Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1951-52


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
3rd February Peter Frederick STILL 24 bach typewriter mechanic Patrol, Arundel Road, Cliffs End, St Lawrence Peter STILL motor mechanic banns John Joseph JARMAN, George John SANDEY
  Margaret Rebecca SANDEY 20 spinster   56 Newington Road, St Lawrence George John SANDEY telephonist    
14th March Edward Blake HANCOCK 22 bach airman U.S.A. Manston R.A.F. Station, Minster in Thanet Herman Cornelius HANCOCK machine inspector licence John  James PETERS, John Joseph SCOTT
  Dolena Swanson SUTHERLAND 24 spinster   St Athan, near Cardiff, South Wales John George SUTHERLAND farmer    
24th March Peter Lanyon ELLIOTT 31 widower Royal Navy 11 David's Road, Dartmouth William Lanyon ELLIOTT baker banns Alexander MURRAY, James D DIMOND
  Lilian Joan MURRAY 17 spinster   40 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence Alexander MURRAY retired    
24th March George Wilfred BELLAMY 26 bach crane driver Auster Field Bawtry, Doncaster William Henry BELLAMY crane driver banns Derek J EARL, John W MALKIN
  Jean Lilian EARL 24 spinster   9 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence Robert Stevenson Smythe Baden Powell EARL postman (deceased)    
24th March Stanley Arthur HUDSON 23 bach draughtsman 33 Sedlescombe Road, London, SW6 John Arthur HUDSON electrician banns Frederick W HEWITT, Harold FARBRACE
  Iris Margaret FARBRACE 22 spinster   8 Holbrook Drive, St Lawrence Harold FARBRACE barman    
31st March Harold Arthur BULL 30 bach journalist Coronation Villa, Coronation Road, Ramsgate Arthur Charles BULL (deceased) assistant clerk of works banns John E GRIGGS, Eric BRADBURY
  Alice Eva Mary GRIGGS 30 spinster   17 Clifton Road, Ramsgate John Edmund GRIGGS retired    
12th May Llewellyn Arthur BOLTON 53 widower flour milling 35 Newington Road, St Lawrence George William BOLTON deceased banns Frank J BOLTON, Lancelot SYKES
  Mary Beatrice SYKES 22 spinster   97 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Lancelot SYKES clerk    
14th May Ronald James QUICK 28 bach shop assistant St Elmo, Weigall Place, St Lawrence Percy QUICK carpenter banns Henry J W HERBERT, Leslie C G QUICK
  Joy Ena HERBERT 20 spinster   135 Grange Road, St Lawrence Henry John Winslow HERBERT baker    
24th June Michael Alexander CARGIN 27 bach airline traffic superintendent 69 Downs Road, St Lawrence Herbert Macpherson CARGIN doctor banns Robert William SPRATLING, George Arthur DOLBY
  Marie Alice DOLBY 24 spinster   25 Denmark Road, Carshalton, Surrey George Arthur DOLBY shipping merchant    
30th June Alfred William STIMPSON 39 widower marine fitter 2 Westcliff Road, Ramsgate Alfred John STIMPSON lorry driver banns Harold F WATLER, John STILGROVE
  Eileen Doris MANNINGS 30 spinster   31 Stirling Way, St Lawrence George MANNINGS carpenter    
30th June John Freeman Berners PRICE 27 bach professional civil servant Court Stairs Hotel, St Lawrence William Berners PRICE valuer & estate agent licence Geoffrey R ROUREAU, Alan Berners PRICE
  Wendy NICE 23 spinster   Greenacre, Stanhope Road, Croydon Harold Arthur William NICE (deceased) accountant    
14th July Dennis S tanley DOBSON 24 bach Sergeant Grenadier Guards 49 Buchanan Gardens, Kensal Rise, London NW10 Henry Arthur DOBSON deceased banns Joseph W MOSS, Maud DOBSON
  Delma Lavinia MOSS 26 spinster   Braintcroft, 42 London Raod, St Lawrence Joseph William MOSS tie & scarf manufacturer    
21st July Cecil James BENEFIELD 19 bach farm labourer Little Cliffs End Farm, St Lawrence Frank BENEFIELD farmer banns Frederick C SAYER, Frank L BENEFIELD
  Audrey Alison SAYER 19 spinster   18 Coleman Crescent, Ramsgate Frederick Charles SAYER van river    
28th July Glyndws Dean DUNN 22 bach H.M. Forces 16 Garfield Road, Margate Charles DUNN blacksmith banns William J JOHNSON, Charles S DUNN
  May JOHNSON 19 spinster   54 Park Road, St Lawrence William James JOHNSON labourer    
