Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1961-62


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
11th January Keith RENDELL 23 bachelor van driver / salesman 128 Marion Crescent, Maidstone George Henry RENDELL bricklayer banns Thomas William GRAY, George Henry RENDELL
  Pamela Doreen GRAY 22 spinster certified nursery nurse 4 Manston Road, St Lawrence Thomas William GRAY carpenter / machinist    
14th January James Michael BIRD 23 bachelor R.A.F. 23 Canterbury Road, St Lawrence John James BIRD wholesale newsagent banns Glandon Stanley WATSON, John James BIRD
  Brenda Elsie WATSON 19 spinster   161 Pegwell Road, St Lawrence Glandon Stanley WATSON salesman    
28th January Peter Alfred PHILPOTT 22 bachelor timber yard labourer 29 Seafiled Road, St Lawrence Robert Peter PHILPOTT corporation employee banns Hilda Maud PHILPOTT, D.MCDONALD
  Sheila MCDONALD 18 spinster   28 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence David MCDONALD gas employee    
18th March Brian Phillip DUNK 22 bachelor police constable 84 Southwood Gardens, St Lawrence Philip Henry DUNK motorman British Railways banns Ernest Frank COWELL, Phillip Henry DUNK
  Jennifer FITCHEW 22 spinster   108 Southwood Gardens, St Lawrence Cecil Arthur FITCHEW (deceased) able seaman    
18th March Bryan Stuart YOUNG 21 bachelor Officer merchant navy 19 Holbrook Drive, St Lawrence Alfred Charles YOUNG travelling salesman banns Harold PENNY, Alfred Charles YOUNG
  Barbara Mary PENNY 19 spinster   24 Rockstone Way, St Lawrence Harold PENNY miner    
18th March Richard James OVENDEN 20 bachelor gardener 8 Salmestone Rise, Margate Richard OVENDEN (deceased) army banns Margaret Louise OVENDEN, Alfred John CULLEN
  June Rose CULLEN 19 spinster   8 Ringold Avenue, St Lawrence Alfred John CULLEN school caretaker    
3rd April Ronald Leslie William WICKHAM 24 bachelor carpenter & joiner 53 St James Avenue, St Lawrence William Henry WICKHAM long distance lorry driver (retired) banns I M HOLDEN, S J WICKHAM
  Barbara Ann HOLDEN 19 spinster   85 High Street, St Lawrence Robert Peter HOLDEN Warrant Officer R.A.F. (accounts)    
8th April Richard James HOSKINS 23 bachelor miner 3 Summerhill Gardens, Ramsgate Thomas George HOSKINS miner banns Wilfred HANKINSON, Thomas George HOSKINS
  Janet HANKINSON 20 spinster   2 Brandon Road, St Lawrence Wilfred HANKINSON miner    
10th June Kenneth Archibald FULTON 22 bachelor engineer 26 William Avenue, Morden, Surrey Daniel Hamilton FULTON technical adviser banns C SHARPE, C FULTON
  Linda Ann SHARPE 20 spinster typist 159 Grange Road, Ramsgate Cecil Kenneth SHARPE Superintendent, Refuge
Assurance Company
15th July Ronald David COE 25 bachelor security officer 85 Grange Road, Ramsgate William George COE miner banns A F POTTER, Bruce KEMP
  Barbara Jean POTTER 22 spinster telephonist 3 Prices Avenue, St Lawrence Arthur Ernest POTTER factory worker    
29th July Kenneth Robert LOVELOCK 27 bachelor port office worker 35 Cornwall Road, Deal Robert LOVELOCK gas fitter banns Geoffrey Frederick LOVELOCK, Marguerite Pauline Slater MOON
  Brenda Mary MOON 25 spinstert school teacher 57 Stirling Way, St Lawrence Frederick Edward MOON probation officer    
19th August Robert BURGHAM 20 bachelor hod carrier 29 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Arthur John BURGHAM collier banns J T NICHOLSON, A BELSEY
  Carol Ann NICHOLSON 18 spinster factory worker 1 Bengal Road, St Lawrence John Thompson NICHOLSON factory worker    
26th August Bo George ROSWALL 24 bachelor bachelorelor of dental surgery Erikslutvagew, 30E Malmo, Sweden Hans ROSWALL postman licence Hans ROSWALL, Herbert Gwyn TURNER
  Jillian Ann Lucretia TURNER 22 spinster secretary The Jolly Farmer, Manston, St Lawrence Herbert TURNER inn keeper    
