Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1955-56


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
15th January Alan John MOORE 26 bach printer 1 Prices Avenue, St Lawrence Herbert John MOORE labourer banns Arthur George PURKESS, Alexander Watson Aubrey EASTO
  Sheila Mary EASTO 21 spinster   170 Newington Road, St Lawrence Alexander Watson Aubrey EASTO tailor    
29th January John WALBRIDGE 26 bach agriculture 15 Broadley Avenue, Brighton Albert Frederick George WALBRIDGE builders labourer banns Claude Hugh CLIFFORD, Albert Frederick George WALBRIDGE
  Isobel Rosalena WILSON 19 spinster   16 Chapel Road, St Lawrence James Leonard WILSON engineer    
18th February David Henry RAKE 29 bach lorry driver 34 Waldour Close, Broadstairs Gilbert RAKE haulage contractor banns Victor Ethelbert John HILLER, William Henry SAUNDERS
  Mavis Jean SAUNDERS 27 spinster   7 Durban Close, St Lawrence William Henry SAUNDERS gardener    
19th February Graham Allen THOMAS 21 bach railway fireman 25 Perkins Avenue, Ramsgate, Margate John William THOMAS (deceased) machinist banns Mollie THOMAS, Henry John Charles CORNWELL
  Margaret Elizabeth CORNWALL 17 spinster   9 Rockstone Way, St Lawrence Henry John Charles CORNWELL baker    
5th March Patrick Stanley KNIGHT 26 bach farm worker 2 Haine Farm Cottages, St Lawrence Arthur Victor KNIGHT not known banns Douglas Victor KNIGHT, Edgar Frederick TURNER
  Iris May BURVILLE 23 spinster   11 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Arthur John BURVILLE deceased    
5th March Douglas BOWLER 24 bach Royal Navy R.N.A.S. Eglinton, Londonderry, Northern Ireland Albert Thomas BOWLER army banns Robert Graham WILSON, Albert Thomas BOWLER
  Margaret Joan ROBINSON 21 spinster   Penistone House, St Lawrence Terence ROBINSON solicitor    
6th March Stanley Ernest PARKER 28 bach boot repairer 28 St James Avenue, St Lawrence George PARKER boot repairer banns Henry SIVIER, George PARKER
  Priscilla SIVIER 20 spinster   3 Sevenscore Cottages, near Minster Henry SIVIER cowman    
12th March Roy WHITE 22 bach postman 37 Newington Road, St Lawrence George Charles WHITE policeman banns Victor John BURTON, Derek James EARL
  Olive BURTON 19 spinster   86 Newington Road, St Lawrence Victor John BURTON chef    
19th March Stanley Dennis ANDREWS 30 bach miner 62 Melbourne Avenue, St Lawrence Llewellyn ANDREWS deceased banns Frederick HODGE, Edward Thomas TILLINGS
  Valerie June TILLINGS 22 spinster   7 Colombo Square, St Lawrence Edward Thomas TILLINGS miner    
19th March Colin Thomas John FREEMAN 25 bach plastic moulder 10 Nethercourt Farm Road, St Lawrence Thomas William FREEMAN newsagent banns Alfred BAILEY, Terence John POWERS, Thomas William FREEMAN
  Patricia Rose BAILEY 19 spinster   72 Manston Road, St Lawrence Alfred BAILEY driver British Rail    
19th March Frank George JOBSON 29 bach police officer 44 Station Approach Road, Ramsgate Frank Charles JOBSON agricultural worker banns Robert John JOBSON, William PEACOCK
  Audrey Kathleen PEACOCK 23 spinster   1 Nethercourt Hill, St Lawrence William PEACOCK market gardener    
25th March Arthur Charles BELSEY 23 bach fireman British Railways 34 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Arthur Charles BELSEY fitters mate banns Terry Frances HAMMOND, Arthur John BURGHAM
  Barbara BURGHAM 21 spinster   29 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Arthur John BURGHAM miner    
11th April Peter JEFFERIES 22 bach Royal Navy H.M.S. Bulwark Charles JEFFERIES retired banns William Charles JEFFERIES, John Henry LEONARD
  Dorothy Edith LEONARD 20 spinster   11 Ludlay Cottages, Berwick Station, Polegate, Sussex John Henry LEONARD cowman    
