Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1937-38


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
9th January Ronald Philip WHISKIN 22 bach carpenter 12 Cecilia Road, Ramsgate - - banns Frank E FEVER, Ernest C FEVER
  Edna Hilda LILLEY 23 spinster   36 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Alfred Harold LILLEY deceased    
28th January Walter John WOOD 26 bach manservant 41 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence John WOOD deceased banns C F W MITCHELL, J MIDDLEMISS
  Elise Irene HORNETT 30 spinster   14 Hurst Road, Weston Super Mare Henry HORNETT deceased    
1st February Percival Cyril ARNOLD 24 bach motor driver 4 Manston Road, St Lawrence Henry ARNOLD labourer banns Rose E H COLLINS, Wm Hy COLLINS
  Annie Muriel PARSONS 19 spinster   4 Manston Road, St Lawrence William John PARSONS deceased    
20th March Leslie Robin WONFOR 24 bach clerk 98 Stade Street, Hythe John William WONFOR engineer banns A E SANDERS, J WONFOR
  Ivy Marguerite SANDERS 22 spinster   12 Lorina Road, St Lawrence Albert Edward SANDERS Inspector Southern Railway    
27th March Alfred Robert William HARLOW 24 bach book keeper 31 High Street, St Lawrence Alfred HARLOW grocers stockman banns John E POINTER, J A WYLIE
  Ivy Constance BROWN 22 spinster   20 Sussex Street, Ramsgate George Thomas BROWN retired    
1st May Leonard Emerson BEERLING 24 bach labourer 5 Laslett Cottages, Westwood Road, St Peters George BEERLING labourer banns George W BEERLING, Annie E PARKER
  Irene Violet Annie COLEMAN 23 spinster   21 Harden Avenue, St Lawrence George Betchworth COLEMAN deceased    
17th May William John Mackett SMITH 25 bach sailor R.N. Royal Naval Barracks, Chatham William Cotton SMITH deceased licence Robert WHITE, W E BACK
  Ada Dorothy WHITE 23 spinster   29 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Robert WHITE miner    
17th May Frank George CARTHEW 26 bach buyer 89 Ellington Road, Ramsgate William Richard CARTHEW marine engineer banns H C KEE, Esther Z BUTTLE, Arthur Edward BUTTLE
  Enid Frances BUTTLE 28 spinster   56 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Arthur Edward BUTTLE master draper    
3rd June Herbert Charles STEEL 31 divorced miner 37 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Charles Edward STEEL seaman banns Frank C C WYLES, Alfred S TWOMEY
  Gladys Ruth JAKES 26 spinster   37 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Harry JAKES deceased    
12th June Robert FALLS 38 bach electrical engineer 32 St Georges Road, Ramsgate Robert Alexander FALLS traveller banns A E FORSTER, Elsie L FORSTER, W A D L LANGDON
  Dorothy May FORSTER 34 spinster   1 Black Cottage, Haine, St Lawrence Alfred Edward FORSTER labourer    
19th June Eric Douglas WEST 31 bach labourer 9 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Alfred William WEST retired banns S T GROOMBRIDGE, A H WEBZELL
  Florence Marion VASS 30 spinster   4 Shaftesbury Street, Ramsgate Arthur VASS retired    
19th June William Edwin PLAYFORD 23 bach insurance inspector 31 Sydney Road, Ramsgate William Thomas PLAYFORD bus conductor banns W H POLLARD, D O HOLLAND
  Margaret Nora WALES 19 spinster   31 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence Frances Joseph WALES deceased    
19th June Alfred Douglas BIGGS 26 bach chemist 23 Seamour Street, Oxgate Lane, London, NW2 Alfred Laurence BIGGS retired chemist banns Gregory A CARTER, J Thorn DRURY, Alice Reak BIGGS
  Betty Mary KENNETT 31 spinster   Penistone House, St Lawrence Tom KENNETT deceased    
3rd July Reginald Stanley BLOODWORTH 27 bach electrical artificer R.N. 15 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence William Snow BLOODWORTH Lieutenant R.N. Retired banns A V C BORMAN, E E BROWN
  Violet Minnie BORMAN 25 spinster   321 Brampton Road, Bexley Heath Albert Victor Christopher BORMAN mechanic examiner    
10th July James Robert TWYMAN 27 bach sawyer 13 High Street, St Lawrence George TWYMAN labourer banns Annie Ecclestone CLEAVER, Ernest CUMMINGS
  Ivy Alice Ecclestone CLEAVER 27 spinster   47 Stone Road, Broadstairs George Thomas CLEAVER labourer    
