Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1927-28


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
12th February Walter Richard Smith PERKINS FULL bach motor driver 4 Tilbury Villas, Newington Walter SMITH riding master banns Maria FOSTER, George BROCKMAN, Edith Mildred WILLIAMS, Lily ANDREWS
  Annie Marie Brockman FOSTER FULL spinster   4 Tilbury Villas, Newington Henry FOSTER platelayer    
4th April John Leslie MIRAMS 24 bach builders labourer 138 Southwood Road, St Lawrence John MIRAMS carman banns Fanny Maria MIRAMS, Arthur Christian Edward STARTUP
  Mary Margaret O'BRIEN 21 spinster   30 St Mildred Road Thomas O'BRIEN farmer    
16th April George Henry COLE 22 bach labourer 2 Anns Road Tom COLE miner banns Edward HILTON, Charles James COOPER, Jessie COLE
  Ethel Rose COOPER 22 spinster   133 Southwood Road Charles James COOPER labourer    
4th June Harold Cecil BEACH 23 bach concrete maker 73 Southwood Road Thomas BEACH (deceased) labourer banns Robert DUNN, Kate Louisa HAWKES
  Kathleen Louisa HAWKES 20 spinster   56 High Street Alfred John HAWKES fishmonger    
4th June Ronald Charles CRABB 25 bach carter 6 Buxton Road, Northwood Frederick James CRABB (deceased) market gardener banns William POTT, Emma POTT
  Elizabeth Rachel POTT 16 spinster   6 Buxton Road, Northwood William POTT labourer    
12th July Walter James THOMPSON 58 widower licensed victualler Cannon Inn, ST Lawrence James THOMPSON (deceased) mariner banns William Henry HALL, Frederick Albert GAMBRILL
  Jessie Louisa GAMBRILL 52 widow   182 High Street John SETTERFIELD (deceased) mariner    
30th July Noel John PRIOR 22 bach A.B. R.N. HMS Benbow Ernest Clement PRIOR tailor banns George David THOMAS, Henry William THOMAS
  Lilian Violet THOMAS 20 spinster   2 Claremont Gardens George David THOMAS pensioner    
2nd August Alan PORTER 31 bach ironmonger Newton Le Willows Peter PORTER ironmonger banns Beatrice BULL, Charlotte PORTER
  Gwendoline BULL 26 spinster   Regwell Road William BULL Lecturer in Science    
3rd September Herbert WEEKS 42 bach Government Clerk 14 Arklow Square George WEEKS retired Schoolmaster banns Harry TAYLOR, M WEEKS, Christopher WREN, F WREN
  Edith Amy WREN 40 spinster   82 Grange Road Christopher WREN -    
19th September Charles Lewis PENN 37 bach musician Netherleigh, Chorleywood Road, Ricksmansworth Frederick PENN retired licence John Henry ROBINSON, Terence ROBINSON
  Margaret Eleanor ROBINSON 25 spinster   Sunnycote, 56 Mildreds Road, Ramsgate John Henry ROBINSON solicitor    
8th October James Thomas William NEWMAN 24 bach Aircraftsman R.A.F. Manston Henry NEWMAN licensed victualler banns Joseph William HARDING, Alice HALL
  Kathleen Violet MEWROSS 21 spinster   15 Vale Square, Ramsgate Edward MEWROSS traveller    
8th October William SHERSBY 26 bach gardener 134A Grange Road William Gerry SHERSBY carrier banns Laurence Henry SHERSBY, Frederick PARKS (his mark)
  Susannah PARKS 38 spinster   16 Westcliff Terrace Mansion Frederick PARKS shepherd    
13th October Robert LEE 24 bach sailor Chatham Barracks Robert William LEE joiner banns James Walter ROWLAND (his mark), George Edward ROWLAND
  Lottie Elizabeth ROWLAND 21 spinster   89 Chapel Road Walter James ROWLAND labourer    
1st December Albert George ISAACS 23 bach builders labourer 22 Bloomsbury Road Charles John ISAACS builders labourer banns George Thomas POTTLE, Charles John ISAACS
  Winifred Rosina POTTLE 21 spinster   3 Sion Hill, Ramsgate George Thomas POTTLE platelayer    
24th December Robert Edward WHEATLEY 21 bach wash house man 26 Hillbrow Road, Ramsgate William Henry WHEATLEY labourer banns H A WHEATLEY, F R D MARRER
  Ivy Winnifred RUSSELL 21 spinster   Milton Croft, St Lawrence Samuel Leonard RUSSELL labourer    
26th December John Charles CLAPSON 35 bach carpenter Claremont Gardens John Thomas CLAPSON shop foreman banns F S CLAPSON, PA CLAPSON
  Minnie Gertrude VERRION 34 spinster   Claremont Gardens George William VERRION (deceased) boatman    
26th December Owen Reuben MCGRATH 24 bach plasterer 22 Adelaide Gardens, Ramsgate Charles William MCGRATH plasterer banns W L ALEXANDER, W MCGRATH
  Daisy May ALEXANDER 19 spinster   108 Grange Road, St Lawrence Walter Lenard ALEXANDER pianoforte tuner    
26th December Ernest Charles FEVER 23 bach jeweller 18 Clifton, St Lawrence Frank Ernest FEVER railway store keeper banns P G PRESTEDGE, E A JOY
