Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1953-54


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
7th March Ronald Kenneth BLIGH 23 bach bricklayer 123 Coldhams Lane, Cambridge Frederick Ambrose BLIGH shop porter banns Albert George FISHER, Malcolm James MIDDLEMASS
  Bettina Maureen FISHER 21 spinster   103 Southwood Road, St Lawrence James Benjamin FISHER retired    
21st March Harry Thomas HOUNSOM 64 widower Administrative Officer, L.G.S. Lion House, Hailsham, Sussex Thomas HOUNSOM farmer retired licence Emily Gertrude RYNIAN, Ernest Edward FORD
  Lillie Ethel JACKSON 54 spinster   100 London Road, St Lawrence Thomas Chalice JACKSON barrister at law    
21st March Henry John ALFORD 30 bach railway worker Pitmoor Cottage, Highbridge, Somerset Edgar ALFORD (deceased) agricultural worker banns Colin Victor SMITH, Wallace LEE
  Olive Joyce ARCHER 21 spinster   16 Bathurst Close, St Lawrence Reginald Ronald ARCHER painter & decorator    
28th March Wesley Reese CHAMBERS 22 bach British Rail fireman 106 Margate Road, Ramsgate Wesley Leonard CHAMBERS miner banns William Charles CLAPSON, Frederick Robert KEEN
  Georgina Phoebe CLAPSON 20 spinster   55 Seafield Road, St Lawrence William Charles CLAPSON bricklayer    
28th March John  Gwilym EVANS 25 bach agricultural worker Marlborough Farm, Monkcross, near Tunbridge Wells Llewelyn EVANS agricultural worker banns William Frederick BURRELL, Stanley Robert ROSHIER
  Betty Patricia BURRELL 21 spinster   Highlands, King Arthur Road, Cliffs End, St Lawrence William Frederick BURRELL bricklayer    
28th March Henry HICKMAN 29 widower electrician 26 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Frank HICKMAN professional golfer banns Arthur Frances George JENNINGS, Frank HICKMAN
  Ann Patricia JENNINGS 18 spinster   50 Manston Road, St Lawrence Arthur Frances George JENNINGS maintenance fitter    
28th March Douglas Henry KIRKALDIE 23 bach carpenter 35 Hardres Street, Ramsgate George KIRKALDIE (deceased) stoker banns Arthur Frances George JENNINGS, Musery Lillian KIRKALDIE
  Eileen JENNINGS 20 spinster   50 Manston Road, St Lawrence Arthur Frances George JENNINGS maintenance fitter    
28th March Charles Victor BRIDGER 21 bach seaman 4 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence George Henry BRIDGER decorator licence Frederick George BRIDGER, Leslie Eric LANSDELL
  Josephine WOOD 20 spinster   41 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence George Henry WOOD (deceased) labourer    
4th April William Henry CHANDLER 22 bach miner 49 Crescent Road, Ramsgate Henry CHANDLER musician banns Charles HERBERT, Arthur Daniel SYKES
  Joyce Alicia HERBERT 23 spinster   40 Manston Road, St Lawrence Charles HERBERT wine steward    
4th April Ernest WILLIAMSON 34 widower caretaker 7 Kingston Road, St Lawrence Arthur Toplis WILLIAMSON musician banns William Edward James GOLDSMITH, Arthur Sidney Charles FEARN
  Nellie ROBERTS 29 spinster   7 Kingston Road, St Lawrence Charles ROBERTS (deceased) gas fitter    
4th April Brian Jack GILHAM 23 bach school teacher 63 St Peters Park Road, Broadstairs Harry GILHAM civil servant banns Malcolm Harry GILHAM, Percy William DUNN
  Joyce Cecily DUNN 22 spinster   51 Newington Road, St Lawrence Percy William DUNN commercial traveller retired    
25th April Jack Dennis DEBLING 21 bach radio mechanic 17 Nixon Avenue, Ramsgate Bert DEBLING (deceased) painter banns Frank Josiah PAGE, John MARLEY
  Margaret Beryl PAGE 20 spinster   27 Rockstone Way, St Lawrence Frank Josiah PAGE grocer    
