Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1963-64


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
9th February Geoffrey Christopher Maurice MUNDAY 19 bachelor laboratory technician 11 Wellington Crescent, Ramsgate Maurice MUNDAY general foreman banns D V ADDINGTON, M MUNDAY
  Denise Betty ADDINGTON 20 spinster laboratory technician 3 Kendal Close, St Lawrence Denis Verdun ADDINGTON linotype operator    
16th February Leonard John HARROLD 20 bachelor builder 42 Melbourne Avenue, St Lawrence Leonard HARROLD miner banns L M WATSON, J M HARROLD
  Cynthia Joan Anita STELLYES 16 spinster - 49 Stirling Way, St Lawrence James Herman STELLYES (deceased) mattress maker    
16th February Brian David WOODWARD 24 bachelor knitter 74 Addiscombe Road, Margate James Charles David WOODWARD dispatch clerk banns K WOODWARD, T THOMPSON
  Pauline Grace DUFF 26 widow dispatch clerk 44 Rydal Avenue, St Lawrence Sidney HARVEY labourer    
16th February Arthur Henry BONE 65 widower Civil Servant valuation clerk 38 Hollicondane Road, Ramsgate Alfred BONE (deceased) head dispatch clerk banns R RICKET, P ANDREWS
  Irene Florence Ada ANDREWS 63 widow housewife 10 Pegwell Close, St Lawrence James BENNETT (deceased) foreman carpenter    
23rd February Keith PILCHER 24 bachelor gas fitter 143 Boundary Road, Ramsgate Charles WILLIAM PILCHER warehouseman banns William Frederick EDWARDS, Charles William PILCHER
  Brenda Sylvia BEECH 18 spinster sales assistant 16 Melbourne Avenue, St Lawrence - -    
23rd February Joseph GREENHALGH 30 bachelor coach builder 30 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence Joseph GREENHALGH pensioner banns A OLIVER, R S ROACH
  Pamela Ann SOLLEY 23 spinster manageress shoe shop 30 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence Edward Lawrence James SOLLEY plumber foreman    
23rd February David OLIVER 23 bachelor draughtsman 30 Albert Road, St Peters in Thanet Albert OLIVER salesman banns A OLIVER, E L J SOLLEY
  Maureen Rosalie SOLLEY 19 spinster optical dispenser 30 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence Edward Lawrence James SOLLEY foreman plumber    
9th March Anthony Roy EUDEN 21 bachelor electrician 22 Brights Place, Ramsgate John William EUDEN foundryman banns J W EUDEN, G W HARNETT
  Rosemary Ann HARNETT 18 spinster shop assistant 20 Whitehall Road, Ramsgate George William HARNETT railwayman    
16th March Rodney George John ARNOLD 27 bachelor teleprinter 97 Robinson Road, Tooting, SW17 Cyril Raymond ARNOLD head clerk banns AF COX, E E ARNOLD
  Edna Joan COX 26 spinster factory worker Gatehouse, Cliffsend Arthur Francis COX porter    
16th March John Norman WRIGHT 29 widower fitter 19 Astrid Road, Walmer John WRIGHT commercial traveller banns P D ROACH, A L SETTERFIELD
  Elsie Rose SETTERFIELD 28 spinster factory operative 39 Ashburnham, St Lawrence Edward SETTERFIELD (deceased) miner    
23rd March John Sutton WALSH 20 bachelor welder Ramblers, Cliif View Road, Cliffsend John WALSH fitter banns L SMITH, J WALSH
  Jeanette SMITH 20 spinster factory worker 12 Calverden Road, St Lawrence Leslie SMITH bus cleaner    
30th March Fernand John Robert MANARD 32 bachelor veterinary surgeon Wellisley House, Walmer Auguste Alcide Fernand MENARD retired builder banns John NEWTON, L H DALE
