Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1939-40


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
21st January Claude Argyle COLE 34 bach Pullman Attendant 42 Dumpton Park Road, Ramsgate Albert Edward George COLE deceased banns Percy L COLE, Alfred BUSBY
  Constance Irene BRETT 22 spinster   43 High Street, St Lawrence George Henry BRETT deceased    
25th February Alexander SWAN 27 bach labourer 119 Nixon Avenue, Ramsgate Thomas William SWAN labourer banns W WANSTALL, Edward J WANSTALL
  Ethel May WANSTALL 21 spinster   Woodfarm, Manston, St Lawrence William Edward James WANSTALL horseman    
16th March Leonard George PILCHER 43 bach radio dealer 43 Napleton Road, St Lawrence William PILCHER deceased banns Eliza PILCHER, K FAIRHALL
  Eva Blanche STANFORD 29 spinster   7 Crowhill, Broadstairs William STANFORD deceased    
8th April Thomas Edward John HOPKINS 24 bach miner 47 Wilfred Road, St Lawrence David HOPKINS miner banns William KENDALL, Jemima HOPKINS
  Gertrude Ivy VENN 24 spinster   47 Wilfred Road, St Lawrence Henry VENN miner    
10th April Percy Alfred Charles REDWOOD 28 bach grocers assistant 32 Kingsnorth Road, Faversham Jessie George REDWOOD deceased banns Violet E LILLEY, Alice A REDWOOD
  Violet Kathleen LILLEY 25 spinster   The Wheatsheaf, St Lawrence Frederick William Fairman LILLEY deceased    
10th May George LEWRY 25 bach Police Sergeant R.A.F. Woodbine Cottage, Manston, St Lawrence Ernest James LEWRY labourer banns Arthur BARRETT, John JOYCE
  Norah Beatrice BARRETT 19 spinster   Woodbine Cottage, Manston, St Lawrence Arthur Henry BARRETT cook R.A.F.    
1st June Albert Edward LAWRENCE 42 widower grocers roundsman 3 Albion Villas, Sowel Street, St Peters, Thanet Henry James LAWRENCE deceased banns William James WRATTEN, William WRATTEN
  Mary Lois Violet SANDS 32 spinster   Cantaur, Saxon Road, St Lawrence Tom SANDS deceased    
3rd June Brian Stanley AUSTEN 25 bach builder Seacroft, Royal Esplanade, St Lawrence Stanley Edward AUSTEN builder banns Stanley E AUSTEN, D A RUTHVEN, R H RUTHVEN, W W L ALMOND
  Dorothea Mary Jessie RUTHVEN 23 spinster   Kirkby, St Mildreds Road, Ramsgate Robert Henry RUTHVEN gas & water engineer    
10th June William MIDDLEMISS 34 bach Royal Navy Banelah, St James Avenue, St Lawrence John Beatty MIDDLEMISS deceased banns Peter Wooton NEEVES, Ellen Louisa NEEVES
  May Louisa NEEVES 32 spinster   4 Catherine Terrace, St Lawrence James NEEVES deceased    
17th June Edward Charles George JACKMAN 24 bach mechanic R.A.F. Royal Air Force, Eastchurch, Sheppey Henry James JACKMAN wharf foreman banns Henry JACKMAN, B W LAWRENCE
  Ruby Evelyn LAWRENCE 21 spinster   Lydbourn, Saxon Road, St Lawrence Basil Montague LAWRENCE garage manager    
4th July Donald HOLMES 22 bach electrician 1 Holbrook Drive, St Lawrence John Henry HOLMES coal contractor banns Eric ELLENDER, Alexander Walton SYKES
  Mona Victoria SYKES 23 spinster   Ariya, Vale Square, Ramsgate Arnold William SYKES deceased    
7th August John BAILEY 25 bach fitter R.A.F. R.A.F. Manston, Minster in  Thanet John William BAILEY Police Sergeant (retired) banns Clifford S WOODS, Jack CARTWRIGHT
  Eva Hart PORTER 27 spinster   25 Manston Road, St Lawrence Frank Hart PORTER retailer    
12th August William JOHNSTONE 20 bach metal worker R.A.F. R.A.F. Kinloss, Scotland David JOHNSTONE railway guard banns Percy GRAY, James H TYLER
  Grace Ena Louise TYLER 20 spinster   9 Lorina Road, St Lawrence James Henry TYLER painter    
