8 Queens Avenue, St Lawrence Walter William DOWNS motor fitter    
14th August Nicholas Leonard SMITH 38 bachelor works engineer 17 Sandwich Road Leslie George SMITH retired licence W SANDERS, P F RAMSBOTTOM
  Daphne Janet DAWKINS 38 spinster clerk / typist 3 Meverall Avenue Joseph DAWKINS retired    
19th August David HOLT 20 bachelor RN 27 Melbourne Avenue Edward George HOLT miller banns E G HOLT, F H SUMMERS
  Sheila Anne SUMMERS 28 spinster machinist 42 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Francis Edward Herbert SUMMERS retired farmer    
26th August Robert Godfrey BRUCE 26 bachelor insurance clerk 99 Northcote Road, Sidcup Alexander BRUCE night watchman banns W A BRACEY, A BRUCE
  Brenda Jean BRACEY 24 spinster laboratory technician 131 Melbourne Avenue Wilfred Arthur BRACEY bus conductor    
2nd September David George CULLEN 21 bachelor Army 28 Auckland Avenue Frederick George CULLEN plasterer banns F G CULLEN, E M LIDDLE
  Beryl Jean LIDDLE 19 spinster shop assistant 12 Auckland Avenue Alfred Wiliam LIDDLE (deceased) bakery supervisor    
2nd September Colin John HITCH 23 bachelor service engineer 26 Nixon Avenue John Alfred HITCH security officer banns A C GOLDSMITH, J A HITCH
  Marguerite Rose GOLDSMITH 19 spinster factory production worker 31 Riversdale Road Alfred Charles GOLDSMITH steel fixer    
9th September Peter Bryan FOORD 21 bachelor labourer 70 Newington Road Charles John Frederick FOORD house decorator banns D H W PAYNE, H G FOORD
  Susan Mary PAYNE 19 spinster shop assistant Updown Farm House, Ramsgate Road, Margate David Henry William PAYNE tractor driver    
16th September Stephen Charles GOLDSMITH 23 bachelor clerk 9 Flora Road, Ramsgate Charles Henry GOLDSMITH head gas fitter banns C GOLDSMITH, E BARKER
  Sandra Elizabeth BARKER 18 spinster shop assistant 53 Staner Court Edwin BARKER British Railways    
30th September Stephen MENDELA 21 bachelor telegraphist G.P.O. 91 Sandwich Road, Cliffsend Franciszek MENDELA retired banns R JARMAN, J TEDDER
  Jacqueline TOLEMAN 20 spinster punch operator 28 Cliffsend Grove Jack TOLEMAN trench inspector Borough Council    
30th September Brian Frederick WHARMBY 25 bachelor storeman 103 Nixon Avenue George WHARMBY labourer banns G WHARMBY, H LUPTON
  Caroline Joy LUPTON 21 spinster clerk 12 Winterstoke Way Henry Everett LUPTON sales representative    
30th September Colin George CROUCH 20 bachelor apprentice carpenter 61 Cecilia Road, Ramsgate Felix Leslie CROUCH wash house foreman banns M J GARROD, F L CROUCH
  Denise Irene GARROD 19 spinster clerk 16 Cliffsend Grove, St Lawrence Leonard George Henry GARROD (deceased) horticulturalist    
30th September Edward BOWLES 20 bachelor technical assistant paper mill 23 Bucks Cross Road, Northfleet Edward George BOWLES laboratory assistant banns E G BOWLES, L MILLER
  Rita Kaye MILLER 20 spinster machinist 115 Southwood Road Leonard MILLER electrician    
7th October Brian James ELLERINGTON 22 bachelor insulation engineer 46 Summerhill Gardens Albert ELLERINGTON insulation engineer banns M E GARDNER, R ELLERINGTON
  Marina Anne GARDNER 21 spinster shop assistant 37 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Albert GARDNER British Railways    
7th October William Alan RUTHVEN 29 bachelor Army Sergeants Mess, Hyderabad Barracks, Colchester William Charles RUTHVEN wool merchant banns F MELLER, D HODGE
  Shirley Patricia MELLER 29 spinster laboratory assistant 12 Westcliff Terrace Mansions Frederick MELLER storeman    
14th October Peter STAMP 22 bachelor engineer 18 Helvellyn Avenue, St Lawrence Herbert STAMP (deceased) engineer banns Jack HANNAFORD, W R BOUCHE
