Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1941-42


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
4th January Leslie Reginald SOLLY 22 bach farmer Oaklands, Manston, St Lawrence Reginald Arthur SOLLY farmer banns Edward LEDNOR, Ronald FAGG
  Phyllis Sarah LEDNOR 27 spinster   Woodfarm, Manston, St Lawrence Edward LEDNOR farmer    
4th January Cyril Dawson STROUD 26 bach A.C., R.A.F. Westcar, St Lawrence Harry Herbert STROUD architect licence Ed HUNT, Harry H STROUD
  Nancy Joan HUNT 22 spinster   10 Southwood Road, Ramsgate Edward HUNT jeweller    
18th January Arthur Bernard STAMPER 21 bach fitter R.A.F. 232 Clarence Road, Peterborough Joseph Henry STAMPER tool fitter banns Cornelius SMITH, Robert A R WAITE
  Gertrude Ada Rose SMITH 21 spinster   69 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Cornelius SMITH labourer    
5th April Brinley Lloyd HUGHES 28 bach miner 50 Coleman Crescent, Ramsgate William Henry HUGHES deceased banns Victor W WALKER, H C GILLETT
  Marjorie Irene POINTER 20 spinster   46 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Ernest Henry POINTER deceased    
17th June Charles WEARE 25 bach despatch rider H.M. Forces St Lawrence College, Ramsgate George WEARE gardener banns J H SOUTHERN, Alfred CLEGG, N B WEARE
  Gwendoline Irene SOUTHERN 21 spinster   63 Newington Road, St Lawrence James Henry SOUTHERN shop keeper    
19th July John Edward Ernest BULL 26 bach electrician 34 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Ernest BULL deceased licence H K MILLER, A V FISH
  Hilda Kate MILLER 24 spinster   168 Hereson Road, Ramsgate Frederick Charles MILLER Naval Officer retired    
31st July Merfyn ELLIS 37 widower miner 5 Dundonald Road, Ramsgate Hugh ELLIS deceased banns George H PARSONS, Frederick M PULLMAN
  Mabel Frances PULLMAN 29 spinster   10 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Henry Frederick PULLMAN deceased    
10th August Frederick John PLATT 26 bach Private, H.M.Forces 34 Murrayfield Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland Charles Frederick William PLATT omnibus driver banns Arthur W WILLIAMS, Thomas R KNELL
  Marguerite May WILLIAMS 20 spinster   Arlington, Dumpton Park Drive, Ramsgate Arthur William WILLIAMS outfitters salesman    
30th August John Henry HILL 55 widower retired 148 Dukes Avenue, New Malden, Surrey William Henry HILL deceased licence C BEERLING, Arthur C E STARTUP
  Ellen Mary BEERLING 63 spinster   Wayside, Nethercourt Hill, St Lawrence William BEERLING deceased    
6th September Ivor William LAING 26 bach clerk Great Western Railway 11 St Stephens Gardens, Twickenham William LAING deceased banns Hilda G LAING, Albert E MIRAMS
  Hilda Joyce MIRAMS 21 spinster   11 Lorina Road, St Lawrence Albert Edward MIRAMS Southern Railway driver    
11th October Frederick WARREN 25 bach police constable Ethylbyrt, Old Green Road, Margate Frederick William WARREN deceased banns Edward J WEBBER, Joan G SMITH
  Olive Ellen GOLDFINCH 22 spinster   172 Grange Road, St Lawrence Walter Henry GOLDFINCH meat salesman    
25th October James Owen CASTLE 25 bach Private H.M. Forces 86 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Frederick CASTLE butcher banns Charles F CASTLE, George J F KEMP
  Eleanor Olive KEMP 25 spinster   23 Mayfield Avenue, Newcastle, Staffordshire George Joseph Frederick KEMP Insurance Superintendent    
1st December George Thomas HINTON 22 bach Private H.M. Forces 78 Mann Street, Walworth James HINTON factory foreman banns John HARRIS, Alfred Richard GRIGGS
  Alice Louisa GRIGGS 18 spinster   14 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Alfred Richard GRIGGS Southern Railway coalman    
