Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1945-46


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
6th January Joseph Patrick GLYNN 24 bach H.M.Forces Possingworth Camp, Heathfield, Sussex Joseph Patrick GLYNN deceased banns Arthur W GOOD, Frank O'FARRELL, B GOOD
  Bertha Rosina GOOD 25 spinster   65 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Arthur William GOOD Carriage Examiner Southern Railway    
17th February Eric William BRADBURY 24 bach Corporal R.A.F. Rose Cottage, Stonebridge, Shalford, Guildford, Surrey Charles William BRADBURY engineer banns Andre N GARNIER, John COULSON
  Denise GARNIER 22 spinster   94 High Street, St Lawrence Andre Norbert GARNIER retired    
17th March John Richard PITTOCK 41 bach linotype operator Providence Villa, (St Barts), Sandwich Richard PITTOCK gardener banns Harry B HOPPE, John W MORECROFT
  Alice Louisa MORECROFT 41 spinster   9 Elms Avenue, Ramsgate John William MORECROFT retired waste water inspector    
31st March Frederick Harold BURTON 26 bach H.M.Forces 17 A.F.V. Depot, Goffs Park Road, Crawley, Sussex Frederick BURTON deceased licence Derrick CHURCH, Edward J MOUNT
  Joyce Lilian LASLETT 20 spinster   4 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Walter Thomas LASLETT foreman    
31st March James Frank BING 33 widower van driver Chez Nous, 12 St Lukes Avenue, Ramsgate John Robert BING gardener banns Walter H JAMES, Ernest A C JAMES
  Bessie Cecilia Florence JAMES 34 spinster   60 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence Walter Henry JAMES farm labourer    
2nd April Frank KEEBLE 26 bach H.M.Forces 18 Waterloo Road, Newcatton, Norwich, Norfolk George Frederick KEEBLE brewer banns Jack E WHEWELL,  Stephen S CRIBBEN
  Freda Elsie CRIBBEN 18 spinster   10 High Street, St Lawrence Stephen James CRIBBEN engine driver Southern Railway    
14th April Roy Edward ROGERS 21 bach H.M.Forces 3 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence William Edward ROGERS bricklayer banns William Thomas MUNDAY, William LANGSTON
  Jessie Kathleen Emily MUNDAY 20 spinster   27 High Street, St Lawrence William Thomas MUNDAY Army Officer    
28th April Alan Frederick Tillard WISDOM 22 bach Royal Navy 34 Church Street, St Marys, Sandwich, Kent Frederick Arthur WISDOM labourer licence Edward J HUGHES, Charles S MARSH
  Doris May HUGHES 21 spinster   28 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Edward James HUGHES Civil Defence    
4th May Raymond Ignatius MORENO 29 bach U.S.A.Army Los Angeles, Cailfornia, U.S.A. Porfirio Ralph MORENO retired fire engineer banns Oswald LEVITT, John C GRANDY
  Marion LEVITT 21 spinster   3 Burshill Crescent, St Lawrence Oswald LEVITT fitter R.A.F.    