  Janet Elizabeth TOLEMAN 20 spinster secretary 5 Foads Lane, Cliffsend Archie TOLEMAN Civil Servant    
11th May Terence David COTTON 21 bachelor junior animal technician 36 Effingham Street, Ramsgate William Gowers COTTON (deceased) Warrant Officer R.A.F. banns Pauline GIVEN, T GOODIN
  Valerie Pearl PRIEST 23 spinster hairdresser 31 Pegwell Road, St Lawrence Alfred PRIEST hairdresser    
8th June Cledwyn Mansel THOMAS 21 bachelor Corporal Royal Fusiliers 39 Melbourne Avenue, Ramsgate Leslie THOMAS British Railways employee banns W E L GOLDSMITH, L THOMAS
  Eileen May GOLDSMITH 21 spinster factoryhand 38 Clifton Road, St Lawrence William Edward GOLDSMITH mechanic    
8th June Raymond John MILHAM 23 bachelor tractor driver 2 Ebbsfleet Cottages, Ebbsfleet Francis Carleton Beets MILHAM cowman banns A COX, F C B MILHAM
  Ann COX 19 spinster factory worker Gatehouse, Cliffsend Arthur Francis COX porter    
15th June John Sidney EMBLETON 21 bachelor miner 14 Helvellyn Avenue, St Lawrence Sidney EMBLETON miner banns T R TAYLOR, R PAGE
  Christabelle Ann CARTER 21 spinster shop assistant 12 Adelaide Gardens, Ramsgate George Bernard CARTER (deceased) commercial traveller    
27th July Derek Philip MUSK 27 bachelor youth leader 112 Grange Road, St Lawrence Philip Daniel MUSK storeman banns P D MUSK, D P QUICK
  Patricia Ann QUICK 23 spinster state registered nurse 16 Hamilton Close, St Lawrence Douglas Percy Anderson QUICK watchmaker & jeweller    
17th August Michael George Francis YATES 20 bachelor fitters mate 166 Crescent Road, Ramsgate George Albert YATES painter banns G A RIVENS, F C WARD
  Lynda Ann WARD 18 spinster dressmaker 147 Melbourne Avenue, St Lawrence John Chadwick WARD motor man    
18th August Terry WILMSHURST 22 bachelor bakers roundsman The Post Office, Westmarsh, Ash Edward Thomas WILMSHURST baker banns B WILMSHURST, G E CLEMENTS
  Patricia Cora CLEMENTS 19 spinster typist 57 Norman Street, St Lawrence Arthur William CLEMENTS (deceased) Colonial Civil Servant    
31st August Peter James CHISHOLM 23 bachelor plastics operator The Beeches, Nethercourt Hill, St Lawrence Albert George CHISHOLM butcher banns Percy W GRAY, R V BENYWORTH
  Sheila Joan GRAY 25 spinster window dresser 93 Station Approach Road, Ramsgate Percy William GRAY builder    
7th September Colin Roger MOYS 20 bachelor salesman 11 St James Avenue, St Lawrence Frederick William MOYS baker & confectioner banns William H EDWARDS, Frederick William MOYS
  Barbara Anne EDWARDS 19 spinster assembler 26 Fitzroy Avenue, Ramsgate William Henry EDWARDS engineer    
14th September Geoffrey Christopher DURHAM 23 bachelor civil engineer 6 Rawdon Road, St Lawrence John DURHAM (deceased) omnibus inspector banns J H DURHAM, E E STEEL
  Maureen Ena STEEL 20 spinster hairdresser 26 Wlifred Road, St Lawrence Alfred Thomas STEEL carpenter    
21st September Clemments Hartley BIRD 44 bachelor clerk in holy orders St Lawrence Vicarage, St Lawrence Edward Douglas BIRD (deceased) insurance clerk ceremony performed by K J BIRD, J JACKMAN
  Margaret Ann BUSH 39 widow - 57 Southwood Gardens, St Lawrence John Arthur POWELL (deceased) sites clerk The Dean of Salisbury  
21st September John Richard STEAD 23 bachelor R.A.F. Corporal Air Traffic Control, R.A.F., Manston Harry STEAD sites manager banns E J CONNELLY, H STEAD
