Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1957-58


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
21st January Gerald Dennis WATTS 24 bach Royal Navy H.M.S. Bulwark Alfred Edward WATTS farmer banns Philip Bridgeman DUCKWORTH, Jacqueline Doreen RISPIN
  Elizabeth Ann Webster GIBBONS 25 spinster   Malvern Grange, Manston Albert GIBBONS (deceased) -    
16th February Terence ELLENDER 21 bach postman 21 Kings Avenue, Ramsgate Gilbert ELLENDER P.S.V. driver banns Alexander RULE, Gilbert ELENDER
  Jeanine Hunter RULE 19 spinster   136 Merchiston Avenue, Bainford, Falkirk Alexander RULE iron moulder    
2nd March Albert George EAST 19 bach canteen attendant 11 Cottage Road, Ramsgate Albert John Reginald EAST hotel porter banns Peter John EAST, Elizabeth Esther CAVELL
  Sylvia Mary CAVELL 18 spinster factory hand 91 Whitehall Road, Ramsgate James Wilmot CAVELL farm labourer    
16th March Ian Dundas MAITLAND 21 bach artists paint analyst 26 Weighton Road, Harrow Weald, Middlesex Charles Dundas MAITLAND surgeon retired banns Michael WEBBER, Dianne Sheila WHITEHEAD
  Antoinette Maureen WHITEHEAD 19 spinster W.R.A.F. A.D.O.C. RAF Stanmore Pln. Middlesex Reginald James WHITEHEAD leather merchant    
16th March David Charles WESLEY 202 bach plastic moulder 61 St James Avenue Ernest Stewart WESLEY omnibus driver banns E S WESLEY, H W TITLE
  Margaret Christine TITLE 21 spinster   157 Pegwell Road Harry Walter TITLE engineer    
23rd March Edward Robert LAMBERT 32 bach plasterer 12 Weigall Place George Henry LAMBERT electrical wireman banns S M LAMBERT, Ernest Edward WHITE
  Brenda Elsie WHITE 25 spinster   32 Queensgate Road, St Lawrence Ernest Edward WHITE locomotive driver    
23rd  March Norman Reginald SHANKS 35 bach toolmaker 92 Millmead Road, Cliftonville Walter George SHANKS (deceased) fitter banns Ronald Edward MARSH, A PHILLIMORE, Alfred PHILLIMORE
  Kathleen Mary PHILLIMORE 28 spinster   19 Foads Lane, Cliffs End Alfred PHILLIMORE taxi proprietor    
30th March James FENNELL 29 bach railway fireman 18 Belmont Road, Westgate on Sea James FENNELL army pensioner banns J FENNELL, T A BROWN
  Julia Ann BROWN 18 spinster   15 Bush Avenue, St Lawrence Thomas Albert BROWN builders decorator    
30th March Walter Paul Charles POTTER 24 bach labourer 7 (8?) Albert Street, Ramsgate William Edmund POTTER (deceased) fish  dealer banns Thomas J BOLES, Mercy M REYNOLDS
  Pamela Ruth REYNOLDS 20 spinster   50 Newington Road Cecil William REYNOLDS painter    
30th March John Salmesbury SOUTHWORTH 23 bach upholsterer 9 Whitehall Road, Ramsgate Charles Vernon SOUTHWORTH turbine driver banns Alfred Charles ASHBY, Charles Vernon SOUTHWORTH
  Doris Eva Beatrix ASHBY 18 spinster factory worker 56 Chapel Road, Ramsgate Alfred Charles David ASHBY plasterer    
30th March Brian Richard George OBBARD 18 bach glass blower 112 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Richard George OBBARD engineer banns W H MACKINS, R G OBBARD
  Maureen Lillian MACKINS 18 spinster shop assistant 112 Southwood Road, St Lawrence William Hadoway MACKINS plasterer    
4th May Richard Thomas ESTEP 22 bach U.S.Airforce R.A.F. Station,Manston John Frank ESTEP engineer banns Philip Edward MASTERS, Donald Anderson NICKENS
  Diana MASTERS 18 spinster   Stonelees Bungalow, Ebbsfleet Philip Edward MASTERS milk roundsman    
22nd June Raymond Charles SHARP 22 bach clerk 28 Melbourne Avenue, St Lawrence Wilfred Charles SHARP hospital ancillary banns Alexander George SWINARTON, Wilfred Charles SHARP
  Betty Wendy Margaret SWINARTON 21 spinster   46 Southwood Gardens Alexander George SWINARTON water board inspector    
