Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1921-22


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
3rd January George Newman BARKER 27 bach porter 26 Meeting Street, Ramsgate Charles BARKER (deceased) fisherman banns Gilbert B COLEGATE, John F MONK
  Alice MONK 26 spinster   2 Chilton Terrace, Chilton, St Lawrence John F MONK pensioner R.N.    
6th January Harry BATTEN 33 bach Royal Navy 99 Southwood Road John BATTEN (deceased) gardener banns Charles HUGHES, William George GIFFORD
  Edith Matilda GIFFORD 30 spinster   158 Southwood Road, St Lawrence William George GIFFORD general labourer    
24th January Robert Royal TREMAIN 23 bach confectioner Eshowe, Ellington Robert William TREMAIN confectioner banns William Henry CUSS; Dorothy Elizabeth TREMAIN
  Dorothy Selina TURNER 19 spinster   Eshowe, Ellington Thomas Edwin TURNER (deceased) green grocer    
26th March Thomas William COUCHMAN 24 bach miner 7 Black Griffin Lane, Canterbury Alfred COUCHMAN labourer banns G A COUCHMAN, E M PARAMOR
  Lily Rose Florence PARAMOR 23 spinster   Florence House, Northwood Edwin John PARAMOR labourer    
26th March George Henry MILLS 22 bach paper maker 3 Edgar Road, Dover Walter John MILLS fitters labourer banns Margaret Clara MILLS, C F A CURTIS, B V CURTIS
  Louisa Florence CURTIS 23 spinster   6 Bayview Villas, St Lawrence Charles Fletcher Appleton CURTIS labourer    
14th April Sydney Robert HUGHES 25 bach farmer Great Cliffsend Farm, St Lawrence Amos HUGHES farmer banns Amos HUGHES, Thomas HOBDAY, Ethel HOBDAY
  Marjorie Annie HOBDAY 25 spinster   37 High Street, St Lawrence Thomas HOBDAY bootmaker    
16th April Colin Fowler PAUL 23 bach clerk Cressingham Grove William Fowler PAUL Lieutenant H.M. Army banns Francis Edwin MURRAY,  David Malcolm MURRAY, Rita GREGORY
  Gladys Rendel MURRAY 28 spinster   Park View House, Ellington Park Road, St Lawrence Francis Edwin MURRAY gentleman    
16th July William Henry SHAW 26 bach soldier 20 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence James SHAW labourer banns George Thomas ASHBY, Alice Maud EUDEN
  Ethel Helena ASHBY 22 spinster   18 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence George Thomas ASHBY carter    
16th July Walter Maurice HOOPER 25 bach grocer 3 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence Frank James HOOPER (deceased) dockyard worker banns Ernest Graham HOOPER, Y MURRAY
  Dorothy Harriet KING 21 spinster   3 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence Arthur George KING (deceased) sailor    
6th August Arthur John PIDDUCK 26 bach labourer Ozengall, ST Lawrence Extra George William PIDDUCK farm bailiff banns Charles PORT, Agnes Dorothy PORT
  Margaret Elizabeth PORT 30 spinster   2 Myrtle Cottages, St Lawrence Intra Charles PORT master mariner    
20th August George Elvey HALL 32 bach labourer 3 Belvedere Terrace, St Lawrence John James HALL retired banns William George GIFFORD, William George GIFFORD
  Kate Emily GIFFORD 19 spinster   158 Southwood Road, St Lawrence William George GIFFORD labourer    
3rd September John Douglas GRIFFITHS 29 bach warehouse man 5 Anglas Street, Eghe Hill, Liverpool Edward GRIFFITHS cotton porter banns Mary Naomi ABBOTT, Richard ABBOTT
  Annie Winifred ABBOTT 24 spinster   5 Queens Avenue, St Lawrence Richard ABBOTT labourer    
