Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1925-26


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
21st January John Thomas ROBINSON 21 bach Aircraftsman R.A.F. Central Flying School, Up Avon John Thomas ROBINSON butcher banns Frederick Robert Douglas MARNER, Samuel Lenard RUSSELL
  Beatrice Hester Lilian RUSSELL 23 spinster - Florence Villa, Cliffs End Samuel Leonard RUSSELL labourer    
15th February William Johnson DIDDAMS 28 bach baker & confectioner 181 Grange Road, St Lawrence Walter DIDDAMS tailor banns Walter DIDDAMS, George Jarman LAKER
  Miriam LAKER 29 spinster   14 Ellington Park Road George LAKER (deceased) dairyman    
21st February Albert Edwin PEARCE 34 bach window cleaner & oil rangeman 30 Herbert Road, St Lawrence John PEARCE agricultural labourer banns Frederick Charles ASHBY, Lydia Kelsey PENNEY
  Ivy Lydia Doris PENNEY 20 spinster   20 Chapel Road John William PENNEY boot repairer    
15th April Stephen George PHILPOTT 75 widower gentleman Crawford, St Mildreds Road Stephen PHILPOTT (deceased) mineral water manufacturer banns George Henry MOSELEY, Florence May MOSELEY
  Ellen Sarah MOSELEY 45 spinster school teacher 15 Edith Road, Ramsgate William George MOSELEY (deceased) carpenter    
25th April Henry John SIMMONS 25 bach carman 2 Salisbury Terrace Walter John SIMMONS labourer banns Albert PATTERSON, Ivy Winifred PATTERSON
  Dorothy Ella PATTERSON 24 spinster   Spratling Street, Manston Albert PATTERSON horseman    
28th April Henry GRIMASON 26 bach A.C.I. The Camp, Manston James GRIMASON welder banns Helen GARLAND, Benjamin RABY
  Maragret Emma HODGES 19 spinster   55 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence George HODGES crane driver    
20th May Rowland Frederick John MCILROY 21 bach motor driver 25 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Randolph Malcolm MCILROY manager of Labour Exchange banns Richard MOORE, Rose MCILROY
  Wimifred Maude MOORE 25 spinster   7 Field Terrace, Chilton, St Lawrence Richard MOORE platelayer    
23rd May Edward Boys PITTOCK 25 bach labourer 190 Grange Road Thomas PITTOCK harness maker banns Henry STEVENS, Ellen Mary MACKINS
  Ellen Emily STEVENS 21 spinster   190 Grange Road Henry STEVENS (deceased) cellarman    
1st June Barling Marshall BILLS 28 widower fish salesman 8 Athelstan Road, Faversham Walter William BILLS construction scaffolder banns Edith Grace DANE, Elizabeth Kate SAWYER
  Getrude Alice DANE 29 spinster clerk Cliifs End Louis Godfrey DANE retired    
3rd September Archibald Roy LYALL 23 bach butcher 21 Ashburnham Road George LYELL motor salesman banns William TURNBULL, Thomas William DADD
  Elizabeth Florence GLANVILL 23 spinster - 21 Ashburnham Road James GLANVILL railwayman    
9th September Alfred George NICHOLLS 54 widower porter 4 Ashburnham Road Robert NICHOLLS labourer banns Alfred William NICHOLLS, Grace Emily NICHOLS
  Frances FAGG 44 spinster   4 Ashburnham Road Robert FAGG farmer    
10th September John Parry EVANS 28 bach Medical Officer R.A.F. Manston John Parry EVANS - licence Cecilia POWER, Daisy POWER
  Dorothy Florence BEAL 24 spinster   38 Victoria Road, Woolasten, Southampton Charles BEAL -    
19th September Henry Thomas PRESTEDGE 23 bach police constable 63 South Eastern Road Thomas Henry PRESTEDGE plumber banns George William KNIGHT, T H PRESTEDGE
  Helen KNIGHT 24 spinster   1 Princes Avenue, St Lawrence George William KNIGHT engine driver    
24th September Stephen Walter KEELER 52 widower farmer Bladbean, Elham Stephen KEELER (deceased) farmer banns William John APPLETON, Jessie Mary Ann BAY
  Bessie Violet Grace BAY 21 spinster   135 Southwood Road William Edward BAY handyman    
7th October Thomas Horace ROWLANDS 25 bach Pilot Officer R.A.F. Manston Camp, R.A.F. John ROWLANDS (deceased) Colliery Proprietor licence Nellie Violetta Winsor PARKER, Arthur Christian Edward STARTUP
  Dorothy Clara Pearn PARKER 23 spinster - 32 Burlington Terrace, Cardiff William PARKER (deceased) Lieutenant R.N.R.    
