Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1923-24


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
3rd January William EASTOP 25 bach baker 55 Chapel Road Harry EASTOP decorator banns John ISACCS, Elizabeth Helen HART
  Violet Grace HART 22 spinster   80 High Street Eli HART (deceased) tanner    
15th January Morris John LYONS 26 bach hairdresser 40 Hereson Road Morris LYONS hairdresser banns Leslie Francis DAVEY, Thomas PITTOCK
  Doris ALLEN 18 spinster   20 Royal Road Valentine John ALLEN (deceased) tailor    
20th January William Henry PORCHASE 22 bach A.C.2. RAF Calshot Camp, Southampton William Henry PURCHASE carter banns William Grimley LAWRENCE, Malcolm Campbell Millar JURY
  Amy Sophia LAWRENCE 28 spinster   46 High Street William Grimley LAWRENCE baker    
28th January Sidney George GRIGGS 30 bach cliff inspector 41 Chapel Road William Edmund GRIGGS gardener banns Ernest ROSE, Mary Jane GOLDRING
  Katherine Sarah BRISTOW 28 spinster   39 Chapel Road Richard BRISTOW (deceased) carter    
20th February Henry George LUMBARD 21 bach Pte R.A.S.C.  MT 3 Chilton Farm Cottages, St Lawrence George LUMBARD master seaman banns William Stephen LUMBARD, Harriet Eliza LUIMBARD
  Elsie May REED 22 spinster   - Samuel REED carpenter    
7th June Ernest Charles JONES 29 bach gas collector 6 Sydney Road Thomas JONES (deceased) upholsterer banns John Thomas PAGE, Percy William JONES
  Doris Hilda PAGE 26 spinster   2 Tilbury Villas, Whitehall Road John Thomas PAGE engine driver    
30th June Sydney George ADAMS 29 bach motor driver 52 Dundonald Road, Ramsgate Henry William ADAMS hospital attendent banns James Henry HOLNESS, Isabella ADAMS, Alice KEMP
  Florence Maud KEMP 23 spinster   81 Southwood Road Charles KEMP (deceased) bricklayer    
1st July Herbert GARDNER 40 bach draughtsman 71 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Henry GARDNER (deceased) stonemason banns Harry E GRIGGS, Maria E WATSON
  Margaret May GRIGGS 27 spinster   - William Edmond GRIGGS gardener    
14th July Sydney Charles BERRIS 25 bach manager 39 Ashburnham Road Walter William BERRIS (deceased) newspaper editor banns Francis Walter DAVIDSON, Marion CULVERWELL, Vera CULVERWELL
  Dorothy Isobel CULVERWELL 21 spinster   - William Thomas CULVERWELL seaman    
14th July Frederick Walter WOODWARD 24 bach labourer 6 Manston Road Thomas WOODWARD labourer banns Charles Fletcher CURTIS, Hilda Amy CURTIS
  Beatrice Violet CURTIS 23 spinster   - Charles Fletcher Appleton CURTIS -    
6th August Joseph WALKLEY 27 bach carpenter Cinderford, Gloucestershire Moses WALKLEY (deceased) carpenter banns William GRAINGER, Obadiah WALKLEY, A CARR, Rachel WEIGALL
  Marguerite Daisy GRAINGER 32 spinster   The Lodge Southwood House, St Lawrence William GRAINGER coachman    
18th August Victor WRIGHT 23 bach electrical engineer 44 Bloomsbury Road William WRIGHT foreman painter banns William Alfred WHARRAM, Rosie PULMAN
  Florence Gladys May WHARRAM 21 spinster   44 Bloomsbury Road Alfred Herbert WHARRAM decorator    
18th August Israel BEDFORD 57 widower retired Police Inspector 5 Coastguard Station Aaron BEDFORD (deceased) farmer licence Thomas FACEY, Emily KAY, Jeannie Moss KAY
  Dorothy Hannah HORNBY 58 widow   The Cables, Thorney Hedge Road, Gunnersbury Andrew KAY (deceased) cotton spinner    
25th August Sidney Kenneth SAUNDERS 24 bach labourer Mill Lane, Worth Alfred George SAUNDERS labourer banns Alfred George SAUNDERS, Amy SAUNDERS
  Florence READ 24 spinster   Alicia, Newington Road unknown -    
15th September James George TERRY 34 bach ticket writer 88 High Street, St Lawrence James TERRY overseer banns Ivy POWELL, Laura POWELL, A MASKALL, W A POWELL