6th July John Anthony OVENDEN 23 bach trade representative 1 Wrotham Avenue, Broadstairs Victor George OVENDEN (deceased) butcher banns Edward Vincent JONES, Norman Victor OVENDEN
  Valerie Kathleen JONES 25 spinster   Daydawn, 2 Minster Road, St Lawrence Edward Vincent JONES manager    
27th July Alan Ralph TERRY 20 bach commercial artist 98 Bradstow Way, Broadstairs Alexander Ralph Robert TERRY electrical engineer banns Alexander Ralph Robert TERRY, Kathleen BROMLEY
  Beryl Ellen BROMLEY 21 spinster   75 Whitehall Road Stanley Thomas Willkiam BROMLEY plumber & decorator    
4th August Colin Reginald PRIOR 21 bach civil engineer 99 St James Avenue, Thorpe Bay Reginald Claude PRIOR insurance representative banns Reginald Claude PRIOR, Alan John READ
  Margaret Joan FISK 20 spinster   54 Foads Lane, Cliffs End Frederick Richard FISK (deceased) shopkeeper    
31st August Thomas KEEN 25 bach miner 55 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Frank Robert KEEN foreman S.E.E.B. banns Temple Napier Davies PHILLIPS, Frank Robert KEEN
  Shirley Patricia PHILLIPS 21 spinster   4 Fairlight Avenue Temple Napier Davies PHILLIPS miner    
7th September Raymond Gordon HOWES 28 bach asphalt mixerman 10 Council Houses, Greenway Park, Fakenham, Norfolk Robert Gordon HOWES deceased banns Edwin MCDONALD, James JENNINGS
  June Margaret MCDONALD 18 spinster   38 Bush Avenue, St Lawrence Edwin MCDONALD miner    
14th September Colin Michael BIRD 28 bach laboratory technician 19 St Lawrence Avenue, Ramsgate Frederick BIRD retired banns Ivy Gertrude CRAXFORD, Doris May BIRD
  Maureen CRAXFORD 21 spinster   30 London Road Arthur CRAXFORD managing director    
21st September Robert George HARLOW 23 bach postman 36 Fulham Avenue, Garlinge Walter Henry HARLOW boiler man banns Kenneth HARLOW, Frances Jane DONNELLY
  Olive Elizabeth DONNELLY 21 spinster   6 Auckland Avenue Peter DONNELY bricklayer    
28th September Leonard David ANNING 22 bach shop assistant 6 Pysons Road, Ramsgate Leonard George ANNING factory worker - Leonard George ANNING, Henry Robert TAYLOR
  Winifred Margaret TAYLOR 19 spinster   180 Grange Road, Ramsgate Henry Robert TAYLOR labourer    
5th October John Henry William LAMING 22 bach engine cleaner British Rail 35 Wilfred Road, St Lawrence Harry George LAMING engine driver (British Rail) banns Daisy WILLIAMS, Henry George LAMING
  Barbara Sylvia WILLIAMS 21 spinster   The Bungalow, Arundal Road, Cliffs End Ernest Francis WILLIAMS store keeper    
2nd November Robert James HUDSON 25 bach electrician 3 Vicarage Place, Margate Edgar Claud HUDSON labourer banns Melinda HUDSON, Morgan John THOMAS
  Betty Mary THOMAS 19 spinster clerk 82 Newington Road, Ramsgate Morgan John THOMAS miner    
30th November Robert BAINBRIDGE 31 bach miner 14 Artillery Road, Ramsgate Jonathan Henry BAINBRIDGE miner banns Stephen Leslie William ATTWELL, Margaret BENNETT
  Sheila Doreen ATTWELL 21 spinster   11 Denedin Road, St Lawrence Stephen Leslie William ATTWELL electrician    
30th November Peter Brian SMITH 23 bach tobacconist 173 Stoke Road, Slough John Branson SMITH tobacconist - Denis Henry COLLINS, Ethel SMITH
  Julie Elizabeth COLLINS 20 spinster   3 Princes Avenue, St Lawrence Dennis Henry COLLINS insurance agent    
21st December George William MERCER 20 bach leading seaman Royal Navy 83 St Johns Avenue Percy William MERCER deceased banns Mary MERCER, Brenda ADAMS
  Janet Mary Elizabeth ADAMS 19 spinster   Taunton Dene, 5 Cliftonville Avenue Clifford James ADAMS builder    
21st December Frederick Staton BENTLEY 24 bach miner 91 Milner Crescent, Aylesham Harold BENTLEY miner banns Joseph STEVENSON, George Henry CLARK
