Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1965-66


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
6th February Brian William TOON 25 bachelor floor layer 46 Northdown Hill, St Peters Cecil William TOON painter & decorator banns Brian MASON, Harry STURGESS
  Patricia Anne STURGESS 20 spinster shop assistant 149 Princess Margaret Avenue, St Lawrence Harry Edward STURGESS wood machinist    
20th February David John BONNER 22 bachelor bank clerk 61 Dane Crescent, Ramsgate Henry Thomas BONNER caretaker banns E G PINE, H J BONNER
  Leslie Ann PINE 18 spinster bank clerk 17 Eskdale Avenue, St Lawrence Eric George PINE manager flour mill    
6th March Michael David WARMAN 22 bachelor assistant operator power station 21 Crescent Road, Ramsgate Albert Harry WARMAN hotelier banns Fred A BURTON, Albert Henry WARMAN
  Margaret BURTON 21 spinster staff nurse 25 Nethercourt Gardens, St Lawrence Frederick Thomas BURTON motor mechanic    
6th March Derek Thomas BROWNING 21 bachelor trainee accountant 11 Westcliff Road, Ramsgate Sidney Thomas BROWNING (deceased) bricklayer - Edwin James Taylor WILLIAMS, Louisa BARNES
  Virginia Jean Taylor WILLIAMS 18 spinster clerk / typist 36 Bursill Crescent, St Lawrence Edwin James Taylor WILLIAMS guard British Railway    
13th March William Derek LATTER 21 bachelor T V engineer 13 Lister Road, Margate Richard William LATTER school caretaker banns Eileen M LATTER, Rita E GIBBENS
  Patricia Eileen GIBBENS 20 spinster factory hand 28 Kennedy House, Ramsgate, formerly of 14 Bathurst Close, St Lawrence Reginald William Thomas GIBBENS (deceased) Royal Navy    
20th March Ernest Alfred OBORNE 60 bachelor cleaner 119 Southwood Road, St Lawrence William OBORNE (deceased) coach painter banns Frederick Arthur COLLYER, John PEARCEE
  Grace Mary COLLYER 56 spinster cleaner 17 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Charles Thomas COLLYER (deceased) gardener    
20th March Denis John CAVELL 22 bachelor carpenter 91 Whitehall Road, Ramsgate - - banns R S BAUL?, D F FULLER?
  Penelope Joan FULLER 19 spinster shorthand typist 153 Newington Road, St Lawrence Douglas Stephen FULLER charge    
27th March David Arthur SHAW 19 bachelor miner 145 Melbourne Avenue, St Lawrence Ronald Arthur SHAW electrician banns Eric Adam WALKER, R A SHAW
  Christine Lucy WALKER 18 spinster shop assistant 35 Whitefield Avenue, St Peters in Thanet Eric Adam WALKER painter    
27th March Tony HANKINSON 22 bachelor transformer erector 2 Brandon Road, St Lawrence Wilfred HANKINSON miner banns J O HOPKINS, D NASH
  Diana HOPKINS 18 spinster factory hand 7 Rockstone Way, St Lawrence James Allan HOPKINS engineer General Post Office    
27th March Graham NEWTON 22 bachelor policeman 22 Hardres Road, Ramsgate Ernest Thomas NEWTON (deceased) farm labourer banns E H STILL, W E NEWTON
  Pauline Margot WILLIAMS 24 spinster receptionist The Bungalow, Arundee Road, Cliffsend Ernest Francis WILLIAMS labourer    
27th March Richard James EDMONDS 20 bachelor motor mechanic Mogul House, East Street, Ash Eric Raymond EDWARDS shop owner banns Eric R EDMONDS, G BAIN
  Hilary Frances BAIN 21 spinster clerk / typist 82 Manston Road, St Lawrence Gordon James BAIN accountant    
3rd April Karl Heinz William GOODBOURN 20 bachelor engineering inspector 36 Trove Court, Ramsgate Sidney Horace Young GOODBOURN fitter banns D LEVITT, William LAGE
