Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1929-30


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
9th February Thomas Henslow BARNARD 31 bach Army Officer Milton Barracks, Gravesend Robert Carey Henslow BARNARD Civil Engineer banns R C H BARNARD, Vincent BARNARD, M ANDERSON
  Agnes Mary Ruth ANDERSON 26 spinster   23 Westcliff Terrace, St Lawrence John Coussmaker ANDERSON Barrister    
16th February Percy Richard CORNWALL 27 bach gardener Sea View Cottage, Pegwell, St Lawrence William Grant CORNWALL seaman banns F G PHILPOTT, S HAILEY
  Margaret HAILEY 28 spinster   3 Chartham Terrace, Ramsgate William HAILEY deceased    
23rd February Edward William KEEL 30 bach cowman 14 High Street, Manston, St Lawrence Maurice Lincoln KEEL deceased banns Herbert W SMITH, Henry G HORTON
  Ellen Bessie CHURCHILL 35 spinster   4 Springwell Avenue, Harlesden Joseph CHURCHILL deceased    
23rd February Geoffrey CRAYCRAFT 24 bach newsagent 43 Queen Bertha Road, St Lawrence - - banns W G HOLLANDS, W LUXFORD
  Lily Ethel LUXFORD 26 spinster   Yewtree, Forest Row, Sussex Walter LUXFORD decorator    
4th March William Henry ABBOTT 24 bach bricklayer 6 Bristol Place, Ramsgate Henry ABBOTT fitter banns H LORATT, T R TUCKER
  Jessie Julia TUCKER 19 spinster   37 Bloomsbury Road Thomas Robert TUCKER wire splicer    
23rd March William Charles WARREN 25 bach bus conductor 7 Dundonald Road, St Lawrence George William WARREN deceased banns W P COWIE, F A MACEY
  Edith RICHARDS 24 spinster   Abbotsford School, Broadstairs George RICHARDS deceased    
30th March William STEADMAN 22 bach miner 44 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence William STEADMAN miner banns A WALDRON, J WALDRON
  Phyllis WALDRON 19 spinster   44 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence James WALDRON miner    
30th March George Frank PARKER 22 bach brickmaker 3 Church Street, Sandwich Frederick William PARKER brickmaker banns E S PARKER, F E ROCKHILL
  Rose Mary ROCKHILL 21 spinster   Fair View, Dumpton, St Lawrence Frederick Edward ROCKHILL bricklayer    
30th March Robert William Howard WIGLEY 24 bach cable jointer 16 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Robert Stephen WIGLEY blacksmith banns J BURGESS, L WIGLEY
  Ruby Elleen Brenda BURGESS 22 spinster   16 Alliance Road, St Lawrence Joshua Sydney BURGESS labourer    
11th May Frederick George LUCAS 27 bach milkman 12 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence George LUCAS labourer banns F E TOMPSETT, G LUCAS
  Ena Dorothy HOGBIN 23 spinster   4 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Alfred HOGBIN deceased    
18th May Percy Robert COOK 33 bach painter 21 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence Thomas Ford COOK deceased banns S C CLAPSON, E L O'BRIEN
  Phoebe Amy CLAPSON 29 spinster   21 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence John Thomas CLAPSON carpenter    
29th June David John BUSH 25 bach electrician 93 Southwood Road, St Lawrence David Joseph BUSH fire lighter Southern Railway banns William T FRIEND, V A FRIEND
  Ivy Rose FRIEND 23 spinster   54 Crescent Road, Ramsgate William Thomas FRIEND engineer    
6th July Cecil George BALL 25 bach linesman's assistant 146a Greenford Avenue, Hanwell, Middlesex George BALL railway porter banns W SANDERS, W A SANDERS
  Eva Annie SANDERS 22 spinster   Cosy Hive, Cliffs End, St Lawrence Walter SANDERS builder    
6th July Charles William DUNN 25 bach sailor 173 Grange Road, St Lawrence Edward Charles DUNN labourer banns E C DUNN, H J CARROLL
  Katie Catherine Louise CARROLL 22 spinster   173 Grange Road, St Lawrence Henry Joseph CARROLL deceased    
5th August James Hutson REID 21 bach miner 11 Gwin Road, Ramsgate Alexander REID deceased banns E THOMPSON, W MAY
  Mary MAY 21 spinster   27 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Charles MAY deceased    