27th June David John WALES 24 bach accountant Kew, 34 All Saints Avenue, Margate, Kent Ernest WALES retired banns Peter Alan WALES, Leonard Robert MARKS
  Doreen Olive MARKS 22 spinster   Theadore, 377 Margate Road, Ramsgate, Kent Leonard Robert MARKS english timber merchant manager    
30th June Kenneth Victor PAUL 24 bach lorry driver 4 Anns Road, Ramsgate Victor George KEELER business manager banns William Thomas Hilary SAYER, William H SAYER
  Winifred Violet SAYER 21 spinster   3 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence William Herbert SAYER wood merchant    
4th July John Lawrence OFFERMAN 23 bach medical technician 11 Wilfred Road, St Lawrence Albert Ernest OFFERMAN school teacher banns E L OFFERMAN, Frederick John BREWER
  Joan Ethel BREWER 32 spinster   90 South Eastern Road, Ramsgate Frederick John BREWER caterer    
25th July Henry George LYCETT 25 bach carpenter 38 Queensgate Road, St Lawrence Henry Cyril LYCETT gardener banns Arthur Alfred EVERETT, Arthur William HALL
  Gloria Dawn HALLING 17 spinster   34 Park Road, Ramsgate Charles William HALLING piano tuner    
29th August John Walter SMITH 30 bach garage assistant 7 High Street, Manston, St Lawrence Herbert Walter SMITH postmaster banns Peter SMITH, Albert William HOLMES
  Jean Evelyn HOLMES 20 spinster   35 High Street, St Lawrence Albert William HOLMES painter & decorator    
5th September James Rice BRYAN 21 bach instrument specialist 406 Maintenance Squadron, Manston James Rice BRYAN Army U.S.A. banns Harrison William MARSH, Owen Martin BEGLEY
  June Avril MARSH 18 spinster   14 Holbrook Drive, St Lawrence Harrison William MARSH sign writer    
12th September Richard Eugene SINK 21 bach U.S.A.F. 512 Fighter Bomber Squardron, R.A.F. Station Manston Gene SINK restaurant manager banns Ernest Albert SPINNER, Joseph Andrew DERVAY
  Doris Rose SPINNER 17 spinster   16 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Ernest Albert SPINNER British Rail maintenance    
26th September Albert Corlette BATTERY 23 bach van driver Hore Bungalow, Hope Lane, Northwood, Ramsgate George BATTERY fitter banns Albert Frederick WILLIS, William Arthur BATTERY
  Joyce Elsie WILLIS 21 spinster   49 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Albert Frederick WILLIS milk roundsman    
3rd October John Howard JENKINS 29 bach waiter 14 Bathurst Close, Ramsgate Thomas William JENKINS miner banns Gwyneth MORGAN, Bertie NEWMAN
  Marjorie Beatrice MORGAN 23 spinster   27 Northwood Road, Ramsgate Alfred John MORGAN miner    
15th October Peter WHYSALL 22 bach electrician 433 Margate Road, Ramsgate Wilfred WHYSALL public works engineer banns Thomas William WHYSALL, James Frederick William TAYLOR
  Daphne Winifred TAYLOR 22 spinster   5 Coastguard Cottages, Sandwich Road, St Lawrence James Frederick William TAYLOR stockman    
5th December Cyril Frederick BERKELEY 52 widower G.P.O. engineer 70 Norfolk Road, Margate Joseph William BERKELEY railway guard banns Clifford Lloyd THOMAS, Charles Alvey HUNT
  Nora SPICER 35 widow   20 Quetta Road, St Lawrence Arthur CONNOR curier    
12th December John Dudley HUNTER 20 bach U.S. Airforce R.A.F. Station,  Manston Dudley HUNTER textile worker retired banns Russell Benjamin SMITH, David Hague DRAKE
  Priscilla Margaret MONK 17 spinster   The Old Forge House, Manston Philip Maurice MONK bank clerk    
12th December John Robert CANSICK 22 bach clerk 11 Central, Ramsgate William CANSICK French polisher banns William Paul CANSICK, Albert Ernest JALES