23rd April Philip John IVENS 29 bach engineer Plowerfield, Offord, near Maidstone Philip Ralph IVENS nurseyman banns Hew. Francis WARBURG, W V GOODRAM, Nancy Maud GOODRAM, Philip Ralph IVENS, Dorothy Scolda Tytherley IVENS
  Annabel Nancy GOODRAM 25 spinster   42 Queen  Bertha Road, St Lawrence William Valentine GOODRAM schoolmaster    
7th May Dennis George HOLTON 21 bach Corporal R.A.F. 18 Cambridge Road, Strood, Kent George Rutt HOLTON decorator banns Arthur William DITTON, Arthur John LUCKHURST
  Florence Rose DITTON 19 spinster   32 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence Arthur William DITTON pastry cook    
4th June Gerald John BRADSHAW 23 bach R.A.F. 10 Bush Avenue, St Lawrence John Douglas BRADSHAW bus driver banns George Henry GOLDSMITH, Elizabeth Hannah GOLSMITH
  Patricia GOLDSMITH 23 spinster   61 Norman Road, St Lawrence George Henry GOLDSMITH painter    
11th June Malcolm John CUMMINGS 23 bach accounts clerk 45 High Street, Sandwich Edwin George CUMMINGS bus driver banns Edwin Walter Gordon CUMMINGS, O'Sythe Martha MORTIMER
  Pauleel O'Sythe MORTIMER 24 spinster   29 Kings Avenue, St Lawrence James Newcombe MORTIMER retired    
11th June Frederick William PRITCHARD 20 bach builder 6 John Street, Failsworth, near Manchester George Frederick PRITCHARD rubber artisan licence Bertie SMITH, Bertie SMITH
  Olive May SMITH 21 spinster   16 Rockstone Way, St Lawrence Bertie SMITH miner    
18th June William George HOGBEN 30 bach baker 54 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence Walter George HOGBEN retired banns Stanley Arthur SYKES, Richard William NEWING
  Pamela Joan KITE 17 spinster   24 Winstanley Crescent, Ramsgate - -    
18th June Edward George Arthur HAWKINS 25 bach engine fitter 3 Jubilee Cottages, Manston, St Lawrence Frederick Edward HAWKINS lorry driver banns William Alfred Ernest KIMBER, George Joseph BELL
  Sylvia Jean KIMBER 19 spinster   The Warren, Warren Street, Lenham, near Maidstone William Alfred Ernest KIMBER engine    
18th June Peter James John GOLDSMITH 21 bach airframe fitter 1 Colombo Square, Ramsgate Leonard Alfred GOLDSMITH bus driver banns Charles DARWELL, Raymond Derrick NEWMAN
  Ethel DARWELL 21 spinster   1 Colombo Square, Ramsgate Charles DARWELL miner    
7th July Anthony Charles SETTERFIELD 19 bach Able Seaman, Royal Navy 59 High Street, Minster Charles Henry SETTERFIELD deceased banns Herbert Frederick Donald WEBB, Harry Alfred SETTERFIELD
  Margaret Jeanette WEBB 19 spinster   162 Grange Road, Ramsgate Herbert Frederick Donald WEBB carpenter    
9th July Dennis Harold PAGE 24 bach plumber 55 St James Avenue, St Lawrence Harold Edmund PAGE bricklayer banns Oliver YORATH, Peter YORATH
  Florence Mary YORATH 21 spinster   42 Park Road, Ramsgate Oliver YORATH caterer    
11th July Cecil John BARRETT 24 bach foreman cleaner 160 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Arthur Henry BARRETT civil servant banns Arthur Henry BARRETT, Roy Stanley BARRETT
  Evelyn Rose CARDELL 20 spinster   160 Southwood Road, St Lawrence John CARDELL labourer    
30th July John Derek GREEN 21 bach labourer 2 Cheriton Avenue, Ramsgate John Edward GREEN shop manager - Stanley James ROOK, Arthur William Patrick BENNETT
  Patricia Florence BENNETT 21 spinster   2 Cheriton Avenue, Ramsgate Arthur William Patrick BENNETT electrician    
1st August Charles Ernest MALE 21 bach Aircraftsman R.A.F. 10 Woodford Avenue, Ramsgate George Ernest Cecil MALE hairdresser banns Alec Frederick Tom HEWITT, Henry James HULL
  Patricia Barbara HULL 20 spinster   54 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Henry James HULL catering officer R.A.F.    