23rd December Ronald John WOOLDRIDGE 20 bach mechanic 10 Regent Street, Luton Thomas William WOOLDRIDGE lineman operator banns Thomas P LANGRIDGE, Thomas WOOLDRIDGE, Arthur LANGRIDGE
  Dorothy Lottie LANGRIDGE 21 spinster   8 Newington Road, St Lawrence Thomas Philpott LANGRIDGE painter & decorator    
27th December Arthur George TUCKER 26 bach Private H.M. Forces Manston R.A.F. Station, Minster in Thanet Henry George TUCKER deceased banns William T WHITE, Gladys WHITE
  Florence Rose WHITE 25 spinster   4 High Street, Manston, St Lawrence William Thomas WHITE cowman    
29th December Lena Elsie GRIGGS 17 spinster   14 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Alfred Richard GRIGGS Southern Railway coalman licence Stanley WOOLTON, Alfred Richard GRIGGS
  John HARRIS 25 bach Sergeant R.A. 11 Rossington Street, Denaby Main, near Doncaster Bert HARRIS miner    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
24th January Raymond Percival COOK 22 bach wireless operator 24 Station Approach Road, Ramsgate William Thomas COOK miner banns Cornelius James ATTRILL, Ernest NEWTON
  Eileen May ATTRILL 22 spinster   22 Nethercourt Hill, St Lawrence James Cornelius ATTRILL bricklayer    
10th February Michael Henry LONDON 20 bach Private H.M. Forces 2 Church Street, Minster in Thanet Bert LONDON roadman - Gordon DOBSON, Edwin J WATTS
  Ethel Lillian COLVILL 21 spinster   4 Pegwell Avenue, St Lawrence Ernest COLVILLE deceased    
17th February William WRIGHT 24 bach L/BDR H.M.Forces 29 Fifth Avenue, Woodlands, Doncaster East John WRIGHT deceased licence Ernest C LAMBERT, John C WARD
  Violet LAMBERT 23 spinster   2 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Horace John LAMBERT deceased    
21st February Herbert Henry Thomas IMPETT 23 bach farm labourer Bush Farm, Manston, St Lawrence Herbert Henry IMPETT market gardener banns Arthur J PIDDUCK, Ellen IMPETT
  Joan PIDDUCK 19 spinster   Ozengall Farmcott, St Lawrence Arthur John PIDDUCK waggoner    
14th March Reginald Albert GOODBAN 30 bach farmer Spratling Farm, Manston, St Lawrence Albert GOODBAN farmer banns Harry Boyce REDWOOD, Lilian R REDWOOD
  Phyllis Winnifred Kathleen READ 29 spinster   Ferndale, Manston, St Lawrence Thomas READ antique dealer    
30th April Edward Cyril DENNORD 27 bach driver mechanic 54 Hardres Street, Ramsgate Walter Ernest DENNORD deceased licence William Wellesley WRATTEN, Eileen Patricia BINGHAM
  Eleanor Lillian WRATTEN 33 spinster   Lydbourne, Saxon Road, St Lawrence William James WRATTEN master baker & confectioner    
11th May Thomas Gordon LILLYWHITE 23 bach Leadind Seaman R.N. Winnifred Villa, Balmoral Place, Ramsgate Thomas William LILLYWHITE Chief Petty Officer R.N. licence William F STONE, George F BARTINGALE
  Gladys Rose BARTINGALE 20 spinster   47 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence George Frederick BARTINGALE locomotive driver    
28th May John WALSH 25 bach Armourer R.A.F. R.A.F. Station Manston, Minster in Thanet John WALSH puddler licence William L TAYLOR, Harry B SUTTON
  Rona May SUTTON 18 spinster   The Flying Horse, St Lawrence Harry Barnes SUTTON licensed victualler    
20th June Frederick Rooke MOUNTFORD 36 bach Wireless Mechanic R.A.F. 42A Osborne Road, Broadstairs Frederick Harvey MOUNTFORD deceased licence W T BURLEY, David B FORWARD
  Grace Marion Hebe FORWARD 22 spinster   62 Park Road, St Lawrence David Bramwell FORWARD shop keeper    
27th June John Chadwick WARD 26 bach Engineman Southern Railway 139 Margate Road, Ramsgate Charles Edward Chadwick WARD Engineman Southern Railway retired banns Ernest P LAMBERT, Edward W LAMBERT
  Olive Emma LAMBERT 27 spinster   2 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Horace John LAMBERT deceased    