2nd September James George PARKER 19 bachelor labourer 1 Kenton Gardens, Minster Archibald George PARKER miner banns A C FISHER, A G PARKER
  Marion Alfreda FISHER 18 spinster stocking examiner 35 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Alfred Charles FISHER carpenter    
2nd September Terence John PARKS 23 bachelor male nurse 76 High Street, Rochester, Kent Frederick John PARKS baker banns W E SPARKS, F J PARKS
  Julia Ann SPARKS 18 spinster factoryhand The Patch, Newington Road, St Lawrence William Edward SPARKS market gardener    
9th September David John MCHATTIE 23 bachelor blacksmith 93 St James Avenue, St Lawrence David Jarvis MCHATTIE blacksmith banns H HODGSON, W DERRICK
  Amy JACKSON 19 spinster addressograph operator 93 St James Avenue, St Lawrence Wilfred JACKSON (deceased) bandsman    
9th September Douglas Frank OWEN 19 bachelor stores assistant 28 Riversdale Road, St Lawrence Douglas Gordon OWEN mechanic banns J R LANDSDELL, D G OWEN
  Sandra Ann LANSDELL 19 spinster machine operator 12 Riversdale Road, St Lawrence James Ralph LANDSDELL lorry driver    
9th September Ian Archibald STEWART 26 bachelor engineer 5 Alpha Road, Birchington Archibald James Hunter STEWART retired pilot banns W SMITH, E N STEWART
  Dorothy SMITH 20 spinster secretary 1 Manston Road, St Lawrence William SMITH engineer    
16th September Morris John SMITH 26 bachelor electrician 4 Princes Avenue, St Lawrence Maurice Philpott SMITH retired miller banns A GREGAN, M P SMITH
  Rita Ann HUGHES 22 spinster linker 99 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Frank Charles HUGHES labourer    
23rd September Francis George FANE 20 bachelor policeman 77 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Albert Henry FANE labourer banns J A E RAPER, A H FANE
  Maureen Alma RAPER 20 spinster - 15 Kimberley Road Joseph Arthur Edwin RAPER miner    
23rd September James Neville MORETON 26 bachelor quantity surveyor 9 Wellington Crescent, Ramsgate Charles Leonard MORETON engineer banns A J J PRICE, C L MORETON
  Edna Christiana PRICE 21 spinster shorthand typist 49 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Archibald John James PRICE collier    
30th September Alan Colin DRAKE 22 bachelor R.A.F.  S, A/C 18 Quetta Road, St Lawrence Bertie Daniel DRAKE retired GPO worker banns G F LEVCOOK, G J WADE
  Sadie Jean ANDERSON 17 spinster shorthand typist 56 Rydal Avenue, St Lawerence Alfred James ANDERSON (deceased) engineer machinist    
30th September Raymond Frederick DENYER 28 bachelor farmworker 48 Nethercourt Hill, St Lawrence Frederick Arthur DENYER railway fitter banns A W HODGES, G KENNEDY
  Beryl Margaret COADE 19 spinster machinist 93 High Street, St Lawrence James Albert COADE civil engineering    
7th October Brian Anthony PIKE 20 bachelor H.M. Forces 15 Pettigrove Kingswood, Bristol Ernest John Berry PIKE shot driller banns P W MAJOR, E J B PIKE
  Elizabeth Ann MAJOR 20 spinster H.M. Forces 30 Queens Avenue, St Lawrence Percy Walter MAJOR motorman British Railways    
7th October Richard James FULLER 24 bachelor diesel mechanic Valencia, Foads Hill, Cliffsend James Richard FULLER (deceased) farm labourer banns E N BLADES, F E PAYNE
  Freda Angusine PAYNE 24 spinster telephonist Angustine, 61 Southwood Gardens, St Lawrence Frederick Evan PAYNE plastic moulder    
14th October Geoffrey Frank GLOVER 20 bachelor merchant seaman 13 Leonards Avenue, Ramdgate Henry Cecil GLOVER milk roundsman banns H C GLOVER, A S CLINCH
  Maureen CLINCH 19 spinster machinist 10 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Alfred Stanley CLINCH electrician    
21st October Charles Henry GIVEN 24 bachelor policeman 24 High Street, St Lawrence Charles GIVEN farmer banns K J BIRLOCK, M HEARD