  Elsie Kate CARR 23 spinster   18 Clifton, St Lawrence Edward Charles CARR shoemaker    
26th December Reginald Thomas RITCHFORD 24 bach salesman 34 Ellington Road, St Lawrence Frank RITCHFORD butcher banns W R POINTER, F F W GOODBAN
  Violet Lilian May GOODBAN 23 spinster   55 Hereson Road, Ramsgate Ernest Edward William GOODBAN tram driver    
26th December Frederick FINN 19 bach market gardener 3 High Street, Manston, St Lawrence Robert Gilham FINN market gardener banns Lewis FINN, John SUTTON
  Mary Ellen Elizabeth Amelia SUTTON 22 spinster   Chapel Farm, Manston, St Lawrence Jack SUTTON market gardener    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
1st January John Waller GLANFIELD 28 bach police constable 14 King David Lane, Shadwell, London, E1 Charles GLANFIELD millwright banns C C WRIGHT, F L S RYLEY
  Mabel Annie WRIGHT 26 spinster   26 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Frederick WRIGHT deceased    
14th January Alfred Edgar VIDEAN 24 bach G.P.O. Engineer 17 South Eastern Road, Ramsgate Phineas Edgar VIDEAN G.P.O. Superintendent banns P F VIDEAN, William FRANKLIN
  Edythe Gertrude Eleanor FRANKLIN 26 spinster   Stone House, Market Street, Deal George Samuel FRANKLIN deceased    
28th January William Charles CLAPSON 26 bach bricklayer 21 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence John Thomas CLAPSON shop foreman banns F S CLAPSON, G F PAGE
  Mary Margaret COLLINS 24 spinster   36 Chapel Road, St Lawrence John COLLINS deceased    
22nd February Archibald Norman GLOVER 45 widower police constable 95 Claxton Grove, Hammersmith, London Robert Joseph GLOVER deceased licence E GILDENLESS, Joseph HOCKING
  Ellen HOCKING 39 spinster   8 Telham Avenue, Newington, St Lawrence Joseph HOCKING labourer    
10th March William Percy Harold HYDE FULL bach farmer Howfield Farm, Elmstone, Canterbury William Percy HYDE gentleman banns Harry STEAD, Ethel M STEAD
  Ma\rgaret Ellen STEAD FULL spinster   Allandale, Chilton, St Lawrence Harry STEAD retired head teacher    
31st March Walter Alexander MILLROSS 26 bach printer 147 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Alexander MILLROSS postman banns A MILLROSS, E WEST, Rose MILLROSS
  Winifred Emily Lucy CROFT 24 spinster   3 Barton View, Buckland, Dover Charles Edwin CROFT deceased    
9th April Frank Robert KEEN 25 bach labourer 18 Sydney Road, Ramsgate Edward KEEN deceased banns H G MATTHEWS, L G OVENDEN
  Florence EASTOP 21 spinster   55 Chapel Road Henry EASTOP decorator    
9th April Alfred CRAKES 20 bach miner 16 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence William Francis Samuel CRAKES locomotive driver banns Thomas MORGAN, William CRAKES
  Caroline STURGESS 21 spinster   16 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence James STURGESS deceased    
9th April Alfred George HOGBEN 24 bach grocer 18 Herbert Road, St Lawrence Alfred John HOGBEN deceased banns H FREEMAN, A FREEMAN
  Eva FREEMAN 21 spinster   18 Herbert Road, St Lawrence Harry FREEMAN waggoner    
14th April Alfred Edward HATCHETT 25 bach railway porter 109 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Thomas George HATCHETT deceased banns W H FENNELL, D R FENNELL
  Isabel FENNELL 19 spinster   109 Southwood Road, St Lawrence William Henry FENNELL labourer    
9th May Albert Edward FARLEY FULL widower male nurse 40 Vale Road, Ramsgate George Isaac FARLEY deceased banns J MACDONALD, Emily FROMM
  Elizabeth Ellen WILKINSON FULL spinster   21 Edith Road, St Lawrence John WILKINSON deceased    
19th May Leonard Gilbert CHAMBERS 26 widower concrete block maker 20 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence William Elisha CHAMBERS labourer banns Robert BROWN, A FREEMAN
  Hida May BROWN 25 spinster   20 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Robert BROWN miner    
2nd June Alfred Colbert John SHONK 24 bach waggoner Haines Cottages, St Lawrence Edward Thomas SHONK labourer banns W A BALDOCK, V K BALDOCK
  Nora MALLENDER 19 spinster   Haines Cottages, St Lawrence John MALLANDER miner    
23rd June


William Arthur Ernest DADE 24 bach R.A.F. carpenter Troodos House, Highfield, Felixstowe Arthur DADE gardener banns S DAY, John SILVERTHORNE
  Rose Ivy SILVERTHORNE 26 spinster   Rosedale, Chilton, St Lawrence John SILVERTHORNE Police pensioner    