  Patricia Margaret CONNELLY 21 spinster shorthand typist 23 Riversdale Road, St Lawrence Edward John CONNELLY carpenter    
28th September Cyril VAUGHAN 22 bachelor painter 21 Chatham Street, Ramsgate Leonard VAUGHAN (deceased) potter banns A E SMITH, M M VAUGHAN
  Patricia Jean SMITH 20 spinster invoice typist 14 Grosvenor, St Lawrence Albert Edward SMITH painter & decorator    
5th October Harold WEBSTER 23 bachelor Lance Corporal Army 9 Benlea Cottages, Burton Pidsea, Hull Tom Batesow WEBSTER horticulturalist licence Francis Herbert SUMMERS, A H WILLS
  Doris Eva SUMMER(S) 20 spinster Lance Corporal Womens Royal Army Corps 42 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Francis Herbert SUMMERS dustman    
12th October Alan Ernest ASHDOWN 24 bachelor shop assistant 33 Bloomsbury Road, Ramsgate Alfred Henry Joseph ASHDOWN agricultural labourer banns A H J ASHDOWN, C H KNIGHT
  Elizabeth Mary KNIGHT 20 spinster sterile filler 37 Riversdale, St Lawrence Clarence Herbert KNIGHT warehouseman    
17th October Gordon WAREHAM 17 bachelor mechanical services engineer (apprentice) 47 Winstanley Crescent, Ramsgate George William WAREHAM butcher banns G ELLINGWORTH, I ELLINGWORTH
  Carol Ann ELLINGWORTH 16 spinster - 51 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence George ELLINGWORTH chef    
19th October Christopher Weatherly BROWN 27 bachelor salesman 26 St Peters Road, Margate George Sealle BROWN shopkeeper banns G S BROWN, W J NEWELL
  Linda Marjorie NEWELL 18 spinster ledger clerk 22 Minster Road, St Lawrence Walter James NEWELL insurance clerk    
19th October Basil JEAYS 23 bachelor labourer 12 Grafton Rise, Herne Bay Ernest JEAYS (deceased) printer banns L C BURROWS, J BRETT
  Margaret Ann BURROWS 20 spinster clerk typist 25 Pegwell Avenue, St Lawrence Leslie Charles BURROWS storekeeper    
26th October John Antony ALLEN 18 bachelor tiler The Black Horse, Canterbury William Richard ALLEN licencee banns P G WILSON, A KNIGHT
  Sandra Gillian KNIGHT 18 spinster factoryhand 3 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Albert Alfred Stanley KNIGHT pilot cutter    
30th November Stephen George SUTTON 24 bachelor lorry driver 14 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Frederick SUTTON farm labourer banns A A BIRD, L MARTIN
  Eileen Elizabeth MARTIN 20 spinster dry cleaning assistant 14 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Leslie MARTIN corporation worker    
7th December Bevan DYSON 29 bachelor draughtsman 28 Fernwood Avenue, Streatham, SW16 Frankland DYSON (deceased) engineer banns F STRANGE, Annie DYSON
  Nova STRANGE 21 spinster shorthand typist 149 Pegwell Road, St Lawrence Albert edward STRANGE retired Army Officer    
14th December Charles Winston HOWES 22 bachelor production control officer Hollydene, Haine Road, St Lawrence Charles George HOWES scrap metal merchant banns C G HOWES, J S DWIGHT
  Margaret Patricia DWIGHT 22 spinster laboratory technician 14 Downs Road, St Lawrence Joseph Stanley DWIGHT pharmeceutical technician    
21st December Ronald James Dennis MORTLAND 29 bachelor labourer 41 Dane Hill Row, Margate George NORTLAND (deceased) labourer licence L LAY, E RYAN
