Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1949-50


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
26th February Jack Geogune CAINE 25 bach technical assistant Sunways, Pegwell Road, St Lawrence Gwilym CAINE ships radio officer (deceased) banns Charles HERBERT, Gwilym CAINE, J I CAINE
  Pamela Sylvia HERBERT 21 spinster   Deolali, Manston Road, St Lawrence Charles HERBERT st army    
5th March William Henry BAILEY 24 bach farm labourer Fitzroy Avenue, Northwood William BAILEY gardener banns Victor C CHAPMAN, Robert Edward SPAIN
  Muriel May CHAPMAN 24 spinster   4 Salisbury Terrace, Haine, St Lawrence Victor Charles CHAPMAN lorry driver    
2nd April Albion MUTTER 34 widower painter & decorator 20 St Mildreds Road, Ramsgate Frederick MUTTER blacksmith banns Denis LILES, Esme Mary JEFFORD
  Iris Lilian BINNING 31 spinster   70 Queen Bertha Road, St Lawrence Frank BINNING painter & decorator    
9th April George DENNIS 22 bach clerk 103 Norfolk Road, Cliftonville, Margate George Harold DENNIS deceased banns Peter DENNIS, Horace H MILES
  Dorothy Vera MILES 19 spinster   154 Newington Road, St Lawrence Horace Henry MILES groundsman    
16th April Charles BARROWCLIFFE 26 bach telephonist 83 West Dumpton Lane, Ramsgate George Thomas BARROWCLIFFE engineer banns Stanley E CHAPMAN, George BARROWCLIFFE
  Olive Annie CHAPMAN 22 spinster   22 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence Stanley Edward CHAPMAN bus conductor    
23rd April Basil Alfred John DIVERS 30 bach electrical engineer 77 Margate Road, Ramsgate Henry Richard DIVERS Power Station Superintendent banns Frederick W WALE, Ronald DIVERS
  Freda Ellen WALE 29 spinster   41 Manston Road, St Lawrence Frederick William WALE retired police officer    
23rd April Leonard Frederick FISHER 28 bach plumber 11 Livingstone Road, St Peters in Thanet Frederick George Leonard FISHER deceased banns Frederick W KNAPP, John B BRAZIER
  Gladys Doris BROOKS 28 spinster   40 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Charles Percy BROOKS deceased    
7th May James RANKIN 23 bach cowman 2 Ebbsfleet Cottages, Minster in Thanet James Henry RANKIN miner banns William G BUNDOCK, Bert J VOUSDEN
  Joyce Betty BUNDOCK 19 spinster   30 Chapel Road, St Lawrence William George BUNDOCK bricklayer    
21st May Harold Charles BREWER 24 bach chemist assistant Myr-Bet, Haine Road, St Lawrence John Harold BREWER police officer retired banns John H BREWER, Arthur E DELANEY
  Rosemary Nora SULLIVAN 21 spinster   220 Powder Mill Lane, Twickenham Leslie Whimhurst SULLIVAN fitter retired    
4th June Edward George CADBY 24 bach agricultural worker 49 Newington Road, St Lawrence Frederick Norman CADBY Royal Navy (deceased) banns James CADBY, Frederick CADBY
  Sheila WOMERSLEY 18 spinster   49 Newington Road, St Lawrence Ephraim WOMERSLEY miner retired    
4th June Leonard Gerald WOODCOCK 22 bach farmer Cooper Street, Ash Jesse WOODCOCK farmer banns Goerge B GREENSTREET, James FITGERALD
  Jessie Elizabeth Ruth GREENSTREET 20 spinster   148 Grange Road, St Lawrence George Bartram GREENSTREET coal merchant (retired)    
9th June Arthur Edward BUTTLE 68 widower draper 56 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Charles BUTTLE bricklayer banns Frank CARTHEW, Leslie P HARRISON
  Laura May COLEMAN 64 widow   39 Ellington Road, Ramsgate Alfred Thomas HARRISON gardener    
11th June Dennis Charles FOORD 30 bach painter 23 Church Street, St Mary's, Sandwich Albert William FOORD golf caddy banns Thomas W YOUNG, Keith F MILLEY
  Mary YOUNG 29 spinster   31 Wilfred Road, St Lawrence Thomas Walter YOUNG postman retired    
25th June Dennis George CASTLE 24 bach clerk 16 Percy Road, Ramsgate Albert George CASTLE engine driver banns Hubert BARNETT, Robert T SEERS
  Margaret Jane BARNETT 22 spinster   17 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence Hubert BARNETT R.A.F. retired    
23rd July Leo Arthur CROXTON 25 bach clerk 56 Review Road, Cricklewood, S.Catherine, Neasden Samuel CROXTON deceased banns Patience M SIVIL, Thomas SIVIL
  Betty Mary SIVIL 25 spinster   81 High Street, St Lawrence Thomas SIVIL insurance agent retired    
24th September Lawrence SHEA 27 bach shop assistant 165 High Street, Deal Lawrence SHEA removal contractor banns John T DICKERSON, Walter A CHITTENDEN
  Phyllis Irene DICKERSON 26 spinster   53 Southwood Gardens, St Lawrence John Thomas DICKERSON postman    