15th October William Albert Edward SHEPPARD 23 bach engine fireman 1 Pegwell Avenue, St Lawrence James Henry SHEPPARD retired Police Sergeant banns William J DRAY, James H SHEPPARD, H F REDWOOD
  Dorothy May DRAY 21 spinster   The Nursery, Margate Road William James DRAY florist    
21st October Edward Horace WALES 59 widower warehouse man Chingford Henry Charles WALES jeweller licence E C WATTS, J Hildric BYP
  Hilda WATTS FULL spinster   Valerian, Grange Road Reading WATTS gentleman    
26th October Albert Richard STACEY 29 bach shop manager 74 Northdown Road, Margate Albert John STACEY shop manager banns Albert John STACEY, I J Stanley STEAD
  Amelia Clara Jane STEAD 30 spinster   50 Chapel Road Thomas John STEAD (deceased) shipwright    
7th November George William BUNDOCK 25 bach bricklayer 49 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Edward BUNDOCK labourer banns William Hiland LAKER, Sidney Harry BUNDOCK
  Emily Florence LAKER 25 spinster   5 New Ruttington Lane, Canterbury Frederick LAKER tanner    
21st November Austin Peter HAGGARTY 24 bach airman Manston John HAGGARTY boiler maker banns Alex Hardie ANNANDALE, Henry OGLE, Gertrude Ellen GRIFFITH
  Ruby Phyllis WOODHALL 18 spinster   8 Seafield Road Samuel WOODHALL (deceased) carpenter    
28th November Frederick Charles POTT 23 bach carter 6 Buxton Road, Northwood William POTT labourer banns Ernest John SKINNER, Frances Emma HALLIDAY
  Violet May HALLIDAY 21 spinster   2 Preston Villa, Manston deceased -    
2nd December Thomas William TAVERNER 21 bach soldier 2nd Battalion, Worcestershire Regt, Connaught Barracks, Dover Thomas William TAVERNER (deceased) - banns F W SAUNDERS, Frederick William CHEESEMAN, Edith Ella ADAMS
  Hilda Margaret Elizabeth CHEESEMAN 24 spinster   55 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Frederick William CHEESEMAN railway guard    
22nd December Frederick William BROAD 66 widower Assistant Sanitary Inspector 8 Denmark Road George BROAD (deceased) gardener banns George William NICHOLAS, Miraim Ann NICHOLAS
  Emma HUMPHRIES 54 widow - 8 Denmark Road Joseph BROAD (deceased) coal merchant    
25th December Alfred Walter HODGES 28 - labourer 4 Thanet Cottages, Northwood George HODGES labourer banns James CLARK, Sydney H LEMAN
  Florence Margaret CLARK 21 spinster - 4 Thanet Cottages, Northwood James CLARK gardener    
26th December Ernest Bernard ELLEN 22 bach engineer 1 Tilbury Villas, Whitehall Road William Thomas ELLEN labourer banns Annie SETTERFIELD, Frederick Adam ELLEN
  Lily Daisy SETTERFIELD 22 spinster   35 High Street deceased -    
26th December John Henry WATLER 25 bach stoker H.M.S. Shrewsbury (C.R.M) Sheerness deceased - banns Walter Macdonald JAMES, Walter Richard Smith PERKINS
  Annie Edith PERKINS 22 spinster laundress 50 High Street deceased -    
28th December Percy Sydney SIMMONS 24 bach labourer 1 Farm Cottages, Whitehall George William SIMMONS Police Constable banns Charlotte Rose LIMMANS, Bernard AMYS
  Ellen Rose WALKER 22 spinster - 1 Farm Cottages, Whitehall George Henry WALKER gardener    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
2nd January Frank Charles HUGHES 25 bach barman 99 Southwood Road Charles HUGHES labourer banns Ernest TREADAWAY, Thomas WOODWARD(his mark)
  Elsie WOODWARD 21 spinster   99 Southwood Road Thomas WOODWARD labourer    
6th February Ernest Peter LAMBERT 22 bach milkman 2 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Horace John LAMBERT labourer banns Thomas Ernest HUGHES, David John BUSH, Ena Annie Louise HUGHES
  Hilda Florence May HUGHES 26 spinster   11 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Thomas Ernest HUGHES labourer    
9th April Arthur KINGSGATE 38 widower railway clerk 22 Duncan Road, Ramsgate Arthur KINGSGATE retired Superintendant Registrars Certificate Samuel TREE, Elizabeth TREE
  Mabel WRIGHT 32 spinster   29 Edith Road, Ramsgate Samuel TREE merchant    
17th April John Herbert AMBERS 27 bach tram conductor 25 Monkton Place, Ramsgate Henry Bates AMBERS painter banns Philip MUNDAY, Alfred AMBERS
  Winifred Alice MUNDAY 23 spinster   49 Ashburnham Road Philip MUNDAY poulterer    
29th May Frederick William Bertram PORTER 21 bach Corporal R.A.F. Medical Service Manston Frederick William PORTER gentleman licence Arthur C STARTUP, Sybil M WILKINSON
  Ethel Lilla Margaret GRAHAM FULL spinster   Manston Thomas Edmund GRAHAM solicitor    