  Jean Lilian Edith CLARK 21 spinster   6 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence George Henry CLARK labourer    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
11th January Douglas Kendall SOUTHWORTH 27 bach baker 88 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Charles Vernon SOUTHWORTH turbine driver banns Kenneth Anthony JACKSON, Edward Albert PORRITT
  Betty Anne PORRITT 21 spinster   88 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Edward Albert PORRITT electrician    
25th January Derek Ivor Laurence HARDS 18 bach poulterer 66 Prospect Road, Minster, Thanet Ivor HARDS miner banns Raymond Allan FOX, Ivor HARDS
  Dorothy Winifred Ettie FOX 17 spinster   4 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence George Albert FOX electrician    
8th February Edward Gordon MYLREA 26 bach factory worker 8 Park Avenue, Birchington Edward Clarkson MYLREA retired banns Edward Clarkson MYLREA, George Albert Victor PHILPOTT
  Sylvia Ann PHILPOTT 22 spinster   10 Hamilton Close, Ramsgate George Albert Victor PHILPOTT plumber    
22nd February Michael Graham GUTTRIDGE 24 bach engineer 130 Dumpton Park Drive, Ramsgate Edwin Harry GUTTRIDGE engineer - Alfred Joseph HITCH, Ernest Harry GUTTRIDGE
  Marjorie Rose HITCH 21 spinster   2 Herbert Road Alfred Joseph HITCH painter & decorator    
8th March Maurice Clive Lewis HARDING 27 bach carpenter & joiner 84 Nixon Avenue Lewis Henry James HARDING builder banns James WELLARD, W Rose MURLEY
  Janet Mary WELLARD 24 spinster   18 St Mildreds Avenue James WELLARD company director    
15th March Henry George WOOD 18 bach setters mate 5 Prestedge Avenue, Ramsgate Henry WOOD labourer licence Arthur James DOWNHAM, Frederick Claud DOWNHAM
  Pamela Rose DOWNHAM 18 spinster   18 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Frederick Claude DOWNHAM milk salesman    
22nd March Robert Stanley DAVIES 24 bach carpenter & joiner No 1 Flat, High Street, St Asaph? Stanley DAVIES shop manager banns Kenneth David DANIEL, Walter James COULTHARD
  Janet Mary COUTLTHARD 20 spinster   65 Bursill Crescent Walter Henry COULTHARD (deceased) postman    
22nd March Robert Ronald HODGES 22 bach motor cycle mechanic 33 Riversdale Road William HODGES miner banns Charles Frederick WILMSHURST, Denvil COOMBES
  Dororothy Elizabeth May WILMSHURST 20 spinster   37 Marden Avenue Charles Frederick WILMSHURST labourer    
7th April Martin Belstone SUMMERS 24 bach civil engineering assistant 36 Cross Park Way, Crownhill, Plymouth Frederick William SUMMERS retired banns George Edwin MILES, George Arthur DUBBER
  Merle Elsie MILES 23 spinster school teacher 10 Manston Road, St Lawrence George Edwin MILES school teacher    
19th April John Malcolm RAZZELL 19 bach artificer Royal Navy 8 Paragon, Ramsgate Edward Samuel RAZZELL property owner banns Raymond Henry Richard POTTS, Edward Samuel RAZZELL
  Coral Ann POTTS 18 spinster   16 Marden Avenue Raymond Henry Richard POTTS garage hand    
17th May Dennis John BUTTIFINT 21 bach miner 1 Valley View, Eythorne John Walter BUTTIFINT miner banns Emrys Thomas WALTERS, Peggy BUTTIFINT
  Margaret June WALTERS 18 spinster   12 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence Emrys Thomas WALTERS labourer    
1st June Derek William BELLINGHAM 22 bach postal & telegraph officer 32 Rockstone Way Sidney William BELLINGHAM miner banns Sidney Joseph CLEMENTS, Sidney William BELLINGHAM
  Pamela CLEMENTS 20 spinster   5 The Centre, Newington Sidney Joseph CLEMENTS fishmonger    