12th August William FALLOWS 53 bach market gardener 31 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence Edward FALLOWS deceased banns Alice BARKER, George N BARKER
  Minnie Louisa MONK 51 spinster   33 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence John Frederick MONK deceased    
19th August Henry James VINCE 39 bach clerk Prospect Road, Minster in Thanet Thomas VINCE Police Sergeant (retired) banns Horace W G BURTON, Thomas VINCE
  Edna Muriel Joyce BURTON 25 spinster   Forge House, Manston, St Lawrence William Horace BURTON blacksmith    
27th August Allen Frederick Harry AINSLIE 23 bach carpenter 97 Burn Ash Hill, Lee, London Harry James AINSLIE builders manager banns Albert Edward PELLING, G A ROSE
  Margaret Dylis ROSE 21 spinster   102 Grange Road, St Lawrence George Alexander ROSE retired caterer    
3rd September Gerald Arthur HULL 27 bach clerk 11 Fourth Avenue, Sundon Road, Luton, Bedfordshire Arthur HULL labourer banns Edward Arthur SAMM, Ethel Jane HULL
  Gladys Ethel Emily SAMM 24 spinster   53 Newington Road, St Lawrence Edward Augustus Joseph SAMM butcher    
14th September Alfred George SOLE 29 bach carpenter 6 Wilfred Road, St Lawrence Alfred John SOLE farmer banns Henry Walter Charles WOODWARD, Ernest John SOLE
  Ethel Florence WOODWARD 32 spinster   4 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence Henry Walter Charles WOODWARD bricklayer    
7th October Michael David SANDELL 25 bach Sergeant Rifle Brigade Lucknow Barracks, Tidworth, Hampshire Frederick SANDELL army pensioner licence Percy E PARKS, Frederick SANDELL
  Frances Patricia PARKS 20 spinster   6 Nethercourt Hill, St Lawrence Percy Ernest PARKS Southern Railway Guard    
28th October Edgar Leonard FOORD 19 bach baker 2 Dane Court Villas, Percy Road, Ramsgate William Robert FOORD labourer banns C A STANNER, William S STANNER
  Muriel Evelyn STANNER 19 spinster   21 Lorne Road, St Lawrence William Stephen STANNER jobbing builder    
23rd December Cyril Raymond HIGH 25 bach soldier Sunny Vale Camp, Towyn, North Wales John Thomas HIGH carpenter banns Albert S MOODEY, William G GIFFORD
  Rose Lilian Kathleen MOODEY 18 spinster   131 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Albert Sidney MOODEY painter    
23rd December Leonard John SHEPPARD 20 bach bakers assistant 116 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Edward SHEPPARD painter banns Laura A E SHEPPARD, Edward SHEPPARD
  Doris Maud DANN 25 spinster   3 Clarendon Road, Margate Albert DANN locomotive engineer    
26th December Reginald Henry SIMMONDS 27 bach soldier The Buffs, Depot, Canterbury, Kent - - banns John H ISAACS, M F PACKER, Edwin G STANDLEY
  Hilda Annie Kathleen ISAACS 24 spinster   32 Herbert Road, St Lawrence John Henry ISAACS gardener    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
1st January Robert Peter HOLDEN 27 bach accounts clerk R.A.F. R.A.F. Martlesham Heath, Suffolk Bertie Robert HOLDEN carpenter banns James HUDSON, Frederick HOLDEN
  Doris Irene Mary HUDSON 28 spinster   Australian Arms, St Lawrence James HUDSON licensed victualler    
20th January Hilary Thomas James FARLEY 25 bach grocer 9 Unity Place, Ramsgate Hilary James Bent FARLEY deceased banns James A ROGERS, Eric F TUTTY
  Freda Amy ROGERS 23 spinster   Dovedale, Foads Lane, Cliffs End, St Lawrence James Alexander ROGERS window cleaner    
3rd February Kenneth Helme King BUSH 23 bach electrician 93 Southwood Road, St Lawrence David Joseph BUSH railwayman banns J E SHANNON, David Joseph BUSH
  Lilian Sophia SHANNON 23 spinster   37 Bloomsbury Road, Ramsgate James Edward SHANNON seaman    
