Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1943-44


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
10th April Herbert Ernest SPICER 22 bach Petty Officer Canteen Manager 5 Queens Avenue, Newington, St Lawrence George Frederick SPICER builder banns Walter A HEWETT, Henry G R PAIN
  Nancy Winifred HEWETT 19 spinster   5 Queens Avenue, Newington, St Lawrence Walter Augustus HEWETT meter reader    
1st May John Wenham DARBY 20 bach R.A.F. Claughmore, Newington Road, Sl Lawrence George DARBY butcher banns William SHARP, Arthur G DARBY
  Margaret SHARP 21 spinster   65 Edith Road, Ramsgate William SHARP engineer    
4th May Allan Frederick HICKSON 21 bach R.N. H.M.S. Mansfield, c/o G.P.O. London Frederick John HICKSON jobbing builder licence Ernest A PIDDUCK, Derek HICKSON
  Marjorie Phyllis PIDDUCK 19 spinster   4 Walnut Tree Cottages, Haine, St Lawrence Ernest Alfred PIDDUCK farm labourer    
8th May Norman John COLE 37 bach R.A.F. Regiment 4080 A.A. Flight, R.A.F. Camp , Kenley, Surrey Jesse COLE carpenter banns Edward J EASTER, Leonard J COLE, Lilian C EASTER
  Lilian Gladys EASTER 28 spinster   21 Lorina Road, St Lawrence Edward James EASTER estate worker    
8th May Cliffird Cesare LUPINI 42 bach civil servant 32 Lime Hill Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent Stephen LUPINI deceased - Enid May CORLETT, William EDIS
  Barbara EDIS 30 spinster   Felton Lodge, Durlock Avenue, St Lawrence William EDIS Civil Servant    
18th May Norman Albert GLYNN 39 bach Garage Proprietor The Garage, Grange Road, St Lawrence Albert GLYNN retired licence Albert GLYNN, Jane GRAY
  Elizabeth Weir GRAY 36 spinster   Ozengell Farm, St Lawrence Andrew GRAY deceased    
19th May John Hartley ROUNDHILL FULL widower Clerk in Holy Orders 11 St Mildreds Road, Ramsgate Thomas Hartley ROUNDHILL Colliery Official retired banns Hubert E TWISS, Walter H ROUNDHILL
  Patience Ann COWLAND-COOPER FULL spinster   9 Nethercourt Gardens, St Lawrence Charles Paul COWLAND-COOPER Clerk in Holy Orders    
7th August Walter George Frederick WHITAKER 27 bach Medical Branch R.A.F. Massetts Cottage, Massetts Road, Horley, Surrey Walter George WHITAKER retired banns Douglas JARVIS, Colin WHITAKER
  Marjorie Kathleen JARVIS 21 spinster   Cliffsend Farm, St Lawrence Stanley Ambrose JARVIS deceased    
10th August Henry Richard BLASTLAND 23 bach toy maker 5 Delphi Street, Startton, Portsea William Charles BLASTLAND Civil Defence banns Winifred K ELLIS, William C BLASTLAND
  Winifred Joan ELLIS 22 spinster   Hartford, Queens Avenue, St Lawrence Sidney Kenneth ELLIS National Fire Service    
14th August Robert BOOTHMAN 23 bach Stoker R.N. St Lukes, R.N. Barracks, Lowestoft Thomas BOOTHMAN Engine driver L.M.S. banns William G FASSAM, Frank WEAVER
  Dorothy FASSAM 22 spinster   18 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence William George FASSAM decorator    
2nd September Norman Kenneth COOPER 24 bach Lieut R.A.  H.M.F. 4 Cartbridge Lane, Rushall, Walsall Sydney Wood COOPER Railway Official banns Paulin F RICHES, Arnold A MATTHEY CAPT.
