Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1959-60


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
1st March John Frederick RICHARDS 30 bach motor trader 2 Knights Lane, Edmonton, N9 Jack RICHARDS (deceased) salesman banns Gilbert Leonard LEWIS, Amie Edith RICHARDS
  Jean Monica LEWIS 22 spinster   Cliffs End Café, Sandwich Road, St Lawrence Gilbert Leonard LEWIS café proprietor    
7th March Brian Vincent MAYO 23 bach motor driver 19 Granville Avenue, St Lawrence Maurice Charles MAYO bricklayer banns Walter Sydney MAYO, Doris May MAYO
  Jean CARTER 21 spinster   40 Dane Road, Margate Walter Sydney CARTER council employee    
14th March James Cecil SELWOOD 22 bach miner 4 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Frederick SELWOOD factory supervisor banns Thomas Ernest Arthur PHILPOTT, Frederick William SELWOOD
  Sheila May PHILPOTT 18 spinster despatch clerk 4 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Thomas Ernest Arthur PHILPOTT nurseryman    
14th March Colin SMITH 20 bach apprentice aircraft fitter 95 King Street, Ramsgate William Robert Henry SMITH company director banns William Robert Henry SMITH, Rita Eilleen GIBBENS
  Wendy Lilian GIBBENS 19 spinster laundry packer 13 Bathurst Close, St Lawrence Reginald William Thomas GIBBENS (deceased) Petty Officer, Royal Navy    
4th April Kenneth Peter PRINCE 21 bach welder 5 Spencer Square, Ramsgate Albert PRINCE (deceased) bus driver banns F PRINCE, George LEWRY
  Julie LEWRY 20 spinster shop assistant 160 Southwood Road, St Lawrence George LEWRY Warrant Officer, R.A.F.    
11th April Brian Frederick COBBETT 19 bach Royal Navy 6 Spratling Street, Manston Frederick William COBBETT (deceased) R.A.F. banns Pearl Olive Amelia COBBETT, Arthur Edwin MOYS
  Mildred Alice Frances MOYS 20 spinster   34 Woodford Avenue, Ramsgate Arthur Edwin MOYS lorry driver    
6th June James JACKSON 24 bach miner 26 Cowdrey Square, Deal Benjamin JACKSON (deceased) miner banns Lillian Edith JACKSON, M J THOMAS
  Rosemary June THOMAS 19 spinster factory hand 82 Newington Road, St Lawrence Morgan John THOMAS unemployed    
4th July Anthony Bernard Lewis PLANE 21 bach laboratory technician 49 Edith Road, Ramsgate Bernard Charles PLANE draughtsman banns Bernard Charles PLANE, Henry Albert WILLIAMS
  Julia Brenda WILLIAMS 20 spinster   73 St James Avenue, St Lawrence Henry Albert WILLIAMS sheet metal worker    
18th July Frank CRIPPLE 24 bach railway porter 19 Fairlight Avenue Frederick Thomas CRIPPLE (deceased) civil servant banns Frederick Thomas CRIPPLE, Thomas GRAINGER
  Nancy Maureen HIGHAM 22 spinster   5 Westcliffe Road, Broadstairs Joseph HIGHAM (deceased) chauffeur    
15th August Roy Arthur COLLIER 19 bach coalman driver 97 Dane Road Arthur COLLIER builders labourer banns Fred HARTLEY, Alfred George COTTON, Doris Renee COTTON
  Elizabeth Ann COTTON 18 spinster   2 Bursell Crescent Alfred George COTTON Pullman Car attendant    
29th August Barry William BOORMAN 22 bach welder 20 Musgrove, Ashford, Kent William Charles BOORMAN baker banns William Charles BOORMAN, Lilian Errnice BOWEN
  Patricia Ann BOWEN 20 spinster   32 Riversdale Road Hugh William BOWEN clerk    
5th September Christopher James KNELLER 26 bach salesman 42 St James Avenue, St Lawrence Harry James KNELLER railway inspector retired banns John ALLEN, Michael J KNELLER
  Margaret ALLEN 22 spinster   6 Southwood Gardens, St Lawrence Thomas James ALLEN police constable    
10th October Kenneth Edward WILLIAMS 22 bach bank clerk 9 Alma Road, Ramsgate Samuel David WILLIAMS (deceased) carpenter banns Robert Charles Sidney FITTAL, John Charles WILLIAMS
  Janet Gwendoline FITTAL 21 spinster   6 Herbert Road, St Lawrence Robert Charles Sidney FITTAL fireman K.F.B.    