11th July Reginald Richard INGE 26 bach bus driver 177 Grange Road, St Lawrence Hubert Stuart INGE retired police officer banns Elizabeth ASHMORE, Joyce NICHOLLS, H A INGE
  Bernice Daphne Gwendoline ASHMORE 23 spinster   28 Manstone Road, St Lawrence William ASHMORE deceased    
4th September Frederick George HARRISON 29 bach foreman builder 192 Grange Road, St Lawrence Edmund Henry HARRISON dairyman banns Kathleen CREESE, Edmund HARRISON
  Kitty ALLINGTON 23 spinster   63 Edith Road, Ramsgate Charles ALLINGTON deceased    
2nd October Cecil Henry MORRELL 33 bach lorry driver 29 Montague Road, Ramsgate Henry John MORRELL night watchman banns Herbert MORRELL, James FISHER, Eileen FISHER
  Nora Sybila FISHER 28 spinster   103 Southwood Road, St Lawrence James Benjamin FISHER labourer    
2nd October John Coates LARKINS 21 bach labourer 101 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence John Coates LARKINS labourer banns A E ISAACS, AlfredcLARKINS
  Florence May ISAACS 24 spinster   79 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Arthur Edward ISAACS labourer    
9th October Edward Alfred Richard BEER 27 bach grocer 62 Southwood Road, Ramsgate Alfred BEER deceased banns William BEER, Margaret PLAYFORD, William POLLARD
  Kathleen Helen WALES 23 spinster   31 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence Francis Joseph WALES deceased    
28th October George William CAPP 24 bach motor driver 36 St Lukes Road, Ramsgate Samuel Hadley CAPP carpenter banns Frank CAPP, Frank E FEVER
  Olive Winifred LILLEY 21 spinster   36 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Alfred Harold LILLEY deceased    
7th November Edward George IVES 26 bach motor driver Pegwell Lodge Cottage, St Lawrence Norman Fred IVES chauffeur licence Lillian MANSER, Norman Frederick IVES
  Selena Lynn MANSER 27 spinster   Bay View, Downs Road, St Lawrence William MANSER gardener    
27th November Thomas Ernest BAX 23 bach miner 39 Winstanley Crescent Thomas Ernest BAX painter banns A F PAGE, Joseph WOODLAND
  Joan May WOODLAND 18 spinster   38 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Joseph Dysan WOODLAND boilersmith    
11th December James Percival JARVIS 54 widower storeman 23 Picton Road, St Lawrence James Percival JARVIS deceased banns Edwin G BOYER, Edward J HUGHES
  Florence Maud HUGHES 41 spinster   23 Picton Road, St Lawrence William HUGHES deceased    
18th December Thomas Greswolde PRESTWOOD 25 bach radiographer Catigan, Sayon Road, St Lawrence Charles PRESTWOOD retired banns Charles PRESTWOOD, Evelyn HOLT, Emily PRESTWOOD
  Eileen Brenda Mary DEAR 22 spinster   Catigan, Sayon Road, St Lawrence Alfred DEAR deceased    
18th December Arthur Henry ASHBY 31 bach lorry driver 18 James Street, Ramsgate James ASHBY labourer banns Thomas George WOODWARD, Arthur J PRICE
  Edith Lillian WOODWARD 27 spinster   Sunnyside, Princes Avenue, St Lawrence Thomas George WOODWARD bricklayer    
27th December Francis Wallace Wattman NUTLEY 29 bach gardener 20 Harnet Street, Sandwich Francis NUTLEY tailor banns Charles F WARDEN, Arthur W ELVERY
  Violet Lilian Iren STOCKBRIDGE 24 spinster   36 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence William Thomas STOCKBRIDGE lorry driver    
27th December Alfred Robert Patrick LARKINS 23 bach monumental mason 101 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Thomas Henry LARKINS deceased banns Thomas LARKINS, David WILLIAMS
  Lily WILLIAMS 22 spinster   93 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence David Rees WILLIAMS miner    
27th December Harold Ernest COX 24 bach shop assistant 71 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Edward James COX greengrocer - Jane E TRIMMER, Edward PRICE, E J COX
  Elsie Alice TRIMMER 21 spinster   Lewis, Mayforth Gardens, St Lawrence James TRIMMER deceased    
27th December Walter James Thomas LANGTON 30 bach boot repairer 58 Newington Road, St Lawrence Walter Herbert LANGTON textile worker banns Arthur A JEFFRIES, Frederick G PITCHER
  Florence Violet JEFFRIES 32 spinster   88 Ellington Road, Ramsgate Arthur Aubrey JEFFRIES plasterer    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
