Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1931-32


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
21st January Frank Edward HOWARD FULL widower caretaker 28 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Thomas HOWARD deceased banns A J JARVIS, S E JARVIS
  Harriett Martha SILKSTONE FULL widow   3 St Peters Footpath, Margate Henry JARVIS deceased    
6th April Frank Henry JEFFRIES 21 bach plasterer 30 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Arthur Aubrey JEFFRIES handyman banns A JEFFRIES, Arthur E DEBLING
  Violet May RIGDEN 22 spinster   5 Castle Hill, Ramsgate Ernest Albert RIGDEN fish merchant    
23rd May Arthur Graham PEYTON 43 bach schoolmaster 43 Ellington Road, St Lawrence Charles Frederick PEYTON retired banns B H LOHMANN, M M LOHMANN
  Florence LOHMANN 32 spinster   Holly Bank, Napleton Road Berkeley LOHMANN deceased    
25th May Edward George BUSH 25 bach chimney sweep 93 Southwood Road, St Lawrence David John BUSH fire lighter Southern Railway banns D J BUSH, E W SPAIN
  Violet Amy LAURENCE 25 spinster   136 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Walter Ernest LAURENCE fisherman    
2nd June Ernest Maurice FARRIER 25 bach barman 9 Adelaide Gardens, Ramsgate Michael Bowles FARRIER licensed victualler licence A L DAVISON, F H BLOOD
  Lily Katharine Tattershall BLOOD 22 spinster   Ramona, Downs Road, St Lawrence John BLOOD postman    
4th June Ronald Ernest WATSON 24 bach bus conductor 5 Royal Road, Ramsgate Arthur Ernest WATSON boarding house keeper banns J A BASS, R T WATSON
  Thora Lillian BASS 21 spinster   5 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence John William BASS carpenter    
20th June George Augustus HALLUMS 32 bach shirt cutter Checksfield, Pattens Lane, Rochester William Nicholas HALLUMS deceased banns A FOAD, A N HALLUMS, HALLAMS.J
  Eleanor Susannah FOAD 25 spinster   53 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Arthur FOAD road foreman    
1st August James Bernard SMITH 25 bach platelayer 44 High Street, St Lawrence George Barnard SMITH carpenter banns Alex ROBSON, W S SMITH
  Susan Josephine ROBSON 20 spinster   44 High Street, St Lawrence Alexander SMITH labourer    
3rd August John William PIDDUCK 22 bach baker 11 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence George PIDDUCK labourer banns J ALLEN, R J BAKER
  Ellen Alice TURNER 23 spinster   11 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence Joseph Soloman TURNER deceased    
8th August Cyril William PROSSER 25 bach schoolmaster Denstone, Staffordshire Edwin Alfred PROSSER retired jeweller banns E A CLARKE, D W DRAKE
  Eileen Frances CLARKE 24 spinster   Rosefield, Newington, St Lawrence Ernest Alfred CLARKE retired Schoolmaster    
29th August Wilfred Sydney LAKE 27 bach Sergeant Pilot R.A.F. Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire Sydney Charles LAKE deceased banns O O'BRIEN, W T GARDNER
  Dennis Gertrude GARDNER 27 spinster   Downs View, Downs Road, St Lawrence William Thomas GARDNER ironmonger manager    
29th August Arthur Victor BOOTES 28 bach upholsterer 25 Salisbury Avenue, Ramsgate Arthur Ernest BOOTES French polisher banns H J LAMBERT, Leslie MITCHELL
  Dorothy Martha Jane LAMBERT 23 spinster   2 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Horace John LAMBERT labourer Southern Railway    
28th September Edward George ELLIS 29 bach newsagent 46 Grange Road, St Lawrence Arthur George ELLIS newsagent banns Dora Rosie Kate BACK, G E SMITH, A M ELLIS
  Rose Etta Lillian BEER 29 spinster   16 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Frederick Edward BEER deceased    
