Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1947-48


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
10th January Robert George PETTMAN 24 bach Army 1 Danes Park Road, Ramsgate Douglas Frederick PETTMAN lorry driver licence Joseph ROBINSON, Frank HADAWAY
  Doris Winifred PEARCE 23 spinster   13 Clifton Road, St Lawrence - -    
25th January Ronald Victor HATTER 29 bach Royal Air Force R.A.F. Manston, St Lawrence John HATTER tram driver licence Arthur W COTTINGHAM, Herbert J PALMER
  Margaret Ann COTTINGHAM 20 spinster   112 Crompton Bilsthorpe Road, near Newark, Nottinghamshire Arthur William COTTINGHAM miner    
8th February Laurence Edward Patrick SHEENE 25 bach grocery assistant 17 Woodford Avenue, Raamsgate John SHEENE railwayman Southern Railway banns Cyril G READ, Herbert S STUPPLES
  Dorothy Eileen READ 21 spinster   51 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Cyril George READ electrician    
8th February William Thomas Hilary SAYER 24 bach H.M.Forces 3 Grosvenor Road William Hilbert SAYER wood merchant banns William H SAYER, Robert J SAYER
  Ivy Ada LITTLEBOY 22 spinster   3 Grosvenor Road Robert LITTLEBOY agricultural worker    
22nd February Robert Harold LONDON 21 bach agricultural 2 Church Street, Minster in Thanet Bert LONDON roadman retired banns Lionel CLAPSON, Richard H LONDON
  Edith Olive CLAPSON 19 spinster   45 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Lionel CLAPSON engine driver    
5th April Robert Reekie JONES 27 bach clerk 26 Stanley Road, St awrence - - licence William JONES, Leon BLIGH
  Else Clandine HANSEN 23 spinster   26 Stanley Road, St awrence Frederick Peter HANSEN carter    
5th April Basil BROWN 22 bach labourer 68 Percy Road, amsgate George Edward BROWN seaman banns Walter LAURENCE,  John HOLNESS
  Kathleen Lily Rose HOLNESS 25 spinster   2 Armadale Villas, Southwood Road, St Lawrence John James HOLNESS fireman    
5th April John Graham METCALFE 27 bach Royal Navy 77 Percy Avenue, Kingsgate John George METCALFE linen buyer deceased banns Brian V METCALFE, Sidney O CRICK, Walter PIPER, Edward G PIPER
  Doreen Elizabeth Joan SAUNDERS 24 spinster   160B Grange Road, St Lawrence Sidney Charles SAUNDERS Company Director deceased    
5th April Cyril BOYES 26 bach police constable 2 Chilton Villas, Pegwell Road, St Lawrence Walter BOYES deceased banns Frederick M SOLEY, Edward C SOLLY
  Edith Margaret SOLLY 19 spinster   21 Lorina Road, St Lawrence Edward Cyril SOLLY Guard Southern Railway    
5th April Horace Albert Steven MACKEAN 24 bach labourer 36 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Horace Victor Diamond MACKEAN labourer banns Douglas J CLAW, Alaqn D CLAW
  Eileen Maud CLAW 23 spinster   4 Chilton Villas, Pegwell Road, St Lawrence Douglas James CLAW Air Ministry Police Constable    
5th April William Thomas HAYWARD 26 bach general labourer Cliffsend House, Foads Lane, St Lawrence William Henry HAYWARD general labourer banns Harold G PRITCHARD, Brian D SCOTT
  Eileen Jean SCOTT 24 spinster   167 Kings Park Avenue, Rutherglan, Glasgow John William SCOTT deceased    
9th April Thomas Arthur BOLTON 27 bach motor fitter driver Devon, Downs Road, St Lawrence John BOLTON shop fitter banns Hannah BOURER, John William BOLTON
  Vera Winifred MILLER 23 spinster   8 Herbert Road, St Lawrence Alfred Frederick MILLER oil salesman    
12th April James Frank LEFEVRE 20 bach fireman railway 101 Gaul Road, *Mounch, Cambridgeshire
*should read March
Frank Edward LEFEVRE painter banns Alexander MURRAY, Gerald P CROSS
  Rosie May MURRAY 17 spinster   40 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence Alexander MURRAY laundry maid    
24th April Edward George SHARP 35 bach dairyman 161 Grange Road, Ramsgate Ernest Edward SHARP dairyman banns William H SHARP, Henry SMITH