12th May Jack Norman Richard ABBOTT 22 bach engineer 10 Herbert Road, St Lawrence John Henry Bristow ABBOTT painter banns Percy A WOOD, James S WALE
  Ethel Frances WOOD 22 spinster   116 Grange Road, St Lawrence Percy Alexander WOOD mechanic    
26th May Roy TITHERINGTON 18 bach H.M.Forces 162 Southwood Road, St Lawrence John Mitchell TITHERINGTON Fireman N.F.S. banns Leslie TITHERINGTON, John M TITHERINGTON
  Dorothy Lilian ROTHWELL 17 spinster   2 Bell Cottages, St Lawrence James Herbert ROTHWELL retired    
5th June Edward Henry SHARP 22 bach Royal Navy 13 Cambridge Place, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire Gilbert Sidney SHARP slater & tiler licence James Edwin DAWES, George CARTER
  Vera Frances TAYLOR 17 spinster   73 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Frederick Charles TAYLOR deceased    
9th June Reginald Cornelius DALE 28 bach electrical engineer 52 Nevil Road, Bishopston, Bristol 7 Percy DALE club steward licence John VOUSDEN, Norman J MYDDLETON
  Marjorie Annie VOUSDEN 22 spinster   Nether Edge, Cliffsend, St Lawrence John VOUSDEN stockman    
27th July Robert Charles HOLT 25 bach O.H.M.S 46 Roseberry Avenue, Ramsgate Robert Charles HOLT labourer licence Edward SCALES, Samuel CRISP
  Ethel Lilian SCALES 22 spinster   3 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Edward SCALES retired    
16th July Albert Reginald GORDON 27 bach H.M.Forces Crown Inn, West Down, near Alfracombe, North Devon William GORDON licensed victualler banns Thomas FLETCHER, Edward JONES
  Rosina Gwendolyn FLETCHER 25 spinster   Rosemarie, Mayforth Gardens, St Lawrence Thomas FLETCHER retired    
13th August Brian Thomas DAVIES 23 bach school teacher 26 Queensgate Road, St Lawrence Thomas DAVIES seaman banns Robert SHARMAN, John K DAVIES
  Valerie Agnes LINZELL 26 spinster   H.M.S. Victory, 10 Portsmouth Frederick LINZELL mechanical engineer    
8th September Leslie Charles MORRIS 25 bach H.M.Forces 308 Malden Road, Near Malden, Surrey Henry Charles MORRIS engineer banns John Leonard GOODMAN, Horace H MILES
  Gertrude Elsie MILES 23 spinster   154 Newington Road, St Lawrence Horace Henry MILES groundsman    
11th September Arthur Reginald BLINCO 24 bach H.M.Forces 164 Richmond Hill, Accrington, Lancashire Arthur BLINCO mill worker banns William GRIGGS, Arthur Laurence BLINCO
  Gladys Grace GRIGGS 18 spinster   14 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Alfred Richard GRIGGS railway worker    
22nd September Harold Ernest PAGE 22 bach locomotive fireman 36 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Ernest William PAGE locomotive driver banns Ernest W PAGE, Daisy ROWE
  Jessie Eileen SALT 19 spinster   36 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Frederick SALT deceased    
29th Septenber Clifford James ADAMS 32 widower Fireman N.F.S. 26 Queen Street, Taunton, Somerset James Henry ADAMS painter banns Thomas G C BROWN, Arthur BURNETT
  Bertha Mary Hannah BROWN 23 spinster   43 High Street, St Lawrence Thomas George Clarke BROWN lorry driver    
10th October Ronald Frank FOORD 22 bach joiner R.N. 12 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Frank Frederick FOORD decorator licence Frank F FOORD, Grace B FOORD
  Joyce KNIGHT 20 spinster   17 Stemp Street, Sharrow, Sheffield, Yorkshire David KNIGHT deceased    
10th November Eric Harcourt PARSONS 24 bach school teacher 28B London Road, Bromley, Kent Cecil Harcourt PARSONS deceased banns Henry G BUTCHER, Thomas B SIMPSON