4th August Henry Joseph O'HARA 44 widower ships fireman 28 Kings Avenue, St Lawrence Patrick O'HARA deceased banns Thomas Richard O'HARA, Edmund Mark RICHARDS
  Ivy Gertrude MOUNT 43 widow   28 Kings Avenue, St Lawrence Frank RICHARDS road contractor    
8th September Stephen Frank WARD 28 bach radio engineer The Cabin, Sutton by Dover Stephen WARD shop proprietor banns David LYONS, John H WARD
  Mary LYONS 19 spinster   7 Saxon Road, St Lawrence David LYONS harbour employee    
15th September Edward DEVLIN 27 bach miner 29 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Edward DEVLIN fitter banns Arthur J BURGHAM, James McMurray COTTER
  Vera Joan BURGHAM 19 spinster   29 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Arthur John BURGHAM miner    
29th September Donald John BRIDGLAND 24 bach police constable 15 Sydney Road, Ramsgate Frank BRIDGLAND deceased banns Douglas Robert ROBERSON, A E BRIDGLAND
  Betty Rose ROBERSON 23 spinster   60 Helvellyn Avenue, St Lawrence Douglas Robert ROBERSON retired    
13th October Ronald John Idoine BUNT 31 bach lorry driver 31 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence John Paine BUNT deceased banns Capt. Winston Clifford FALLA, Richard John Herbert NORRIS
  Stella Marion STRINGER 27 spinster   127 Queens Boro Road, Sheerness Arthur Charles STRINGER deceased    
27th October Roy Douglas GREEN 23 bach R.A.F. 16 Hall Cottages, Eastergate, near Chichester Arthur Charles GREEN coalman banns Reginald Harry William BATCH, Geoffrey G GREEN
  Patricia Ann Ellen BATCH 20 spinster   82 St James Avenue, St Lawrence Reginald Harry William BATCH landscape gardener    
8th December Dennis Raymond POINTER 21 bach A.B., Royal Navy 36 Winstanley Crescent, Ramsgate (H.M.S. Reward) Frederick Charles POINTER engineer banns Herbert E FISHER, Leslie J POINTER
  Valencia June FISHER 19 spinster   58 Newington Road, St Lawrence Herbert Ernest FISHER miner    
26th December John TURTON 25 bach shoe salesman 23 Brooklyn Road, Wieshire Blackburn John Thomas TURTON shoe retailer banns Alfred Henry BELSEY, William A EMMETT
  Margaret BELSEY 21 spinster   5 Mayforth Gardens, St Lawrence Alfred Henry BELSEY newsagent    
29th December Maurice Austin DEAL 23 bach railway fireman 111 Crabble Hill, Buckland, Dover Austin Raymond DEAL miner - Walter A HEWETT, Herbert E SPICER
  Patricia Mary HEWETT 21 spinster   20 Queens Avenue, Ramsgate Walter Augustus HEWETT meter reader    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
22nd March George HOLTON 40 bach engineer 20 Ponsard Road, College Park, London, NW10 George Henry HOLTON engineer (retired) banns Eric T HOLTON, Edna POWELL
  Marjorie TOWNEND 32 spinster   1A Oakdene Road, St Lawrence George Oliver TOWNEND deceased    
27th March David John RICHARDS 32 bach clerk 38 Dundonald Road, Kensal Rise, London NW10 Llewellyn RICHARDS deceased banns Harry L WATKINS, Trevor JAMES
  Betty JAMES 25 spinster   8 Princess Margaret Avenue, St Lawrence Trefor JAMES painter & decorator    
29th March Augustus Edward POINTER 24 bach locomotive fireman 44 Norman Road, St Peters Thanet Augustus Albert POINTER deceased banns Thomas H ANDREWS, Leonard D JENNINGS
  Joyce Winifred STANNER 20 spinster   45 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Leslie Cecil STANNER deceased    
5th April Robert JOHNSON 23 bach gas fitter 54 Park Road, St Lawrence William James JOHNSON stoker banns William James JOHNSON, Edward G BUSH
  Violet Alice BUSH 19 spinster   136 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Edward George BUSH building trade    
7th June Victor Charles CADLE 25 bach electrical mechanic The Bungalow, Station Road, Loudwater Victor George CADLE (deceased) shoemaker banns Sidney Charles WILLOUGHBY, Maurice William CADLE
  Doreen May SUTTON 27 spinster   Manne Hotte, Canterbury Road, St Lawrence Charles Joseph SUTTON deceased    
28th June John Fred SHAW 20 bach U.S. Airforce Manston Aero Droite Minster Eugene Willis SHAW lorry driver licence George Henry CLARK, Donald L SMOCK
