Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1935-36


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
20th April Stanley George REDWOOD 28 bach engineer 10 High Street, Manston, St Lawrence James REDWOOD stockman banns Alfred LEDNOR, John DOWLING
  Alfreda Nellie LEDNOR 27 spinster   Coldswood Farm, Haine, St Lawrence Alfred LEDNOR farmer    
23rd April Thomas Henry STAMP 25 bach airman Upper Street, Hollingbourne, Maidstone Robert Henry STAMP deceased banns Beatrice Mary Netterville DAVIES, George TOOGOOD
  Kathleen Netterville DAVIES 19 spinster   15 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Richard Vaughan DAVIES traveller    
4th May Ernest William MATSON 25 bach shopkeeper 71 Ellington Road, Ramsgate Ernest Arthur MATSON deceased banns J MATSON, F E KNOWLES, W E IMPETT
  Madeline Florence KNOWLES 25 spinster   30 Worster Road, Sutton, Surrey Arthur Francis KNOWLES pumpman    
25th May Alfred William Thomas FRIEND 27 bach engineer 34 Clifton Road, St Lawrence William Thomas FRIEND deceased banns F H BLEWITT, C O WRIGHT
  Phyllis Edith ORRIN 19 spinster   35 Grove Road, Ramsgate Thomas David ORRIN deceased    
30th May Frank Arthur FINCH 23 bach milk roundsman 33 Lorne Road, St Lawrence Jesse FINCH labourer banns H E WILLIAMS, F M WILLIAMS, J FINCH
  Florence Maud WILLIAMS 23 spinster   26 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence Henry Eric WILLIAMS miner    
1st June Leonard Howard HOLLANDS 28 bach labourer 43 Margate Road, Ramsgate Edward HOLLANDS deceased banns A V PHILPOTT, R SOLLY
  Violet May PHILPOTT 27 spinster   19 Herbert Road, St Lawrence Robert PHILPOTT deceased    
June Harry CRESSWELL 26 bach linotype operator 31 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Harry CRESSWELL bricklayer banns C A LING, A SPOON, Margaret CRESSWELL, A LING
  Georgina Beatrice LING 27 spinster   9 Aubrey Walk, Campden Hill, Kensington, London Charles Arthur LING turncock    
8th June Percy BENFIELD 29 bach compositor 17 Gwyn Road, Ramsgate Ashton Thomas BENFIELD engine driver banns C H HORTON, A PATTERSON
  Amy Violet PATTERSON 25 spinster   Spratling Street, Manston, St Lawrence Albert PATTERSON waggoner    
13th June Leonard Francis SMITH 26 bach carpenter Domus, Homeleigh Road, Ramsgate Francis Rendall SMITH plumber banns W J PARK, C E MILLER, A F MILLER, F R SMITH
  Nora Margaret Ellen MILLER 25 spinster   8 Herbert Road, St Lawrence Alfred Fred MILLER driver salesman    
30th June Thomas Reuban WEBB 26 bach butcher 8 High Street, St Lawrence Thomas William WEBB butcher banns F J CHALONER, W HARRIS
  Gladys Mabel CHALONER 22 spinster   47 Norman Road, St Lawrence Frederick James CHALONER Brewery Supervisor    
24th August Laurence Reginald CULLEN 25 bach miner 2 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Edward Laurence CULLEN miner banns J SIMMONS, W PROBERT
  Marvis ALLCOCK 22 spinster   - Charles ALLCOCK deceased    
7th September George Robert HARDMAN 25 bach sailor R.N. 14 Dumpton Park Road, Ramsgate Thomas HARDMAN deceased banns George H SPAIN, J C BEAN
  Lucy Irene SPAIN 26 spinster   Newington Bridge, St Lawrence George Henry SPAIN fishmonger    
12th October Albert James Benjamin TRICE 24 bach cellarman 13 Afghan Road, Reading Street, St Peters, Thanet Thomas TRICE retired banns R S WIGLEY, W E R TRICE
  Marjorie Florence WIGLEY 23 spinster   16 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Robert Stephen WIGLEY general smith    