  Laura Chilton POWELL 27 spinster   48 Vale Road, Ramsgate William Andrew POWELL cable jointer    
29th September Alfred Thomas READER 22 bach labourer 17 Lorne Road Albert Edward James READER labourer banns Edward George HOWLAND, Alfred Thomas FRIEND
  Charlotte Helen HOWLAND 20 spinster   2 Stanley Cottages, Chilton, St Lawrence Alfred HOWLAND labourer    
18th October Harry Joseph Waters DIVERS 28 bach labourer Northwood, St Lawrence John James Waters DIVERS (deceased) farm labourer banns John James Waters DIVERS, Albert Gray POTTER, Alice Eliza Gray POTTER
  Edith May Gray HARRISON 25 widow   Northwood, St Lawrence Albert Gray POTTER labourer    
18th October Francis Leslie HALL 24 bach chemist Fairview, Dumpton Park Drive, Ramsgate John HALL coal merchant banns Ethel M HALL, R W PHILLPOTT
  Mary Frances ATKINS 23 spinster   Merrefield Lodge, Grange Road, St Lawrence Frederick ATKINS timber traveller    
27th October Thomas HOWLAND 24 bach railway porter Reliance Garage, Westgate on Sea John Lawrence HOWLAND farm labourer banns Thomas John Gardener PAGE, James WHITE (his mark)
  Florence Lily WHITE 23 spinster   8 Field Terrace, Chilton, St Lawrence Jmaes WHITE labourer    
17th November Albert James HOILE 38 bach farm labourer Chilton Job HOILE farm labourer banns George Newman BARKER, William Henry BISHOP
  Cecilia MONK 38 spinster   Chilton John Frederick MONK (deceased) Navy Pensioner    
26th December Sydney Philip NEWMAN 33 bach clerk Tottenham, Middlesex James Edward NEWMAN (deceased) coachman banns T S ROBERTSON, J C FULLER, L M BOND
  May ROBERTSON 25 spinster   76 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Thomas Smith ROBERTSON accountant    
26th December Sydney Alfred PORRITT 25 bach locomotive fireman Edith Road Frederick William PORRITT locomotive engine driver banns Frederick William PORRITT, George John VENN
  Mabel Grace SILVESTER 23 spinster   23 Grosvenor Road Raymond William SILVESTER green grocer    
26th December Reginald Arthur HORN 31 bach tramway conductor 28 Abbots Hill William Frances HORN retired Poilce Sergeant banns Ernest Charles MACKINS, Beatrix Ellen HORN
  Mary FINNIS 22 spinster   Bay View , Chilton, St Lawrence George FINNIS baker    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
9th January Albert Edward ELLENDER 28 bach glazier 1 St Andrews Road Walter ELLENDER (deceased) waiter banns John Thomas PAGE, Percy Brandon CLAPSON
  Maud Millicent PAGE 30 spinster   2 Tilbury Villas, Whitehall Road John Thomas PAGE locomotive engine driver    
19th April Ernest Frank COX 22 bach general carman 19 Dane Road Albert Edward COX (deceased) fisherman banns Frederick Arthur COX, Edward James COX
  Edith Ellen GARDNER 22 spinster   71 Seafield Road - -    
10th May William Henry M'Lean RADGICK 39 bach clerk 28 Herbert Road Peter RADGICK (deceased) tailor banns Albert PALMER, Arthur James PALMER, Florence Emma RUSHMORE
  Edith Clara PALMER 29 spinster   88 South Eastern Road Albert PALMER director    
7th June Frederick Arthur KINGSLAND 41 widower general labourer 107 Hereson Road William KINGSLAND (deceased) clerk banns Stephen Edwin SETTERFIELD, Jessie Eleanor HOLTON
  Eleanor Jane FRIEND 38 widow   1 Wimbledon Villas, Chilton, St Lawrence Stephen Edwin SETTERFIELD gardener    
7th June Frederick John BAKER 54 widower joiner 6 Southwood Road Frederick BAKER (deceased) retired baker banns David CORNFORD, Hilda CORNFORD
  Lilian Rose CORNFORD 38 spinster   Court Stairs, St Lawrence David CORNFORD horse keeper    
7th June George Harris PELLS 31 bach clerk 5 Holly Hill, Hampstead, NW Richard George PELLS dairy farmer banns Percy Richard J MAY, Helen Mary MAY