  Margaret Pauline RICHES 22 spinster   Beamsley, Watchester Avenue, Ramsgate Paulin Fred RICHES Civil Servant    
11th September Reginald Farncis HOUGHTON 27 bach H.M.Forces 25 Mill Road, Erith, Kent George Thomas Lawrence HOUGHTON shop keeper banns Henry SNELLING, Horatio R HOUGHTON
  Mabel Eileen SNELLING 21 spinster   46 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Henry SNELLING Boiler maker Southern Railway    
18th September Sydney LEES 29 bach Civil Servant Air Ministry c/o 18 Manston Road, St Lawrence Frederick William LEES Insurance Agent banns Henry Albert WILLIAMS, Fred LEES
  Phyllis Irene BUTLER 22 spinster   c/o 18 Manston Road, St Lawrence Frederick William BUTLER deceased    
10th November Frederick William AYERS 20 bach R.N. H.M.S. Inconstant - - licence Vincent SAUDELANDS, Herbert Alfred COCK
  Marjorie Joyce COCK 22 spinster   69 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Herbert Alfred James COCK furnishing salesman    
13th November William Henry DUNN 23 bach soldier Saffrons Road, Eastbourne, Sussex William Henry DUNN steel worker banns James WILKENSON, Edward W GRAINGER
  Barbara GRAINGER 18 spinster   1 Thanet Villa, Newington Road, St Lawrence Edward William GRAINGER factory worker    
15th November William John REEVES 44 bach CPTN Engineer, R.N. 121A Southwood Road, St Lawrence George William REEVES retired licence David WEST, Robin S PEARCE
  Bridget Annie WEST 27 spinster   121A Southwood Road, St Lawrence David WEST retired    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
15th January Arthur William CRACKNELL 21 bach A.C.I., R.A.F. Regiment R.A.F. Station, Holmesley South, near Christchurch, Hampshire Charles Frederick CRACKNELL lorry driver L.N.E.R. licence Cecil M PAGE, Charles HEARN
  Margaret Louisa HEARN 23 spinster   2 Poleash Cottages, St Lawrence Charles HEARN farm labourer    
11th March Frederick Russell SCHOFIELD 21 bach Royal Navy 58n Philip Road, Ipswich Harold Alexander James SCHOFIELD Engine Driver L.N.E.R. banns John David THOROGOOD, Herbert Edward MEAD
  Mary Evelyn CUNNINGHAM 20 spinster   33 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Hugh Edward CUNNINGHAM deceased    
25th March Donald Albert EKE 22 bach H.M.Forces 8 Talbot Road, Masons Hill, Bromley, Kent Victor EKE Conductor L.P.T.B. banns Walter HARDING, Douglas EKE
  Eileen Betty HARDING 21 spinster   4 Catherine Terrace  Road, Chapel Road, St Lawrence Walter HARDING fitter    
8th April Sydney Edward BUSHELL 20 bach bank clerk Fairway, Mister Road, St Lawrence Bertie Edward BUSHELL gas rental clerk banns Harold J BUSHELL, Bertie Edward BUSHELL
  Joan Marie FURBOROUGH 22 spinster   22 South Eastern Road, Ramsgate Bernard Walter FURBOROUGH Civil Defence    
8th April Leonard James COLE 31 bach menswear salesman Homestead, Queens Avenue, St Lawrence Jesse James COLE carpenter banns Norman J COLE, Thomas F GREEN
  Jessie Orford GREEN 22 spinster   48 Manston Road, St Lawrence Thomas Frederick GREEN miner    
8th April Aubrey Francis KENNETT 25 bach H.M.Forces 74 Rugby Road, W.Worthing, Sussex Arthur KENNETT deceased banns William E GRAINGER, Bernard E GRAINGER
  Kathleen Edith GRAINGER 23 spinster   17 Manston Road, St Lawrence William Edward GRAINGER labourer    
8th April Victor John TUMBER 28 bach H.M.Forces Gordon Castle, Fochabers, Murayshire, Scotland Frederick Alfred TUMBER retired banns John David SPICE, Edgar BARTLETT
  Amelia May SPICE 28 spinster   Ramblers, Holbrook Drive, St Lawrence William Henry SPICE retired    
17th April Francis Robert Harold JENNINGS 34 bach timber works foreman Chilton Tavern, Chilton, St Lawrence Harold JENNINGS foreman machine man banns Thomas Reg MOCKETT, Laurence A BERRY
  Frances Kathleen SIMONS 32 spinster   Ashley, 40 Nethercourt Hill, St Lawrence Leslie Prior SIMONS foreman electrician    
22nd April Sidney Alfred BARNES 24 bach Petty Officer R.N. Royal Naval Barracks, Chatham Percy John BARNES deceased banns Henry J BISHOP, George B HALLWOOD
  Doreen Ivy BISHOP 21 spinster   14 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Harry John BISHOP Inspector G.P.O.    