  Susan Patricia HANNAFORD 22 spinster radiographer 78 Thanet Road Jack HANNAFORD shop assistant    
21st October Antony KRAY 19 bachelor trainee fitter 54 Westover Road, St Peters James KRAY fitter banns H E HOUGHAM, J KRAY
  Linda Joyce HOUGHAM 18 spinster bank clerk 28 Quetta Road, St Lawrence Herbert HOUGHAM supervisor    
4th November Richard Henry STEER 25 bachelor bank clerk 102 Gladstone Road, Deal William Henry STEER retired Squadron Leader R.A.F. banns W STEER, A TILLMAN
  Pamela Jean TILLMAN 22 spinster shorthand typist 9 Thirlmere Avenue Alec TILLMAN electrician    
29th November Derek Richard MARSHALL 20 bachelor capstan setter operator 12 Claremont Gardens Reuben William Henry Noble MARSHALL caravan site owner banns R F GRISTWOOD, R MARSHALL
  Linda Vera Ann GRISTWOOD 17 spinster shop assistant 46 Boundary Road Reginald Frank GRISTWOOD off licence manager    
16th December David Christopher FLEMMING 24 bachelor doctor 97 Shanklin Drive, Leicester Wilfred FLEMMING lecturer in education and maths banns H A WRIGHT, Wilfred FLEMMING
  Loretta Sally Anita WRIGHT 23 spinster radiographer Lyngrove, Manston Road, Manston Harold Arthur WRIGHT toolmaker    
23rd December John Maurice CRIPPS 21 bachelor electrician 2 Railway Terrace, Margate Maurice George CRIPPS (deceased) lorry driver banns W D ?, L MATTHEWS
  Christine Carol MATTHEWS 18 spinster clerk 39 Weyburn Drive Leslie MATTHEWS lorry driver    
25th December Michael John Stephen MITCHELL 20 bachelor clerk 54 Eskdale Avenue John William MITCHELL driving instructor banns J MITVHELL, J T TILBURY
  Glenys OSBORNE 18 spinster shop assistant 41 Rydal Avenue Samuel James Forrest OSBORNE shopkeeper    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
3rd February Graham John PEGDEN 22 bachelor teacher 55 Halfway Road, Sheerness Austin PEGDEN butcher banns George H HARE, Austin PEGDEN
  Jennifer HARE 20 spinster - 38 Southwood Gardens, St Lawrence George Harry HARE clerk in holy orders    
3rd February Robert Campbell PETERKIN 31 bachelor farm worker Elmwood Farm, Broadstairs William PETERKIN (deceased) driver banns N GREENSTREET, E G KING
  Suzanne Annette GREENSTREET 20 spinster factory worker 16 Herbert Road Norman Elgar GREENSTREET ambulance driver    
17th February William Stanley JOHNSON 23 bachelor farm hand 135 Melbourne Avenue William James JOHNSON manager accounts department banns W J JOHNSON, G S BENTALL
  Doreen Valerie BENTALL 22 spinster machinist 124 Southwood Road George Sydney BENTALL R.A.C. controller    
2nd March Terence John DEBLING 21 bachelor civil servant 12 Highfield Court, Ramsgate John DEBLING civil servant banns J R DEBLING, M M WEBB
  Gloria WEBB 18 spinster machinist 63 St Johns Way George Henry WEBB miner    
16th March David Robert PATTEN 25 bachelor representative Swinbourne Cottage, East Stourmouth Henry Thomas PATTEN librarian banns V M PARKER, L PATTEN
  Lynda Mary PARKER 21 spinster hairdresser 80 Chichester Road, St Lawrence Percy Frederick PARKER storekeeper    
16th March David John WEST 31 widower overhead linesman electricity board 30 St James Avenue David James WEST retired banns W R WEST, C F CASHFORD
  Linda CASHFORD 24 spinster typist 5 Mayforth Gardens Charles Frederick CASHFORD shop assistant    
16th March Derek Martin TODD 20 bachelor apprentice electrical fitter 25 Bathurst Close Charles Francis Richard TODD service engineer banns D H GRIGGS, E G TODD
  Jennifer GRIGGS 17 spinster pricing clerk 8 Weyburn Drive William George Walter GRIGGS train driver    
23rd March Richard HALL 20 bachelor electrician Woodfield, Barfreystone, nr Dover Frederick Albert HALL miner banns C R COX, D HALL
