Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1917-18


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
7th January Richard TIERNEY 25 bach soldier 43 High Street, St Lawrence           banns F C KINGMAN, Ellen C PEDDER
  Lilian May FARRAS 21 spinster   43 High Street, St Lawrence Benjamin FARRES (deceased) stone merchant    
30th January Bertram Guy FREEMAN 24 bach sailor 19 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Thomas FREEMAN soldier banns Alfred H MOYS, Jennie M MOYS
  Alice Maud MOYS 25 spinster   19 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Thomas FREEMAN (mistake in register) butcher    
5th April Harold John OAKE 21 bach sailor 32 Herbert Road, St Lawrence Josiah OAKE fisherman banns Bertram James GRIMES, Thomas Noble HYATT
  Alice Rosa HYATT 21 spinster   32 Herbert Road, St Lawrence Thomas Noble HYATT scaffolder    
28th April Thomas LINTOTT 29 bach farmer Chilham William LINTOTT farmer banns Alice LINTOTT, George DINES, William John DINES
  Fanny Louise DINES 37 spinster   44 Chapel Road, St Lawrence George DINES boatman    
4th June John Mitchell TITHERINGTON 25 bach farmer Nethercourt VAD Hospital, St Lawrence Eli TITHERINGTON cellarman banns Walter Thomas CLAPSON, Emma Elizabeth MACKINS
  Lillian Louise MACKINS 25 spinster   24 Grosvenor Road, ST Lawrence Thomas MACKINS chauffeur    
9th July Arthur James Edward PILCHER 35 bach soldier 4 Catherine Terrace, St Lawrence Herbert Robert PILCHER (deceased) sailor banns Harry Stammers WEBB, Kate Elizabeth NEEVES
  Annette SPAIN 24 spinster   92 Chicherle Road, Cricklewood James SPAIN (deceased) bricklayer    
10th July Charles Edward CATTERMOLE 28 bach QM Sergeant Canadian Expeditionary Force Broadstairs Alfred CATTERMOLE real estate banns J HODDER, M D DUNCAN, E SOUTHAM
  Daisy SOUTHAM 23 spinster   60 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Edward SOUTHAM fisherman    
15th September Richard William DRAY 25 bach printer 67 Margate Road, St Lawrence Thomas DRAY engine driver banns George G RUNDWELL, John Edward PALMER
  Jessie PALMER 22 spinster   46 Chapel Road, St Lawrence John Edward PALMER carpenter    
17th September Walter NICHOLSON 40 bach labourer R.F.A. Southwood Camp, St Lawrence Ralph NICHOLSON (deceased) bootmaker banns Horace Leonard STANNER, Christopher George STANNER
  Emma RIPPON 38 spinster   21 Lorne Road, St Lawrence Charles RIPPON (deceased) miser    
20th September William Thomas MUNDAY 29 bach soldier 5 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Thomas MUNDAY engine driver banns Thomas MUNDAY, Jessie PHILPOT, Kathleen Olive PHILPOT
  Emily PHILPOT 29 spinster   52 High Street, St Lawrence Henry PHILPOT fruiterer    
3rd December Harry Walter EARL 26 bach groom gardener 17 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence Harry Walter Earl (deceased) engineer banns Alfred SKINNER, Frances A ROWLAND
  Alice Ada ROWLAND 24 spinster   69 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Walter James ROWLAND labourer    
23rd December John DANIELS 61 widower Chief Petty Officer RNAS Handley Page Squadron, RNAS, Manston Clement DANIELS gentleman farmer banns F G JARVIS, Emily JARVIS
  Ellen HALLUMS 49 widow laundress Manston Cottage, Manston Road, St Lawrence James Julian JARVIS bootmaker    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
10th January George KIY 25 bach soldier 14 St Andrews Road Thomas KIY signalman banns Harold Milgrave JOHNSON, Mary Elizabeth WARDELL
  Kate Elizabeth NEEVES 25 spinster   4 Catherine Terrace, St Lawrence James William NEEVES brickmaker    
7th February Alexander Walter PIPER 22 bach electrical engineer Citadel Barracks, Dover Thomas Alexander PIPER (deceased) baker licence Matilda Annie PIPER, Mabel C MATTHEWS, C KATIS
  Grace Hilda MATTHEWS 19 spinster   9 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Stephen MATTHEWS (deceased) decorator    
14th February Arthur KIRKALDIE 35 bach mariner 8 Southwood Road, St Lawrence David KIRKALDIE (deceased) mariner banns Douglas S KIRKALDIE, Mary Amelia PENNY, Amelia KIRKALDIE