17th September Hammon Robert Thomas FASSAM 21 bach linotype operator 22 Princes Street, Ramsgate Hammon FASSAM painter banns J H SHEPPARD, Anne SPENCER, Emily K FASSAM
  Louisa Laura Christa SHEPPARD 22 spinster   1 Pegwell Avenue, St Lawrence James SHEPPARD retired Sergeant    
1st October Thomas Henry CURTIS 25 bach baker 6 Bayview Villas, St Lawrence Charles Fletcher Appleton CURTIS labourer banns Beatrice Violet CURTIS, Alfred GORDON
  Rose GORDON 25 spinster     Ernest Frank GORDON deceased    
1st October Bernard Arthur AMYS 19 bach airman 2 Whitehall Farm Cottages, St Lawrence     banns Harold Thomas MAW, Dorothy Elizabeth MITCHELL
  Annie Rose Lillian DADD 20 spinster            
22nd October George Thomas HODGES 27 bach general labourer 30 Herbert Road, St Lawrence George Thomas HODGES general labourer banns Albert Edward PIERCE, Dorothy May UPTON
  Emily Louisa PIERCE 19 spinster     John PIERCE farm labourer    
27th October John James Waters DIVERS 30 bach labourer 9 Belevedere Terrace, Northwood, Ramsgate John DIVERS carter banns George HOWLAND, Harry Joseph Waters DIVERS
  Frances Ann HOWLAND 24 spinster   2 Stanley Cottages, Chilton, St Lawrence Alfred HOWLAND labourer    
12th November Peter Buchan WATSON 40 bach gas fitter 68 Southwood Road James Fairley WATSON gas manager banns Edward MICHAEL, Beatrice JONES
  Maria Elizabeth GRIGGS 33 spinster   20 Southwood Road William GRIGGS gardener    
26th December John Johnston GALLOWAY 20 bach transport fitter R.A.F. 2 Clifton Road, St Lawrence John Johnston GALLOWAY golf club maker banns Frederick William WALE, James GOLDSACK
  Ethel Rose Ann GOLDSACK 25 spinster     James GOLDSACK printer    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
25th February Albert William Edward SILK 30 bach labourer High Street, Manston Albert SILK labourer banns Reginald Victor SILK, Emily Matilda SLADDEN
  Annie Beatrice Eliza SLADDEN 28 spinster   Beaconsfield Villa, Haine James William SLADDEN labourer    
27th April Albert SAYER 44 bach farmer Chapel Farm, Manstone James SAYER (deceased) market gardener licence Thomas William SCOTT, Louisa Mary MATTHEWS
  Helen BUSHELL 40 spinster   - Frank BUSHELL (deceased) farm bailiff    
5th June Edgar Ralph HARDING 28 bach milk roundsman Linchmere, New Road William Richard HARDING (deceased) builders foreman banns Harry VAUGHAN, Harry VAUGHAN
  Lillian Annie VAUGHAN 23 spinster   14 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Harry VAUGHAN carman    
10th June Edward Henry HOUGHAM 21 bach plateman 37 Ashburnham Road Edward Henry HOUGHAM (deceased) slaughterman banns Sydney BERRIS, Edith Emma GROOM
  Gladys Lewis SLANEY 24 spinster   74 High Street Charles SLANEY labourer    
24th June Lionel Ernest Clifford DRURY 26 bach decorator 2 King Edward Road Edward Harry DRURY builder banns James H BLAIKE, Caroline Louise WOOD
  Rosina SIMMONS 18 spinster   - Thomas Benjamin SIMMONS cyclemaker    
22nd July Stanley George ROWLAND 26 bach stoker 69 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Walter James ROWLAND general labourer banns George Newman BARKER, Frederick Walter ATKINS
  Emma Elizabeth DANTON 20 spinster   11 Denmark Road, Ramsgate George Riley DANTON stoker    