  Janet COX 23 spinster factory worker 13 Newington Road Charles Robert COX fitter    
30th March Anthony Arthur POPE 30 bachelor groundsman 29 Adelaide Gardens Arthur Ernest POPE retired off licence banns F DUGMORE, A POPE
  Sandra DUGMORE 21 spinster library assistant 60 St James Avenue Frank Thomas DUGMORE telephone engineer    
30th March Gordon Peter Carr DUXBURY 26 bachelor municipal engineer 37 Northdown Way, Cliftonville Ivan Peter DUXBURY (deceased) Air Force Officer banns B L PURKESS, E M DUXBURY
  Lesley Pauline PURKESS 20 spinster shorthand typist 66 Melbourne Avenue Edwin Paul PURKESS Local Government Officer    
30th March Ronald Raymond PREWETT 21 bachelor electrician 138 Southwood Road Stanley PREWETT retired miner banns G L MCGUINESS, S PREWETT
  Georgina Elaine MCGUINESS 21 spinster assembly fitter 12 Queensway Road George MCGUINESS brewer    
30th March Kenneth John GOUGH 24 bachelor grainer 21 St Mildreds Road, Ramsgate Leslie Frederick GOUGH ceiling fixer banns K BROWN, L F GOUGH
  Jennifer Anne HASLER 20 spinster telephonist 71 Chapel Road James George HASLER builder    
30th March Graham James TYLER 19 bachelor baker 141 Melbourne Avenue George Edward TYLER labourer banns A PARKER, G E TYLER
  June PARKER 19 spinster despatch worker at bakery 53 High Street Arthur Ernest PARKER production manager at bakery    
30th March Ian James GOOSE 23 bachelor computer programmer 57 Wyld Way, Wembley Stanley James GOOSE civil estimator banns S J GOOSE, W E DAVIS
  Audrey Marion DAVIS 21 spinster clerk 4 Launscon Court George Henry DAVIS (deceased) -    
6th April Geoffrey Charles KNOX 29 bachelor teacher 46 Westmeads Road, Whitstable Charles Henry KNOX van driver banns J A GIBBONS, D J COOPER
  Meryl Elizabeth GIBBONS 22 spinster teacher 30 Southwood Gardens William Kane GIBBONS retired hospital administrator    
20th April Anthony John HUGO 19 bachelor frame maker 14 Windemere Avenue Ernest HUGO (deceased) - banns E WHITE, Doris PRICE
  Jean Enid PRICE 19 spinster telephonist 14 Windemere Avenue James Edward PRICE train driver    
11th May Leonard Ernest Albert DANIELS 49 widower clerk 71 Edith Road Ernest Albert DANIELS (deceased) - banns Ian L DANIELS, David DAVENPORT
  Doris GURR 36 widow seamstress 80A Southwood Road Herbert PULLMAN mechanic    
11th May Noel Henry John HARDAKER 21 bachelor Army 2 The Crescent, Boughton, Faversham Charles James HARDAKER (deceased) - banns B HARDAKER, H J T DREW
  Audrey Mary DREW 18 spinster factory worker 6 Manston Court Cottages Henry John Thomas DREW farm worker    
11th May Alfred Charles HIGGINS 19 bachelor painter & decorator 49 Margate Road, Broomfield, Herne Bay Alfred George HIGGINS (deceased) - banns J HIGGINS, R MILHAM
  Evelyn Mary MILHAM 21 spinster machinist 77 Staner Court Reginald Thomas MILHAM (deceased) -    
18th May John Hilton EDWARDS 26 bachelor radio operator 45 Hugin Avenue, Broadstairs Hilton Frederick George EDWARDS clerk banns H READ, G D EDWARDS
  Patricia Ann READ 19 spinster Air Mechanic WRNS 60 Manston Road, Ramsgate Stanley Reginald READ foreman electrician    
1st June Reginald Arthur PLATT 21 bachelor R.A.F. 42 Newington Road Herbert PLATT corporation worker banns G L GLEN, M E PLATT
  Janice Ivy GLEN 21 spinster machinist 15 Rockstone Way Peter Henry GLEN van driver    
8th June John Phillip PENNY 21 bachelor electrician 24 Rockstone Way, St Lawrence Harold PENNY disabled miner banns Arthur W BEALE, B PENNY
  Freda Ann BEALE 20 spinster typist 6 The Retreat Arthur William BEALE disabled civil servant    