  Sandra LEVITT 18 spinster secretary shorthand typist 3 Bursill Crescent, St Lawrence - -    
3rd April John LAWRENCE 24 bachelor security officer 291 Great West Road, Hounslow, W Robert James LAWRENCE coal merchant banns F A ARNOLD, David W G MCKNIGHT
  Doreen Ann ARNOLD 27 spinster police officer 20 Herbert Road, St Lawrence Frederick Alfred ARNOLD driver    
3rd April William John BYNE 22 bachelor clerk The Admiral Fox, Grange Road, St Lawrence Kenneth George BYNE licenced victualler banns R W DODSWORTH, K G BYNE
  Ann DODSWORTH 27 spinster clerk 43 Devonshire Gardens, Margate Ronald Walter DODSWORTH bank manager    
1st May Roy George FOX 27 bachelor driver salesman 42 Bursill Crescent, St Lawrence George Edward Thomas FOX butchers manager banns G E FOX, D P STUPPLES
  Sheila Beatrice STUPPLES 22 spinster packer 29 Riversdale Road, St Lawrence Dennis Percy STUPPLES fitter    
13th May Douglas George HOLMES 23 bachelor senior shop assistant 5 Walton House, 112 High Street, Broadstairs George HOLMES traffic examiner licence K M SHARMAN, G HOLMES
  Elizabeth Ann SHARMAN 22 spinster copy typist 44 Queen Bertha Road, St Lawrence John Bernard SHARMAN builder    
29th May Graham Robert WOODWARD 19 bachelor apprentice gas fitter 29 Hereson Road, Ramsgate Herbert Richard Albert WOODWARD plastic moulder banns R F PARRISH, H R A WOODWARD
  Nancy Elizabeth PARRISH 18 spinster typist receptionist 38 Kimberley Road, St Lawrence Ronald Francis PARRISH capstan operator    
5th June Brian Frederick WEST 27 bachelor representative 73 Addiscombe Road, Margate Frederick WEST mechanic banns A EMPTAGE, F WEST
  Valerie Frances EMPTAGE 22 spinster shop assistant 5 Staner Court Henry Joseph EMPTAGE (deceased) butcher    
12th June Leslie Thomas RABBITT 25 bachelor mechanic 7 Albion Street, Broadstairs Edward Thomas RABBITT factory manager banns E ATTWOOD, E T RABBITT
  Jean Mary ATTWOOD 21 spinster factory operator 12 Dunedin Road, St Lawrence Ernest Charles ATTWOOD moulder    
12th June Leonard Peter COOPER 30 bachelor salesman 8 Thorne Road, Minster Henry Leonard COOPER driver banns E F JOHNSON, S M COOPER
  Pamela Jean JOHNSON 23 spinster bank clerk 22 St Lawrence Avenue, St Lawrence Raymond John JOHNSON shop proprietor    
12th June Ronald Charles MOUNT 24 bachelor agricultural worker 86 Park Lane, Birchington Charles MOUNT builder banns E F JOHNSON, G M WOODLAND
  Barbara Ann JOHNSON 20 spinster shop assistant 22 St Lawrence Avenue, St Lawrence Raymond John JOHNSON shop proprietor    
19th June Michael John MURR 26 bachelor carpenter 46 Mote Road, Maidstone Henry Alfred MURR draughtsman banns D C HEAD, H A MURR
  Marion HEAD 23 spinster clerk 10 Queensgate Road, St Lawrence Desmond Charles HEAD District Representative Gas Board    
19th June Ernest BLAKEMORE 22 bachelor fitter 133 Nixon Avenue, Ramsgate Clarence BLAKEMORE miner banns S HARMER, C BLAKEMORE
  Vivienne Patricia STANLEY 19 spinster shop assistant 39 Princess Margaret Avenue, St Lawrence Robert STANLEY waiter    
19th June Peter ROUSE 19 bachelor glass blower 12 Hobart Road, St Lawrence Ivor ROUSE crane driver banns I ROUSE, W R HODGES
  Janice Enid HODGES 19 spinster bottle hand 19 Bathurst Close, St Lawrence William Ronald HODGES miner    