10th October Melvin Bryan REED 23 bach bank clerk 37 Rockstone Way, St Lawrence Melvin REED Colliery Official (N.C.B.) banns Bernard Charles PLANE, Melvin REED
  Margaret Anne PLANE 24 spinster   49 Edith Road, Ramsgate Bernard Charles PLANE draughtsman    
10th October Robert Michael COOK 24 bach fitter 24B Princes Margaret Avenue, St Lawrence Percy Robert COOK interior decorator banns Percy Robert COOK, Alfred PHILLIPS
  Patricia PHILLIPS 22 spinster   Richborough Hall, Ramsgate Road, Sandwich Alfred PHILLIPS caretaker    
24th October David Edward HORNE 22 bach shop assistant 41 Vale Road, Ramsgate Arthur Herbert HORNE electrician banns Arthur Harold HORNE, William Harold ASHBY
  Josephine ASHBY 20 spinster   67 High Street, St Lawrence William Harold ASHBY storeman driver    
31st October Walter William ROWLAND 25 bach machine operator 103 Dumpton Park Drive Walter William James ROWLAND labourer banns Harold Thomas HILL, Walter James ROWLAND
  Kathleen Thelma HILL 20 spinster   29 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence Harold Thomas HILL cellulose sprayer    
31st October John Brian WICKHAM 21 bach plumber 53 St James Avenue, St Lawrence William Henry WICKHAM lorry driver banns Elizabeth A C SETTERFIELD, Emily Jane WICKHAM
  Yvonne Babette SETTERFIELD 18 spinster   18 High Street, St Lawrence Harold Cyril SETTERFIELD lift attendant    
12th December Kenneth Charles ELLIS 22 bach machinist 1 Alliance Road, Ramsgate Charles ELLIS (deceased) fitter banns Robert ELLIS, William MACKINS
  Heather Mary MACKINS 22 spinster   24 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence William Henry MACKINS cellarman    
19th December Charles STEWART 23 bach L.C. Royal Marine Dungannon County Tyrone, Northern Ireland John Russell STEWART baker banns Ethel F DEBLING, W David CHANDLER
  Gwyneth Laura CHANDLER 18 spinster   15 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence William John CHANDLER engineer    
26th December David Sidney James ROLPH 19 bach driver, salesman 40 Bush Avenue Frederick James ROLPH clerk banns  
  Doreen Carol PEEBLES 17 spinster   18 Bathurst Close, St Lawrence Hugh PEEBLES civil engineer    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
2nd January John Kelvin WATTS 28 bach police officer 54 Laycock Street, Middlesborough John WATTS blacksmith banns John Andrew DUNLOP, William Charles REED
  Annie Margaret Charteris DUNLOP 28 spinster nursing sister 21a, Westcliffe Terrace John DUNLOP (deceased) banker    
23rd January Michael David John TAGGART 20 bach L.A.C., R.A.F. 10 Coxes Avenue, Ramsgate Henry James TAGGART school teacher banns John Michael KEEL, Norma Dulcie ROODT
  Irene Elizabeth LOMBARD 21 spinster   68 Chilton Lane William Stephen LOMBARD (deceased) signalman Royal Navy    
5th March Barry William GANDON 20 bach mechanic 133 All Saints Avenue, Margate Frederick GANDON garage proprietor - Frederick George MANDERS, Frederick William GANDON
  Sheila Joan MANDERS 20 spinster   3 Southwood Gardens, Ramsgate Frederick MANDERS postal & telegraphic officer    
12th March Terence Blacon WOODS 24 bach cost clerk Porlock, Pilkington Road, Mapperley, Notts Donald Gordon WOODS civil servant banns Kathleen Adele LEANEY, Elizabeth Ann WOODS
  Jennifer Kay BRIGGS 23 spinster   16 Queen Bertha Road, St Lawrence Mark Frederick BRIGGS (deceased) master butcher    
12th March Cyril Lewis FRITH 30 bach engineer 3 Claremont Drive, Pitsea, Basildon, Essex James William FRITH engineer (retired) banns Stanley Clarence FULLER, Amy Avis FRITH
  Betty Mavis FULLER 28 spinster   41 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Stanley Clarence FULLER machinist    