  Ruby Joan SEARS 23 spinster   32 Wilfred Road, St Lawrence James SEARS farm worker    
26th May Ronald Frederick COLLINS 19 bach H.M.Forces 56 Grange Road, Ramsgate William John COLLINS painter & decorator banns Charles H PORT, Herbert E HOUGHAM
  Colleen Andrew PORT 19 spinster   2 Myrtle Cottages, St Lawrence - -    
31st May Roy Richard ROWLAND 24 bach nurseryman Doric House, Westwood Road, Broadstairs Walter James ROWLAND brickmaker banns James A WYLIE, Cyril H E ROWLAND
  Joan Mary WYLIE 23 spinster   128 Grange Road, St Lawrence James Alexander WYLIE carpenter    
7th June Horace John DEVESON 37 bach shepherd Cliffsend House, Cliffsend, St Lawrence Alfred Charles DEVESON shepherd banns Sidney C HIGHAM, William T MATTHEWS
  Lilian Elizabeth HOLMES 37 spinster   Kingswood, Sandwich Road, St Lawrence Joseph HOLMES ironmonger (deceased)    
28th June Rex PEACH 26 bach warehouseman 52 Sterbourne Road, Aspley, Nottingham Fred PEACH deceased banns Leslie EVANS, Hugh WALTERS
  Eira WALTERS 22 spinster   18 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Hugh WALTERS miner    
29th June Leslie TITHERINGTON 22 bach soldier 162 Southwood Road, St Lawrence John Mitchell TITHERINGTON fish fryer banns John M TITHERINGTON, John M TITHERINGTON
  Joan KENDALL 21 spinster   162 Southwood Road, St Lawrence - -    
28th June John Stanley PARKER 32 bach Departmental Manager 7 Ethelebert Road, Ramsgate John Stanley PARKER deceased banns Peter W NEEVES, George T BISHOP
  Louisa Hortense NEEVES 24 spinster   4 Catherine Terrace, St Lawrence Peter Wotton NEEVES building operative    
5th July George William HORNE 29 bach Lorry Drivers mate 49 Hardres Street, Ramsgate George William HORNE labourer banns Henry H MILES, Eileen M MILES
  Joyce Eva MILES 24 spinster   154 Newington Road, St Lawrence Henry Horace MILES labourer    
10th July Peter John PHILPOTT 20 bach H.M. Army Albany Barracks, Isle of Wight Thomas Edward Arthur PHILPOTT gardener banns William H AXON, John A AXON
  Elsie Edith CRIBBEN 20 spinster   40A High Street, Ramsgate Frederick John CRIBBEN deceased    
24th July Peter William PARRY 22 bach R.A.F. 46 Queen Bertha Road, St Lawrence William PARRY deceased banns Albert FOAD, Horace GUMMINGTON, Essee PARRY
  Conny Jonna JOHANSSON 18 spinster   46 Queen Bertha Road, St Lawrence Hyalmar Edmund Osman John JOHANSSON metal presser    
26th July Albert Ernest GOLDSMITH 22 bach Royal Navy 26 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence William GOLDSMITH Council Employee licence Leslie TITHERINGTON, James B FISHER
  Audrey May FISHER 21 spinster   103 Southwood Road, St Lawrence James Benjamin FISHER general carrier (retired)    
2nd August Frederick Henry HAMPTON 31 bach optical lense maker 52 Kenniston House, Leighton Road, Kentish Town Frederick Henry HAMPTON furniture remover banns Peter A HAMPTON, Cecil Edward BULL
  Violet Gertrude BULL 38 spinster   172 Grange Road, St Lawrence Charles Henry BULL deceased    
2nd August Ivan Walter COX 23 bach labourer 39 Flora Road, Ramsgate Albert William COX gas engineer banns Leonard PHILLIPS, Thomas PHILLIPS
  Joan PHILLIPS 20 spinster   45 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Leonard PHILLIPS silver polisher    
9th August Edward Arthur LAYNES 22 bach R.A.F. 10 Newall Avenue, Sandbrach, Cheshire Harvey LAYNES groundsman banns Sidney J MARSH, James D FOSTER
  Joyce Winifred MARSH 19 spinster   Manston Court Farm, Manston, St Lawrence Sidney James MARSH cowman    
9th August Kenneth Edward DAWES
(amended from DANES on advice from Jane LANG nee DAWES)
22 bach machinist 32 Dundonald Road, Ramsgate William John DAWES waterman banns Thomas F GREEN, William Frederick ROGERS