10th October William Sydney Garfield EDWARDS 25 bach farm mechanic Great Paxton, Huntingdonshire William Thomas EDWARDS labourer banns W H TRICE, Winifred TRICE, Gwen WODHAMS
  Dorothy Alice TRICE 24 spinster   9 Cheriton Avenue, St Lawrence William Harvey TRICE retired fireman    
15th October Harry Richard BARROW 24 bach insurance clerk Rose House, Manston Road, St Lawrence Harry BARROW Southern Railway employee banns Olive Winnie LILLEY, E H LILLEY, A J ALLSWORTH
  Doris Ivy Gwendoline LILLEY 20 spinster   18 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Alfred Harold LILLEY deceased    
31st October Eric Cater Hodgson CONYERS 35 bach civil servant 10 Codrington Road, Ramsgate Charles CONYERS operatic vocalist banns E C EAST, S ROWELL
  Maisie Constance Julia EAST 26 spinster   162 Grange Road, St Lawrence Walter EAST deceased    
31st October Peter William PATTERSON 26 bach labourer Spratling Street, Manston Albert PATTERSON horseman banns C HEARN, S JOINER
  Frances Elizabeth HEARN 22 spinster   Pole Ash Cottages, Spratling Street Charles HEARN horseman    
28th November Richard William BEETON 26 bach bus conductor 61 Connington Square, South Lambeth, London Richard BEETON storekeeper banns W OLIVER, W J OLIVER
  Grace Mary OLIVER 31 spinster   132 Grange Road, St Lawrence William Alfred OLIVER decorator    
28th November Arthur NOBLE 24 bach bricklayer 146 Grange Road, St Lawrence Alfred NOBLE builder banns G A LUCAS, E C DUNN
  Ethel Eva DUNN 26 spinster   173 Grange Road, St Lawrence Edward Charles DUNN labourer    
6th December Leslie Charles DIGWEED 25 bach hairdresser 129 Grange Road, St Lawrence Arthur DIGWEED bootmaker licence J S TUCKER, H E CROUCH
  Joan CROUCH 18 spinster   Wheatsheaf Inn, St Lawrence Harry CROUCH deceased    
24th December Ryswinn Henry YOUNG 26 bach school teacher 6 Poplar Road, Ramsgate John Henry YOUNG boot and shoe operative banns R H GEORGE, D A AVERY
  Gwendoline Mabel GEORGE 25 spinster   17 Poplar Road, Ramsgate Robert Harrington GEORGE general labourer    
26th December Clifford Stephen PARKER 25 bach labourer 68 Alexandra Road, Ramsgate Albert Edward PARKER labourer banns A G ELLIOTT, R H MEPSTED
  Hilda Lily ELLIOTT 22 spinster   3 Queens Avenue, St Lawrence Alfred Israel ELLIOTT engineer    
26th December Ruttley Sydney Prosser BENSON 31 bach commercial representation 12 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Sydney BENSON chemist banns E H HARRISON, A H BENSON
  Leila Maude HARRISON 30 spinster   192 Grange Road, St Lawrence Edmund Henry HARRISON milk roundsman    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
4th January Henry William OLIVER FULL widower carpenter and joiner 73 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Henry OLIVER carpenter & joiner banns A J E HOOKER, R E HOOKER
  Alice Beatrice SMITH FULL widow   West Dene, Ellington, St Lawrence William ELMES deceased    
27th February Horace Richard POINTER 19 bach grocers assistant 2 Newlands Terrace, Ramsgate Henry Edward POINTER stoker banns H E POINTER, Elizabeth F LINK
  Emmie Millicent Link HAMILTON 19 spinster   Braithwaite, Cliffsend, Ramsgate Frank George LINK foreman jointer    
27th February Stephen HOLDSTOCK 28 bach motor mechanic 4 Prospect Terrace, Lydd Stephen HOLDSTOCK labourer banns J KNIGHT, G W KNIGHT
  Edith KNIGHT 26 spinster   1 Princes Avenue, St Lawrence George William KNIGHT engine driver    
29th February Charles Frederick Hinsby SANDELL 24 bach soldier 7 Cheriton Avenue Frederick Lambert SANDELL army pensioner banns G K SANDELL, Frederick SANDELL
  Margaret Lucy HOLMES 25 spinster   7 Cheriton Avenue John HOLMES mining engineer    