19th October Walter James DRIVER 22 bach grocers assistant 5 Bush Avenue, St Lawrence Walter Thomas DRIVER retired banns Thomas S WEST, H C PRESTON
  Nellie Ruth WEST 23 spinster   Coastguard Station, Hythe Thomas Sutton WEST brewery labourer    
6th November James William ROBINSON 24 bach shop assistant 52 Chapel Road, St Lawrence George ROBINSON timekeeper banns Violet BLEWITT, G W CLARK
  Marjorie BLEWITT 26 spinster   52 Chapel Road, St Lawrence William Henry BLEWITT engine driver    
16th November Lewis William HUCKSTEP 21 bach baker 27 Lorne Road, St Lawrence George Pysden HUCKSTEP labourer banns W J KEMBER, James W D GOODBOURN
  Ethel Florence KEMBER 22 spinster   27 Lorne Road, St Lawrence William John KEMBER labourer    
22nd December George Wright SUTTON 30 bach clerk The Flying Horse, St Lawrence Henry Robert SUTTON tailor banns Alfred George TESTER, E ALLEHURST
  Doris Florence TESTER 29 spinster   194 Queens Road, Hastings, Sussex Alfred George TESTER electrical contractor    
26th December Frederick Alfred Robert SMITH 22 bach builders labourer Chislet Park Cottages, Chislet George Edward SMITH gardener banns P J JARVIS, William SMITH
  Jessie Florence JARVIS 24 spinster   17 Picton Road, St Lawrence Percival James JARVIS cellarman    
26th December George Reginald Charles BOURNE 24 bach shop assistant 32 Newman Road, Erdington, Birmingham Thomas BOURNE pork butcher banns A H TURNER, Albert TURNER
  Mary Ellen TURNER 25 spinster   41 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Albert Henry TURNER miner    
26th December Denzil COOMBS 19 bach miner 25 Abbots Hill, Ramsgate Thomas COOMBS miner banns William Daniel COOMBS, Dorothy Emily ATTWELL
  Grace Ella MARCH 18 spinster   22 Clifton Lane,  St Lawrence Reginald Thomas MARCH deceased    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
23rd January Frederick STUBBS 25 bach shop assistant 44 Chatham Street, Ramsgate Albert STUBBS shopkeeper banns A STUBBS, G E ANDREWS
  Florence Mable ANDREWS 28 spinster   Alma, Cliff End Grove, St Lawrence George Edward ANDREWS labourer    
3rd February Charles Edward TOMPSETT 32 bach labourer 26 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence William TOMPSETT deceased banns W G LUCAS, Charles SAVAGE
  Constance Elizabeth HARRIS 33 spinster   Isolation Hospital, Haine Frederick Charles HARRIS deceased    
29th February Henry Richard John HILL 25 bach clerk 257 Norwich Road, Ipswich Henry Mark Webber HILL showroom attendant banns Margaret HILL, Fanny Helen BLOOD
  Sylvia Mona Helen BLOOD 26 spinster   Cannon Inn, St Lawrence John Jabez Read BLOOD postman    
21st March William Harry Arthur COX 22 bach wholesale salesman 25 Stanley Road, Ramsgate Albert Henry COX retired butcher banns Ernest George PRIOR, Doris E ASHBY, Sidney R CASTLE
  Mona Isabel Collings PRIOR 23 spinster   Prenton, London Road, St Lawrence Ernest Clement Flude PRIOR commercial traveller    
11th April Donald Edgar SMALL 24 bach carpenter The Triangle, 151 Edith Road, Bexley Heath Alfred Withers SMALL boiler maker banns Ellen SMALL, A C SMALL, F PARKER
  Florence May PARKER 22 spinster   77 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Oliver PARKER deceased    
11th April Charles Henry HORTON 28 bach milk roundsman 7 High Street, Manston, St Lawrence Stephen James HORTON cowman banns F A PATTERSON, S J HORTON