20th August Brian Conrad HARVEY 23 bach teacher 11 Mount Pleasant, Diss, Norfolk John Reginald HARVEY petrol distributor banns John Reginald HARVEY, Geoffrey Patrick John HARVEY
  Joan Margaret COLEGATE 21 spinster   Domus, Haine Road, Ramsgate Thomas Edward COLEGATE assurance official    
20th August Bryan STRAW 27 bach schoolmaster 45 Park Road, Ramsgate Albert STRAW locomotive driver banns Geoffrey Basil GRAVES, Norman Alfred WHITLING
  Valerie Florence WHITLING 22 spinster   65 Park Road, Ramsgate Norman Alfred WHITLING flour & corn merchant    
3rd September Edward George IRISH 26 bach labourer 11 St James Avenue, St Lawrence Edward George IRISH Post Office engineer banns Peter David IRISH, Fred William MOYES
  Maureen May MOYES 19 spinster   11 St James Avenue, St Lawrence Frederick William MOYES baker    
17th September Roy Peter HUNTLEY 23 bach grocery first hand 15 Rossland Road, St Lawrence Donald Albert HUNTLEY scaffolder banns Cyril James CHEALE, Violet Adelaide BRIDGLAND
  Sylvia Jean BRIDGLAND 20 spinster   16 Rossland Road, St Lawrence Ernest Page BRIDGLAND salesman    
24th September Edward John WRATTEN 23 bach Army 2 Meadow View, Nethercourt Farm, St Lawrence Charles Edward WRATTEN domestic servant banns Cyril William BOURNE, Frederick C CHIDWICK
  Gladys Pauline CHIDWICK 21 spinster   2 Meadow View, Nethercourt Farm, St Lawrence Frederick Charles CHIDWICK farmer    
17th December Edwin Harry Malcolm SHARP 24 bach clerk 28 Melbourne Avenue, St Lawrence Wilfred Charles SHARP hospital orderly banns Raymond Charles SHARP, Harold Percy MAY
  Dyllys Irene Ruth MAY 24 spinster   356 Margate Road, Ramsgate Harold Percy MAY electrical engineer    
17th December Dennis JAMES 23 bach newsagent wholesaler 44 Braybrooke Street, Shepherds Bush, London, W12 Thomas JAMES deceased banns Ronald JAMES, George Victor CORDER
  Joan Susan TILBROOK 23 spinster   31 Queens Avenue, St Lawrence Arthur James TILBROOK deceased    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
25th February Norman James DANIELS 28 bach garage attendant Hollowdene, Woodnes Borough, Sandwich Sidney Ernest DANIELS small holder banns Arthur SHAW, Horace Albert WOODS
  Ella SHAW 25 spinster   Elm Lodge, High Street, St Lawrence Arthur SHAW miner    
10th March Reginald John FUSSELL 33 bach company director 21 Pinewood Close, St Lawrence Reginald Godfrey FUSSELL company director banns Sidney William FUSSELL, James Cooper COSIER
  Judith Ann Cooper COSIER 24 spinster   21 Pinewood Close, St Lawrence James Cooper COSIER printing director    
24th March Erich Kurt FINCH 28 bach miller 9 Spratling Street, Manston Karl FINCH farmer licence Peter YOW, Fed DUXBURY
  Edna DUXBURY 18 spinster   9 Spratling Street, Manston Fred DUXBURY lorry driver    
31st March Alfred FISHER 39 bach sugar boiler 64 Southwood Gardens, St Lawrence Alfred Ernest FISHER deceased banns Ian LAMB, Millicent Amy RUMEAR
  Hilda Joan THUMWOOD 30 spinster   64 Southwood Gardens, St Lawrence Alfred John  THUMWOOD labourer    
3rd April Michael Charles BARRETT 24 bach Army Officer School of Signals, Catterick Camp Charles William BARRETT Army Officer banns C W BARRETT, G H WATKINS
  Josephine Irma WATKINS 23 spinster   27 Bathurst Close, Ramsgate George Henry WATKINS clerk    
7th April Michael George ROWE 34 bach electrical fitter 44 Grover Road, Oxney Albert George ROWE mechanic banns E C DAVEY, H WOOLGAR
  Joan Margaret WOOLGAR 30 spinster   14 High Street, St Lawrence Herbert Edwin WOOLGAR chauffeur retired    