17th July Anthony Robert COATES 25 bachelor S. A/C  R.A.F. RAF Camp Watton Norfolk Edward COATES weights & measures inspector banns M C FLETCHER, H C FLETCHER
  Shirley Anne Lucille FLETCHER 19 spinster L.A.C.W.  R.A.F. 80 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Herbert Clive Gorden FLETCHER shop owner    
24th July Edwin Frederick Charles STAMP 24 bachelor Officer R.A.M.C. 18 Helvellyn Avenue, St Lawrence Percy Herbert STAMP (deceased) Civil Servant banns Alan J BROWN, E ROWLANDS, J P BARNES
  Nina Rosemary BARNES 21 spinster Dental nurse receptionist 93 Crescent Road, Ramsgate James Philip BARNES bank clerk    
21st August Garnet Hughes PRITCHARD 28 bachelor quantity surveyor 184 Caerleon Road, Newport, Monmouthshire Hubert Thomas PRITCHARD security officer banns ? BOMON, John C JORDAN
  Yvonne MCNEILL 20 spinster secretary Bay View, Windsor Road, Cliffsend John MCNEILL (deceased) Civil Servant    
21st August Christopher John Douglas Saunders GRIFFITHS 36 bachelor schoolmaster Penketh House, Weston, Cheshire Douglas Parry Saunders GRIFFITHS (deceased) schoolmaster banns Terence ROBINSON, R M Saunders GRIFFITHS
  Caroline ROBINSON 20 spinster - Winlous, 123 London Road, St Lawrence Terence ROBINSON solicitor    
21st August John Wesley KILLEY 60 widower retired electrician 23 Cliftonville Avenue, St Lawrence William Cowley KILLEY (deceased) ships corker banns H B COULD, W B PRICE
  Lily Violet PRICE 65 widow housewife 69 Downs Road, St Lawrence Clarence Charles PAY (deceased) carpenter    
4th September William Richard BOUCHEZ 62 widower retired public company secretary 32 Woodside Grange Road, London N12 - - banns Frederick STAMP, E F ATKINS
  Charlotta STAMP 56 widow retired school teacher 18 Helvellyn Avenue, St Lawrence - -    
4th September Michael Alfred SPELLER 19 bachelor tool setter 100 DaneValley Road, Margate William Alfred SPELLER charge hand fitter banns W A SPELLER, L G CRIBBENS
  Diane June CRIBBENS 21 spinster factory hand 44 St Johns Avenue, St Lawrence Leslie George CRIBBENS van driver B.R.    
4th September Terence Roy CULLEN 20 bachelor throwing plant operative 99 Station Approach Road, Ramsgate William Ernest CULLEN painter & decorator banns R H SHEPPARD, W E CULLEN
  Carol Ann SHEPPARD 19 spinster linker 7 Dunedin Road, St Lawrence - -    
5th September Kenneth NICHOLS 18 bachelor bricklayer 31 Holly Road, Ramsgate Leonard NICHOLS plastic moulder banns L NICHOLS, Edward A CASTLE
  Barbara Ann CASTLE 20 spinster shop assistant 34 Kimberley Road, St Lawrence Edward Arthur CASTLE shopkeeper    
18th September Graham Alfred REYNOLDS 22 bachelor mechanical engineer 22 Darwin Close, Coventry Alfred Edward REYNOLDS (deceased) machine tool setter banns F L ELLABY, M REYNOLDS
  Joyce Ann ELLABY 21 spinster laboratory technician 95 Rydal Avenue, St Lawrence Francis Leonard ELLABY engineering estimator    
18th September Derrick Wilson DANN 24 bachelor technical assistant 4 Fir Tree Close, St Lawrence John Daniel DANN credit trader banns G STOCKS, J D DANN
  Mavis Marion STOCKS 20 spinster shop assistant 35 Trove Court, Ramsgate Gersham STOCKS handyman    
18th September Ronald Russell PHILLIPS 21 bachelor carpenter & joiner 3 Albion Place, Ramsgate Leonard Frederick PHILLIPS quantity surveyor banns A HOMEWOOD, D PHILLIPS
  Linda Irene HOMEWOOD 18 spinster typist 16 Lorina Road, St Lawrence Albert HOMEWOOD Relief Inspector B.R.    