  Elsie Mary KIRKALDIE 24 spinster   8 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Arthur Alfred KIRKALDIE (deceased) mariner    
12th March Alexander FORD 30 bach soldier The Sportsman Inn, Cliffsend, St Lawrence William FORD groom & gardener licence William James CURTIS, Arthur FORD, Nellie STANFORD
  Emily Elizabeth CURTIS 29 spinster   The Sportsman Inn, Cliffsend, St Lawrence James William CURTIS innkeeper    
6th April Alfred WALLACE 22 bach soldier 142 Southwood Road Edward WALLACE railway porter banns Katherine Sarah BRISTOW, Matthew ELLIS
  Edith May LAURENCE 21 spinster   142 Southwood Road Walter LAURENCE (deceased) labourer    
17th June Leonard George HARVEY 27 bach shunter 40 Grove Road, Folkestone Walter HARVEY Coast Guard Officer banns James PEIRCE, Daisy PEIRCE, W HARVEY
  Clara Elizabeth PEIRCE 26 spinster   Town Station, Ramsgate Edward PEIRCE (deceased)      
3rd August William Henry DEARLOVE 38 bach labourer 99 Southwood Road George Harry DEARLOVE labourer banns Rose Rachel SPINAGE, George Alfred BROWN
  Esther SPINAGE 32 spinster   99 Southwood Road William SPINAGE labourer    
5th August Alfred Charles Henry HOLTON 43 widower plasterer 4 Woodford Avenue, St Lawrence Charles Henry HOLTON bricklayer banns Eleanor FRIEND, Rachel SETTERFIELD
  Jessie Eleanor CORBIN 41 widow   6 Church Street, Ramsgate Stephen Edwin SETTERFIELD brickmaker    
31st August William Edward GRAINGER 30 bach sailor RN Southwood House Lodge, St Lawrence William GRAINGER coachman licence William GRAINGER, Mary Ann GRAINGER
  Lizzie PARKER 28 spinster   35 Hertford Road, Hoddesdon Edward George PARKER gardener    
10th September Frederick William WALE 28 bach soldier 21 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Joseph Samuel WALE coastguard licence Joseph S WALE, Lillian M HARDING
  Ellen Jane GOLDSACK 24 spinster   Rose Inn, St Lawrence James GOLDSACK grocer    
11th September Joseph Loughton SPRAY 26 bach sailor H M S Ruthemia William Frederick SPRAY labourer banns Annie M SPRAY, H WEIGALL, William GRAINGER, Rose S M WEIGALL
  Grace Mabel GRAINGER 26 spinster   The Lodge Southwood House, St Lawrence William GRAINGER coachman    
14th September Percy William Louis WELCH 30 bach cabinet maker 97 Calabria Road, Islington George WELCH (deceased) cabinet maker banns Frederick Arthur WELCH, Charles Frederick PEYTON, M J PEYTON
  Ellen Elizabeth Constance PEYTON 29 spinster   162 Grange Road, St Lawrence Charles Frederick PEYTON Officer Customs & Excise    
26th October Ernest William PAGE 24 bach fireman 3 Tilbury Villas, White Hall John Thomas PAGE engine driver banns John BOUGHTON, Henry BOUGHTON, John Thomas PAGE
  Ellen Louisa BOUGHTON 29 spinster   36 Winstanley Crescent John BOUGHTON miller    
7th November Leo NASH 27 bach Austalian Force - Private in 46 Ethelbert Road, Margate Horace NASH clerk banns James HANCOCK, Ida MILES, N E OGDEN, Horace Frederick NASH, Alice Maud WATSON
  Flossie Mabel HANCOCK 23 spinster   Haine Farm James HANCOCK farm bailiff    
19th December William Charles JONES 31 bach bricklayer 20 Herbert Road Ebenezer JONES retired fisherman licence O E OCLEE, Daisy Helen LARKINS
  Minnie KIMMINGS 23 spinster   20 Herbert Road John KIMMINGS labourer    
25th December Frederick BROOMFIELD 24 bach plumbers assistant 41 Lockinbar Stl, Walton, Liverpool Richard BROOMFIELD labourer banns Samuel BROOMFIELD, H G MARSH
  Emma Fanny MARSH 24 spinster   56 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Harry George MARSH bricklayer    
28th December Louis George OVENDEN 28 bach soldier 55 Chapel Road Frank OVENDEN (deceased) fisherman licence Harry EASTOP, E EASTOP, Victor Albert Frank OVENDEN
  Alice EASTOP 27     55 Chapel Road Harry EASTOP painter    
29th December Arthur Ringrose ANDERSON 27 bach mechanic 1 Elizabeth Terrace, East Cliff James Robert ANDERSON ship broker (ret) licence John Godden NORRIS, Marie Louise NORRIS
  May Godden NORRIS 21 spinster   126 Grange Road John Godden NORRIS grocer    

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