22nd June Charles Michael SMITH 22 bachelor salesman 12 Sherwood Drive, Whitstable Charles Henry SMITH salesman banns John A SMITH, D SIMMONS
  Patricia SIMMONS 21 spinster factory worker 44 Auckland Avenue David Raymond SIMMONS storeman    
29th June Barry John MACRAE 21 bachelor local government officer 20 Saxon Road Hugh Fleming Mincie MACRAE fitter banns W WRIGHT, H MACRAE
  Wilma Ann WRIGHT 21 spinster local government shorthand typist 8 Highfield Road William WRIGHT fitters mate    
20th July Martyn Andrew STANFORD 20 bachelor fitter 6 Granville Avenue James Howard STANFORD Post Office official banns J HENDERSON, J H STANFORD
  Margaret Linda HENDERSON 20 spinster driver 6 Granville Avenue James HENDERSON fireman    
3rd August Keith Anthony HOTCHKISS 23 bachelor teacher New Inn, Cardingtton, Church Stretton, Shropshire - - banns C B PAINTER, J S LIDDLE
  Valerie Margaret Ethel LIDDLE 21 spinster teacher 20 Colombo Square John Sydney LIDDLE baker    
17th August Michael Frederick SITTON 22 bachelor research technologist 5 St Augustines Nook, Cliffsend Grove Herbert Frederick SITTON hotelier banns S E BOOTH, G S SITTON
  Valerie Joyce BOOTH 21 spinster shorthand typist 25 Newington Road Stephen Ernest BOOTH carriage serviceman    
17th August Paul Raymond DUMBRELL 28 bachelor wholesale florist 50 Cedar Way, Sturry Spencer Roy DUMBRILL retired greengocer banns C NEWMAN, S R DUMBRILL
  June Valerie NEWMAN 21 spinster florist 23 Rockstone Way Colin NEWMAN builder    
24th August David Harold LLOYD 24 bachelor teacher 2 Tidal Lane, Padgate, Warrington Harold LLOYD clerk banns R AITCHINSON, Jill USHER
  Norma Patricia LANGLEY 21 spinster teacher 16 St Lukes Avenue Alfred Clifford LANGLEY driving instructor    
7th September Malcolm Alan HILL 20 bachelor booking clerk 11 Monlgoloier Walk, Northolt, Middlesex Alfred George Edward HILL painter banns K M TEDDER, Alfred HILL
  Julia Katrina TEDDER 22 spinster computer operator 27 Granville Avenue James Alfred TEDDER (deceased) -    
7th September Eric Victor PERRY 21 bachelor clerk of works 20 Western Road, Margate Gordon Sidney PERRY vehicle electrician banns James L CADBY, S PERRY
  Jeanette Kathleen Ann CADBY 20 spinster bank clerk 49 Newington Road, St Lawrence James Leonard CADBY wharf foreman    
7th September David John ROGERS 23 bachelor printer 62 Auckland Avenue Dennis John ROGERS lorry driver banns J J HACKETT, D J ROGERS
  Margaret Ann HACKETT 21 spinster accounts clerk 60 St Mildreds Road John Jefferson HACKETT publicity officer    
14th September John Alan STUPPLES 22 bachelor clerk 29 Riversdale Road, St Lawrence Dennis Percy STUPPLES driver banns J WOODWARD, D P STUPPLES
  Jean Elaine WOODWARD 20 spinster shop assistant 33 Riversdale Road, St Lawrence John William Percy WOODWARD driver    
21st September Trevor John CHAPMAN 23 bachelor chemist 84 Botany Road, Kingsgate George James CHAPMAN building foreman banns N J COLE, George J CHAPMAN
  Linda Lillian COLE 21 spinster laboratory technician 20 Wilfred Road Norman John COLE grocery manager    
28th September Keith Donald OLIVER 20 bachelor solicitors clerk 64A Park Road Donlad Arthur OLIVER provisions manager banns B M OLIVER, J JOHNSON
  Pauline Helga Leonora JOHNSON 21 spinster shop assistant 49 Southwood Gardens Leonard Robert JOHNSON retired    
5th October James Wilfred HESLOP 21 bachelor fitter 20 Churchill Road, Great Yarmouth Wilfred HESLOP (deceased) - banns J A MAYO, T W HESLOP
  Sheila Ann MAYO 22 spinster factory worker 13 Highfield Court Jack Arthur MAYO bricklayer    
5th October Peter Campbell MOORE 21 bachelor buyer 8 Clarendon Gardens Alfred Albert MOORE decorator banns A A MOORE, A G F HUGHES