25th September George DUNKLING 31 bachelor groundsman 11 St Peters Footpath, Margate Robert George Charles DUNKLING labourer banns S T J CURTIS, V N M DUNKLING
  Audrey Barbara CURTIS 25 spinster book binder 64 London Road, St Lawrence Stanley Thomas CURTIS -    
25th September Anthony Martin SHERSLY 21 bachelor fitter 78 Albion Road, St Peters in Thanet John Lionel SHERSLY (deceased) electrician banns G R SHERSLY, R BRITTON
  Janet Ann BRITTON 23 spinster machinist 4 Bathurst Close, St Lawrence Charles William Stanley BRITTON moulder    
9th October Robert William LOVE 28 bachelor chartered accountant 2 Yewtree Lane, Wergs, Wolverhampton Joseph William LOVE house decorator banns Dorothea AUSTIN, J W LOVE
  Jeanne Dorothea AUSTIN 25 spinster secretary Woody Bay, Royal Esplanade, St Lawrence Brian Stanley AUSTIN builder    
9th October Neil William JEFFERSON 20 bachelor laboratory technician 45 East Street, Canterbury, Kent Ronald JEFFERSON heating ventilating engineer banns F J BRIDGELAND, R JEFFERSON
  Marion Elizabeth BRIDGELAND 25 spinster dispatch worker 129 Newington Road, St Lawrence Frederick John BRIDGELAND decorator    
23rd October Albert John Mansel AMPHLETT 66 widower retired Hillside, Cliff View Road, Cliffsend, Ramsgate William AMPHLETT (decaesed) warehouseman banns S S HOLDEN, W P HOLDEN
  Gladys Maude WOOLETT 63 widow housewife 12 Denmark Road, Ramsgate Philip George HOLDEN (deceased) water works engineer    
30th October Albert Ernest CARDEN 56 widower civil defense worker 14A Lancaster Way, Braintree, Essex Frank CARDEN (deceased) garage proprietor banns A M FOULSTONE, P ROGER
  Mollie Kathleen TURNHAM 53 widow school secretary 11 Westcliff Terrace Mansions, St Lawrence Arthur Joseph HILTON (deceased) builder    
27th December Terence Victor LEDLEY 20 bachelor ornamental metal worker 30 Roman Road, Ramsgate Victor John LEDLEY foreman builder banns B D MILLER, E W JONES
  Yvonne Annette JONES 19 spinster district sales operator 6 Bathurst Close, St Lawrence Eval William JONES bakery supervisor    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
15th January Roy LUMPKIN 20 bachelor labourer 1 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Charles Henry LUMPKIN disabled electric welder banns R A GOODHALL, C H LUMPKIN
  Beryl GOODHALL 18 spinster machinist 46 St James Avenue, St Lawrence Robert Albert GOODHALL stoker    
22nd January Robert Edward ELLIS 18 bachelor shoe repairer 5 Dundonald road, Ramsgate Mypyn ELLIS miner banns A T STEEL, M J ELLIS
  Avril Pauline STEEL 19 spinster typist 26 Wlifred Road, St Lawrence Alfred Thomas STEEL carpenter    
22nd January Derek Richard GADSDON 21 bachelor laboratory technician 7 Goodwin Road, St Lawrence Wilfred Leslie GADSDON salesman banns C J GADSDON, R F COX
  Jose Maureen COX 21 spinster clerical assistant 25 Columbo Square, St Lawrence Rodney Frederick COX stonemason    
19th February Sidney Charles ELLIOTT 18 bachelor scaffolder 24 Guildford Avenue, Westgate Sidney Charles Edwin ELLIOTT scaffolder banns Marilyn SHAW, P MARSON
  Rosemary Dorothy SHEPHERD 18 spinster laminator 36 The Centre, Newington Street Herbert John Thomas SHEPHERD fitter    
19th February James Sidney BELSEY 26 bachelor transport driver 98 Coleman Crescent, Ramsgate Sidney Frank BELSEY general labourer banns G J MARRIOT, S F BELSEY
  Cheryl Jane MARRIOT 20 spinster foodpacker 75 Southwood Gardens George Joseph MARRIOT scrap metal merchant    
26th February Michael Ernest FARRIER 32 bachelor R.A.F. 9 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Ernest Maurice FARRIER (deceased) engineer banns K E FARRIER, W A DANTON