12th March Anthony Thomas Fitzpatrick ATKINSON 27 bach skilled labourer 41 Burnt Oak Terrace, Gillingham Frederick ATKINSON H.M.Dockyard (retired) licence Gladys B POTTER, Alice M MARRIOTT
  Audrey Peggy POTTER 29 spinster   3 Prices Avenue, Ramsgate Arthur Ernest POTTER cleaner    
19th March Barrie Charles CHESHER 23 bach glass blower 143 Newington Road Frederick Charles CHESHER (deceased) Air Ministry clerk banns Bernice Gladys STEVENTON, Florence Kate Irene CHESHER
  Jose Ann ROBINSON 21 spinster   143 Newington Road Charles William ROBINSON sheet metal worker    
19th March John William HARVEY 22 bach sales representative 10 Manwood Avenue, Canterbury William James HARVEY shop porter banns G GANSBY, W F HARVEY
  Gillian Sheila GANSBY 21 spinster   1 St James Avenue, St Lawrence Gordon Clement GANSBY driver    
26th March Derek LINEGAR 19 bach R.E.A. (A), Royal Navy 6 Northcroft Road, Gosport Harold LINEGAR electric welder - K BARNES, H LINEGAR
  Julie Ann THORNDYCROFT 21 spinster   22a Queens Avenue, St Lawrence Albert George THORNDYCROFT (deceased) Captain Army    
26th March Robert Anthony ANSELMI 21 bach catering manager 47 King Edward Avenue, Broadstairs Eric William ANSELMI catering proprietor licence Eric William ANSELMI, John Sealey ROBERTSON
  Hilary June ROBERTSON 21 spinster   3 Minster Road John Sealey ROBERTSON Local Government Officer    
26th March Dennis Charles BOAKES 20 bach paper mill worker 32 Grovehurst Avenue, Kemsley, Sittingbourne Charles Frederick BOAKES paper mill worker - Charles Frederick WILMSHURST, Charles Frederick BOAKES
  Janice WILMSHURST 21 spinster   37 Marden Avenue Charles Frederick WILMSHURST labourer    
26th March Dennis Arthur ELLIS 26 bach driver 32 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Edward George ELLIS newsagent banns R. ? … Lan? ELLIS, Arthur Hayden HUMPHREYS
  Beryl HUMPHREYS 19 spinster   32 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Arthur Hayden HUMPHREYS miner    
2nd April Richard Phillip FACEY 22 bach diver 61 Plains of Waterloo, Ramsgate Walter FACEY (deceased) chef banns Edwin James Taylor WILLIAMS, Vera Marion DENNIS
  Ann Marita TAYLOR 20 spinster   36 Bursill Crescent, St Lawrence Edwin Taylor WILLIAMS guard British Rail    
2nd April Pater Ronald BAUMANN 24 bach journalist 42 Prices Avenue, Cliftonville John Jacob BAUMANN (deceased) hotel director banns Michael Charles PHILPOTT, John Emil BAUMANN
  Patricia Maud PHILPOTT 22 spinster   15 Canterbury Road, St Lawrence Charles Frank PHILPOTT garage proprietor    
2nd April Holroyd Brian TOBIN 23 bach bus conductor 14 Marrose Avenue, Ramsgate Henry William TOBIN bus driver banns Harry William TOBIN, Horace Charles WOODWARD
  Rita Ann WOODWARD 23 spinster   The Cottage, Warre Recreation Ground, St Lawrence Horace Charles WOODWARD gardener    
2nd April George Francis Philip WADEY 61 widower male nurse 28 Hollicondane Road, Ramsgate James WADEY (deceased) soldier banns Edward Albert BINGHAM, Albert Vincent TITHERINGTON
  Sarah BINGHAM 68 widow   62 Queen Bertha Road, St Lawrence Thomas RODD (deceased) builder    
18th April Maurice George COURT 22 bach tax officer 31 Chapel Place, Ramsgate George Frederick Gibson COURT farm labourer banns George Harry HARE, George F G COURT
  Valerie HARE 18 spinster   38 Southwood Gardens, St Lawrence George Harry HARE accountancy assistant    
7th May John Graham HARDING 24 bach assistant accountant 19 Dalby Square, Cliftonville Frederick John HARDING hotelier banns Thomas William EDWARDS, Lilian E HARDING