  Doris GREEN 19 spinster   48 Manston Road, St Lawrence Thomas Frederick GREEN cola miner    
16th August Frank Edward MORRIS 24 bach bricklayer 1 St Catherines View, Ventnor, Isle of Wight Edward MORRIS gardener retired banns Walter E V GILLHAM, Edward W MORRIS
  Evelyn Gladys GILLHAM 25 spinster   108 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Walter Edward Victor GILLHAM postman    
6th September Ronald William POTTINGER 28 bach instrument engineer 50 Headington Road, Earlsfield, London, SW 18 William Henry POTTINGER deceased banns Edward J CARD, Peter W BOYD
  Joy Daphne CARD 22 spinster   50 Manston Road, St Lawrence Edward Joseph CARD engineer Southern Railway    
13th September Ronald Eric SMALL 22 bach Post Office Engineer 40 Bloomsbury Road, Ramsgate Frances Shadrach SMALL decorator banns Richard John GLOVER, Francis S SMALL
  Joan GLOVER 22 spinster   26 Manston Road, St Lawrence Hooper Glover engine driver (deceased)    
25th September Douglas Ernest CASTLE 29 bach baker 68 Newington Road, St Lawrence Ernest CASTLE baker banns Edward A CASTLE, James J RICHARDS
  Vera Florence RICHARDS 21 spinster   12 Newington Road, St Lawrence James John RICHARDS carpenter & joiner    
27th September Frank Arthur TUTT 27 bach groundsman 20 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Edmund Thomas TUTT retired banns Walter G HOWE, Edmund T TUTT
  Valerie Florence HOWE 18 spinster   91 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Walter George HOWE builders labourer    
4th October Frank Ronald LINCOLN 22 bach bus conductor 18 Burcell Crescent, St Lawrence Charles Edward LINCOLN deceased banns Oliver YORATH, Herbert HOUGHAM
  Elizabeth Ann YORATH 19 spinster   52 Dundonald Road, Ramsgate Oliver YORATH caterer    
11th October Kenneth Emrys AMOS 22 bach builder 10 Dane Crescent, Ramsgate Emrys Stephen AMOS builder banns Emrys A AMOS, Frank F FOORD
  Irene Grace FOORD 20 spinster   12 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Frank Frederick FOORD painter & decorator    
11th October Dennis George EUDEN 25 bach shop assistant 51 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence George William EUDEN plasterer banns Alfred TINLEY, Gertrude MITCHELL
  Doris TINLEY 20 spinster   21 Herbert Road, St Lawrence Alfred TINLEY laundry hand    
18th October Alfred George WILSON 25 bach agricultural worker 12 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence Ernest WILSON labourer banns Ernest WILSON, Horace STONE
  Marjorie BUTLER 27 spinster   12 Granville Avenue, St Lawrence - -    
25th October Leslie Thomas KEEN 33 bach accountant 134 Southerlands Grove, Southfields, SW 18 William Arthur KEEN electrical engineer retired banns Arthur Frederick KEEN, William SHARP
  Patricia SHARP 27 spinster   13 Queen Bertha Road, St Lawrence William SHARP boiler fireman    
8th November Edward John ELLSON 60 bach barman 66 Newington Road, St Lawrence Henry Charles ELLSON gold braid weaver (deceased) banns Wallace John MATTEY, Florence Agnes TODD
  Eleanor Edith HULL 57 widow   66 Newington Road, St Lawrence William Edward TAYLOR lighter man    
15th November Cyril Arthur ALLSWORTH 24 bach store keeper 1 Westcliff, Westclift Road, Ramsgate Thomas ALLSWORTH bricklayer banns John Albert ALLSWORTH, Martha S SOLLEY
  Mary Doris May SOLLEY 20 spinster   20 Manston Road, St Lawrence Frederick SOLLEY florist (deceased)    
27th November Alfred John PARKER 32 bach boot repairer 60 King Street, Ramsgate George PARKER boor repairer banns Frederick M HAMMOND, Stanley E PARKER
  Betty Clara ALDRIDGE 22 spinster   11 Norman Road, St Lawrence - -    
13th December John Victor TUCKER 31 bach market gardener 107 Ellington Road, St Lawrence Henry TUCKER grocer banns Percy W DUNN, Robert A TUCKER