  Enid Evelyn BUTCHER 23 spinster   St Denys, Pegwell Avenue, St Lawrence Henry Gordon BUTCHER Chief Inspector Police    
15th November William John EVANS 25 bach H.M.Forces Combe Cottage, Difhsham, Dartmouth George Albert EVANS labourer banns Alfred H J ASHDOWN, George H A EVANS
  Eileen Violet COCKS 22 spinster   33 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence Frederick Gladstone COCKS labourer    
1st December George REYNOLDS 35 bach H.M.Forces 182 Grange Road, St Lawrence - - banns Thomas F SHARPE, Gladys DEAN
  Dorothy Gertrude STEVENS 34 spinster   182 Grange Road, St Lawrence Henry STEVENS deceased    
15th December Sidney James FAGG 25 bach H.M.Forces 59 TGN Reg. R.A.L. Barford Camp, Barnard Castle, Co. Durham George FAGG farm labourer banns Ernest Henry FAIRBRASS, Ernest WILSON
  Edith Mary WILSON 20 spinster   12 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence Ernest WILSON K.C.C. mining plant    
26th December Frank Edgar MAYHEW 22 bach Royal Navy Old Barn Cottage, Pegwell Road, St Lawrence George Cecil MAYHEW bricklayer licence Michael N MAYHEW, O C MAYHEW
  Gladys Primrose BALDOCK 21 spinster   Old Barn Cottage, Pegwell Road, St Lawrence Henry BALDOCK farm labourer    
27th December Ambrose Thomas ROWORTH 23 bach wireless electrical mechanic Memel Lodge, Memel Place, Ramsgate Albert Frederick ROWORTH builder banns Henry J TAYLOR, Edward G BUSH
  Molly Amy Faulknor BROUGHTON 24 spinster   5 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Arthur Edward BROUGHTON Royal Navy    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
12th January Allan Leviathan SMITH 30 bach baker The Bakery, Church Street, Minster Thanet Allen Vincent SMITH deceased banns William J CHANDLER, George WARREN
  Olive Marjorie CHANDLER 18 spinster   15 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence William John CHANDLER Sgt R.A.F.    
12th January William Charles John Boughton THOMAS 29 bach passed fireman 23 Westbrook Road, Ramsgate Charles Percy THOMAS clerk banns Frederick W T BRISTOW, Stanley C ALDER
  Doris May BRISTOW 25 spinster   16 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Frederick William Trowbridge BRISTOW slater & tiler    
7th March Eric Albert WELLS 29 bach H.M.Forces 23 Cambria Road, Loughboro Sunc. London, SE5 Albert Stanley WELLS newsagent & tobacconist licence Alfred BUSBY, Claude A COLE
  Joan Brett CHAMBERLAIN 24 spinster   43 High Street, St Lawrence - -    
12th March Bryan Harry HOLLANDS 23 bach H.M.Forces The Gables, Downs Road, St Lawrence Harry Lightfoot HOLLANDS Port Office Clerk banns Ernest C PRIOR, May Doris E ASHBY
  Muriel Joyce ASHBY 22 spinster   Arenton, London Road, St Lawrence Charles Edward ASHBY deceased    
21st March James Joseph WALE 23 bach clerk 41 Manston Road, St Lawrence Frederick William WALE retired police officer banns David LYONS, Frederick W WALE
  Irene LYONS 21 spinster   7 Saxon Road, St Lawrence David LYONS Warrant Officer R.N. retired    
27th March Alfred Charles GOLDSMITH 20 bach R.N. 26 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence William GOLDSMITH labourer licence Sydney A GOLDSMITH, John H HOGBEN
  Rose May HOGBEN 19 spinster   115 Prestedge Avenue, Ramsgate John Henry HOGBEN labourer    
6th April Frederick MACPHERSON 25 bach caretaker 176 Grange Road, St Lawrence Alfred MACPHERSON deceased banns Arthur C DUNWELL,  Harold W WELLS
  Dorothy Mary WELLS 31 spinster   133 Crescent Road, Ramsgate Henry William WELLS deceased    