5th March William James WALKER 23 bach gardener 1 Whitehall Farm Cottages George Henry WALKER gardener banns S L PETLEY, Doris May SUMMERS
  Gytha SUMMERS 25 spinster   1 Whitehall Farm Cottages Charles SUMMERS miner    
23rd March Richard Ernest TERRY 22 bach motor mechanic Manor Hut, Cliffs End, St Lawrence Ernest Edgar TERRY motor mechanic banns Alice M TERRY, L F ELMS
  Ethel Mary ELMS 21 spinster   Kent County Mental Hospital, Chartham Herbert Robert ELMS deceased    
26th March Alfred Henry Cline DOUGHTY 26 bach mechanic 186 The Broadway, Hendon, London Henry DOUGHTY hotel waiter banns A J TAYLOR, J DOUGHTY
  Phyllis Nancy TAYLOR 26 spinster   Bayview, Downs Road, St Lawrence Albert James TAYLOR boarding house keeper    
23rd May Charles Henry CARDER 24 bach builders clerk 78 Arlingford Road, Brixton Henry CARDER wheelwright banns F CARDER, W H POTTS
  Kathleen Mary POTTS 23 spinster   Chilton Towers, St Lawrence Walter Henry POTTS licensed victualler    
1st June William John GILBERT 22 bach porter 43 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence Richard GILBERT deceased banns E A SMITH, E SMITH
  Eliza SMITH 19 spinster   43 Fairlight Avenue, St Lawrence Edward Arthur SMITH miner    
2nd June Walter William MOYS 50 bach butcher 19 Victoria Road, Ramsgate Richard Foster MOYS deceased banns B STEED, E STEED
  Ethel Lillian STEED 35 spinster   1 Jubilee Cottages, Manston, St Lawrence William George STEED waggoner    
18th June John Stanley SAUNDERS 29 bach labourer 1 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Henry SAUNDERS tradesman banns G W GLYNN, Ada WENN
  Nora Cordelia EAVES 30 spinster   39 Harbour Street, Ramsgate Edward EAVES engineer    
20th June Arthur George DUNWELL 25 bach newsagent 33 Southwood Road, St Lawrence William James DUNWELL newsagent banns W J DRUMMOND, H W WELLS
  Hilda Evelyn WELLS 21 spinster   St Georges Cottage, Paragon Street, Ramsgate Henry William WELLS window cleaner    
23rd June Albert Edward VAUGHAN 31 bach boot repairer 32 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Harry VAUGHAN deceased banns F G GOODALL, T TURNHAM
  Cissie Beatrice ROCKHILL 22 spinster   32 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Frederick Edward ROCKHILL bricklayer    
2nd July Robert Charles PAYNE 26 bach sailor R.N. Gosport Barracks, Hampshire Herbert PAYNE labourer banns Leonard B MOODY, Ivy L PILCHER
  Annie May PILCHER 26 spinster   34 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence James Stephen PILCHER platelayer    
18th August Thomas James STEVENSON 29 bach butcher School House, Belmont Street, Ramsgate Edward William STEVENSON fish salesman banns J A IMPETT, C JAKES
  Marion Constance IMPETT 21 spinster   Bush Farm, Manston, St Lawrence John Allen IMPETT dairyman    
4th September Frederick Stanley HUMPHREY 28 bach clerk 5 Clyde Terrace, Forest Hill, London, SE 23 James HUMPHREY tarpaulin maker banns J T BLUNT, A A COLLINS
  Grace Marion BLUNT 31 spinster   170 Grange Road, St Lawrence John BLUNT hairdresser    
8th September William Joseph GROOM 21 bach newsagent 37 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Joseph GROOM labourer banns E G CARDEN, E G GROOM
  Winifred Nellie CARDEN 22 spinster   4 Plains of Waterloo, Ramsgate Ernest George CARDEN hairdresser    
11th September Harold MOODEY 21 bach breeze block maker 23 Newington Road, St Lawrence William John MOODEY deceased banns W A CULLEN, Ethel MOODEY
  Edith Maude CULLEN 17 spinster   25 Newington Road, St Lawrence William Alfred CULLEN brickmaker    