  Pauline PRIEST 24 spinster teacher 31 Pegwell Road, St Lawrence Alfred PRIEST hairdresser    
28th October Leslie James WHITE 19 bachelor machine operator 54 Dane Park Road, Ramsgate Alfred James WHITE labourer banns E D WARNER, H W WHITE
  Christina Ann JEFFREY 19 spinster printers assistant 108 Grange Road, Ramsgate William Joseph JEFFREY builder & decorator    
11th November Michael Leslie BURROWS 24 bachelor laboratory technician 25 Pegwell Avenue, St Lawrence Leslie Charles BURROWS buyer banns F E ROCKHILL, LOWDLER
  Ann Marmora ROCKHILL 21 spinster secretary 19 Kings Avenue, St Lawrence Frederick Edward ROCKHILL builder    
18th November George Henry Val ROWE 25 bachelor paper industry rep 27 Birch Grove, Acton Cecil Harry ROWE (deceased) gas board showroom manager banns R C WOOD, R G ROWE
  Julia Jannette WOOD 24 spinster state registered nurse 56 St James Avenue, St Lawrence Richard Claude WOOD chef    
16th December Ronald Leonard Edward SHEPPARD 20 bachelor police constable 6 Kimberley Road, St Lawrence Leonard SHEPPARD (deceased) baker banns M SHEPPARD, R A J PENNEY
  Barbara Joyce SHEPHERD 18 spinster hosiery inspector 21 Buscton Road, Ramsgate William Henry James SHEPHERD (deceased) bus driver    
23rd December Robert George BELL 20 bachelor writer R.N. 173 Snugville St, Crumlin Road, Belfast Robert Hill BELL iron turner banns R H BELL, R C S FITTAL
  Faith Maureen FITTAL 19 spinster shop assistant 6 Herbert Road, St Lawrence Robert Charles FITTAL fireman    
23rd December David James SQUELCH 22 bachelor M.T.fitter 136 Crescent Road, Ramsgate Henry James SQUELCH Steward R.N. banns E A PORRITT, E K SQUELCH
  Beryl Mary PORRITT 19 spinster machinist 88 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Edward Albert PORRITT electrician    
23rd December Frederick James MILTON 20 bachelor lorry driver 22 Clements Road, St Lawrence James Beecher MILTON painter & decorator - Charles Leslie WHITE, John Beecher MILTON
  Susan Margaret Lavinia WHITE 18 spinster shop assistant 43 Stirling Way, St Lawrence Charles Leslie WHITE miner    
26th December Alfred John GOLDFINCH 17 bachelor labourer 37 Brunswick Street, Ramsgate Henry GOLDFINCH retired labourer banns C R COX, H W F GOLDFINCH
  Sheila Ann COX 18 spinster shop assistant 33 Rockstone Way, St Lawrence Charles Robert COX underground fitter    
30th December David RODDY 28 bachelor miner 19 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Neill RODDY chef banns L J MORRIS, E COLEMAN
  Flora Agnes BOURDITCH 45 widow housewife 12 Bengal Road, St Lawrence Alfred RIGDEN (deceased) fish salesman    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
6th January Raymond George NUNN 22 bachelor Sergeant R.A. Kiricee, McMumon Barracks, Colchester Ronald Richard NUNN railway worker banns R A DAVIES, D MCDONALD
  Margaret Rose MCDONALD 17 spinster - 28 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence David MCDONALD gas worker    
13th January Arden Laverne MILLER 25 bachelor purser 2436 Dexter Avenue, Seatle, Washington, USA Lyle Charles MILLER construction worker licence C J WHITE, A C EUDEN
  Pauline Ann WHITE 24 spinster air hostess 1 The Retreat, Orchard Nursery Estate, St Lawrence Cecil James WHITE welder & sheet metal worker    
13th January John Arthur DADD 29 bachelor sales representative 44 Whitehall Road, Ramsgate William Ernest DADD motor man banns E BROWN, W E DADD
  Elizabeth BROWN 21 spinster state registered nurse 83 Nixon Avenue, Ramsgate Hugh BROWN colliery deputy    
3rd March Vincent William Paul MASON 22 bachelor carpenter 8 Hamilton Close, St Lawrence Arthur James MASON miner banns H A TOWN, R G BLADON
  Gillian Christine BLADON 20 spinster factory worker 48 Botany Road, Kingsgate Ronald George BLADON coach driver    