  Maureen DANTON 19 spinster Royal Navy Nurse 61 High Street, St Lawrence Walter Alfred DANTON stoker    
12th March Michael George PILCHER 21 bachelor maintenance engineer 2 Acol Farm Cottages, Birchington George PILCHER farm worker banns E ROTHWELL, N W PICKERING
  Barbara ROTHWELL 18 spinster bakery hand 68 Newington Road Charlie Henry ROTHWELL (deceased) coach builder    
19th March James FARRIMOND 22 bachelor electrician 4 Whitehall Road James FARRIMOND British Railways banns J J WILKIESON, D FARRIMOND
  Carole Ann WILKIESON 20 spinster factory worker 4 (B) Brecon Square James WILKIESON (deceased) paper mills    
26th March John Charles DARWELL 21 bachelor core builder 16A Weyburn Drive, St Lawrence Charles DARWELL (deceased) miner banns D M HEAD, M DUNN
  Linda Margaret HEAD 20 spinster shop assistant 11 Dunedin Road, St Lawrence Cecil Douglas HEAD baker    
26th March Henry Arthur LAURENCE 20 bachelor apprentice electrician Elm Lodge, High Street, St Lawrence Shadrach John Henry LAURENCE electricians mate banns Jennie MAXTED, S LAURENCE
  Jennifer Joan MAXTED 20 spinster factory hand 18A Weyburn Drive Lewis George MAXTED casual worker    
26th March Michael DAVIES 21 bachelor coal man 28 Wellington Crescent, Ramsgate Leslie Charles DAVIES interior decorator banns F BUGDEN, E K DAVIES
  Yvonne BUGDEN 18 spinster factory worker 68 Southwood Gardens, St Lawrence Frank Leonard Douglas BUGDEN miner    
31st March Raymond Henry MCMAHON 26 bachelor salesman 24 Lorina Road, St Lawrence Henry MCMAHON railway inspector banns C KNIGHT, G BOLGER
  Sylvia KNIGHT 24 spinster clerk 108 Newington Road William KNIGHT civil servant retired    
2nd April Michael BURROWS 22 bachelor sales representative 193 Millmead Road, Cliftonville, Margate Morton Arthur BURROWS laboratory technician retired banns Charles L KING, George J MAIRS
  Jaqueline Jeannette KING 21 spinster student 5 Langdale Avenue, Ramsgate Charles Leslie KING railway inspector    
2nd April John KINSMAN 18 bachelor apprentice electrician 43 Rockstone Way, St Lawrence James Gibson KINSMAN miner banns R C SIDE, J KINSMAN
  Thelma Ann SIDE 18 spinster clerk 74 Crescent Road, Ramsgate Raymond Conan SIDE civil servant    
2nd April Paul Raymond WHITEMAN 20 bachelor trainee shop manager 21 Grange Road Reginald John WHITEMAN retired headmaster banns W DOWNS, R J WHITEMAN
  Lynda Ann DOWNS 19 spinster shorthand typist 8 Queens Avenue Walter William DOWNS garage foreman fitter    
2nd April Christopher George HARDING 23 bachelor civil engineer 53 Thornford Gardens, Southend on Sea George William HARDING representative banns B C WIGGINS, M HOYLE
  Lynda Hannah LUFF 24 spinster teacher Buckland, Nethercourt Hill Harry James LUFF electronic engineer    
2nd April William YEOMAN 21 bachelor ladies hairdresser 154 Ramsgate Road, Margate William Cornwallis YEOMAN gents hairdresser banns W C YEOMAN, G DEBLING
  Georgina Mary DEBLING 21 spinster machinist 43 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence George Thomas DEBLING fitter mechanic    
26th April Donald Charles John TUTT 19 bachelor clerk Hedge Row, Manston Road, Manston, Kent Roy Rapson TUTT bookmaker licence Roy R TUTT, D P STUPPLES
  Jennifer Ann STUBBLES 16 spinster shop assistant 29 Riversdale Road, St Lawrence Dennis Percy STUPPLES AGA fitter    
30th April Brian Leonard CRAMPTON 24 bachelor Army 19 St Davids Road, Ramsgate Leslie Stanley CRAMPTON bricklayer licence T MCMAHON, L CRAMPTON
