Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1915-16


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
25th January Thomas Edward FAGG 24 bach shop assistant 20 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence Fred FAGG labourer banns W W BOND, F L CLADINGBOWL, A T AUSTEN
  Ellen Louisa BOND 21 spinster   20 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence William Walter BOND dredger    
14th February Cecil Lavender GASKIN 25 bach clerk 66 Mervan Road, Brixton William GASKIN joiner banns P W GASKIN, A M AUSTEN
  Edith Eliza CLARK 25 spinster   46 Boundary Road, Ramsgate George Thomas CLARK (decd) grocer    
19th February William SHARP 32 bach Chief Petty Officer RN 6 Lily Terrace, Herbert Road, St Lawrence William SHARP (deceased) military tailor licence Hannah SHARP, William BAKER, J F LAMING
  Annie BAKER 26 spinster   6 Lily Terrace, Herbert Road, St Lawrence William BAKER (deceased) railway guard    
27th March William Bernard TAYLOR 28 bach soldier Government House, Farnborough John TAYLOR stone mason banns Charles BURGESS, Agnes BURGESS
  Alice BURGESS 29 spinster   10 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Charles BURGESS gardener    
3rd April David DARTNELL 20 bach mariner 40 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Richard DARTNELL mariner banns W G DELO, Alice F DARTNELL
  Emma Charlotte BEER 20 spinster   40 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Frederick BEER labourer    
3rd April Percy PHILPOTT 24 bach market gardener Honey Hill, Blean, Canterbury Walter John PHILPOTT labourer banns Albert PHILPOTT, Hilda May MARSH
  Grace Elizabeth MARSH 19 spinster   Haine Cottages, St Lawrence James MARSH labourer    
4th April Frederick Henry WOODCOCK 26 bach baker 4 Dane Crescent, St Lukes Avenue, Ramsgate Alfred WOODCOCK farm bailiff banns W COCKS, Annie Emily COCKS
  Rosina Minnie COCKS 28 spinster   4 Dane Crescent, St Lukes Avenue, Ramsgate William COCKS engine driver    
11th April Frederick John MAXTED 45 widower labourer 5 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence James MAXTED (deceased) butcher banns Walter MAXTED, Laouisa Harriet SOLLY
  Emily Florence BRIGHT 26 widow   5 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence George NEAVES gas stoker    
11th April Horace Walter STONE 23 bach dairyman Llanelly, Newington Road William John STONE dairyman banns Shadrack William LAURENCE, Rose Helen HUNT, Alice F LAURENCE
  Lilian Annie LAURENCE 22 spinster   136 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Walter Ernest LAURENCE mariner    
19th April Thomas Arthur PETLEY 25 bach carman 16 Lorne Road, Ramsgate Thomas William PETLEY painter banns John HORN, S F PETLEY, Edith Kate PETLEY
  Ellen Louisa HORN 23 spinster   28 Chapel Road, St Lawrence John HORN labourer    
23rd May George John LANSDOWNE 23 bach fisherman 15 Herbert Road, St Lawrence James LANSDOWNE (deceased) engineer banns John Sackett READ, Minnie HOGBIN
  Ethel Maud ISAACS 23 spinster   15 Herbert Road, St Lawrence Andrew John Thomas ISAACS (deceased) labourer    
24th May Alfred Thomas AUSTEN 25 bach carman 4 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence James AUSTEN labourer banns W W BOND, Emily AUSTEN, M H GORHAM, T E FAGG
  Edith Elizabeth BOND 24 spinster   20 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence William Walter BOND dredger    