13th January Herbert Albert WILLIAMS 27 bach labourer 232 Newington Road, Ramsgate Albert Henry WILLIAMS labourer banns Frederick W BUTLER, Margery BUTLER
  Eileen Edith BUTLER 25 spinster   18 Manston Road, St Lawrence Frederick William BUTLER telephone supervisor    
27th January Alfred James WOOD 59 widower retired Albion Cottage, Cottage Road, Ramsgate Alfred James WOOD deceased banns James ROWLAND, Florence JARVIS
  Ethel Lucy Georgina ROSE 39 spinster   17 Baydon Road, St Lawrence George Edward ROSE deceased    
5th March William John CHANDLER 31 widower Royal Air Force R.A.F. Camp, Manston, Minster, Thanet William Samuel CHANDLER deceased banns Albert S MOODY, Victor HAMILTON
  Blanche Emily Teresa MOODY 24 spinster   131 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Albert Sidney MOODY decorator    
16th April Sydney ACKRILL 30 bach tiler Redgarth, Sutton Road, Mansfield, Notts Joseph ACKRILL slater & tiler banns Ethel May ACKRILL, Rose Ellen JARMAN, Joseph ACKRILL
  Winifred Mary JARMAN 23 spinster   25 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Albert Edward JARMAN blacksmith    
16th April Richard William LATTER 23 bach gardener 15 Chatham Street, Ramsgate Albert Edwin LATTER watchmaker banns Maynard LATTER, R JORDAN
  Eileen Mary GIBBONS 21 spinster   98 Southwood Road, St Lawrence William Joseph GIBBONS deceased    
16th April Kenneth John SARJEANT 24 bach insurance agent 51 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Frank Dulley SARJEANT electrical engineer banns Daisey E SLACK, Frank D SARJEANT, Ernest S SLACK
  Mary Agnes SLACK 23 spinster   28 Cannon Road, Ramsgate Ernest Simmons SLACK chemist    
18th April Henry Robert TAYLOR 27 bach labourer 4 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence John Thomas TAYLOR deceased banns Reginald COX, James TAYLOR
  Marjorie Winifred COX 22 spinster   72 Newington Road, St Lawrence John COX deceased    
19th May James William Albert GOODBOURN 22 bach bricklayer 20 Seafield Road, St Lawrence James GOODBOURN bricklayer banns James GOODBOURN, Denis GOODBOURN
  Theresa Mavis CLAYTON 21 spinster   Station Buffet, Ramsgate Albert John CLAYTON labourer    
4th June Edward Lewis CORNWELL 27 bach Air Ministry M.T. Instructor Bay View, 11 Norman Road, St Lawrence George Frederick CORNWELL retired banns Frances Daisy ANN, Gladys Winifred ANN
  Joan Mabel ANN 22 spinster   - Ernest Charles Pleydell ANN deceased    
11th June Edward George CRESSWELL 23 bach linotype operator 10 Broxton Street, Wavertree, Liverpool Harry CRESSWELL bricklayer banns F PREBBLE,. M CRESSWELL, Harry CRESSWELL, Agnes PREBBLE
  Amy Winifred PREBBLE 20 spinster   20 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Zaphnath Paaneth PREBBLE locomotive stayer    
18th June John Stephen WYBORN 24 bach gas meter tester 32 Nethercourt Hill, St Lawrence Sydney Cooper WYBORN motor mechanic banns William SPICER, S WYBORN, W G SETTERFIELD
  Joan Dorothy SPICER 20 spinster   20 London Road, Ramsgate William SPICER ships rigger    
2nd July Frederick Stokes RICHARDSON 26 bach dairyman The Bungalow, High Street, herne Hill, Faversham Alfred George RICHARDSON retired banns Edward HOGBIN, Vernon BASFORD
  Rose Olive HOGBIN 20 spinster   Arosa, Holbrook Drive, St Lawrence Edward Henry HOGBIN retired    
30th July Percy GIFFORD 26 bach lengthman Southern Railway 16 Whitehall Road William GIFFORD gardener banns Clarence E GIFFORD, Albert E SANDERS
  Ethel Mabel Sherwood SANDERS 23 spinster   12 Lorina Road, St Lawrence Albert SANDERS permanent way inspector Southern Railway    
30th July Trevor John COBB 26 bach schoolmaster 27 Norman Road, St Lawrence Richard William COBB headmaster banns C MORGAN, R W COBB
  Elsie Fenella MORGAN 25 spinster   27 Norman Road, St Lawrence John MORGAN engineer    
6th August Victor Charles FOX 26 bach school teacher 13 Poplar Road, Ramsgate Henry George FOX deceased banns Henry G FOX, Arthur W FOSTER
  Joan Marie FOSTER 22 spinster   17 Poplar Road, Ramsgate Arthur William FOSTER car parks attendant    
6th August Wilfred Henry AMOS 22 bach bus driver 2 Manston Court Cottages, St Lawrence Alfred Edwin AMOS labourer banns George SANSON, Percy BARNES