  Rita Evelyn LAY 23 spinster laundry worker 34 St Lawrence Avenue, St Lawrence George Henry Robert LAY (deceased) bricklayer    
26th December Michael John MAYO 27 bachelor general labourer 19 Granville Avenue, St Lawrence Maurice Charles MAYO bricklayer banns F A COLLYER, R D McCALLUM
  Jean Edith COLLYER 19 spinster laundry hand 21 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Frederick Arthur COLLYER gardener    
28th December Philip Ian WRATTEN 19 bachelor Royal Navy A B 5 Michael Avenue, Margate William Wellesley WRATTEN master baker banns Gweneth J WRATTEN, H S BROWN
  Rosalie Shirley Ellen BROWN 19 spinster factory worker 45 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Harold Thomas BROWN bait supplier    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
7th March Brian Eric COLLYER 21 bachelor mechanic 130 Downs Road, Walmer Leonard Frederick COLLYER carpenter banns J E ANSLEY, L F COLLYER
  Janet Denise ANSLEY 17 spinster office clerk 6 Hamilton Close, St Lawrence Jack Edward ANSLEY bus driver    
14th March Stanley Charles MATTHEWS 27 bachelor tilers mate 80 West Dumpton Lane, Ramsgate James Charles MATTHEWS (deceased) harbour board employee banns S C ALDER, G D MATTHEWS
  Joan Doris ALDER 23 spinster linker 16 St Johns Avenue, St Lawrence Stanley Clifford ALDER carpenter & joiner    
14th March Colin Edmund TICEHURST 24 bachelor policemen 24 Albert Road, Ramsgate Sydney Thomas Edward TICEHURST security officer banns A LEWIS, J ASHBY
  Bridget ASHBY 21 spinster shorthand typist 67 High Street, St Lawrence William Harrold ASHBY driver storeman    
28th March Kenneth Raymond BRICE 20 bachelor labourer 12 Chestnut Avenue, Blean Donald BRICE labourer banns D MILHAM, D BRICE
  Dorothy Regena MILHAM 19 spinster secretary 83 Sterling Way, St Lawrence Reginald Thomas MILHAM (deceased) farm worker    
28th March Peter AVERY 33 bachelor floor & wall tiler 4 Sandword Road, Ramsgate William Henry AVERY (deceased) fisherman banns A E COWELL, J R AVERY
  Eileen Frances MARSH 29 spinster clerk 27 Bathurst Close, Ramsgate Sidney Thomas MARSH -    
30th May Walter William NICHOL 25 bachelor R.A.F Sen, A/C. Fire Section, R.A.F. Coningsbury James Edward NICHOL shepperd banns G C HALL, A J HITCH
  Joyce Patricia HALL 26 spinster bank clerk Sholing, Haine Road, St Lawrence Samuel Charles HALL compositor    
6th June Trevor Richard HARRIS 29 bachelor store manager 48 Alder Road, Folkestone Ernest Richard HARRIS (deceased) manager relay television banns Donald Blaxland HARRIS, Raymomd F DENYER
  Betty Margaret DENYER 28 spinster staff supervisor 48 Nethercourt Hill, St Lawrence Frederick Arthur DENYER -    
13rd June Owen Godfrey HARDEN 24 bachelor paint sprayer 28a St Lawrence Avenue, Ramsgate Richard Arthur HARDEN pyrotechician banns Richard William Robert NORTON, Reginald Arthur HARDEN
  Rosalind NORTON 16 spinster - 1 Calverden Road, Ramsgate Richard William Robert NORTON army vehicle inspector    
4th July Douglas Crown BARKER 25 bachelor policeman 18 Hobart Road, St Lawrence Vernon Crown BARKER rodent operative banns J L WHEATLEY, Vernon C BARBER
  Kathlean WHEATLEY 24 spinster mothers help 41 Abbotsbury Road, Kensington W14 Joseph Leslie WHEATLEY steel erector    
25th July William Morris LOGUE 25 bachelor Corporal Royal Marines Royal Marines Depot, Deal Robert LOGUE (deceased) engine driver banns Leslie George Thomas HONE, John Henry MUNDAY