4th July Leslie George CRIBBENS 32 bach Airman 12A Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Francis CRIBBENS fisherman banns William HOARE, Eddie CRIBBENS
  Veronica Amy HOARE 20 spinster   12A Whitehall Road, St Lawrence William HOARE Railway Traffic Control Southern Railway    
15th July George William HALES 58 widower hotel porter 170 Grange Road, St Lawrence George HALES Pensioner R.N. deceased banns Arthur T COLLINS, John T BLUNT
  Grace Marion HUMPHREY 41 widow   170 Grange Road, St Lawrence John Thomas BLUNT hairdresser    
3rd August William Leonard LEWIS 22 bach mechanic R.A.F. Siloa, Llanelly, South Wales William LEWIS deceased licence Francis BAYLEY, William J L WIGLEY, M BOWEN
  Vera Frances BAYLEY 23 spinster   106 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Francis BAYLEY carpenter    
15th August Douglas Cecil Ernest MARSH 27 bach Director Acoustic Product Co. 361 Baring Road, Grove Park, SE 12 Joseph Ernest MARSH laterer banns Gilbert E PITFIELD, Peter V MARSH
  Jean Evelyn PITFIELD 27 spinster   41 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Gilbert Edward PITFIELD Maypole Dairy Manager    
1st September Leslie Charles SHERRINGTON 34 widower Civil Defence Messenger Carleton, London Road, St Lawrence Charles Edward SHERRINGTON deceased banns Richard Noel TOMBS, Vera Winifred CHAFFE
  Muriel May PIDDUCK 32 spinster   General Hospital, Ramsgate Stephen Smeed PIDDUCK retired    
21st September William Ivor VICKERY 21 bach Corporal R.A.F. 52 Peel Terrace, Stafford William Stanley VICKERY deceased banns Alfred J H SMITH, Hubert VICKERY
  Ellen Rose Mary SMITH 19 spinster   71 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Alfred Joseph Harold SMITH Corporation Employee    
24th September Peter HERITAGE 20 bach carpenter The Ridings, Princes Avenue, St Lawrence Edward Charles HERITAGE Clerk of Works, War Department banns Edward Charles HERITAGE, Walter F JEZARD, Elizabeth JEZARD
  Irene Winifred JEZARD 19 spinster   90 Nixon Avenue, Ramsgate Walter Frederick JEZARD gas worker    
10th October James Edward Hughes HARDY FULL bach soldier Buckland, Dover Joseph HARDY miller licence Joseph Lonsdale DAVISON, George Albert MULLER
  Elsie MULLER FULL spinster   29 Station Approach Road, Ramsgate George Albert MULLER miner    
17th October John Thomas YEARSLEY 22 bach A.C.I., R.A.F. Colerne Camp, Wiltshire John Bramol YEARSLEY clerk licence William T WHITE, Arthur G TACKER
  Gladys Mary WHITE 26 spinster   4 High Street, Manston, St Lawrence William Thomas WHITE farm labourer    
24th October Raymond Basil MILLS 25 bach Private H.M. Forces Shornecliffe Barracks, Folkestone Oliver John MILLS farm labourer banns Thomas JONES, Reginald Ernest MILLS
  Dylis Eileen JONES 18 spinster   11 Northwood Road, Ramsgate Thomas JONES miner    
7th November Alfred Edward MORRIS 47 widower waggoner 2 Red Cottages, Haine, St Lawrence Charles William MORRIS deceased licence G W NEWMAN, W J DENUTT
  May Violet LARKIN 41 widow   1 New Cottages, Nash Court, Margate William George Edward WANSTALL deceased    
7th November Albert John SAUNDERS 27 bach Private H.M. Forces Billetfield, Nethercourt Hill, St Lawrence Albert SAUNDERS Manager Motor Engineers licence Mrs R PACKHAM, Edward Henry YORKE
  Rosina Beatrice PACKHAM 19 spinster   39 Percy Road, Ramsgate Frederick William PACKHAM deceased    
19th December Alec FEARN 42 bach head brewer 7 North Avenue, Ramsgate William FEARN deceased licence Gilbert E PITFIELD, William H CASWELL
  Helen Doreen PITFIELD 22 spinster   41 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Gilbert Edward PITFIELD Maypole Dairy Manager    

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