10th February James Allan SLATER 25 bach Aircraftsman R.A.F. Henlow Camp, Bedfordshire James SLATER deceased banns Robert CANNON, Albert G HORNE
  Jessie Irene CANNON 18 spinster   47 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Robert Nicholas CANNON fisherman    
10th February Harold William HOLLADAY 26 bach shipwright R.N. 15 Hollicondane Road, Ramsgate Charles Henry HOLLADAY shipwright licence G E STUPPLES, Ronald HOLLADAY
  Ena Maisie STUPPLES 26 spinster   45 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence George Edmond STUPPLES retired fisherman    
28th February William Henry John PRYOR 28 bach electrician 6 Guildford Lawn, Ramsgate Frederick John PRYOR deceased banns Ronald Gordon ANDREWS, Eva Florence WOODWARD
  Hilda Alice WOODWARD 25 spinster   Sunnyside, Princes Avenue, St Lawrence Thomas George WOODWARD bricklayer    
16th March Percival Sidney Henry VEALE 23 bach electrician 32A Edgington Road, Streatham Percival James VEALE jointer banns Frederick W BUTLER, William CLARK
  Margery Joan BUTLER 21 spinster   18 Manston Road, St Lawrence Frederick William BUTLER night telephonist G.P.O.    
16th March Ernest TERRY 22 bach labourer 2 Elms Villas, Nethercourt, St Lawrence James Thomas TERRY labourer banns Charles CHANDLER, John Charles JENNINGS
  Helen Ada JENNINGS 26 spinster   16 Clifton Street, Margate Frederick John JENNINGS butcher    
25th March Geoffrey TUCKER 47 widower civil servant 14 Twyford Avenue, East Finchley Edwin TUCKER Civil Servant banns Thomas SIVIL, W WELLARD
  Naomi Grace SIVIL 26 spinster   23 Duncan Road, St lawrence Thomas SIVIL assurance agent    
30th March Leonard Charles Eric WEBB 23 bach motor driver Northbourne, near Deal Charles Eric WEBB shepherd banns Edmund Thomas TUTT, Jesse D WEBB
  Phyllis Jessie Clara TUTT 24 spinster   20 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Edmund Thomas TUTT labourer    
11th May William JANES 35 bach garage storekeeper 11 The Mint, Harbledown, near Canterbury, Kent William JANES deceased banns Thomas HOLNESS, Joseph B ROBERTS
  Doris ROBERTS 25 spinster   78 Edith Road, St Lawrence Joseph Britford ROBERTS railway carriage examiner    
11th May Herbert Edward HOUGHAM 22 bach soldier 51 Percy Road, Ramsgate Alfred William HIOUGHAM deceased banns William Urbane MORRIS, Alfred John HOUGHAM
  Doris Whittaker PORT 20 spinster   2 Myrtle Cottages, St Lawrence - -    
13th May Austen PEGDEN 25 bach butcher 43 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence Austin PEGDEN deceased banns George PEGDEN, Gwyneth FISHER
  Marjorie Eileen Mary SAMM 22 spinster   53 Newington Road, St Lawrence Edward Augustus Joseph SAMM master butcher    
25th May Douglas Samuel WHITLING 25 bach fitter aircraft Greengates, Cliffsend, St Lawrence Alfred George WHITLING corn merchant banns Alfred George WHITLING, Charles F PHILPOTT
  Lillian Mary FAGG 22 spinster   Greengates, Cliffsend, St Lawrence Walter Frederick FAGG deceased    
1st June Stanley Hatch PAGE 65 widower Chartered Surveyor Oakfield, 98 Newington Road, St Lawrence William Gray PAGE deceased licence Richard J ARCHIBALD, Kenneth PAGE
  Lottie Wootton MASCALL 58 spinster   Oakfield, 98 Newington Road, St Lawrence William MASCALL deceased    
4th June Geoffrey William HOARE 27 bach motor fitter 12 A Whitehall Road, St Lawrence William HOARE Southern Railway Guard banns Emma Beatrice MAXTED, Veronica HOARE
  Gladys Mary MAXTED 23 spinster   8 Lorina Road, St Lawrence Walter Thomas MAXTED deceased    