5th November William Albert QUARTLEY 26 bach photographer 113 King Street, Ramsgate Oswald Colenso QUARTLEY miner banns William E V SLATER, Oswald C QUARTLEY
  Maisie SLATER 23 spinster   19 Bush Avenue, St Lawrence William Ernest Victor SLATER miner    
26th December Cyril William SANDFORD 27 bach engineer 34 Southwood Gardens, St Lawrence William SANDFORD clothing agent banns Daniel J O'CONNOR, William C E WOOD
  Florence Emily PAGE 31 widow   34 Southwood Gardens, St Lawrence Willian George WOOD sailor    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
28th January Raymond Albert MITCHELL 20 bach plasterer 21 Rosebury Avenue, Ramsgate Albert Frederick George MITCHELL painter banns Henry E MCMULLIN, Albert F G MITCHELL
  Audrey Kathleen MCMULLIN 19 spinster   18 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Henry Ernest MCMULLIN engine driver    
18th February Ronald William BENNETT 20 bach R.A.F. Ivymede, Kings Avenue, St Lawrence William James BENNETT labourer banns James HAIN, Derek P BENNETT
  Peggy Eileen STREETING 20 spinster   Vauxhall House, 2436 Sturry Road, Canterbury William Charles STREETING refuse collector    
1st April Ronald Edward MUNDAY 23 bach locomotive engine 34 Queens Avenue, St Lawrence Edward John MUNDAY engine driver banns Alan D MUNDAY, William Thomas ALLEN
  Lilian May SILVER 27 spinster   Truro Court Hotel, St Lawrence William George SILVER deceased    
8th April Frank Edward RAINES 38 bach agricultural worker 74 Prospect Road, Minster Steve RAINES none banns Louis MARTIN, Michael J V HEWETT
  Lucy Joyce MARTIN 24 spinster   3 Poleash Cottages, Manston Louis MARTIN agricultural worker    
30th May Arthur RIDDELL 31 bach confectioner 13 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence - - banns Alfred James LLOYD, Mary Ann Guy LLOYD
  Vera Fletcher ELLINGTON 23 widow   13 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Harry Bagnell LLOYD (deceased) baker    
24th June Victor Frederick James HOOPER 27 bach draughtsman 16 Bush Avenue, St Lawrence Francis HOOPER instrument maker banns Pter Oscar BERRIDGE, Henry E JOHNSON
  Dorothy Audrey Joan JOHNSON 24 spinster   14 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Henry Edwin JOHNSON retired relayer    
29th July Reginald Francis CROSSLAND 56 widower retired 4 Goodwin Road, St Lawrence Walter CROSSLAND engineer banns Edgar CROSSLAND, Walter CROSSLAND
  Harriette HARGREAVES 58 widow   4 Goodwin Road, St Lawrence Jack MICKLETHWAITE (deceased) clerk    
29th July Thomas STOKES 24 bach shipwrights labourer 75 Seafield Road Thomas STOKES retired banns William Henry ABBOTT, Robert ORCHARD
  Flora Alice ABBOTT 20 spinster   75 Seafield Road William Henry ABBOTT bricklayer    
3rd August Peter Coole BRAYBROOKE 26 bach schoolmaster 14 Lodge Avenue, Dartford Alfred David BRAYBROOKE deceased banns Leslie HOGBIN, Ruby HOGBIN, Hugh NEWBURY, Maud BRAYBROOKE
  Daphne Dearlove HOGBIN 22 spinster   31 Park Road, Ramsgate Leslie HOGBIN estate agent    
26th August Cyril Edmund DINES 25 bach carpenter 44 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Ernest DINES policeman retired banns Ernest R G DINES, Herbert C BING
  Alma Mary BING 23 spinster   33 Newington Road, St Lawrence Horace Stanley BING carter    
26th August Hubert Charles DEVERSON 25 bach student teacher 80 Edith Road, Ramsgate John William DEVERSON builder banns Angus Robert DEVERSON, Edmond Horace STONE
  Evelyn Ethel STONE 23 spinster   14 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Edmond Horace STONE warehouseman    
16th September Colin David HEWITT 22 bach gardener 8 Fair Street, Broadstairs David Henry HEWITT gardener banns David G Henry HEWITT, Albert George ISAACS
  Evelyn Frances Julia ISAACS 22 spinster   140 Grange Road, St Lawrence Albert George ISAACS builder (deceased)    
23rd September Alan Ainslie BOULANGER 29 bach stationer Elms, 5 Warre Avenue, St Lawrence Francis Ainslie BOULANGER stationer banns Horace George Alfred WALDRON, Alan JAMES, Sloman GOODMAN
  Pat Mavis WALDRON 22 spinster   Kendal House, 79 London Road, St Lawrence Horace George Alfred WALDRON chartered architect    
23rd September Philip Duncan BLAKE 24 bach factory worker 33 Upper Strand, Sandwich Arthur Soloman BLAKE deceased banns Alfred BAILEY, Frederick Charles BLAKE
  Ruby Daisy Ellen BAILEY 25 spinster   72 Manston Road, St Lawrence Alfred BAILEY engine driver (B.R.)    