22nd April Victor Charles IMPETT 26 bach agricultural tractor driver 1 Elm Villas, Nethercourt Farm, St Lawrence Arthur Charles IMPETT deceased banns George COLTHAM, Bertram L IMPETT
  Betty COLTHAM 21 spinster   1 Beachy Cottages, Cliffsend, St Lawrence George COLTHAM farm labourer    
22nd April Gordon John FREEMAN 21 bach H.M.Forces 36 North Street, Wick, Littlehampton, Sussex Richard John FREEMAN labourer licence George E FOAD, Alice M STONE
  Cecilia Joan Georgina STONE 21 spinster   15 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence Arthur John STONE deceased    
9th May Henry Edward Frank BEHR 23 bach Lieut R.A.  H.M.F. 122 Shipley Fields Road, Frizinghale, Bradford, Yorkshire Alexander William BEHR wool merchant licence Maurice L MACDONA, Rupert J COSTERTON
  Barbara Ella COSTERTON 22 spinster   St Lawrence, London Road, St Lawrence Rupert John Mills COSTERTON Local Government Official    
20th May Dennis John RICHES 28 bach Army Officer Beamsley, Watchester Avenue, Ramsgate Paulin Fred RICHES Civil Servant licence Marion C SMITH, P COOPER, P E RICHES
  Mollie Beatrice SMITH 23 spinster   9b Brackley Road, Beckenham Alan Montague SMITH master tailor    
25th May Stanley Arthur BAX 46 bach gardener 1 High Street, Manston, St Lawrence Albert Edward BAX labourer banns Herbert W SMITH, Frederick FULLER
  Lucy May FAGG 50 widow   Oakland, Manston, St Lawrence Frederick FULLER farmer    
24th June Ernest William SPAIN 31 bach Fireman (N.F.S.) 25 Rosebury Avenue, Ramsgate Owen Henry SPAIN retired banns Lesslie D MILLER, Alfred F MILLER, Florence SPAIN
  Olive Alice MILLER 27 spinster   8 Herbert Road, St Lawrence Alfred Fred MILLER lorry driver    
8th August Frederick Edgar BATCHER 23 bach Leading Telegraphist 11 Bridge Avenue, Otley, Yorkshire Thomas Edgar BATCHER engineer banns Sydney W BRYANT, Geoffrey G GIBBENS
  Betty Patricia Joan GIBBENS 21 spinster   88 Southwood Road, St Lawrence William Stephen GIBBENS house decorator    
19th August Clifford Allan PARKER 26 bach wood finisher 8 Westview, New Bradwell, Buckinghamshire Thomas Edwin PARKER lead burner banns Sydney PARKER, Reginald COTTON
  Mildred Grace COTTON 28 spinster   1 Bush Avenue, Newington, St Lawrence Charles James COTTON deceased    
19th August George Harry READ FULL widower retired 9 Prestidge Avenue, Ramsgate Thomas READ deceased banns Cyril R CLARK, William H CLARK
  Fanny Isabella CLARK FULL widow   3 Catherine Terrace,  St Lawrence George VALE deceased    
22nd September Kenneth Barnfield GREGORY 24 bach soldier The Laurences, Blewbury, Didcot, Berkshire Walter Frederick GREGORY retired licence James C MORRISON, Albert H SIMINSON
  Muriel Alice MORRISON 24 spinster   51 Park Road, Ramsgate James Cook MORRISON motor engineer    
23rd September Norman Henry KEELER 26 bach H.M.Forces 221 Newington Road, Ramsgate Randolph Victor KEELER bricklayer banns Harrison T MARSH, Cyril KEELER
  Phyllis Marjorie MARSH 24 spinster   10 Granville Avenue, St Lawrence Harrison Thomas MARSH coach painter    
5th October John Edward BOOTES 50 bach farm labourer Rose Farm, Haine, St Lawrence Amos BOOTES retired labourer licence Benjamin W IMPETT, Annie E BING
  Lilian May IMPETT 41 spinster   Rose Farm, Haine, St Lawrence Benjamin William IMPETT farm bailiff    
14th October Robert Murray LESSELS 25 bach R.A.F. R.A.F. Station Felixstowe, Suffolk Sidney Dane LESSELS postman licence Griffith M HUGHES, Leonard H EDLIN
  Margaret Mary HUGHES 20 spinster   18 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Griffith Morgan HUGHES miner    
27th October George Charles DUGDALE 32 bach Royal Navy 16 Victoria Road, Mundesley, Norfolk Harry James DUGDALE pensioner licence George F HOLMES, Horace PETLEY
  Elsie May PETLEY 33 spinster   29 Herbert Road, St Lawrence Percy William James PETLEY deceased    
3rd December Horace THOMPSON 32 bach fireman 108 Beeston Road, Leeds, Yorkshire Fred THOMPSON deceased banns Harry BARKER, Albert H KEEN
  Joyce Ena Gertrude POCOCK 28 spinster   St Lawrence Vicarage, St Lawrence Herbert John POCOCK deceased    
26th December Frederick Edward TAYLOR 39 bach decorator Sunlea House, Newington, St Lawrence Ernest TAYLOR deceased banns Benjamin TAYLOR, Edward LUCAS
  Helen CLARK 39 spinster   45 Queen Bertha Road, Ramsgate John Thomas CLARK miner    

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