3rd March Derek Edwin Frederick WHITNALL 25 bachelor salesman 402 Margate Road, Ramsgate George Henry WHITNALL bus conductor banns F BURREL, B J GIBBS
  Yvonne Phyllis Dianne GIBBS 18 spinster cashier 66 Manston Road, St Lawrence Bertie James GIBBS tile slabber    
17th March Kenneth Stephen MAPLE 31 bachelor bricklayer 22 Claremont Street, Herne Bay Stephen Blundell MAPLE storeman banns C WILMSHURST, S M MAPLE
  Sheila Grace WILMSHURST 20 spinster shop assistant 37 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Charles Frederick WILMSHURST railway worker    
31st March Derek Philip TURNER 19 bachelor amusement caterers assistant 59 London Road, St Lawrence Philip John TURNER amusement caterer banns J W H FLETCHER, J E APPLEBY
  Jean Margaret FLETCHER 19 spinster shop assistant 2 Hobart Road, St Lawrence Joseph William Henry FLETCHER railway employee    
31st March Stanley Norman WRAIGHT 24 bachelor miner Statenborough Farm, Eastry Ernest Edward WRAIGHT agricultural workman banns A POTTS, E WRAIGHT
  Ann Maureen POTTS 22 spinster accounting machine operator 64 Southwood Gardens, St Lawrence Arthur William POTTS engineer    
31st March Trevor Frank PREECE 27 bachelor driver H.M.F. Houndstone Camp, Yeocil Frank PREECE (deceased) driver banns D.Y. ?, D MCHATTIE
  Kathleen MCHATTIE 19 spinster typist W.R.A.C. 93 St James Avenue, St Lawrence David Jarvie MCHATTIE blacksmith    
19th May William Henry HOLLOWAY 38 bachelor farmer New Langley Farm, Bethersden Thomas HOLLOWAY (deceased) - banns H W BEANEY, W G BUDDLE
  Margaret Jane Chapman FAGG 39 spinster dental nurse 47 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence John  FAGG dairyman    
19th May Reginald Thomas Henry BISHOP 67 widower retired house furnisher 6 Wilfred Road, St Lawrence Thomas Henry BISHOP (deceased) auctioneer banns I H BISHOP, ? TICEHURST
  Ellen Lucy TICEHURST 61 widow housewife 6 Prices Avenue, St Lawrence Harry Alfred MARTEN (decaesed) carpenter & joiner    
19th May Michael ROOK 23 bachelor butcher 3 Gilbert Road, Ramsgate Joseph Christmas ROOK butcher (manager) banns KJ A PELLATT, J C ROOK
  Jill PELLATT 21 spinster bank clerk 1 Norman Road, St Lawrence Joseph Augustus PELLATT departmental manager    
3rd June Stanley Gordon TAYLOR 32 bachelor universal miller 12 Rose Gardens, South Ealing James TAYLOR retired London Transport employee - H WATTS, T WOLLEND
  Beryl Enid WREN 26 spinster student nurse 12 Central Road, Ramsgate John Charles WREN (deceased) gas fitter    
23rd June Alan Arthur TILBROOK 24 bachelor driver 51 Newington Road, St Lawrence Arthur TILBROOK (deceased) hairdresser banns W A LUMPKIN, C CORDER
  Maureen Ann LUMPKIN 22 spinster nurse 51 Newington Road, St Lawrence William Arthur LUMPKIN driver    
23rd June Peter Alan GISBY 20 bachelor printer 45 Rydal Avenue, St Lawrence Lionel Eric GISBY assurance agent banns Lionel Eric GISBY, Arthur Ernest PARKER
  Jean PARKER 20 spinster factory worker 51 High Street, St Lawrence Arthur Ernest PARKER confectioner baker    
8th September Bryan Lewis SAMUEL 22 bachelor trainee civil engineer 29 Bathurst Close, St Lawrence Alfred SAMUEL miner banns F G KENT, A SAMUEL
  Christine Ann KENT 20 spinster bank clerk 49 Manston Road, St Lawrence Frederick George Stanley KENT police officer    
22nd September Jeffery Alan PECK 23 bachelor electronic wireman 97 Lalliford Road, Luton Reginald William PECK caretaker banns S C ALDER, R W PECK
  Valerie Rose Lillian ALDER 23 spinster timekeeper 16 St James Avenue, St Lawrence Stanley Clifford ALDER carpenter    
22nd September Charles William GIBBS 21 bachelor hotelier 7 Hamilton Terrace, London, NW8 Reginald GIBBS musician banns Leslie HOGBIN, Reginald GIBBS
  Valerie Lesley HOGBIN 24 spinster hairdresser 31 Park Road, Ramsgate Leslie HOGBIN estate agent    