13th April Edward Michael EVANS 30 bach Chief Research Chemist Kinsdale, Seaview Road, Cliffsend, St Lawrence Edward William Bowyer EVANS joiner licence Eric Paul GOODINGS, Edward W B EVANS
  Nora WILKINSON 28 spinster   Kinsdale, Seaview Road, Cliffsend, St Lawrence Arthur Walter Frederick WILKINSON retired    
20th April Charles Victor ROWLETT 22 bach H.M.Forces Old Park Barracks, Dover, Kent Cyril Charles ROWLETT bench hand banns William T WHITE, Arthur G TUCKER
  Elsie Ellen WHITE 18 spinster   4 High Street, Manston, St Lawrence William Thomas WHITE farm labourer    
25th April Gilbert Maurice STEAD 24 bach H.M.Forces Fort Grange, R.N.A. Station, Gosport, Hampshire Ernest Henry STEAD greengrocer licence John W WOODWARD, George W STEAD
  Lillian Jessie WOODWARD 26 spinster   13 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence John WOODWARD greengrocer    
27th April Laurence Henry SHERSBY 43 bach salesman Longfield House, Hartshill Road, Stoke on Trent Harry SHERSBY deceased banns William SHERSBY, Sidney ALLEN
  Dorothy ALLEN 47 spinster   Pleasant View, Pegwell Bay, St Lawrence Arthur ALLEN deceased    
27th April George Stanley WALES 36 bach oil refinery operative 2 Church Cottages, Fawley, Hampshire George WALES deceased banns Arthur H FOORD, Herbert E MEAD
  Vera Kathleen CUNNINGHAM 27 spinster   33 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Hugh Edward CUNNINGHAM deceased    
27th April Reginald Gerald TULLEY 23 bach Quantity Surveyor 66 Station Approach, Ramsgate John Charles TULLEY engineer banns Edwin V GIRRISH, Thomas H JENKS
  Margaret SUMNER 30 spinster   21 Bush Avenue, St Lawrence Frederick SUMNER deceased    
8th May James Anslie MAXTED 21 bach H.M.Forces 8 Corina Road, St Lawrence Walter Thomas MAXTED deceased licence Josephine WATKINS, Emma MAXTED
  Maragert Maureen WATKINS 21 spinster   1 Souith Eastern Road, Ramsgate George Henry WATKINS clerk    
4th June William George WHELHAM 69 widower Accountant retired 45 Norman Road, St Lawrence William Alfred WHELHAM deceased banns Charles BATOON, Kathleen TRITTON
  Ethel CUMBERLAND 57 widow   45 Norman Road, St Lawrence Harry FISHER deceased    
8th June Alan Millington KAY 23 bach H.M.Forces 21 Louisa Street (4 Openshaw M/C 11) Alfred KAY assistant foreman banns B J JONES, Leonard JONES
  Beatrice JONES 20 spinster   Emlyn, London Road, St Lawrence Benjamin John JONES foreman electrician    
15th June David Stanley PALMER 22 bach H.M.Forces 11 Seafield Road, St Lawrence William Richard PALMER plasterer banns John MILLER, Norman PALMER
  Doreen MILLER 19 spinster   11 Seafield Road, St Lawrence John MILLER miner    
20th June Frank WILDON 21 bach R.N. 17 Carshalton Road, Blackpool, Lancashire Edward WILDON boarding house proprietor banns Henry William MASTERS, Keith WILDON
  Sybil Eugene MASTERS 20 spinster   11 Nethercourt Gardens, St Lawrence Henry William MASTERS batcher    
20th June William Thomas GIBBS 30 bach agricultural worker Manston Court Cottages, Manston, St Lawrence William Harry GIBBS agricultural worker banns Horace A M FOAD, Thomas REDWOOD
  Molly Winifred REDWOOD 28 spinster   11 Spratling Street, St Lawrence Thomas REDWOOD foreman of trades    
24th June Frederick Arthur HARDS 20 bach H.M.Forces 71 Margate Road, Ramsgate Frederick Godfrey HARDS miner banns Frederick W J FLURER, Vincent CARTER
  Doreen Agnes WATERS 20 spinster   Alicia, London Road, St Lawrence Arthur WATERS deceased    