8th June Lionel Herbert CLACK 21 bach printer 3 Princes Avenue, St Lawrence Thomas Henry CLACK printer banns John Ernest TURRELL, Alfred Charles SOLE
  Kathleen Bertha CURTIS 20 spinster   4 Rowdon Road, St Lawrence Walter Henry CURTIS deceased    
8th June Nelson Edward LILLIOTT 29 bach carpenter Lavender Villas, Lipstreet, Chislet William LILLIOTT platelayer Southern Railway banns Ernest ADDLEY, George Edward RICHARDS
  Gladys Smily RICHARDS 26 spinster   29 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence George RICHARDS deceased    
15th June Ernest Charles BIRCH 28 bach traveller 24 Connonbury Road, Ramsgate Charles William BIRCH handyman banns Robert David Kenneth SMITH, Ernest Peter LAMBERT
  Emily LAMBERT 23 spinster   2 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Horace John LAMBERT deceased    
3rd August Bertie James GIBBS 21 bach soldier 6 Abbotts Hill, amsgate James GIBBS deceased licence George BOYLETT, William W BOYLETT
  Kathleen Margaret May BOYLETT 19 spinster   66 Manston Road, St Lawrence George William BOYLETT labourer    
29th August John JOYCE 20 bach Corporal R.A.F. Medical Service 13 Grafton Place, Medway Road, Gillingham, Kent John JOYCE deceased banns Maud CLAW, Douglas J CLAW
  Kathleen Alice CLAW 19 spinster   4 Chilton Villas, Pegwell Road, St Lawrence Douglas James CLAW cook Merchant Navy    
7th September Frederick Kitchener Nelson WRIGHT 26 bach Sapper, Royal Engineers Shrivenham S.A.A.D., East Watson Barracks, Berkshire Percy Frederick William WRIGHT labourer banns Walter H JAMES, Ellen WRIGHT
  Annie Isabella May JAMES 23 spinster   9 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence Walter Henry JAMES labourer    
12th October Leslie William MASKELL 46 bach labourer 2 Prestedge Avenue, Ramsgate John MASKELL pensioner licence Sydney F A BULL, Nellie KING
  Florence Annie BULL 46 spinster   29 High Street, St Lawrence Edward BULL deceased    
14th December Frederick Fielding CAVELL 26 bach horseman 77 Chapel Road, St Lawrence William CAVELL pensioner banns William SIMS, Florence CAVELL
  Ivy Nellie SIMS 23 spinster   58 Ellington Road, St Lawrence Jack SIMS electrician    
26th December Reginald George CULLEN 26 bach Metropolitan Police Brooklands, Newington Road, St Lawrence George CULLEN school caretaker banns G A CULLEN, William SHARP
  Beryl Margaret SHARP 23 spinster   5 Upper Holland Road, Sutton Coldfield, William SHARP colliery foreman    
26th December Sidney Walter Francis SOLLY 24 bach Gunner, Royal Artillery 12 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Richard Walter SOLLY school caretaker banns A J TAFT, Henry R TAYLOR
  Hilda Alice TAFT 19 spinster   166 Newington Road, St Lawrence Arthur James TAFT labourer    
26th December Thomas Henry ANDREWS 29 bach labourer Alma, Cliff End Grove, St Lawrence George Edward ANDREWS labourer banns Phyllis M ANDREWS, George S ATTWELL
  Gladys Evone ATTWELL 34 spinster   Alma, Cliff End Grove, St Lawrence George Stephen ATTWELL labourer    
27th December Reginald William SURMAN 21 bach Seaman A.B. 2 Stanley Road, Ramsgate Jack SURMAN engineer licence William J SURMAN, Sydney GOULD
  Marjorie Emily GOULD 20 spinster   67 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Sydney GOULD mechanic    
28th December William Walter BOYLETT 21 bach plumber 66 Manston Road, St Lawrence George William BOYLETT labourer banns Edmund M RICHARDS, Walter James BOYLETT
  Kathleen Florence RICHARDS 18 spinster   Portstone, Granville Avenue, St Lawrence Frank RICHARDS labourer    

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