22nd September Ronald RAYMENT 19 bachelor plumber 5 Edith Road, Ramsgate William David RAYMENT laundry worker banns William David RAYMENT, Miriam GILL
  Margaret Patricia POULTER 18 spinster sterile filler 19 Lorina Road, St Lawrence Lionel POULTER retired chef    
29th September Brian Philip KICHENSIDE 25 bachelor draughtsman 24 Oxford Street, Margate Thomas Frank KICHENSIDE plumber banns T F KICHENSIDE, G GREEN
  Eileen Joyce GREEN 18 spinster machine operator 36 Newington Street, St Lawrence George Arthur GREEN labourer    
29th September Colin Michael BELLINGHAM 19 bachelor bank clerk 32 Rockstone Way, St Lawrence Sidney William BELLINGHAM miner banns D W HOUGHAM, Edith M BELLINGHAM
  Pauline Dorothy HOUGHAM 20 spinster shop assistant 28 Quetta Road, St Lawrence Herbert Edward HOUGHAM moulder    
29th September Robert TINKLER 24 bachelor carpenter 23 Buxton Road, Ramsgate Walter TINKLER miner banns Alfred Jesse HUCKLE, W TINKLER
  Lillian Margaret HUCKLE 22 spinster bus conductress 64 Newington Road, St Lawrence Alfred Jesse HUCKLE bricklayer    
29th September Kenneth William NOBLE 18 bachelor lorry driver 17 Newington Road, St Lawrence Norman Henry NOBLE (deceased) lorry driver - J MCGUINNESS, C G CHAMBERS
  Wendy Veronica CHAMBERS 17 spinster factory worker 27 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence George Edward CHAMBERS -    
6th October Kenneth Edward FARRIER 22 bachelor laboratory technician 9 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Ernest Maurice FARRIER (deceased) engineer - A E VALENTINE, M E FARRIER
  Brenda Millicent VALENTINE 21 spinster shop manageress 23 North Avenue, Ramsgate Albert Edgar VALENTINE grocery manager    
20th October Roy Ernest WEST 19 bachelor apprentice painter 73 Addiscombe Road, Margate Frederick George Alfred WEST hosiery mechanic banns E F NORMAN, F WEST
  Valerie Gay NORMAN 20 spinster hairdresser 11 Queens Avenue, St Lawrence Edward Frederick NORMAN builder & decorator    
21st October Peter COWELL 29 bachelor electrician 2 Weyburn Drive, St Lawrence Wilfred Walter COWELL bricklayer banns Herbert Ernest COX, W W COWELL
  Diana Marie COX 18 spinster shop assistant 4 Calverden Road, St Lawrence Herbert Ernest COX Air Ministry Constable    
27th October Brian Richard GUTRIGE 23 bachelor carpenter & joiner 27 Townley Street, Ramsgate Harry Richard GUTRIGE stevedore banns A FLEMING, M J GUTRIGE
  Valerie Ann LEWINGTON 19 spinster stores supervisor 1 Southwood Gardens, St Lawrence Ronald Frances LEWINGTON press operator    
15th December Michael Edward BINGHAM 23 bachelor Chief Petty Officer R.N. 4 Rawdon Road, St Lawrence Harry Edward BINGHAM (deceased) building manager banns M MCNEE, H J BINGHAM
  Pamela Emily MCNEE 24 spinster shorthand typist 52 Horle Rod, Woodchurch, Birkenhead John MCNEE shipwright    
22nd December Terence Frederick CALVELEY 28 bachelor Sgt R.A.M.C. 21 Meeting Street, Ramsgate Frederick Richard CALVEY rubber factory worker banns F R CALVELEY, E CALVELEY
  Rebekah Rachel OWEN 23 spinster school teacher 6 St Johns Avenue, St Lawrence Walawe Durege OWEN retired clerk    
26th December Harold Leonard Leslie LONGLEY 17 bachelor builders labourer 20 Prestedge Avenue, Ramsgate Arthur George Leonard LONGLEY retired labourer banns E PENN, A G LONGLEY
  Valerie Ann PENN 18 spinster laundry hand 12 Hamilton Close, St Lawrence Ernest Godfrey Philip PENN hod carrier    
26th December David Arthur DUNWELL 21 bachelor shop manager 16 Rydal Avenue, St Lawrence Arthur George DUNWELL shopkeeper banns A G DUNWELL, A R HARLOW
  Margaret Elizabeth HARLOW 22 spinster shop assistant 149 Grange Road, Ramsgate Alfred Robert William HARLOW milkman    

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