  Sheila MCMAHON 21 spinster W.R.A.F. 24 Fairlight Avenue Thomas MCMAHON miner    
14th May Richard Joseph PRICHARD 24 bachelor structural engineer 42 Broadwalk, Heston, Middlesex Richard Ramsey PRICHARD engineering inspector banns J C DEAKIN, R R PRICHARD
  Susanne Carol DEAKIN 21 spinster nurse 6 London Road Frank Clifford DEAKIN tailor & outfitter    
4th June Robert John WIDDOWS 27 bachelor bakery worker 10 Osborne Terrace, Margate Robert John WIDDOWS retired banns L E WOODWARD, R J WIDDOWS
  Diane Elizabeth WOODWARD 22 spinster chemists assistant The Cottage, Warre Recreation Ground, St Lawrence Horace Charles WOODWARD retired    
11th June Michael David NOBLE 28 bachelor Royal Navy 126 Weyburn Drive, St Lawrence Arthur NOBLE general foreman builder banns E W MILES, Arthur Noble
  Marjorie May MILES 29 spinster clerk 156 Newington Road, St Lawrence Arthur MILES (deceased) -    
18th June David Reginald MABLE 27 bachelor Royal Air Force 66 Park Avenue, Birchington Reginald MABLE retired insurance agent banns C N REYNOLDS, R MABLE
  Patricia Kay REYNOLDS 23 spinster invoice clerk 50 Newington Road, St Lawrence Cecil William REYNOLDS security officer    
16th July John Bernard CARTHEW 20 bachelor police constable 34 Rydal Avenue, St Lawrence Frank George CARTHEW director banns A SMITH, Enid F CARTHEW
  Sandria Gwendoline SMITH 21 spinster nurse 35 Canterbury Road, St Lawrence Alexander SMITH police inspector    
6th August Raymond WINDSOR 21 bachelor fitter / welder 8 Brisbane Drive, St Lawrence Lloyd George WINDSOR miner banns N R COWELL, L G WINDSOR
  Linda Ann COWELL 18 spinster shop assistant 11 St Johns Avenue, St Lawrence John Alfred COWELL bus conductor    
3rd September Geoffrey MANNING 22 bachelor electricians mate 54 Ellington Road Francis Alwyn MANNING retired banns F MANNING, J GOLDFINCH
  Kathleen Philomena GOLDFINCH 19 spinster shorthand typist 21 Auckland Avenue John Henry GOLDFINCH fitter    
3rd September Trevor David LASKEY 22 bachelor auto electrician 11 Kent Road, Margate David William LASKEY printer banns D LASKEY, J H SHELLIN
  Carole Anne MELLISH 22 spinster civil servant Masson, Stirling Way, St Lawrence John Edward MELLISH (deceased) Sergeant R.A.    
3rd September Barry John WHITE 23 bachelor electrical engineer 31 Nash Road, Margate William Frederick WHITE decorator banns C H W EDMONDS, W F WHITE
  Anne Elizabeth ROBERTS 21 spinster hairdresser 10 Aukland Avenue, St Lawrence Andrew Fairgreaves ROBERTS musician    
10th September George Walter ARNHEIM 30 bachelor electrical engineer 12 Alpha Place, Chelsea Walter ARNHEIM company director banns William T SPENCELEY, Walter ARNHEIM
  Wendy Julia SPENCELEY 22 spinster osteopath 93 London Road William Timothy SPENCELEY osteopath    
10th September Terence Sidney ELLOTT 22 bachelor buyer 41 Kimberley Road, St Lawrence Sidney ELLOTT fitters mate banns C T BARTLETT, J F SIRKETT
  Pamela Mary BARTLETT 22 spinster clerk 41 Kimberley Road, St Lawrence Charles Thomas BARTLETT taxi driver    
11th September Christopher Francis Rodney CULL 20 bachelor carpenter & joiner 16 Cross Road, Birchington Lewis CULL (deceased) toolmaker banns R TURNER, J D HEWITT
  Kathleen Margaret TURNER 21 spinster shop assistant 59 London Road, Ramsgate Philip John TURNER public works contractor    
17th September Michael Alan COUSINS 22 bachelor toolmaker 54 Osterley Park View Road, Hanwell W7 Douglas James COUSINS master plumber banns Hugh J GIBBEN, Carol A ANDERSON
  Averil Gwendoline COOPER 21 spinster factory assembler 41 Wilfred Road Charles Frederick COOPER G.P.O.    