  Iris May PATTERSON 28 spinster   Spratling Street, Manston, St Lawrence Albert PATTERSON waggoner    
18th April Johannes VANDERVLIES 32 bach dredging master 9 The Gardens, Southwick, Sussex Johannes VANDERVLIES dredging master licence Margaret APARICIO, G S APARICIO, G VANDERVLIES
  Alice Maud APARICIO 30 spinster   38 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence George Edward APARICIO engineer    
30th April Frederick William MIRAMS 27 bach bricklayer 138 Southwood Road, St Lawrence John MIRAMS drayman banns P PIPER, M A PIPER, G P DELVY
  Edith May PIPER 28 spinster   42 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Percy PIPER retired    
31st May William Horace CLARK 22 bach motor driver 3 Catherine Terrace, Chapel Road,  St Lawrence William CLARK deceased banns Fanny J CLARK, Albert Edward YOUNG
  Eileen Helen YOUNG 20 spinster   3 Catherine Terrace, Chapel Road,  St Lawrence Joseph Edward Francis YOUNG foreman stevedore    
6th June Norman Richard Kenneth DIVERS 25 bach marine fitter 77 Margate Road, Ramsgate Henry Richard DIVERS Power Station Superintendent banns A H DIVERS, Wilfred STUPPLES
  Winifred Nellie STUPPLES 24 spinster   45 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence George Edmund STUPPLES pensioner    
18th June Ronald Alfred WARNER 23 bach motor engineer Princes House, Princes Street, Ramsgate Alfred Stephen WARNER deceased banns Harry L HOLLANDS, H S HOLLANDS, V J H SOLLEY, W B TAYLOR
  Florence Urania HOLLANDS 23 spinster   107 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Harry Lightfoot HOLLANDS sub Postmaster    
20th June Arthur Edward NEEVES 31 bach gardener 4 Catherine Terrace, St Lawrence James NEEVES retired banns W H G NEEVES, Winifred A TERRY
  Hilda Grace TERRY 34 spinster   4 Catherine Terrace, St Lawrence Alfred TERRY retired    
23rd June Bernard Roy GRIER 23 bach miner 6 The Villas, Hersden, Westbere William GRIER mining engineer licence Ellen TURNER,  Arthur C STARTUP
  Elizabeth TURNER 26 spinster   41 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence Albert Harry TURNER miner    
25th June Leonard Valentine PITCHER 23 bach butcher 67 Winstanley Crescent, Ramsgate Albert George PITCHER upholsterer banns A COSGROVE, May PITCHER
  Kathleen Annie COSGROVE 22 spinster   43 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Arthur COSGROVE carpenter    
30th July Robert Samuel Lawrence RUTTLE 27 bach Pullman Attendant 12 Guildford Lawn, Ramsgate Robert Samuel Lawrence RUTTLE master builder banns F PAVEY, M ROUSE, W J RUTTLE
  Florence Gladys PAVEY 20 spinster   54 Queen Bertha Road Frank PAVEY wine merchant    
12th September John GORDON 23 bach clerk 47 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence Richard William GORDON deceased banns E H WILLIAMS, W GORDON, W R GORDON
  Mavis Mary WILLIAMS 22 spinster   69 St Lukes Avenue, Ramsgate Eric Henry WILLIAMS miner    
19th September Clement Withinston WILKINSON 30 bach miner Beulah, St James Avenue, St Lawrence Harry WILKINSON labourer banns J SNOWBALL, W J DENNETT
  Ellen Louisa EMPTAGE 21 spinster   4 Salmeston Rise, Margate George Henry EMPTAGE labourer    
3rd October Cecil Clarence GRANT 36 bach dental surgeon 147 Peatree Road, Derby John Henry GRANT deceased banns M L JAY, M A MCAULAY, John Nicholson MCAULAY
  Chrissie Elizabeth Beatrice MCAULAY 31 spinster   136 Grange Road, St Lawrence John Nicholson MCAULAY coopersmith    