8th August Harold Percy MAY 28 bach electrical engineer 13 Queen Bertha Road, St Lawrence Richard James MAY foreman gardener banns A H OVENDEN, E M OVENDEN
  Everill OVENDEN 27 spinster   13 Queen Bertha Road, St Lawrence Herbert Stephen OVENDEN deceased    
10th August Albert Ernest STUTELEY 21 bach drayman 71 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Elias STUTELEY storekeeper banns E J COX, Standly HAMMOND
  Dorothy Hilda COX 18 spinster   71 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Edward James COX green grocer    
17th August Frederick Charles CHIDWICK 25 bach labourer 104 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Charles Edward CHIDWICK labourer banns James A ROSE, Percy CHIDWICK
  Alma Gladys BOLTON 22 spinster   81 Southwood Road, St Lawrence John Russell BOLTON labourer    
7th September Lewis Edward MORRIS 26 bach platelayer 10 Spratling Street, Manston Albert Edward MORRIS salesman banns A F BINGHAM, G HOLLIDAY
  Eva Winifred BINGHAM 24 spinster   10 Spratling Street, Manston Alfred John Norton BINGHAM deceased    
12th September Edward James KNELL 31 bach motor mechanic 34 Delce Road, Rochester Edward Walter KNELL licensed victualler banns C H PORRITT, Charles Henry PORRITT
  Ethel Maud PORRITT 29 spinster   61 Edith Road, St Lawrence Charles Henry PORRITT engine driver Southern Railway    
5th October Alfred Frederick WILLIS 26 bach cowman 15 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Frederick John WILLIS labourer banns Arthur SHERSBY, H G WHITE
  Annie SHERSBY 23 spinster   1 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Arthur SHERSBY carrier    
19th October Henry James WHITE 24 bach labourer 104 Southwood Road, St Lawrence George WHITE labourer banns Edward GARDNER, Arthur GARDNER
  Grace Emily Mildred GARDNER 22 spinster   104 Southwood Road, St Lawrence William Arthur GARDNER deceased    
19th October John Henry WALLER 28 bach labourer Coldswood, Haine, St Lawrence Thomas WALLER labourer banns C M PAGE, Alfred Thomas WHITE
  Frances Hilda WHITE 22 spinster   The Haven, Percy Avenue, Kingsgate Alfred Thomas WHITE labourer    
10th November Henry Thomas EDWARDS FULL widower handyman 28 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Thomas EDWARDS deceased banns J W CARTER, A G CARTER
  Hannah CARTER FULL widow   47 Seafield Road, St Lawrence James Henry CLEMSHAW deceased    
7th December Phillip Leonard LAMSDELL 21 bach engineer 22 Alexander Road, Ramsgate Phillip William LAMSDELL salesman banns E T TUTT, Philip LAMSDELL
  Rose Mary Frances TUTT 17 spinster   20 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Edmund Thomas TUTT storekeeper    
7th December Frederick Charles BELL 25 bach soldier Bulford Camp, Wiltshire James BELL labourer banns E DEAMER, James BELL
  Amy Evelyn DEAMER 22 spinster   62 High Street, St Lawrence Edward DEAMER deceased    
14th December Edward James MUNDAY 22 bach gardener 1 Welby Villas, St Lawrence Edward James MUNDAY engine driver banns Ellen MUNDAY, E J SPILLETT
  Doris Evelyn Maude BURGESS 21 spinster   1 Welby Villas, St Lawrence Alfred BURGESS deceased    
14th December Henry Charles PRESTON 27 bach salesman 11 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Henry William PRESTON salesman banns Walter T DRIVER, Walter J DRIVER
  Lilian Louisa DRIVER 26 spinster   55 Grange Road, Ramsgate Walter Thomas DRIVER engineer    
21st December Charles HILL FULL widower pensioner 14 Percy Road, St Lawrence - - banns Edward J BOSKETT, Eliza COLEMAN
  Elizabeth BOSKETT FULL widow   14 Percy Road, St Lawrence Joseph WESLEY deceased    
26th December Frederick Arthur COLLYER 24 bach gardener 17 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Charles Thomas COLLYER gardener banns W LEWIS, Edward J MOSES
  Mabel Florence LEWIS 21 spinster   17 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence William LEWIS machinehand    
26th December Richard Edward LUCAS 26 bach motor driver 12 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence George William LUCAS labourer banns Sylvester RICHARDS, F E TOMPSETT