30th September William Charles John ROBERTS 23 bach engine cleaner (B.R.) St Swithen, 4 Oakdene Road, Ramsgate William John ROBERTS mechanical fitter banns Llewellyn Arthur BOLTON, Benjamin Thomas COLGATE
  Evelyn Mary BOLTON 23 spinster   35 Newington Road, St Lawrence Llewellyn Arthur BOLTON miller    
30th September John Robert GROOM 30 bach carpenter 17 Grotto Road, Margate Henry William GROOM waiter (retired) banns Alfred Jessie HUCKLE, William Henry GROOM
  Ruby HUCKLE 24 spinster   1 Walnut Cottages, Haine Alfred Jesse HUCKLE bricklayer    
30th September Roy MILLS 34 bach plasterer 2 Birkdeck Road, Sidcup Charles John MILLS bricklayer banns Owen Reuban MCGRATH, Harold Henry MILLS
  Olive Florence MCGRATH 21 spinster   51 Ashburnham Road Owen Reuben MCGRATH builder    
30th September Norman Sidney Richard GRIGGS 27 bach paint department Park Lodge, Ellington, St Lawrence Sidney George GRIGGS park keeper banns James SHADBOLT, Sidney George GRIGGS
  Maureen Alice CAMDEN 20 spinster   23 Royal Road, Ramsgate Robert Henry CAMDEN painter & decorator (deceased)    
18th October Kenneth Arthur EATON 24 bach wireless operator Windmill Inn, Newington Road, St Lawrence James Arthur EATON public house manager banns Archibald Bertie MARSH, Wilfred Harold MOORE
  Norma Mary STAGG 22 spinster   97? South Eastern Road, Ramsgate George William STAGG civil servant retired    
28th October George LONSTAFF 25 bach fitters mate 2 White Post Lane, Culverstone, Meopham, near Gravesend George LONSTAFF labourer banns William Charles CLAPSON, Thomas FIFE
  Margaret Francis CLAPSON 22 spinster   55 Seafield Road, St Lawrence William Charles CLAPSON bricklayer    
11th November Patrick LESTER 25 bach chemist 17 Pardoners Way, Dover Richard Henry John LESTER bus driver banns Keith T BAILEY, C H WELLS
  Joyce Winifred WELLER 21 spinster   5 Pegwell Road, St Lawrence Cyril Maddow WELLER sanitary inspector    
18th November Kenneth William DRAY 27 bach radio engineer 6 St Davids Road, Ramsgate Richard William DRAY printer banns Joseph GREGSON, George Waite BOWSPILE
  Marie WILLIS 28 spinster   51 Norman Road, St Lawrence John James WILLIS deceased    
2nd December James William IRVINE 28 bach journalist Bangog, Aberdeen Road, Croydon Charles IRVINE engineer (retired) banns William Curzon Fox Pitt TWYMAN, Rene Alfred OBERLE
  Freda Curzon TWYMAN 30 spinster   Greylands, St James Avenue, St Lawrence William Curzon Fox Pitt TWYMAN civil servant retired    
23rd December Denis Robert PILCHER 26 bach groundsman 19 Nixon Avenue William PILCHER groundsman banns Lionel V POULTER, William Rex PILCHER
  Sylvia Elizabeth POULTER 18 spinster   5 Brandon Road, Newington, Ramsgate Lionel Victor POULTER painter & decorator    
26th December Norman John BARTH 21 bach railway fireman 28 Lorina Road, St Lawrence John BARTH shop manager banns Charles Henry TRUE, Robert Alban HURST
  Beryl Mary TRUE 19 spinster   147 Melbourne Avenue, Newington, St Lawrence Charles TRUE locomotive driver    
30th December Gerald Arthur HUNT 22 bach school teacher 247 Cricklade Road, Swindon James HUNT turner & fitter banns John Romulus EDWARDS, James HUNT
  Gwyneth Patricia EDWARDS 23 spinster   102 London Road, St Lawrence John Romulus EDWARDS water engineer    

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