5th October Joseph William Stephen GIBBENS 50 widower groundsman 11A Burshill Crescent Joseph Stephen GIBBENS deceased banns Herbert C MARTIN, E R MARTIN
  Elizabeth TYNAN 38 spinster   11A Burshill Crescent Michael TYNAN deceased    
10th October Walter Henry Arthur Richard JAMES 24 bach labourer 3 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Walter Henry JAMES cowman banns F JAMES, Arthur JAMES
  Edna Beatrice VINEY 21 spinster   3 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence



29th October Alfred James CLEGG 26 bach Royal Air Force High Street, Ickham John CLEGG deceased banns F J CHAPMAN, C CLEGG
  Winifred Kate CHAPMAN 25 spinster   49 Newington Road, St Lawrence Frederick John CHAPMAN fruiterer    
16th November Lancelot Milton Lloyd HUGHES 22 bach coal conveyor 35 Nixon Avenue, Ramsgate William Henry HUGHES deceased banns W HARDING, B L HUGHES
  Grace Emily HARDING 21 spinster   25 High Street, St :awrence Wallis HARDING licensed victualler    
25th November Gordon William CLARK 26 bach traveller 32 Manston Road, St Lawrence Walter CLARK Inspector of Police retired banns Walter CLARK, J H PORT
  Lilian Florence PORT 21 spinster   25 Hollicondane Road, Ramsgate Sidney Randall PORT builders merchant    
28th November Maurice Paynter CAYZER 23 bach motor engineer Fairstead Lodge, Terling nr. Chelmsford William Paynter CAYZER farmer banns Emily Laura TOMBS, C L CAYZER
  Violet TOMBS 25 spinster   Thatched Arch, Newington, St Lawrence Ernest Edward Atkinson TOMBS deceased    
12th December Lionel Eric GISBY 19 bach soldier Leipsil Barracks, Ewshoy, Surrey Henry Charles GISBY deceased banns Henry C GISBY, E G REES
  Alice Lorraine REES 21 spinster   27 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Arthur Edward REES deceased    
19th December Ernest Edward BARKER 28 bach labourer 54 Church Road, Ramsgate George BARKER night watchman banns F E TOMPSETT, C T HOLLIDAY
  Florence Beatrice TOMPSETT 28 spinster   26 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence William TOMPSETT deceased    
26th December Samuel Charles HALL 23 bach printer 6 Nixon Avenue, Ramsgate James Edward Francis HALL miner banns F C PITCHER, Arthur S TOTTMAN
  Mabel Winnifred PITCHER 24 spinster   6 Catherine Terrace, St Lawrence Frederick Charles PITCHER painter    
26th December Albert Edward HAYWARD 34 bach labourer 225 Newington Road, Ramsgate Frederick James HAYWARD labourer banns Raymond HAYWARD, H W GARDNER
  Elsie May GARDNER 29 spinster   53 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Henry George GARDNER deceased    
26th December Henry William MILES 28 bach platelayer 129 Margate Road, Ramsgate Henry William MILES deceased banns Arthur Ernest POTTER, Horace T J HUGHES
  Ena Annie Louise HUGHES 29 spinster   23 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Thomas Ernest HUGHES deceased    
26th December Harry John TAYLOR 22 bach grocer 9 Duncan Road, Ramsgate Harry John TAYLOR retired banns Philip MUNDAY, H F TAYLOR
  Georgina Eva MUNDAY 24 spinster   49 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Philip John MUNDAY fishmonger    
26th December Alfred George SMITH 20 bach brickmaker 11 Northwood Road Alfred George SMITH labourer banns Thomas H WEBB, Stephen W NEWING
  Marie Beatrice WEBB 21 spinster   110 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Thomas Henry WEBB



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