Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1919-20


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
23rd January Charles Reuben BRUCE 24 bach soldier Cloughmore, Newington Benjamin BRUCE farmer licence Peter MACK, Florence Kate MACK
  Gertrude Ellen MACK 23 spinster   Cloughmore, Newington Peter MACK miller    
27th January William Leonard DUNKLEY 28 bach soldier 5 Vale (Royal) Square William Unwin DUNKLEY pianoforte tuner banns W DUNKLEY, Eleanor FRIEND
  Olive May SETTERFIELD 25 spinster   Chilton Stephen Edwin SETTERFIELD brickmaker    
19th March Cornelius SMITH 29 bach sailor 69 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Neil SMITH labourer banns Frances Annie ROWLAND; Henry John ROWLAND
  Getrude Nellie ROWLAND 22 spinster   69 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Walter James ROWLAND labourer    
20th March Joseph DEBONA 23 bach soldier 13 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence Frank DEBONA seaman banns Cecil James GIBBS; Florrie Stella STOKES
  Nellie May GIBBS 24 spinster   75 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Thomas GIBBS deceased    
30th March Arthur Henry BARRATT 25 bach able seaman 158 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Arthur John BARRATT jeweller banns Bertram Guy FREEMAN; William George GIFFORD
  Annie Rosetta GIFFORD 19 spinster   158 Southwood Road, St Lawrence William George GIFFORD general labourer    
16th April Henry Thomas ROBERTSON 26 bach painter 76 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Thomas Smith ROBERTSON shipping clerk banns Thomas Smith ROBERTSON; George Alfred YORKE; Harry George COURT
  Margaret May YORKE 20 spinster   76 Southwood Road, St Lawrence George Alfred YORKE clerk    
19th April Thomas CORDERY 42 widower soldier R.A.F. Barracks, Farnborough Thomas CORDERY (deceased) butler  licence C BESTLEY; D WILLIAMS
  Ada WILLIAMS 39 spinster   2 Bay View Villas, St Lawrence William WILLIAMS decorator    
21st April Harry BINCKES 28 bach soldier Cliftonville Avenue, Newington, St Lawrence Alfred Benning BINCKES store keeper banns Ernest TILL; Dorothy TILL; William CUNNINGTON
  Lilian TILL 24 spinster   The Bungalow, Newington, St Lawrence Frederick Thomas TILL (deceased) carriage builder    
26th April Sydney John HOPKINS 37 bach carpenter Crackstake, Ellington Place, St Lawrence John Monger HOPKINS (deceased) carrier licence Frances HOPKINS; H P BLACKETT; Daisy H ROBINSON
  Louisa DAVISON 47 spinster   6 Gypy Hill, Upper Norwood Henry Joseph DAVISON (deceased) cab proprietor    
28th May John Arthur HORNSBURY 21 bach labourer 30 High Street, St Lawrence William Henry HORNSBURY (deceased) labourer banns Phoebe HART; Violet HART; William EASTOP
  Emily Ethel HART 21 spinster   30 High Street, St Lawrence Eli HART (deceased) tanner    
17th August William BOODLE 22 bach sailor RN 65 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Henry BOODLE farm labourer banns Harry BOODLE; John E GRIGGS
  Ethel Maud SOUTHAM 19 spinster   65 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Edward SOUTHAM (deceased) fisherman    
20th September Alfred Charles KEELER 28 bach gardener 4 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Charles KEELER labourer banns Ernest William KEELER; Harriett BOLTON; Ethel Margaret JOHNSON
  Emma Jane BOLTON 27 spinster   8 Newington Terrace, St Lawrence George William BOLTON labourer    
20th September Thomas Lester GIBBENS 25 bach carman Jeoncot, Newington Joseph GIBBENS (deceased) jobman licence P GIBBONS; W B DAVIS
  Emily BROWNING 25 spinster   3 Charlotte Street, Broadstairs Emmanuel BROWNING foreman    
8th November Arthur Edwin James THORNBY 24 bach farmer West Cliff Farm, St Lawrence George THORNBY farmer banns Elizabeth RUMSEY; I B GIBBS
  Ethel May RUMSEY 26 spinster   25 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Edward RUMSEY butcher    
15th November Philip Arthur Percival WEBBERLEY 19 bach soldier Chatham House, Ramsgate Ernest WEBBERLEY sergeant banns Ernest Henry WEBBERLEY; Thomas PETTS
  Dulcie Bella Olive PETTS 20 spinster   Ivydene, Ellington Place, St Lawrence Thomas PETTS market gardener    
15th November Thomas WRIGHT 25 bach shunter 77 St Lukes Avenue Hugh WRIGHT toll clerk banns Percy Oliver ACOTT; Rosina ACOTT
  Annie Emily COCKS 25 spinster   77 St Lukes Avenue William COCKS engine driver    
22nd November Ivor Louie MARSHALL 24 bach engineer 138 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Charles MARSHALL motor manufacturer banns John MIRAMS; Fanny M MIRAMS
  Winifred Maud MIRAMS 22 spinster   138 Southwood Road, St Lawrence John MIRAMS brewers labourer *   * for brewers labourer read motor driver - corrected 17.01.1920 by Rev R F BEVAN in presence of Chas TAYLOR, Supt Registrar; Fanny M MIRAMS & J B GIBBS, witnesses
23rd November Charles KEEN FULL bach poulterer 3 Ellington Place, St Lawrence William KEEN (deceased) farmer licence Wallace Arthur THOMPSON; Wilfred THOMPSON
  Elsie May THOMPSON 23 spinster   3 Ellington Place, St Lawrence Walter James THOMPSON licensed victualler    
6th December Thomas George Clarke BROWN 29 bach sailor RN 8 Belvedere Terrace, Northwood Thomas Elliott BROWN engine driver banns Thomas Elliott BROWN; James BELSEY