  Lillian Emily RICHARDS 21 spinster   16 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence Sylvester RICHARDS gardener    
26th December Henry Richard LITTLE 27 bach motorman 1 Egbert Cottages, Bromston, St Peters Charles LITTLE labourer banns H G MARSH, C R MARSH
  Winifred Mary MARSH 24 spinster   Broomfield, Newington, St Lawrence Harry George MARSH builder    
26th December Percy Ronald PLOMER 37 bach outfitter 31 High Street, St Lawrence Walter PLOMER deceased banns L H SPICER, Warwick PLOMER
  Elsie Margaret SPICER 28 spinster   Littlebourne, Gilbert Road, St Lukes, Ramsgate Arthur Robert Brazier SPICER deceased    
26th December Henry Herbert WILLIAMS 27 bach butcher 140 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Henry Herbert WILLIAMS labourer banns A W MIRAMS, J MIRAMS
  Doris May MIRAMS 23 spinster   140 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Arthur Herbert MIRAMS labourer    
26th December Alfred Henry Joseph ASHDOWN 26 bach labourer 2 Winstanley Crescent, Ramsgate Arthur ASHDOWN labourer banns A W ASHDOWN, C A MUGGRIDGE
  Ellen Winifred LARKINS 23 spinster   13 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence Harry LARKINS green grocer    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
4th January Jack MILLS 25 bach sailor Walnut Tree Cottages, Haine Frank MILLS deceased licence Florence WHEELER, Mary MILLS
  Fanny Margaret Susan CARTER 21 spinster   Walnut Tree Cottages, Haine John CARTER labourer    
11th January William Frederick COX 26 bach motor driver Parks Field, Langdon Road, Herne Bay George COX deceased banns W J MARSH, S H BUTLER, J BAILEY, Esther MARSH
  Mabel Dorothy MARSH 22 spinster   Little Cliffs End, St Lawrence William John MARSH waggoner    
23rd January Charles William BROWN 59 widower miner 135 Nixon avenue, Ramsgate Charles Frederick BROWN deceased banns M HUNT, Samuel HUNT
  Theresa Maria WILKINS 56 spinster   135 Nixon avenue, Ramsgate William WILKINS deceased    
5th February George Edwin ADAMS 41 widower grocer 2 High Street, Manston, St Lawrence William Barsham ADAMS deceased banns J L AUSTEN, Ivy M HARDWICK
  Freida May HARDWICK 37 spinster   6 Poleash Cottages, Spratling Street, St Lawrence Frederick HARDWICK deceased    
1st March Cecil Maurice PAGE 26 bach labourer Coldswood Cottages, Haine, St Lawrence Henry John PAGE labourer banns P W PATTERSON, C HEARN
  Ruby Dora HEARN 23 spinster   2 Poleash Cottages, Manston Charles HEARN labourer    
19th April Albert Alfred BOOTH 23 bach machinist 1 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence William Henry BOOTH lath bander banns Ivy SAUNDERS, Herbert J BOOTH
  Doris Emily Eleanor SAUNDERS 21 spinster   1 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Henry SAUNDERS tradesman    
April Lewis FINN 32 bach labourer 3 High Street, Manston, St Lawrence Robert Gillam FINN market gardener banns F FINN, J D W DUTTON
  Dorothy WINFIELD 39 spinster   44 Cambridge Buildings, Upper Garden Street, Pimlico, London Samuel WINFIELD engineer    
21st April Charles Henry Baden-Powell HOPKINS 30 bach builders labourer Argyle House, Lorne Road, St Lawrence Edward HOPKINS gardener banns W S STANNER, W G HOPKINS
  Lilian Beatrice STANNER 28 spinster   Argyle House, Lorne Road, St Lawrence William Stephen STANNER builder & decorator    
7th June Edward COLLIER 25 widower vanman Southern Railway 13 Grosvenor Road Edward COLLIER engineer banns C H FULLER, W J TALBOT
  Winifred Rose FULLER 22 spinster   13 Grosvenor Road Charles Henry FULLER miller    
28th June Leonard PAUL 25 bach painter 20 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Joseph PAUL painter banns W A HERRING, E W PAUL
  Ruby PENNEY 20 spinster   20 Chapel Road, St Lawrence John PENNEY shoemaker    
4th August William Edward BRITCHFORD 25 bach clerk 177 Mornington Road, Leytonstone William Edward BRITCHFORD transport manager banns C E STUPPLES, William EDMED