  Gillian Patricia MAYERS 20 spinster secretary 42 Auckland Avenue William MAYERS retired chef    
5th October Peter Charles EASTO 27 bachelor printer 170 Newington Road, St Lawrence Alexanda Watson Aubrey EASTO storekeeper banns A EASTO, Irene JOY
  Shirley Ann JOY 22 spinster computer operator 55 Stirling Way Edwin Alfred Bruce JOY foreman electricity board    
5th October John William NICHOLS 25 bachelor Royal Air Force 6 Bayview Crescent, Little Oakley, Harwich, Essex John Richard NICHOLS retired banns W A BRACEY, J R NICHOLS
  Janet BRACEY 21 spinster factory worker 131 Melbourne Avenue Wilfred Arthur BRACEY cashier    
5th October Barry Edward PAGE 20 bachelor labourer Flat 7, Adrian Court, Adrian Square, Westgate Edward James PAGE joiner banns C H ROWNEY, E J PAGE
  Christine Ann ROWNEY 19 spinster bank clerk 29 Melbourne Avenue Chrisopher Hubert ROWNEY area supervisor spastics league    
12th October Michael Douglas ALDRIDGE 21 bachelor Army 23 Nursery Road, Sudbury, Suffolk Charles Pretoria ALDRIDGE auto setter banns C ALDRIDGE, T W GODSALVE
  Jamet Mary GODSALVE 20 spinster bank clerk 20 Brecon Square Thomas Walter GODSALVE post office    
19th October David HALL 21 bachelor builders labourer 13 Newington Road Samuel Arthur HALL miner banns S A HALL, C R COX
  Susan Caroline COX 18 spinster machinist 13 Newington Road Chrales Robert COX fitter    
19th October Roger David TYRIE 22 bachelor electrical inspector Gatehouse, King George VI Park, Ramsgate Jack Walter TYRIE rent collector banns T NICHOLSON, J W TYRIE
  Pamela Doreen NICHOLSON 21 spinster clerk typist Rose Inn, High Street, St Lawrence Thomas John NICHOLSON publican    
2nd November Eric Charles Randall LONG 23 bachelor carpenter 31 Belmont Road, Broadstairs Charles Ernest LONG (deceased) motor mechanic banns Lilian J L LONG, Leslie R NICHOLSON
  Julia Marion NICHOLSON 20 spinster clerk & shorthand typist 43 Auckland Avenue Leslie Robert Clement NICHOLSON shunter British Rail    
2nd November Paul Ivor ROUSE 25 bachelor glass blower 12 Hobart Road, St Lawrence Ivor ROUSE quarry worker banns R SHAKESPEARE, I ROUSE
  Janet Winifred SHAKESPEARE 24 spinster hairdresser 9 Marden Avenue Willam Albert SHAKESPEARE (deceased) mechanic    
23rd November Lewis Barwick DARBY 70 widower retired builder 37 St Lukes Avenue George DARBY (deceased) - banns T G CORK, Michael B DARBY
  Lydia Grace CORK 58 widow housewife 112 Newington Road Francis WELLS (deceased) -    
30th November Leonard George COOK 19 bachelor gardener 3 Union Crescent, Margate Sidney Ernest COOK manager holiday camp banns T J BANNISTER, F E F CHURCH
  Margaret Ann CHURCH 18 spinster waitress 121 Melbourne Avenue Frederick Evelyn Francis CHURCH builder & decorator    
14th December John MALIN 21 bachelor police constable 2 West Street, Evesham, Worcestershire Charles MALIN (deceased) - banns E MALIN, A B HOARE
  Sandra Bernadette HOARE 23 spinster assembly worker 23 Melbourne Avenue Ambrose Bertie HOARE fitter    
28th December Timothy James MACHIN 22 bachelor teacher 17 Grummock Avenue, St Lawrence Arnold Christopher MACHIN Local Government Officer banns Rosamond C CLIPPER, David RUMBELOW
  Susan Murray HARRIOTT 20 spinster nurse 16A Northwood Road, Oxford Edmund Herman HARRIOTT business manager    
28th December David John DURSTON over 21 bachelor taxi driver 14 High Street, St Lawrence Robert Francis DURSTON(deceased) miner banns A E WARD, H R WARD
  Christine Pearl WARD 19 spinster factory worker 14 High Street, St Lawrence Henry Ralph WARD builders foreman    

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