  Diana Lesley HONE 19 spinster W.R.E.N. 4 Westcliff Terrace Mansions, St Lawrence Leslie George Thomas HONE miner    
15th August John William MAYNARD 27 bachelor clerk in holy orders 40 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Henry James MAYNARD shipwright Service performed by Christopher DONALDSON Lionel J RICHARDS, Henry James MAYNARD
  Beryl Elsie RICHARDS 25 spinster teacher 47 Station Approach Road, Ramsgate Lionel James Wren RICHARDS fireman K.F.B. Rector of St Martins, Canterbury  
22nd August Edward David BARNES 37 bachelor schoolmaster 2 Windmill Close, Wellington Road, Eastbourne, Sussex Reginald Charles BARNES (deceased) rubber plantation manger banns Terence ROBINSON, Colin BARNES
  Eleanor Mary ROBINSON 33 spinster school matron Wenlock, 123 Lond Road, St Lawrence Terence ROBINSON solicitor    
29th August Peter Dennis MOORE 22 bachelor factory worker 10 Bathurst Close, St Lawrence Cecil Reginald MOORE factory worker banns E CARRETT, C R G MOORE
  Patricia Anne CARRETT 20 spinster factory worker 28 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Edward CARRETT railway employee    
29th August Colin William SIGGS 23 bachelor electrical fitter 54 All Saints Avenue, Westbrook William Albert SIGGS (deceased) printer banns Edward PEARCE, Adelaide V GREGORY
  Rosalind Diane PEARCE 20 spinster typist 13 Rydal, St Lawrence Edward PEARCE policeman    
5th September Michael CUCKNEY 22 bachelor accountant 10 York Terrace, Ramsgate Stuart Thomas James CUCKNEY (deceased) Local Government Officer banns R REES, T L CUCKNEY
  Carol Ann REES 20 spinster shorthand typist 24 Riversdale Road, St Lawrence Roderick REES miner    
5th September John Andrew ROBERTS 22 bachelor laboratory assistant 12 Vine Close, Ramsgate - - banns R F HOUGHTON, G M W EDWARDS
  Judy Anne HOUGHTON 18 spinster shorthand typist 40 Bursill Crescent, St Lawrence Reginald Francis HOUGHTON process operator    
12th September Kenneth Edward GOODFELLOW 24 bachelor supervisor electrical engineering 1 Minnis Road, Birchington George Edward GOODFELLOW electrical engineer banns R A AUST, R L GOODFELLOW
  Glenda Carole AUST 23 spinster clerical assistant 27 Columbo Square, St Lawrence Robert Arthur AUST foreman    
12th September David William John MIRIAMS 41 bachelor driver 50 Boundary Road, Ramsgate David Ernest MIRIAMS retired paver banns H R HART, J BRICE
  Irene Ruby BYNOE 33 spinster hospital laundry hand Elvina, Cliffsend Road, St Lawrence Joseph BYNOE (deceased) chief engineer    
12th September Brian Peter FULLER 27 bachelor chargehand 41 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Stanley Clarence FULLER machine operator banns R FULLER, G G CRIPPIN
  Margaret Elsie CRIPPIN 20 spinster shorthand typist 33 Canterbury Road East, St Lawrence Gordon CRIPPIN police inspector    
19th Sepember Christopher DANIELS 28 bachelor solicitor 152 Dover Road, Walmer Douglas DANIELS (deceased) solicitor banns Terence ROBINSON, S G SAMUELS
  Bridget ROBINSON 25 spinster - 123 London Road, St Lawrence Terence ROBINSON solicitor    
19th Sepember Terence John TRILLS 21 bachelor despatch manager 6 Ringold Avenue, St Lawrence Alec Frank TRILLS plumber banns F SOLLY, S C SMITH