5th June George Henry HALLIDAY 28 bach labourer Preston Villas, Manston John HALLIDAY labourer banns Annie Caroline HALLIDAY, James Thomas TYRRELL
  Edith Emma TYRRELL 24 spinster   39 Seafield Road, Ramsgate James TYRRELL labourer    
19th June George Robert SHORT 23 bach engineer 2 Welby Villas, Whitehall Robert SHORT engineer banns Robert SHORT, Susan BRIGHT
  Ivy Florence BRIGHT 21 spinster   2 Welby Villas, Whitehall Thomas BRIGHT (deceased) plasterer    
1st September Henry John ROWLAND 39 bach gardener 60 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Walter James ROWLAND labourer banns George Edward ROWLAND, Emily AUSTIN
  Ella Louise AUSTIN 26 spinster   60 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Ernest Benjamin AUSTIN bricklayer    
4th September John Graham COWLEY 24 bach Royal Air Force 128 Southwood Road, Ramsgate Robert Tate COWLEY marine engineer banns Arthur Leslie HAYNES, George JORDAN
  Robina Phyllis JORDAN 21 spinster laundress 98 Southwood Road, Ramsgate Charles JORDAN riveter    
25th September George Frederick CURTIS 25 bach labourer 3 Sidney Terrace, West Dumpton James CURTIS (deceased) labourer banns Albert Edward SPRATLING, Walter SETTERFIELD
  Rose Ann SETTERFIELD 21 spinster   39 Ashburnham Road Walter SETTERFIELD gardener    
1st October Harley Hirst Shuttleworth HILLIER 24 bach chartered accountant Llanfairgechan, Wales Sidney HILLIER Doctor of Medicine banns K F WOTTON, Violet I WOTTON
  Susan Theodora WOTTON 27 spinster   Wilton Croft, St Lawrence Edward WOTTON (deceased) solicitor    
23rd October William Warren JUDGE FULL widower farmer Ozengall Grange William JUDGE miller banns Norman ROOTES, Lilian ROOTES
  Kate ROOTES FULL spinster   Ozengall Grange Norman ROOTES retired draper    
23rd October Wallace John POINTER 32 bach distribution foreman 15 Canonbury Road Wallace John POINTER motor driver banns William Henry SHEPHERD, Clifford JACKSON
  Rosa Jane SHEPHERD 24 spinster   54 Chapel Road William Henry SHEPHERD Police pensioner    
10th November Edward ROAST 24 bach gardener Woodstock Farm, Tunstall James ROAST retired gardener banns Edward Thomas STREATFIELD, Arthur Charles ROAST
  Beatrice Ivy STREATFIELD 24 spinster   Cliffsend Edward STREATFIELD farmer    
11th December Henry Allan PARAMOR 22 bach agricultural labourer 1 Allan Cottage Henry Allan PARAMOR florist banns Wilfred Charles WELLS, Ernest Bertren EMPTAGE
  Mabel Gertrude CRAVEN 21 spinster   23 Wellington Crescent George Thomas CRAVEN (deceased) house decorator    
11th December Bertie Herbert Harold SHAXTED 21 bach engine driver Jessamine Place, Wingham Herbert SHAXTED engine driver banns Albert Henry SMITH, William Henry NEWING
  Elsie Eliza SMITH 20 spinster   3 Chilton Villas Albert Henry SMITH Navy Pensioner    
25th December William Harcourt SMITH 24 bach Aircraftsman R.A.F. Mineworth Henry James SMITH baker banns Thomas Leopold JAGGERS, Fred George DUNCAN, Charles JONES
  Henrietta Elizabeth JAGGERS 19 spinster   32 Ashburnham Road Thomas Leopold JAGGERS steam crane driver    
25th December Albert STEWART 24 bach motor driver Upton Park, E William STEWART (deceased) coal broker banns Harold STEWART, Alfred John CLAIDEN, Cicely Mary CLAIDEN
  Elsie Florence CLAIDEN 21 spinster   74 Edith Road Alfred John CLAIDEN traveller    
25th December Sidney James SHEPPARD 21 bach motor driver 1 Pegwell Avenue, St Lawrence James Henry SHEPPARD retired Police Sergeant banns James H SHEPPARD, Cyril Frank BARNES, Daniel Arthur MYNHEER
  Ethel Florence BARNES 24 spinster   31 Upper Dumpton Park Road Cyril Frank BARNES steel metal worker    
27th December Ernest BURROWS 27 bach soldier The Barracks, Dover Alfred BURROWS (deceased) labourer banns James Frederick WHITE (his mark), Arthur Christian Edward STARTUP
  Edith Rose SAYER 29 widow   2 Field Terrace, Chilton James Frederick WHITE Corporation Labourer    
27th December James MIDDLEMAS 27 bach labourer Beulah Bungalow, St James Avenue John Robert MIDDLEMAS (deceased) platelayer banns James Frederick WISDOM, Edgar Cornelius GREEN
  Annie WISDOM 23 spinster   30 Delph Road, Sandwich Henry Patterson WISDOM (deceased) tanners labourer    
27th December Thomas Robert TUCKER 22 bach carpenter 37 Bloomsbury Road Thomas Robert TUCKER ships rigger banns Basil Hubert SUTTON, Robert David JONES, Fanny Alice TUCKER
  Elizabeth Louisa NEEDHAM 21 spinster   37 Bloomsbury Road John Henry NEEDHAM brass trimmer    

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