  June Melena DUNN 23 spinster   51 Newington Road, St Lawrence Percy William DUNN commercial traveller retired    
26th December Mervyn Kenneth COOK 21 bach miner 147 St Lukes Avenue, Ramsgate William COOK miner banns Griffith M HUGHES, Martha M HUGHES
  Barbara HUGHES 20 spinster   18 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Griffith Morgan HUGHES miner    
26th December Frederick George FOAD 29 bach brick worker 9 Upper Dumpton Park Road, Ramsgate William Philip Victor FOAD labourer banns Frederick J HILL, Henry J FOAD
  Florence Lillian HILL 29 spinster   3 Myrtle Cottages, Ramsgate Frederick William HILL deceased    
26th December Richard Bristow STEPHENS 26 bach tool maker 18 Alfred Cottages, Hardres Street, Ramsgate Thomas Sidney STEPHENS deceased banns Edgar L JEFFERIES, Henry B STEPHENS
  Paula Doreen May JEFFERIES 19 spinster   64 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Edgar Leopold JEFFERIES compositor    
27th December John Henry SAUNDERS 25 bach salesman 22 Hillbrow Road, Ramsgate George SAUNDERS salesman banns Henry G LAMING, Philip F SAUNDERS
  Joyce Mary LAMING 22 spinster   35 Wilfred Road, St Lawrence Henry George LAMING locomotive driver    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
3rd January Arthur GREGSON 26 bach painter 99 Southwood Road, St Lawrence George Richard GREGSON builder banns Frank C HUGHES, Arthur L HILL
  Audrey Elsie HUGHES 21 spinster   99 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Frank Charles HUGHES plasterer    
31st January John BROWN 38 bach engineer 1 Preston Road, Upton Lea, Slough Robert BROWN miner banns Stanley F STEWART, Annie E JOHNSON
  Elsie Grace JOHNSON 35 spinster   116 Grange Road, St Lawrence Cyrus William JOHNSON engineer (deceased)    
21st February Dennis Geoffrey BRADLEY 23 bach garage owner Down View, London Road, St Lawrence Robert BRADLEY steel worker banns Reginald INGE, Robert BRADLEY
  Eileen Margaret LUCAS 25 spinster   28 Manston Road, St Lawrence - -    
6th March Cecil Horace CARRETT 25 bach wagon repairer 52 Manston Road, St Lawrence Edward CARRETT examiner Southern Railway banns William George CARRETT, Edward C DENNARD
  Gladys May Patience DENNARD 25 spinster   46 Manston Road, St Lawrence - -    
15th March James Maurice HODGMAN 25 bach hotel trainee 18 Cannonborx, Ramsgate Maurice Dennis HODGMAN furniture salesman banns Harold CAMBURN, Jack V COOPER
  Aimmee Sybil CAMBURN 25 spinster   47 Park Road, St Lawrence Harold CAMBURN commercial representative    
10th April George William Richard GRAINGER 27 bach travelling groundsman 17 Lorina Road, St Lawrence George William Richard GRAINGER deceased banns Harry JENNER, James RICHARDS
  Mabel Vera JENNER 20 spinster   19 Lorina Road, St Lawrence Harry Louis JENNER railway worker    
17th April Charles Richard FAGG 25 bach agricultural worker 50 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Alfred FAGG agricultural worker retired banns George Edward PAGE, George W FAGG
  Laura Catherine PAGE 23 spinster   50 Chapel Road, St Lawrence George Edward PAGE agricultural worker    
1st May William Leslie AUSTIN 24 bach clerk 5 Clifton Road, St Lawrence William James AUSTEN deceased banns William E TAYLOR, Roy W TAYLOR
  Patricia TAYLOR 19 spinster   23 Telham Avenue William Edward TAYLOR wayleave officer    
1st May Patrick Francis MCLEAVY 19 bach fireman British Railways 7 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Charles MCLEAVY retired banns Cyril W FRENCH, Robert H HITCH, Minnie MCLEAVY
  Joan Irene FRENCH 22 spinster   33 Manston Road, St Lawrence Cyril William FRENCH fitter British Railways    