19th June Donald George MCLAUGHLIN 43 bach shed man British Railways 9 Holbrook Drive, St Lawrence Donald MCLAUGHLIN painter & decorator banns Walter Richard William TAYLOR, Rose B TAYLOR
  Hilda Vivien TAYLOR 41 spinster   83 High Street, St Lawrence Walter William Stafford TAYLOR (deceased) engineer    
28th June John Thomas GILLIS 25 bach steel fixer bender 7 Bunkers Hill Road, Dover Harold Ernest GILLIS deceased gas maker banns Edward Charles Henry COOPER, Michael James SNEDDLE
  Bernice Ellen COOPER 21 spinster   136 Melbourne Avenue Charles COOPER butcher    
26th July Ronald David REES 29 bach draughtsman 58 Auckland Avenue David REES electrician banns Joseph William Henry FLETCHER, David Alan REES
  Cynthia Ann FLETCHER 21 spinster   2 Hobart Road Joseph FLETCHER railway worker    
26th July Harry KEEN 24 bach labourer 55 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Frank Robert KEEN labourer banns Lionel Albert Seymour BRETT, Frank Robert KEEN
  Stella Iris BRETT 20 spinster   47 Melbourne Avenue Lionel Albert Seymour BRETT miner    
4th August David John OSBOURNE 21 bach baker 28 Winslow Road, Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire John Ernest OSBOURNE baker banns Leslie James MORRIS, Herbert Thomas LEWIS
  June Shirley LEWIS 20 spinster   24 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Herbert Thomas LEWIS agricultural worker    
16th August Alfred SELF 21 bach clerk 52 Old Fosse Road, Odd Down, Bath Alfred SELF clerk banns Edith Jane YOUNG, Alfred SELF
  Beryl Freda YOUNG 20 spinster   31 Wilfred Road, St Lawrence Thomas Walter YOUNG retired    
30th August Ronald Philip PRICE 29 bach sheet metal worker 11 Oakdene Road Philip John PRICE sheet metal worker banns William Henry SAUNDERS, Philip John PRICE
  Sheila Denise Lydia SAUNDERS 26 spinster   7 Durban Close, St Lawrence William Henry Saunders gardner    
20th September Charles Edwin DIVERS 20 bach U.S.Airforce R.A.F. Station Alconbury Charles Vogler DIVENS retired - Jean Mirriam EDWARDS, Herbert Gwyn TURNER
  Thelma Agnes ENGLAND 20 spinster   25 Kimberley, St Lawrence William George ENGLAND motor mechanic    
11th October William Henry LAPTHORNE 20 bach miner 3 Inverness Terrace, Broadstairs Jack LAPTHORNE farmer retired banns Frederick John JAMES, Ivy Kate HOLLAND
  Margaret Brynhild JAMES 23 spinster   100 Southwood Gardens, St Lawrence Frederick John JAMES civil servant    
15th October Francis Drake REESE 75 widower civil servant retired Long Hope, Foads Hill, Cliffs End Thomas DRAKE (deceased) clerk - Hubert John TERRY, Reginald Frank BUNDY
  Laura Edith Mary BROWN 64 spinster   Hilsea, Foads Hill, Cliffs End Frederick William BROWN (deceased) carpenter    
20th December Philip John BOOTH 22 bach airman 5 Elmstone Road Herbert James BOOTH miner retired licence Thomas George SMITH, Dennis William Steven BOOTH
  Janet SMITH 20 spinster   9 Bathurst Close Thomas George SMITH painter    
20th December Malcolm Cyril CHAPMAN 26 bach labourer 100 Hardres Street Edward George CHAPMAN (deceased) landscape gardener banns H J F PORT, Emily CHAPMAN
  Patricia Iris PORT 20 spinster   47 Marden Avenue Henry George Frederick PORT storeman clerk    
25th December Malcolm SWANN 22 bach fitter 7 Marden Avenue Louis SWANN (deceased) miner banns Frederick James ROLPH, Graham SWANN
  Margaret ROLPH 22 spinster   40 Bush Avenue Frederick James ROLPH clerk    
27th December Sydney William ALLEN 23 bach driver 127 Northwood Road, St Peters Albert George ALLEN carpenter banns George Edward COX, Henry Robert TAYLOR
  Iris Elizabeth TAYLOR 19 spinster   180 Grange Road, Ramsgate Henry Robert TAYLOR labourer    

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