  Cicely Esther STUPPLES 21 spinster   45 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence George Edmund STUPPLES pensioner    
20th September George Ernest WILKINS 26 bach clerk R.A.F. 3 Hanworth Road, Philip Lane, South Tottenham, London Ernest John WILKINS deceased banns Thomas L JAGGERS, W BOND
  Nellie JAGGERS 18 spinster   36 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Thomas Leopold JAGGERS steam crane driver    
24th September William Isaac GIFFORD 27 bach bus driver 32 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Alfred Lewis Henry GIFFORD cowman banns J W PATTERSON, H I HAYWARD
  Emily Rose JARVIS 20 spinster   32 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence George Henry JARVIS tobacconist    
September Henry James SQUELCH 23 bach scale maker 3 South Eastern Road, Ramsgate Joseph Herbert SQUELCH gardener banns George LAMBERT, J H SQUELCH
  Eleanor Kathleen LAMBERT 20 spinster   4 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence George LAMBERT valet    
27th September Albert James PARHAM 26 bach Aircraftsman R.A.F. R.A.F. Manston Albert PARHAM carpenter banns S KETTLEY, L M PARHAM
  Ivy Lydia Inez KETTLEY 20 spinster   Jessie Villa, Kings Avenue, St Lawrence Walter KETTLEY turner    
4th October Edward William STRATTEN 27 bach police constable Section House, Shepherdess Walk, City Road, London William John STRATTEn deceased banns G B EVANS, H J STRATTEN
  Emily Ethel EVANS 29 spinster   47 Seafield Road, St Lawrence George Bath EVANS master mariner    
6th November Charles Everett Hayworth ANSON 28 bach doctor Pinewood, Wokingham, Berkshire John Hayworth ANSON gentleman banns J J ATTWELL, H L MURRAY, J H ANSON, G H ANSON, M ATTWELL
  Mabel Winifred ATTWELL 37 spinster   6 Picton Road, St Lawrence James John ATTWELL manufacturer    
24th November George Ernest HAMMOND 26 bach grocer 55 Bellevue Road, Ramsgate George HAMMOND master mariner banns F C HAMMOND, George LUMBARD
  Lilian Selina LUMBARD 26 spinster   3 Chilton Farm Cottages, St Lawrence George LUMBARD master mariner    
26th December Frank Ernest FEVER 49 widower storekeeper Southern Railway 18 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Alfred FEVER deceased banns Frank ROOTS, E C FEVER
  Edith Mary Ann LILLEY 44 widow   18 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Arthur HUMPHREY pensioner    
26th December George Albert SCOTT 24 bach porter Southern Railway Ivydene, Ellington Place, St Lawrence George Albert SCOTT caterer banns R SCOTT, F G LINK
  Annie Elizabeth LINK 21 spinster   Kosikot, Cliffs End, St Lawrence Frank George LINK foreman jointer    
26th December Harold Horace OLIVER 23 bach grocer Brooklane, Newington, St Lawrence Horace OLIVER grocer banns E J YEO, W OUTHWAITE
  Edna OUTHWAITE 22 spinster   Delamere, Dane Crescent, Ramsgate Wallace OUTHWAITE engineer    
26th December George Thomas DEBLING 24 bach sailor 160 Southwood Road, St Lawrence George Stephen DEBLING deceased banns William GOLDSMITH, William GOLDSMITH
  Ethel Florence GOLDSMITH 20 spinster   26 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence William GOLDSMITH coal dealer    
26th December Arthur Leslie HAYNES 22 bach labourer 128 Southwood Road, St Lawrence John HAYNES deceased banns A H WHITING, W C JONES
  Ellen Norah PUSHEE 18 spinster   128 Southwood Road, St Lawrence William John PUSHEE deceased    
27th December George William Owen NEEVES 26 bach labourer 10 Bloomsfield Road, St Lawrence Benjamin NEEVES labourer banns C H MAYO, M C MAYO
  Ena Sylvia MAYO 24 spinster   65 Picton Road, St Lawrence Charles Henry MAYO labourer    
31st December Thomas Wynford WARLOW 23 bach porter 184 Beacon Road, Broadstairs Thomas WARLOW labourer licence R R SAUNDERS, Ellen Florence BULL
  Florence May BULL 26 spinster   168 Grange Road, St Lawrence Harry BULL plasterer    

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