26th June Harry MARTIN 24 bach butcher 49 Eldon Street, Walsall, Staffordshire Phillip MARTIN labourer banns Ernest E WHITE, Robert GOODWIN
  Betty Alice Jessie WHITE 21 spinster   32 Queensgate Road, St Lawrence Ernest Edward WHITE railway driver    
26th June Frank James GOLDSMITH 31 bach motor driver Sheriffs Court Minster Harry James GOLDSMITH grocer retired banns William J BROWN, Charles F PHILPOTT
  Renee Joan FORD 23 spinster   5 Catherine Terrace, St Lawrence Montague FORD Army (deceased)    
26th June William George STRINGER 27 bach agricultural worker 4 Chequer Lane, Ash Robert Mark STRINGER agricultural worker banns Wilfred RANSLEY, Arthur Mose HARVEY
  Doris Peggy HARVEY 22 spinster   Fairfield, Pegwell Avenue, St Lawrence Arthur Rose HARVEY stoker    
7th August James Frederick ROWNEY 26 bach R.A.F. 48 Duncan Road, Ramsgate Frederick Albert ROWNEY public works foreman banns Paul V ROWNEY, Reginald COTTON
  Joan COTTON 23 spinster   1 Bush Avenue,  St Lawrence Charles James COTTON deceased    
21st August Percy Horace BURTON 27 bach barman Wheatsheaf, 17 High Street, St Lawrence Edward Laurence BURTON deceased banns E L BURTON, Thomas A BROWN
  Betty Irene BROWN 20 spinster   15 Bush Avenue, St Lawrence Thomas Albert BROWN decorator    
28th August Clyde Alexander ROBINSON 26 bach RN Z Navy H.M.S.  NZS Arbutus, c/o GPO London Thomas Aubry ROBINSON labourer banns Thomas Henry CURTIS, Edwin John STRAM
  Jean Mary CURTIS 22 spinster   7 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Thomas Henry CURTIS baker    
30th August Cyril William FRENCH 46 widower railway fitter 33 Manston Road, St Lawrence Edward James FRENCH deceased banns Arthur Thomas FRENCH, William  HITCH
  Minne Louisa MCLEAVY 43 widow   7 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence William Thomas HITCH fisherman retired    
23rd September Norman John FARLEY 28 bach house furnisher 74 Station Approach Road, Ramsgate James Charles FARLEY house furnisher banns Harold FARLEY, Arthur BOWLER
  Margaret Augustine HOGBEN 22 spinster   17 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Henry Charles HOGBEN deceased    
25th September John Thomas MIRAMS 21 bach cook Eglos, High Street, St Lawrence John Leslie MIRAMS builder banns John L MIRAMS, Terence F MIRAMS
  Joan WOOD 19 spinster   Eglos, High Street, St Lawrence Henry Robert WOOD deceased    
14th October Kenneth Harry SALT 20 bach H.M. Forces 85 Hale Street, Gresley, Burton on Trent John Henry SALT fitters labourer banns Alan CLAW, Douglas J CLAW
  Ruby Edith CLAW 19 spinster   4 Chilton Villas, Pegwell Road, St Lawrence Doglas James CLAW hotel worker    
16th October James Henry WARREN 26 bach bakers roundsman 22 Mayville Road, St Peters in Thanet James Henry WARREN painter banns Walter G HOGBEN, Frank D WARREN
  Evelyn Elizabeth HOGBEN 20 spinster   54 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence Walter George HOGBEN labourer    
16th October John George REED 28 bach fireman British Railways 15 Holbrook Drive, St Lawrence John REED naval pensioner banns Geoffrey ROTHERY, Robert DRAYSON
  May Winifred ROTHERY 24 spinster   15 Holbrook Drive, St Lawrence William ROTHERY bus cleaner    
20th November Thomas Henry SPENCER 28 bach miner Highland Cottage, Preston Hill, Wingham Thomas Henry SPENCER deceased banns William A COUSINS, Frederick W SPENCER
  Daphne May COUSINS 19 spinster   10 King Edward Road, St Lawrence William Alfred COUSINS labourer    
11th December Alfred Henry John HOBDAY 26 bach bench assembler 54 St Lukes Avenue, Ramsgate Alfred Frederick HOBDAY general labourer banns Alfred F HOBDAY, Derek G HARVEY
  Betty Edith HARVEY 21 spinster   48 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Arthur George HARVEY deceased    

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