  Gillian Mary SMITH 19 spinster shop assistant 11 Dumpton Park Road, Ramsgate Sidney Charles SMITH stoker    
19th Sepember Michael William SLOANE 18 bachelor pressman 33 Nixon Avenue, Ramsgate James SLOANE miner banns D G OWEN, Terry SUPPLEY
  Patricia Jeanette OWEN 18 spinster machinist 28 Riversdale Road, St Lawrence Douglas Gordon OWEN garage hand    
3rd October Ian Edward SMOKER 26 bachelor compositor 12 Blenheim Road, Dartford Walter SMOKER compositor banns A SMOKER, L HEMMINGS
  Clare Charlotte HEMMINGS 23 spinster hairdresser 113 Newington Road, Ramsgate Lawrence HEMMINGS driver    
3rd October Brian Colin PHILPOTT 25 bachelor crane driver 4 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Thomas Ernest Arthur PHILPOTT gardener banns Edmond George GREENSTREET, Thomas Ernest Arthur PHILPOTT
  Brenda Mary GREENSTREET 18 spinster factory worker 44 Melbourne Avenue, St Lawrence Esmond George GREENSTREET miner    
10th October Dennis Lewis GOFFE 23 bachelor printer 11 Green Oaks, The Common, Southall Reginald Lewis GOFFE plumber banns V M JONES, R L GOFFE
  Shirley Ann JONES 28 spinster secretary 52 Melbourne Avenue, St Lawrence Victor Maynard JONES miner    
10th October Peter Alan HAYWARD 23 bachelor labourer 53 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Albert Edward MAYNARD retired postman - A A MILEHAM, A E HAYWARD
  Lilian Jean MILEHAM 19 spinster typist 38 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Arthur Alfred MILEHAM assistant foreman B.R.    
21st November Barry David OLIVER 19 bachelor draughtsman 3 Windermere Avenue, Ramsgate Harold Horace OLIVER manager licence Harold Horace OLIVER, Gordon Henry SPENDER
  Ann Pamela SPENDER 17 spinster clerk 64 Selbourne Road, Margate Gordon Henry SPENDER printers assistant    
28th November Philip Francis BENTLEY 18 bachelor plasterers labourer 64 Melbourne Avenue, St Lawrence Clifford BENTLEY miner banns C BENTLEY, V CARTER
  Pamela Anne CARTER 18 spinster factory worker 319 Margate Road, Ramsgate Vincent George CARTER hotel manager    
5th December Keith Durham CALLADINE 20 bachelor fruitman 28 Wethersole Road, Woolage Village, near Canterbury, Kent Sammuel CALLADINE miner banns Samuel CALLADINE, Evelyn HOLLANDS, Winifred Morgipe CALLADINE
  Margaret Elizabeth HOLLANDS 20 spinster laundry hand 4 Manston Court Farm Cottages, St Lawrence Ernest Frederick John William HOLLANDS tractor driver    
26th December Paul Carey REES 21 bachelor works foreman Melbourne, 23 Ethelbert Crescent, Margate John REES accountant banns E J COOLE, R G HARRIS
  Carole Ann COOLE 18 spinster typist 47 Weyburn Drive, Ramsgate Edwin James COOLE demonstrator    
26th December Arthur Henry FLEMING 24 bachelor salesman 32 Westcliff Road, Ramsgate Arthur William Osbourne FLEMING retired storeman banns J DENTON, R FLEMING
  Jacqueline Dawn Louvain DENTON 22 spinster state registered nurse 55 Helvellyn Avenue, St Lawrence John Albert Victor DENTON detective constable    
26th December Graham Keith Martin DENTON 20 bachelor electrician 55 Helvellyn Avenue, St Lawrence John Albert Victor DENTON detective constable banns F E WOODWARD, S S HOCKLY
  Patricia Margaret WOODWARD 20 spinster hairdresser 12 Wayne Close, Broadstairs Frederick Ernest WOODWARD foreman    

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