  Doreen Violet JALES 17 spinster   54 Manston Road, St Lawrence Albert Ernest JALES cleaner British Rail    
26th December Charles Stephen Henry HOSKINS 32 bach labourer 31 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Charles Henry HOSKINS deceased banns William James HOSKINS, Bert PHILLIPS
  Rosaline Margaret PHLLIPS 22 spinster   24 Lorina Road, St Lawrence Bert PHILLIPS builder    
26th December Kenneth Walter John SILVERTHORNE 23 bach fireman British Railways 15 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Samuel SILVERTHORNE driver British Rail banns Stanley Edward CHAPMAN, Robert Raymond SILVERTHORNE
  Jean Bridget CHAPMAN 21 spinster   22 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence Stanley Edward CHAPMAN retired    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
30th January Frederick George JARVIS 67 widower laundry proprietor 1 Manston Road, St Lawrence James Julian JARVIS deceased licence Leon Alfred TAVARE, George William DALLUM
  Mary TAVARE 31 spinster   1 Manston Road, St Lawrence Leon Alfred TAVARE representative    
27th February Brian Charles COLLYER 20 bach R.A.F. 21 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Frederick Arthur COLLYER gardener banns Ronald Leslie Ernest RALPH, Ernest PIDDUCK
  Gladys Elizabeth Ellen PIDDUCK 19 spinster   To Flat, Ozengall Grange, St Lawrence Ernest Alfred PIDDUCK farm labourer    
6th March Derek Sydney Charles COURT 25 bach engineer 14 Fulston Palce, Sittingbourne Sydney Alfred COURT departmental manager banns Brian NEWTON, Thomas Henry ANDREWS
  Beryl Ellen STANNER 25 spinster   45 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Leslie Cecil STANNER deceased    
20th March Peter Charles Thomas MACKINS 21 bach builder 24 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence William Henry MACKINS builders labourer banns Lillian May BEER, William Henry MACKINS
  Jacqueline Frederica BEER 21 spinster   32 Chapel Road, St Lawrence John Frederick BEER mechanical engineer    
27th March Christopher William MACKINS 24 bach Corporal R.A.F. 24 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence William Henry MACKINS builders labourer banns William Henry MACKINS, Maldwyn BEER
  Eunice Catherine ROBSON 30 spinster   12 Dryden Avenue, Lincoln Charles ROBSON (deceased) grocer    
10th July Trevor Edward Young GOODBOURN 23 bach bricklayer 62 Upper Dumpton Park Road, Ramsgate Horace Edgar Young GOODBOURN building contractors foreman banns Albert Edmund PEIRCE, Horace Edgar Young GOODBOURN
  Betty Doris PEIRCE 21 spinster   22 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Albert Edmond PEIRCE painter & decorator    
17th July Alfred Nicholas HALLUMS FULL widower shipwright chargeman Dorcor, Lansdowne Road, Rochester William Nicholas HALLUMS (deceased) pensioner Royal Navy licence Ellen DANIELS, George Augustus HALLUMS
  Philadelphia Hazeldene HALLUMS FULL spinster   5 Manston Road, St Lawrence George HALLUMS (deceased) labourer    
17th July William Lawrence KENNISON 23 bach U.S. Airforce R.A.F. Station, Manston Scott KENNISON farmer licence Melvin L KELLER, Norman WALKER
  Violet WALKER 21 spinster   2 Princes Avenue, St Lawrence Norman WALKER miner    
31st July Harry William CARTER 26 bach labourer 37 Hugin Avenue, St Peters Thanet Henry William CARTER motor mechanic banns Alec Edwin CARTER, Cyril James SMITH
  Violet Rosina May HOENES 28 widow   48 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence Edwin JOHNSON shop fitter    