3rd May Derek Albert Louis GARDNER 21 bach Royal Navy 37 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Albert Louis GARDNER fitter banns Q N FLETCHER, G FLETCHER
  Joycelin Violet FLETCHER 18 spinster   10 Kent Terrace, Ramsgate George FLETCHER labourer    
23rd June Joseph GOLDSMITH 40 bach Assistant Supervisor Inland Telecommunications 29 Albert Road, Mersham, Redhill, Surrey Jack Roots GOLDSMITH retired railwayman banns Walter Henry LINES, Lionel Ernest SOLLEY
  Elizabeth Lily SALTER 22 spinster   7 Wilfred Road, Ramsgate Charles Rupert SALTER council employee    
28th July Graham William Terence John YOUNG 18 bach miner 8 Clement Gardens John YOUNG miner banns John  Thomas YOUNG, Merlyn Phoebe MENZIES
  Patricia Frances MENZIES 18 spinster   146 Crescent Road Laraine William MENZIES (deceased) Army    
4th August Robert KANE 24 bach draughtsman 28 Welhan Road, Streatham Robert KANE - banns F DOWNHAM, J HOPKINS
  Doreen Gladys DOWNHAM 21 spinster   18 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Frederick Claude DOWNHAM milk salesman    
4th August John Walter James SMITH 26 bach soldier 69 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Cornelius SMITH pensioner banns Alice PILCHER, Gertrude Nellie SMITH
  Daphne Alice PITCHER 25 spinster   23 Manston Road Arthur Albert PITCHER decorator & painter    
11th August Terry Francis HAMMOND 20 bach soldier 7 Nelson Place, Broadstairs William Frederick HAMMOND milkman licence Arthur Charles BELSEY, Leonard William Richard TURNER
  Doreen Teresa BELSEY 20 spinster   34 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Arthur Charles BELSEY fitter    
11th August George Armstrong PARSONS 27 bach medical practitioner St Bartholomews Hospital, Rochester Edgar PARSONS commercial traveller licence Edith Muriel PARSONS, Charles Armstrong PARSONS
  Euthene Dawn WALLACE 21 spinster   113 Newington Road, Ramsgate Herbert Edward WALLACE (deceased) farmer    
25th August Raymond Ernest John BAKER 23 bach radio & TV mechanic 18 Molineux Road, Minster Arthur John BAKER laundry salesman banns Arnold DOWNS, Leslie John Frederick WAKE
  Evelyn Lilian Ann TURNER 17 spinster   10 Calverdon, Newington, St Klawrence Bert Frederick TURNER bus conductor    
22nd September Reuban George WALMSLEY 29 bach motor mechanic 32 Augustine Road, Minster, Thanet Norris Albert WALMSLEY steward banns Edith Lucy LAKER, Charles Edwin LAKER, Rosalie Alexandra WALMSLEY
  Janet Mary LAKER 25 spinster   16 Manston Road, St Lawrence Charles Edwin LAKER baker    
20th October Roy Vincent BARTLETT 21 bach bus conductor 41 Kimberley Road, St Lawrence Charles Thomas BARTLETT driver licence Charles Thomas BARTLETT, Kenneth C BARTLETT
  Patricia Doris JEPHCOTT 20 spinster   25 Caldecott Road, Coventry Sidney Alfred JEPHCOTT electrician    
27th October Ronald Clifford SANBROOKE 28 bach vehicle mechanic 16 Dove Walk, Ottoxeter Frank SANBROOKE tinsmith banns Annie M DARWELL, Alice SANDBROOKE
  Margaret Ellen DARWELL 18 spinster shop assistant 1 Colombo Square, Ramsgate - -    
27th October Reginald Gabold PHILLIPS 19 bach baker & confectioner 43 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence Michael John PHILLIPS signalman banns Eileen PHILLIPS, Eric Edward APPLETON
  Joan Margaret APPLETON 19 spinster   12 Manston Road, St Lawrence Eric Edward APPLETON railway driver    

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