24th July Dennis Walter LUCAS 25 bach electric train driver 12 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence George LUCAS builders labourer banns John LIDDLE, Percy Victor LUCAS
  Ethel Winifred LIDDLE 21 spinster   2 Olive Grove, Trinity Place, Ramsgate John LIDDLE fisherman    
3rd August Cyril William BOURNE 25 bach carpenter (trainee) 89 Station Approach Road, Ramsgate William John BOURNE boiler & engine room attendant licence George ROSE, John E REDPATH
  Violette Lillian ROSE 24 spinster   Devon, Downs Road, St Lawrence James ROSE Merchant Navy    
9th August Philip Crighton PEARSON 23 bach R.N. 4 Keslock Place, Aberdeen Daniel Niblock PEARSON deceased licence John E BAHLOCK, Walter S CRYER
  Olive Beryl CURTIS 23 spinster   11 Rawdon Road, St Lawrence Walter Henry CURTIS deceased    
2nd September Edgar Frederick TORDOFF 23 bach marine fitter 96 Percy Street, Goole, Yorkshire Robert TORDOFF oxy-acetylene burner banns Edwin BENNETT, Harold TORDOFF
  Edna BENNETT 23 spinster   29 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Edwin BENNETT ships plater    
21st September Thomas Henry GRIFFITHS 24 bach miner 14 Central Road, Ramsgate Llewellyn GRIFFITHS miner banns John LEWIN, Margaret Jane GRIFFITHS
  Betty May HATCHER 21 spinster   3 Railway Terrace, Cliffsend - -    
24th September William Ernest WALKER 41 bach bus conductor Sunnyside, Princes Avenue, St Lawrence William Elias WALKER deceased banns Thomas George WOODWARD, Arthur Henry ASHBY
  Eva Florence WOODWARD 34 spinster   Sunnyside, Princes Avenue, St Lawrence Thomas George WOODWARD bricklayer    
26th October Reginald George STROUD 24 bach bus driver 33 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Frederick George STROUD labourer banns Stephen James BEAL, George E JAMES
  Doris Mary BEAL 25 spinster   13 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Stephen James BEAL laundry worker    
10th December Gordon DOBSON 23 bach Army 12 Chapel Place, Ransgate Edward DOBSON shop keeper banns Roy DOBSON, George J Brooks BALLARD
  Kathleen Helen COLVILL 23 spinster   4 Pegwell Avenue, St Lawrence Ernest COLVILL deceased    
11th December Leslie Henry TUCKER 31 bach market gardener 107 Ellington Road, St Lawrence Henry TUCKER grocer banns Robert A TUCKER, Kenneth SERJEANT
  Joan Phyllis SLACK 29 spinster   28 Cannon Road, Ramsgate Ernest SLACK chemist (deceased)    
14th December Herbert William John MIRAMS 22 bach engineer 1 Marden Avenue Herbert MIRAMS builder banns Albert W T B AVERY, Lawrence H MORRIS
  Margaret Dorothy AVERY 21 spinster   74 Manston Road, St Lawrence Albert William Thomas Boldbrook AVERY builders foreman    
14th December david Ernest MATTHEWS 30 bach painter 223 Margate Road, Ramsgate Samuel Kingdom MATTHEWS fisherman banns Benjamin J JONES, Horace J MATTHEWS
  Megan JONES 25 spinster   Emlyn, London Road, St Lawrence Benjamin John JONES foreman engineer    
26th December Charles Thomas MASKELL 22 bach store keeper 180 Hereson Road, Ramsgate Charles Henry MASKELL gas inspector banns George E SYNES, Charles H MASKELL
  Betty Lavinia SYNES 21 spinster   Dubarry, Queens Avenue, St Lawrence George Ernest SYNES miner    
26th December Richard GEAL 26 bach driver 50 Apsley Road, South Norwood Frederick GEAL scaffolder banns Frederick Thomas CRIPPLE, George GEAL
  Gladys Irene CRIPPLE 19 spinster   19 Fairlight Avenue Frederick CRIPPLE engraver    

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