21st August Edmund Philip LAMSDELL 20 bach R.A.F. 26 Bursill Crescent, St Lawrence Philip Leonard LAMSDELL foreman laundry banns David Gerald MOORBY, George William WAREHAM
  Betty Doreen WAREHAM 17 spinster   89 Nixon Avenue, St Lukes Avenue George WAREHAM milk roundsman    
21st August James Donald DIMOND 23 bach miner 40 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence Jack LANGLEY small holder banns Joyce Poppy WALKER, Gertrude May MEDLAND
  Doris May DEBLING 20 spinster   43 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence George Thomas DEBLING fitter British Railways    
21st August Leonard Thomas John NORRIS 23 bach customs officer 11 Dane Crescent, St Lukes, Ramsgate Walter William James NORRIS coachmaker banns William Alfred Jabey WAIT, Walter George Richard NORRIS
  Betty Primrose WAIT 24 spinster   86 Station Approach, St Leonards William Alfred Jabey WAIT county court bailiff    
28th August Derek Stanley George PHILPOTT 23 bach miner 4 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Thomas Ernest Arthur PHILPOTT gardener banns Ernest Alfred Cyril JAMES, Glenys May JAMES
  Gabrielle Lilian SELWOOD 23 spinster   44 Queen Street, Littlehampton Frederick George SELWOOD engineer    
4th September Donald Hector HAMLYN 22 bach clerk Westways, 1 College Road, Ramsgate Hector Daniel Jenner Hamlyn clerk banns Hector Daniel James HAMLYN, William James JOHNSON
  Margaret Ruth JOHNSON 28 spinster   54 Park Road, St Lawrence William James JOHNSON labourer    
11th September Emlyn Dewi Meirion JONES 25 bach fireman British Railways 10 Wheatley Road, Ramsgate Garfield JONES mining surface engineer banns Robert James MOORE, Stanley Robert JONES
  Jean Dorothy MOORE 20 spinster   31 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Robert James MOORE mining surface engineer    
25th September Reginald John THRUSH 28 bach tobacconists manager 102 Burnt Oak Terrace, Gillingham George Reginald THRUSH carpenter banns Peter Edward STONEHAM, Alfred Sydney REED
  Evelyn Mary REED 22 spinster   1 St James Avenue, St Lawrence Alfred Sydney REED electrician    
25th September Peter Ferguson HALLS 21 bach tailor cutter 61 Stirling Way, St Lawrence Hugo Ferguson HALLS engineer banns Eric M PEARCE, Robert Charles PITCHER
  Margaret PITCHER 21 spinster   45 Bloomsbury Road, Ramsgate Robert Charles PITCHER shop porter    
26th September Oliver Curtis WILCHER 23 bach U.S.A.F. 3917 Air Police Squadron, Manston Lewis Cheatham WILCHER deceased banns George C CANNON, George W LONG
  Patricia CANNON 18 spinster   6 The Centre, Newington George Cyril CANNON butcher    
2nd October Kenneth FISHER 26 bach checker at brewery 103 Southwood Road, St Lawrence James Benjamin FISHER retired banns Leslie John FISHER, William James SWAIN
  Jean Elizabeth TALBOT 26 spinster   6A High Street, Broadstairs William John TALBOT labourer    
2nd October Gerald Graham TONKIN 25 bach fisherman 63 Island Walk, Whitstable Alfred Thomas Stanley TONKIN commercial traveller banns Ernest Anthony HILL, Alfred Thomas Stanley TONKIN
  Patricia Marion BAXTER 21 spinster   33 Southwood Gardens, St Lawrence Ronald Stueart BAXTER deceased    
20th November John Austen DILNOT 23 bach builders clerk 22 Montefiore Avenue, Ramsgate Harold John DILNOT master builder banns Leslie Thomas COX, Willis Dudley TREADWAY
  Dorothy Joyce Ford BROWN 22 spinster   8 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Montague FORD deceased    

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