  Mary Ann BARNETT 30 spinster   8 Belvedere Terrace, Northwood Richard BARNETT stonemason    
25th December Frederick Robert BAXTER 24 bach bootmaker 75 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Frederick Thomas BAXTER hairdresser banns Charles Thomas COLLYER; Cecil James GIBBS
  Florence Emily GIBBS 23 spinster   75 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Thomas GIBBS(deceased) market gardener    
26th December Arthur Edward BROUGHTON 24 bach sailor RN Fort Blockhouse, Gosport Edward BROUGHTON coal foreman porter banns Thomas Stanley FARNELL, Walter Ernest LAURENCE
  Alice Edith LAURENCE 20 spinster   136 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Walter Ernest LAURENCE mariner    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
28th January William Arthur BUDDLE 25 bach police constable 4 Irchester Street, Ramsgate William BUDDLE (deceased) Police Constable banns Albert Henry BUDDLE; Cornelius D GREEN; Margaret E GREEN
  Olive May GREEN 21 spinster   Thistledene, Kings Avenue, St Lawrence Cornelius D GREEN market gardener    
7th February Albert HUCKSTEP 35 bach market gardener High Street, Manston James HUCKSTEP labourer banns William HUCKSTEP; Ellen WHITE
  Carrie Amelia SAMSON 30 widow   Jubilee Cottages, Manston Samuel STANNARD (deceased) labourer    
11th February Andrew TAIT 35 bach mariner 3 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence John TAIT (deceased) forester banns Laura Louisa SAYER; W H SAYER
  Isabella SCOTT-GILCHRIST 21 spinster   3 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence William SCOTT-GILCHRIST vanman    
21st February David George PRATT 22 widower mariner 3 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence David George PRATT farmer banns George Frederick WELZELL; W E ROGERS
  Jane Caroline ROGERS 27 spinster   3 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence Thomas ROGERS engineer    
28th February Maurice Adolph DEVOS - bach mariner 77 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Maurice Adoplh DEVOS jeweller banns J H NEWINGTON; Frederick C PEGLER
  Alice Florence CHEESEMAN 23 widow   77 Seafield Road, St Lawrence John Hewitt NEWINGTON decorator    
10th April Alfred Ernest HUGHES 27 bach sailor Cliffs End Farm Amos HUGHES farmer banns John Gillis Henry ROSE; Sydney HUGHES
  Edith Ellen ROSE 26 spinster   68 Plains of Waterloo, Ramsgate John Gillis Henry ROSE ticket collector    
26th June Albert Edward KNIGHT 27 bach soldier 60 Chapel Road, St Lawrence William Frank KNIGHT labourer banns Cornelius SMITH; Alice Ada EARL
  Nellie May Frances ROWLAND 19 spinster   60 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Walter James ROWLAND labourer    
3rd July Arthur Frederick SINGER 21 bach cabinet maker 101 Canterbury Road, Leyton E.10. Albert Henry SINGER cabinet maker banns Ernest Edward SMITHERS; Albert Henry SINGER; Nell SMITHERS
  Ethel Helen SMITHERS 20 spinster   10 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Ernest Edward SMITHERS decorator    
13th July Albert Frederick PALMER 23 bach railway signalman 55 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence Jack PALMER (deceased) bootmaker licence George BROCKMAN; Catherine NAYLOR
  Emily Laurence MANSBRIDGE 23 spinster   High Street, Minster, Thanet George MANSBRIDGE carpenter    
20th September George LORD 57 bach gentleman 19 Vale Square, Ramsgate Robert Turner LORD (deceased) estate agent licence N Turner LORD, Alice LEWIS; K A LEMON
  Mabel Mary BONNET 43 widow   7 Ellington, St Lawrence James Henry RIGG (deceased) farmer    
9th October Frederick Lidenberger HEWETT 25 bach carpenter Haine, St Lawrence Joseph Terrell HEWETT (deceased) bricklayer banns Nellie E HEWETT; Walter DIDDAMS; Lily DIDDAMS
  Lilian Clare DIDDAMS 22 spinster   181 Grange Road, St Lawrence Walter DIDDAMS tailor    
16th October Alfred James SAYER 24 bach waggoner Little Cliif End Farm, St Lawrence John SAYER waggoner banns Edith Annie SAYER; James WHITE; J B GIBBS
  Edith Rose WHITE 23 spinster   8 Field Terrace, Chilton, St Lawrence James WHITE labourer    
4th December Mark SOLLY 68 widower labourer 1 Ellington William SOLLY (deceased) fisherman banns W TOMPSETT; J B GIBBS
  Eliza Ann BRACEY 66 widow   1 Ellington Thomas SUTTON (deceased) shoemaker    
16th December George William METTAM 26 bach Royal Marines H.M.S. Dragon Chatham William METTAM (deceased) general labourer licence F A LARKINS, J B GIBBS
  Liliian Beatrice HAWARD 25 widow   77 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Thomas John LARKINS fruiterer    
25th December Albert John POINTER 35 bach fisherman 27 High Street, St Lawrence James Albert POINTER labourer banns James Albert POINTER; Francis Thomas POINTER
  Elizabeth Ann PORTER 30 spinster   37 Central Road, St Lawrence Francis Thomas PORTER contractor    
26th December Harry George MARSH 24 bach builder 56 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Harry George MARSH builder banns Harry George MARSH, Richard George TAYLOR, F W MARSH, H POTTER
  Violet Muriel TAYLOR 23 spinster   71 Winstanley Crescent, St Lawrence Richard George TAYLOR fisherman    

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