24th September Robert John CHAPMAN 21 bachelor van driver 12 Whalley Road, Ramsgate Leonard Claude CHAPMAN corporation worker banns E DICKINSON, R CHAPMAN
  Valerie Ann DICKINSON 21 spinster factory hand 28 Telham Avenue Whitfield DICKINSON miner    
1st October Anthony Frederick Lloyd KNIGHT 24 bachelor test assistant 106 Selesdon Road, South Croydon Frederick Ernest KNIGHT managing director banns S H DUCKETT, F E KNIGHT
  Beryl May DUCKETT 22 spinster wages clerk 23 Grosvenor Road Stanley Harold DUCKETT retired civil servant    
1st October Peter Charles MACHIN 23 bachelor technical advisor 17 Grummock Avenue, St Lawrence Arnold Christopher MACHIN clerk banns W H BEECHAM, T J MACHIN
  Marion Eleanor BEECHAM 21 spinster telephonist 63 Helvellyn Avenue, St Lawrence Wilfred Harman BEECHAM retired insurance agent    
1st October Royston George BABER 27 bachelor coil winder 26 Bradley Road George Samuel BABER (deceased) coal miner licence K V BABER, J W ANDREWS
  Diane Megan ANDREWS 20 spinster hat decorator 1 Chilton Lane John ANDREWS labourer    
2nd October James Roland WIGLEY 59 widower hotelier Avenue House, Avenue Road, Ramsgate Thomas WIGLEY (deceased) - licence M K SPROAT, A J WIGLEY
  Winifred SPROAT 51 spinster secretary 50 The Centre, Newington William Rowden SPROAT (deceased) -    
8th October Brian Frank WARD 27 bachelor marine engineer 7 Highbury Walk Frank WARD coal miner banns E W R WARD, H E HOUGHAM
  Eileen Margaret HOUGHAM 21 spinster ledger clerk 25 Quetta Road Herbert Edward HOUGHAM milkman    
8th October Peter Michael TIMMS 31 bachelor hairdresser 1 St Mildreds Road, Ramsgate Alfred William TIMMS retired postal worker banns C J TIMMS, A W TIMMS
  Beryl Ann BRADSHAW 23 spinster shop assistant 26 Beverly Way, St Lawrence Kenneth BRADSHAW (deceased) shop manager    
8th October Edwin John HANDFORD 20 bachelor garage mechanic 49 Pierremont Avenue, Broadstairs John HANDFORD garage proprietor banns S P ELLIS, J HANDFORD
  Selina Ann ELLIS 17 spinster domestic 26 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence John ELLIS miner    
15th October Derek Malcolm BOURNE 30 bachelor precision welder 10 Lavender Road, Dudley Charles BOURNE retired banns G E PHILPOTT, Charles BOURNE
  Joyce Margaret PHILPOTT 26 spinster invoice typist 49 Bloomsbury Road, Ramsgate George Edward PHILPOTT butcher    
29th October John Anthony LEWIS 23 bachelor GPO (radio) Cliffsend Café, Sandwich Road, St Lawrence Gilbert Leonard LEWIS café proprietor banns E F LEWIS, M AUSTIN
  Lynda Patricia AUSTIN 22 spinster photographic sales manageress 18 Spencer Square, Ramsgate Nelson James AUSTIN coal miner    
17th December John Francis WILLIAMS 27 bachelor RN The Bungalow, Arundel Road, Cliffsend Ernest Francis WILLIAMS (deceased) labourer banns D WILLIAMS, D MONCKTON
  Denise Jeannette MONCKTON 20 spinster cashier 73 Hardres Street Dennis Mark MONCKTON driller    
26th December Donald Blease ASTON 27 bachelor Army 10 Montague Road, Ramsgate Albert Frederick ASTON (deceased) - banns P O WRIGHT, Mary B ASTON
  Pamela WRIGHT 22 spinster factory worker 14 Dunedin Road, Ramsgate Norman Victor WRIGHT manager    
27th December Norman Patrick DADD 23 bachelor accountant 77 Gladstone Road, Broadstairs Montague Ellis Gamble DADD accountant banns E N SPRATLING, G SMITH
  Jennifer Mary SPRATLING 22 spinster teacher 34 Cliffsend Road, St Lawrence Eason Harrison SPRATLING retired master draper    
31st December Roy BINGHAM 20 bachelor Army 4 Rawdon Road, St Lawrence Harold Edward BINGHAM (deceased) - banns M LEE, N J BINGHAM
  Patricia LEE 19 spinster sales assistant 64 Southwood Road, Ramsgate John George LEE (deceased) -    

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