  Dorothy EDWARDS 24 spinster   8 Herbert Road, St Lawrence Thomas Willam EDWARDS head gardener    
4th June Michael George WASLEY 21 bach printer 93 Belmont Road, Reading Gilbert Francis WASLEY gauger, British Rail banns Edward Charles STUART, Gilbert Francis WASLEY
  Valerie Eileen STUART 19 spinster   180 Newington Road Edward Charles Joseph STUART electrical engineer    
4th June Patric Edward MAXTED 26 bach painter & decorator 6 St Benets Road, Westgate Edward Herbert MAXTED paviour banns Harry George VICKERS, Edward Herbert MAXTED
  Jean Margaret ABRAHAMS 19 spinster   Glendor, Haine Road, Ramsgate Leonard Thomas James ABRAHAMS carpenter    
18th June Peter Thomas FILE 23 bach motor mechanic 6 Allenby Road, Ramsgate William Thomas FILE stoker mechanic banns Owen Reuben MCGRATH, William Thomas FILE
  Vivienne Maureen MCGRATH 22 spinster   51 Ashburnham Road Owen Reuben MCGRATH builder    
2nd July Barry Craig COSBY 19 bach toolmaker 69 Rydal Avenue, St Lawrence Herbert William COSBY toolmaker banns Louisa B A PRESSAGH, Vincent PEARSON
  Maureen PRESSAGH 19 spinster   105 Prestedge Avenue, Ramsgate Robert PRESSAGH railway signalman    
16th July William David MCCANN 63 widower - blind retired miner 13 Elms Avenue, Ramsgate George MCCANN (deceased) miner banns David John BUSH, Victor Hugh HORTON
  Violet Agnes FRIEND 56 spinster - blind   20 Nethercourt Farm Road, St Lawrence William Thomas FRIEND (deceased) engineer    
1st August Ronald Henry DENVIR 25 bach coal miner 45 Lakeland Avenue, Seacliffe, Whitehaven John DENVIR motor driver banns Patrick HORROCKS, Hilda CASSIDY
  Eileen Marjorie HORROCKS 20 spinster   13 Calverden Road, Ramsgate Patrick HORROCKS bricklayer    
3rd September Wilfred David PRESTON 19 bach linesman 10 St Andrews, Ramsgate Wilfred Sanders PRESTON railway worker banns Wilfred Sanders PRESTON, Hannah Kathleen COWELL
  Barbara Ann MARSH 19 spinster   27 Bathurst Close, Ramsgate Sidney Thomas MARSH (deceased) Aforestry    
17th September Raymond Thomas DRINKWATER 22 bach A/B Royal Navy 19 Osbourne Terrace, Margate Ted DRINKWATER valet licence Frederick G DAVIES, Derek W WILTON
  Pamela Mary DAVIES 20 spinster   132 Melbourne Avenue, St Lawrence Frederick George DAVIES coal miner    
1st October John ROOK 25 bach piling foreman 3 Gilbert Road, Ramsgate Joseph Christinas ROOK butcher banns Stephen Frank WOOD, A J FAIRFIELD
  Patricia Joan WOOD 22 spinster   81 London Road, Ramsgate Stephen Frank WOOD master builder    
8th October Norman Derek COVUS 28 bach carpenter & joiner 60 Clements Road, Ramsgate Leonard COVUS (deceased) plasterer banns Elizabeth Kate COVUS, Gladys May Beatrice MARLEY
  Joyce Patricia MARLEY 23 spinster   111 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Fred MARLEY painter & decorator    
12th November Michael Peter MCCLEAN 21 bach Army 2 James Street, Ramsgate Alan MCCLEAN (deceased) Royal Navy banns Douglad Gordon OWEN,. Terence Allan MCCLEAN
  Dawn Gwendoline OWEN 20 spinster   28 Riversdale Road, St Lawrence Douglas Gordon OWEN car delivery foreman    
24th December William John DARCH 20 bach factory worker 217 Margate Road, Ramsgate Sidney John DARCH miner banns Sidney John DARCH, Eileen Grace GREENSTREET
  Mavis Jean FISHER 20 spinster   44 Melbourne Avenue, St Lawrence - -    
31st December Roy Ernest SHERWOOD 24 bach police constable 46 St Johns Avenue, St Lawrence Frank Ernest SHERWOOD (deceased) baker banns Edward James MORRELL, Minnie Sophia SHERWOOD
  Marlene Elsie MORRELL 23 spinster   3 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Edward James MORRELL fireman K.F.B.    

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