  Betty Elizabeth CLARK 20 spinster   6 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence George Henry CLARK labourer S.E. Gas Board    
5th July Ronald Arthur BISHOP 22 bach scientist 6 Wilfred Road, St Lawrence Reginald Henry BISHOP house furnisher banns Dennis Henry BISHOP, Florence May ROSE
  Betty Elizabeth ROSE 21 spinster   14 Kings Avenue, St Lawrence Frederick Cecil ROSE fitter    
9th August Henry George OFFERMAN 26 bach schoolmaster 11 Wilfred Road, St Lawrence Albert Ernest OFFERMAN schoolmaster banns John L OFFERMAN, Archie LUCK
  Vera Agnes Frances LUCK 29 spinster   Cornford Farm House, Pembury, Kent Archie LUCK farm bailiff    
23rd August Samuel James PERRY 26 bach soldier 18 Belmont Street, Ramsgate Walter PERRY fruiterer banns Lewis G E POTTLE, Ernest F HEAD
  Margaret Florence ISAACS 21 spinster   140 Grange Road, St Lawrence Albert George ISAACS builder (deceased)    
6th September Samuel Arthur MOSS 22 bach civil servant 2 Oakwood Vilas, Dumpton Lane, Ramsgate Albert Edwin MOSS deceased banns A H TURNER, Anthony MOSS
  Patricia TURNER 22 spinster   4 Colombo Square, Ramsgate Albert Henry TURNER retired    
13th September William John Frederick HEYBURN 51 bach South Eastern Electricty Board 22 St Davids Road, Ramsgate William George HEYBURN Senior Officer L.V., Trinity House banns Cyril BAX, William Henry EWELL
  Florence Ewell FLEMING 33 spinster   56 Stirling Way, St Lawrence Arthur Chapman FLEMING retired    
17th September Fred CLIFTON 76 widower - 10 Pegwell Road, St Lawrence Robert CLIFTON deceased licence Edward Alfred Richard BEER, Reginald George MARTELL
  Edith Ellen BEER 71 widow   62 Southwood Road, Ramsgate Edward BEARD deceased    
4th October Emlyn Claude EDWARDS 30 bach store keeper 18 James Street, Ramsgate William Henry EDWARDS miner retired - Deric Raymond EDWARDS, Joseph DAWKINS
  Patricia Violet DAWKINS 27 spinster   33 Foads Lane, St Lawrence Joseph DAWKINS domestic porter    
4th October Edward TAPPENDEN FULL widower retired 22 Chapel Road, St Lawrence George TAPPENDEN deceased banns Albert Edward MARTIN, Reginald TAPPENDEN
  Dolly Elizabeth PURVEY FULL widow   22 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Samuel BAKER deceased    
18th October William Henry MILLER 23 bach U.S. Airforce Manston Airforce Station, Minster Victor G MILLEN rancher banns Horace PAGE, E L JENNINGS
  Valerie Ernestine Georgina PAGE 18 spinster   13 Manston Road, St Lawrence Horace PAGE waiter    
25th October Alan Oliver ASHBY 22 bach musician 23 Herbert Road, St Lawrence Oliver John Thomas ASHBY store keeper banns Griffith Morgan HUGHES, Mervyn Kenneth COOK
  Olive HUGHES 21 spinster   5 Quetta Road, St Lawrence Griffith Morgan HUGHES miner    
8th November Herbert Arthur SMITH 25 bach engineers assistant 35 Kings End, Bicester Herbert Walter SMITH newsagent banns Kenry John SIMMONS, John Walter SMITH
  Olive Joyce SIMMONS 23 spinster   29 Manston Road, St Lawrence Henry John SIMMONS lorry driver    
22nd November John Anthony HILTON 21 bach locomotive engineer 9 Bush Avenue, St Lawrence John Leslie HILTON bricklayer banns John William BURVILL, Eric Frances LOVE
  Gladys May BURVILL 19 spinster   42 Prestedge Avenue, Ramsgate John William BURVILL Staff British Railways    
29th November Frederick Jack SLADDEN 29 bach farm worker Ivymead, Fleet Road, Margate William Thomas PURVEY (deceased) market gardener banns Reginald William SILK, Sidney Grambrell COURT
  Betty Geraldine COURT 27 spinster   3 Manston Court Cottages, St Lawrence Sidney Grambrell COURT farm worker    
29th November Donald Charles WRIGHT 20 bach Royal Navy 31 Codrington Road, Ramsgate Charles William Templeman WRIGHT butcher banns Reginald William WRIGHT, Rebecca HALLAM
  Sheila Irene SHIPMAN 21 spinster   36 Bush Avenue, St Lawrence Arthur SHIPMAN (deceased) miner    
26th December George Washington TACKETT 22 bach U.S. Airforce Manston Aerodrome Edward TACKETT electrician banns C W SANDFORD, Glen WOODARD
  Janet PAGE 17 spinster   40 Melbourne Avenue, St Lawrence Philip PAGE deceased    

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