  Sylvia Helen MAY 25 spinster   7 Bay View Villas, Manston Road Percy Richard MAY florist    
14th June Sydney Roe SPICER 38 bach chauffeur Potters Bar William SPICER (deceased) gardener banns Harry George MARSH, Edith May MARSH, Emma MARSH
  Jane Annie MARSH 31 spinster   Chapel Road, St Lawrence Harry George MARSH builder    
6th September Walter George HOGBEN 26 bach labourer 10 Mill Cottages, Grange Road Walter George HOGBEN labourer banns Richard Henry James ADAMS, Henry John DAY
  Louisa Caroline Elizabeth PAGET 26 spinster housemaid 10 Mill Cottages, Grange Road George William PAGET council employee    
11th September Frank Henry SWAFFER 26 bach carpenter 11 High Street, St Lawrence Frank SWAFFER carpenter banns Harrison Thomas MARSH, Henrietta Louise SWAFFER
  Camilla Margaret BARCLAY 28 spinster waitress Dickens Café, Broadstairs - -    
26th September Walter James STREATFIELD 21 bach farm labourer Cliffs End Farm Edward STREATFIELD farmer banns Roberts French STREATFIELD, Albert Charles BAKER
  Phyllis JONES 19 spinster waitress 1 Pierremont Avenue, Broadstairs Reece Price JONES blacksmith    
9th October Horace PAGE 29 bach milkman 2 Edith Villas, Chapel Road James Edward PAGE labourer banns William Edward GORRINGE; Elizabeth Alice Clara GORRINGE; Mary PAGE
  Gladys Faith GORRINGE 25 spinster - 21 Wilsons Road William Edward GORRINGE fisherman    
20th October Arthur Mose HARVEY 31 bach stoker 8 Margate Road William HARVEY (deceased) iron moulder banns F GRAY; Maud STONHAM; Lilian Mary SCOATES
  Ellen Louise PEGDEN 31 spinster   Cliff Cottage, Pegwell Bay Alfred PEGDEN gardener    
8th November Frederick William LAWRENCE 30 bach barman 142 Southwood Road Walter Charles LAWRENCE (deceased) carman banns Charles James DURST; William LAURENCE
  Grace Marjorie DURST 22 spinster   89 Hardres Street Charles DURST teacher of languages    
8th November Charles John LARKINS 29 bach Post Office Telephone 6 Prices Avenue Thomas John LARKINS fruiterer & greengrocer banns Wm. SUTTON, Eugenie PORTER
  Nellie Mabel WAY 35 spinster   25 South Eastern Road Broadley William MAY grocer    
27th November Thomas Frederick MACKINS 29 bach office porter 24 Grosvenor Road, ST Lawrence Thomas MACKINS motor mechanic banns William Henry MACKINS; Ella O'BRIEN
  Ellen Mary PITTOCK 32 spinster   190 Grange Road Thomas PITTOCK saddler    
25th December Frank Robert STREDWICK 24 bach motor driver 4 Sussex Street, Ramsgate John Albert STREDWICK fitter banns Alfred REDWOOD, Frederick LODGE, A BLIGH
  Eleanor Mary LODGE 30 spinster   Jolly Farmer, Manston Thomas LODGE licensed victualler    
25th December Arthur FREEMAN 24 bach printer 78 Herbert Road Harry FREEMAN waggoner banns Robert BROWN, Hilda May BROWN, James BROWN
  Sarah Annie BROWN 23 spinster   22 Hatfield Road Robert BROWN miner    
26th December John Thomas FINNIS 33 bach labourer 17 Richmond Street, Cheriton James FINNIS labourer   Albert BURBRIDGE, Robert Dunn COCK
  Eliza Hilda BURBRIDGE 27 spinster laundress 41 High Street, St Lawrence John BURBRIDGE carter    
27th December Joseph Henry YOUNG 29 bach school teacher Normanton, York William YOUNG signalman banns William YOUNG, William YOUNG, Mary BEAR
  Kathleen BEAR 24 spinster - 5 Queen Bertha Road Walter Mitchinson BEAR gentleman    
27th December Edward Stephen SAXBY 28 bach motor driver 44 Victoria Road, Margate Frederick SAXBY green grocer banns Henry Allen PARAMOR, Charles SETTERFIELD, Harriet SAXBY
  Louise Mary PARAMOR 21 spinster house keeper 1 Helen Cottages, Northwood Henry Allen PARAMOR market gardener    

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