  Rosina Edith HAMILTON 22 spinster   2 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence Thomas William HAMILTON labourer    
6th August Michael Twiss COWLAND-COOPER 22 bach Local Government Officer St Lawrence Vicarage, St Lawrence Charles Paul COWLAND-COOPER Clerk in Holy Orders banns A O COWLAND-COOPER, Louise SIMON, Alan BRODIN
  Peggy Louise SIMON 20 spinster   99 Lower Northdown Road, Margate Frank SIMON Commander R.N. retired    
15th August Kenneth Riley DAWKINS 32 bach musician 5 Granville Avenue, St Lawrence William DAWKINS deceased banns Bernard W DAWKINS, Kathleen Ward DAWKINS
  Margaret Roslyn WESTBURY 31 spinster   45 Alcester Road, Birmingham, 13 Frederick William WESTBURY retired    
3rd September Thomas William JAMES 50 bach tailor 9 Seely Road, Tooting, SW17 Thomas JAMES deceased banns Herbert S HOWLAND, Ronald S FORD
  Constance Ellen HOWLAND 42 spinster   Bloomfield, Pegwell Road, St Lawrence Stephen HOWLAND gardener    
10th September Ernest TITHERINGTON 19 bach engine cleaner 162 Southwood Road, St Lawrence John Mitchell TITHERINGTON despatck clerk (furnishers) banns A TITHERINGTON, Daisy SUCKLING
  Lily Daisy Isabel SUCKLING 22 spinster   15 High Street, St Lawrence William SUCKLING fisherman    
24th September Bernard Herbert Thomas REDWOOD 24 bach salesman 11 Spratling Street, St Lawrence Thomas REDWOOD labourer banns Charles WOODWARD, Clifford Eustace James REDWOOD
  Alice Elizabeth WOODWARD 26 spinster   8 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Daniel WOODWARD lorry driver    
24th September Herbert Arthur INGE 25 bach salesman 177 Grange Road, St Lawrence Herbert Stuart INGE Poilce Constable (retired) banns Harry CRESSWELL, B E INGE, Margaret CRESSWELL, H J INGE
  Constance CRESSWELL 26 spinster   3 Elmstone Road, St Lawrence Harry CRESSWELL bricklayer    
1st October Ernest Harold Henry BURGESS 26 bach brickmaker 97 Ellington Road, Ramsgate Joshua BURGESS labourer banns Annie VAUGHAN, Mr J BURGESS
  Winifred May VAUGHAN 26 spinster   32 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Harry VAUGHAN deceased    
22nd October Philip Sydney LANGLEY 27 bach Post Office Engineer 22 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Sidney John LANGLEY carpenter banns B DICKINSON, R S G BOCLITT
  Barbara Ellen DICKINSON 21 spinster   22 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Benjamin DICKINSON carpenter    
27th October Edward Henry PLUCK 31 bach hospital porter 19 Townley Street, Ramsgate William Robert PLUCK car park attendant banns George E ANDREWS, William Robert PLUCK
  Winifred Susannah ANDREWS 35 spinster   Alma, Cliff End Grove, St Lawrence George Edward ANDREWS labourer    
29th October Frederick Arthur SHEPPARD 24 bach plasterer 6 St Georges Road, Ramsgate William Frank SHEPPARD deceased banns John T TOWNER, Victor G SHEPPARD
  Ivy Gertrude TOWNER 24 spinster   50 Bloomsbury Road, Ramsgate John Thomas TOWNER Guard Southern Railway    
12th November Cecil Arthur FITCHEW 20 bach gardener 28 St Lukes Avenue, Ramsgate Arthur Charles Edward FITCHEW florist banns Robert C FALLS, Alfred E FORSTER
  Elsie Louise FORSTER 23 spinster   1 Black Cottages, Haine, St Lawrence Alfred Edward FORSTER labourer    
17th December Emrys Thomas WALTERS 21 bach miner 6 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence David WALTERS labourer banns Ernest WILSON, Thomas E J HOPKINS
  Fanny Lilian Grace WILSON 20 spinster   31 Chapel Place, Ramsgate Ernest WILSON labourer    
26th December Arthur Frank NAIRNE 26 bach mechanic 93 Prospect Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire Arthur Charles Joseph NAIRNE deceased banns George LEE, Ernest J ROWLAND
  Kate Ann ROWLAND 24 spinster   69 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Ernest John ROWLAND fitter    
26th December Stanley Thomas JOHNSON 25 bach miner 102 Hardres Street, Ramsgate Isaac JOHNSON deceased banns Arthur L HAYNES, Sidney JOHNSON
  Dora Margaret PUSHEE 22 spinster   128 Southwood Road, St Lawrence William PUSHEE deceased    

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