14th July Charles Frederick James JOHNSON 23 bach shunter Southern Railway 24 Mill Lane, Canterbury James JOHNSON labourer banns H ASHFORD, L H IVY
  Doris Annie Christina ASHFORD 20 spinster   1 Railway Cottages, Cliffsend Henry ASHFORD agricultural machinists    
21st July George L DAVIES 24 bach miner 42 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence David DAVIES miner banns D DAVIES, V J M RADFORD, J E BEECHEY
  Ethel May GOLDSMITH 24 spinster   42 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Albert Edward GOLDSMITH deceased    
6th August Alfred Richard NASH 29 bach engineer 41 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence Albert Edward NASH plumber banns H W NASH, E F NASH
  Ivy Hetty MATTHEWS 25 widow   48 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence George Thomas EMMERSON market gardener    
7th August Percy FAITHFUL 19 bach butcher 98 Gilbery Road, Tooting, SW 17 Alfred FAITHFUL deceased banns F F ADAMS, A L S STARTUP
  Lydia BYWATERS 17 spinster   55 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Alfred William BYWATERS printers cutter    
25th August Thomas David MILES 22 bach R.A.F. carpenter Fort Grange, Gosport, Hampshire Frank MILES master baker banns Elizabeth MILES, Ellen L EDWARD, W J L YORKE
  Elsie Elizabeth EDWARDS 24 spinster   30 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Edward Fred EDWARDS deceased    
26th August Henry Augustine OCLEE 22 bach motor driver 70 High Street, St Lawrence Augustine OCLEE labourer banns R WILLIAMS, L CALLOW
  Hannah Mary WILLIAMS 23 spinster   30 Marden Avenue, St Lawrence Richard WILLIAMS labourer    
4th October Ivor HENLY 21 bach miner 18 Newington Road, St Lawrence George HENLY boilermaker banns E C AKEHURST, W H HARTY
  Kate Isobel HARTY 28 spinster   18 Newington Road, St Lawrence Robert Henry HARTY deceased    
8th November Harold Arthur STONE 24 bach fruiterer 27 Upper Fant Road, Maidstone William John STONE fruiterer banns J PORRITT, N J STONE, M A STONE, C H PORRITT
  Ella Jemima PORRITT 22 spinster   61 Edith Road, St Lawrence Charles Henry PORRITT engine driver Southern Railway    
15th December Harry Edward SIMPSON 26 bach Petty Officer R.N. H.M.S. Repulse, Portsea James Moses SIMPSON labourer banns W J SIMPSON, C G COOPER
  Ellen Maud COOPER 22 spinster   133 Southwood Road Charles Edward COOPER labourer    
22nd December Charles Alfred COOPER 26 bach miner Marshbord, Woodnesboro, nr Sandwich Valentine COOPER deceased banns Albert Edward FOAD, F T COLLINS
  Ellen Louisa COLLINS 21 spinster   Beerlings Farm, Haine, St Lawrence Frederick Thomas COLLINS labourer    
22nd December Stephen James GOODBAN 22 bach fitters labourer 19 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Harry Stephen James GOODBAN blacksmith - E J GOODBAN, E HAWKINS
  Edith May HAWKINS 22 spinster   12 Trinity Place, Ramsgate Leonard HAWKINS deceased    
23rd December William Alfred PRESCOTT 27 bach labourer 7 Crofton Terr. Mill Road, Deal Richard Charles PRESCOTT carpenter banns D M STUPPLES, V G STUPPLES
  Laura Doris STUPPLES 28 spinster   45 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence George Edmund STUPPLES pensioner    
23rd December Edwin Leonard HUCKSTEP 22 bach motor driver 18 Telham Avenue, St Lawrence Charles James HUCKSTEP guard banns Annie HUCKSTEP, John PAIN
  Florence Jessie HARDING 18 spinster   31 St Georges, Ramsgate Henry HARDING carpenter    
26th December William Robert JORDAN 32 bach labourer 62 Margate Road, St Lawrence William Edward JORDAN deceased banns R A JORDAN, A W MIRAMS
  Rose Winifred MIRAMS 26 spinster   140 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Arthur William MIRAMS labourer    
26th December William Henry HOLLANDS 25 bach fireman Southern Railway 54 Margate, St Lawrence Edward George HOLLANDS blacksmith banns John TOTTMAN, Leonard HOLLANDS
  Alice Maud TOTTMAN 21 spinster   1 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence John TOTTMAN labourer    
27th December William John MARTINS 33 bach carpenter 1 Bigbury House, Church Street, Salcombe, Devon James Edward MARTINS pensioner R.N. banns Ada H MARTINS, A FUSSELL
  Winifred Gwendoline MARTINS 33 spinster   Cottage Homes, Manston Edward Llewellyn MARTINS deceased    

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