26th August Albert Edward STROUD 20 bach printer 3 Forge Cottages, St Lawrence Walter STROUD chair attendant banns O B WATSON, Maria Elizabeth WATSON
  Mary Ellis CORNER 23 spinster   20 Southwood Road Robert Ellis CORNER furnace builder    
18th September Reginald MATHIAS 26 bach printers machine manager 12 Townshend Terrace, Richmond, Surrey George Henry MATHIAS Agent of the London City Mission banns Arthur John Ethelbert LAURENCE, Anchor CLARK, G H MATHIAS
  Eva Kate LAURENCE 28 spinster   27 Southwood Road Arthur John Ethelbert LAURENCE baker    
19th September George Benjamin WORMAN 24 bach chauffeur 26 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Benjamin WORMAN (deceased) railwayman licence Charlie Cecil WRIGHT,  Egbert Wyld RYLEY
  Doris Mabel LITTLE 25 spinster   - William LITTLE boiler attendent    
28th September William Urbane MORRIS 33 widower railway shunter 1 Albert Villas, Minster, Thanet William MORRIS gardener banns James William PORT, Grace HINKLEY
  Agnes Dorothy PORT 24 spinster   Jubilee Cottages, St Lawrence Charles Henry PORT fisherman    
7th October William Albert FINCH 29 bach carter Ford Cottages, Hoath Albert James FINCH carter banns John James Waters DIVERS, Albert James FINCH
  Fanny Eliza Waters DIVERS 29 spinster   Pegwell Lodge, St Lawrence John James Waters DIVERS carter    
11th November Frederick Adam ELLEN 22 bach railway porter 1 Tilbury Villas, Whitehall Road William Thomas ELLEN labourer banns Maud Millicent PAGE, John Thomas PAGE
  Beatrice Ida PAGE 23 spinster   2 Tilbury Villas, Whitehall Road John Thomas PAGE engine driver    
14th December Edward James HUGHES 31 bach carter 75 Ashburnham Road William Robert HUGHES bricklayer banns Charles William CRICKETT, Thomas William RAWLINSON
  Ethel Olivia FITALL 28 widow   7 Ashburnham Road John CRICKETT fisherman    
16th December Walter Augustus HEWETT 22 bach tram conductor 5 Queens Avenue, St Lawrence William HEWETT (deceased) labourer banns Richard ABBOTT, Ada Florence NEEVES
  Mary Naomi ABBOTT 23 spinster   - Richard ABBOTT -    
18th December George Algernon Stamers DIBLEY 35 bach schoolmaster St Lawrence College Albert DIBLEY gentleman banns Albert DIBLEY, A W CLUTTERBUCK, Lily DIBLEY, Lilia MARSDIN
  Vera Marian CLUTTERBUCK 25 spinster   Inglewood, St Lawrence Arthur Washington CLUTTERBUCK -    
25th December Henry Arthur HOLLIS 28 bach fishmonger & poulterer 105 Southwood Road William Henry HOLLIS licensed victualler banns Ernest Arthur COLES, Eliza Mary HOLLIS
  Florence Edith COLES 35 spinster   Chigwell, Essex George COLES (deceased) gardener    
26th December Percy Stephen NEWING 23 bach labourer 23 Central Road Stephen NEWING fireman banns E Spencer PAIPER, F W HILL, Stephen NEWING
  Dorothy Eugene COWIE 22 spinster   13 Edith Road John COWIE fisherman    
26th December Bertram Leopold FUTTER 25 bach locomotive fireman 23 Clifton Road Michael FUTTER locomotive driver banns Michael FUTTER, Elsie EDWARDS, Wallace PRICE, Elsie Kate PRICE
  Eliza Elizabeth PRICE 23 spinster   104 Hereson Road Wallace Sangster PRICE gas falts    
27th December Richard Thomas PORT 31 bach Petty Officer seaman H.M.S. Ramlies Richard PORT farm bailiff banns Albert Frank PORT, Nellie Annie COX
  Emily Clara COX 33 spinster   49 High Street John Evans COX carter    

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