29th September Philip John OWEN 23 bach insurance agent Bryn, Norman Road, St Lawrence Hugh William OWEN Insurance Manager banns T COLYER, B E J MOUNT
  Olive May COLYER 23 spinster   33 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Thomas COLYER Police pensioner    
1st October Charles William SALTER 57 widower packing case maker Ullswater, Norman Road, St Lawrence Charles SALTER deceased banns Herbert William EWELL, F A SHEPHERD
  May Louise RACKHAM 46 spinster   Ullswater, Norman Road, St Lawrence Albert William RACKHAM deceased    
1st October Herbert Sydney PETTMAN 22 bach window cleaner 2 Telford Terrace, Birchington George Henry PETTMAN builder banns Harry ROGERS, Percy J PETTMAN
  Winifred May ROGERS 23 spinster   Dovedale, Foads Lane, Cliffs End, St Lawrence James Alexander ROGERS retired    
6th October Albert Louis GARDNER 29 bach milk roundsman 53 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Henry George GARDNER deceased banns Arthur Charles BUSHELL, H W ISAACS
  Margaret Ellen STONE 24 spinster   Morton House, Vale Square, Ramsgate



22nd October Harry VAUGHAN 28 bach bus driver 32 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Harry VAUGHAN deceased banns F G GOODALL, C WOOD
  Doris Gertrude STUBBS 25 spinster   - David STUBBS fisherman    
22nd October William John ABBOTT 32 widower labourer 35 St Lukes Avenue, Ramsgate William Henry ABBOTT labourer banns E F COX, I L GRINHAM
  Maud Louise MOUNT 28 widow   83 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Albert Edward COX deceased    
12th November William TAYLOR 23 bach miner The Glen, 9 Upstreet Thomas TAYLOR miner banns A G ISAACS, J LAKIN
  Dorothy Maude ISAACS 20 spinster   65 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Arthur Edward ISAACS labourer    
19th November Albert COSTICK 29 bach painter 32 Post Office Lane, Cobham, Surrey James COSTICK retired banns Algernon SMITH, R COSTICK
  Dorothy SMITH 22 spinster   The Gables, Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Algernon SMITH retired    
3rd December Henry James HULL 24 bach cook R.A.F. Manston Royal Air Force, Manston Charles William HULL maltster banns W H SHEPHERD, H D SHEPHERD
  Daisy Catherine SHEPHERD 22 spinster   54 Chapel Road, St Lawrence William Henry SHEPHERD Police pensioner    
17th December Ernest James Thomas ASHBY 27 bach lorry driver 85 Grange Road, St Lawrence Ernest Maurice ASHBY labourer banns E A WOODWARD, Louse WOODWARD
  May Louise JENNINGS 27 spinster   Aberdeen House, Ellington Road, Ramsgate George JENNINGS labourer    
26th December Albert Stephen George FOAD 28 bach printer Townley House, Chatham Street, Ramsgate Albert Edward FOAD butcher banns G LUMBARD, Lily FOAD, Alice BAKER
  Florence Violet LUMBARD 23 spinster   3 Chilton Farm Cottages, St Lawrence George LUMBARD master mariner    
26th December Reginald Harold HARRIS 23 bach accountant 14 Southway, Shirley, Surrey Benjamin Albert HARRIS Insurance Manager banns T H CLACK, M S A CLACK
  Kate Gertrude CLACK 21 spinster   3 Princes Avenue, St Lawrence Thomas Henry CLACK printer    
26th December George Henry Thomas PAGE 21 bach labourer 36 Chapel Road, St Lawrence George Edward PAGE labourer banns J B PCOLLINS, C W MAY
  Ivy Ellen BEESON 24 spinster   19 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence Henry Thomas BEESON deceased    
26th December George William Michael GLEESON 25 bach carpenter R.A.F. Royal Air Force, Manston William Michael GLEESON labourer banns J W GILL, J A GILL
  Connie Iba GILL 23 spinster   Deauville, Newington Road, St Lawrence James Walter GILL motor mechanic    

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