6th June Archibald ORDERS 25 bach insurance collector 75 Seafield Road, St Lawrence John ORDERS bricklayer banns Henry TAYLOR, F S BRENCHLEY, D SOUTHAM, M C G ORDERS
  Lizzie Amelia Jane SOUTHAM 23 spinster   Lindenville, 33 Hollicondane Road, Ramsgate Edward SOUTHAM fisherman    
10th June Walter Thomas HERBERT 25 bach shop manager 9 High Street, Broadstairs William HERBERT carpenter banns William Percy HERBERT, H G HAMMOND, W H BILLOT
  Florence Kate HAMMOND 30 spinster   Carisbrooke, Southwood Road, St Lawrence Henry George HAMMOND master mariner    
24th June Henry Marchant Stammers WEBB 23 bach stationer Memel Villa, Westcliff Road, Ramsgate Thomas WEBB engineer banns George WEST, G H WEST, C R WEST
  Dorothy Mary WEST 23 spinster   31 Ellington Road, Ramsgate George WEST gardener    
29th June Stephen Joseph DRAYSON 23 bach baker 24 Plains of Waterloo, Ramsgate Henry DRAYSON (deceased) carman banns F H W WEBB, H E MARTIN, F L MARTIN, E F SCOTT
  Rose Annie MARTIN 24 spinster   138 Grange Road, Ramsgate James Henry MARTIN upholsterer    
13th July Edward James TURNER 37 widower engineer 12 Denny Road, St Michaels, Lower Edmonton Joseph TURNER (deceased) gardener banns Rosetta CHANTRELL, M MURPHY, Laura CHANTRELL, A SIMPSON
  Mary Ann Amelia CHANTRELL 40 spinster   12 Clifton Road, St Lawrence George Ruttley CHANTRELL (deceased) London Salvage Corps    
29th July Alfred Richard GRIGGS 24 bach engine cleaner 71 Chapel Road, St Lawrence William Edmund GRIGGS gardener banns H F GRIGGS, H W R FOORD, M E GRIGGS, M M GRIGGS
  Selina Emma Emelia STROUD 25 spinster   1 Myrtle Cottages, St Lawrence Frank STROUD postman    
12th August William HAWKINS 41 bach teacher Preston Villa, Manston Henry HAWKINS tradesman banns Lilian Annie HAWKINS, George Gilbert COOK
  Annie Louise COOK 34 spinster   28 Southwood Road, St Lawrence George Gilbert COOK gentleman    
14th August Frederick George LAWRENCE 29 bach civil service clerk Buffs Barracks, Dover William Grimley LAWRENCE confectioner banns W G LAWRENCE, A C SMALLFIELD, T J SMALLFIELD
  Rosamond Lilian SMALLFIELD 27 spinster   104 Grange Road, St Lawrence Nelson SMALLFIELD (deceased) grocer    
16th August William Henry GIFFORD 24 bach shop assistant 58 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Charles GIFFORD gardener banns Charles GIFFORD, E A GIFFORD, Thomas William HOUGHAM
  Louisa Margaret HOUGHAM 24 spinster   22 High Street, St Lawrence Thomas William HOUGHAM bootmaker    
14th September William James ATKINS 23 bach police constable Royal Dockyard, Woolwich Daniel ATKINS platelayer banns Daniel ATKINS, Susan REDMAN
  Annie REDMAN 24 spinster   6 Newington Terrace, St Lawrence George REDMAN (deceased) undertaker    
20th September William Henry CROWHURST 33 bach grocers manager 26 Newton Road, Tonbridge Wells John Albert CROWHURST (deceased) farmer banns Alice Maud AUSTEN, George James CLARK
  Florrie Waterman CLARK 27 spinster   46 Boundary Road, Ramsgate George Thomas CLARK (decd) grocer    
23rd September William Howard Bernard POTTS 28 bach cabinet maker 129 High Street, Stourbridge Frank POTTS tobacconist banns Jane Eliza POTTS, Peter MACK, Gertie MACK
  Florence MACK 21 spinster   Cloughmore, St Lawrence Peter MACK miller    
2nd October Alfred PACKER 27 bach Post Office clerk Ivy Cottage, Sunninghill Joseph PACKER carpenter banns George PACKER, Charles BURGESS
  Agnes Eleanor BURGESS 28 spinster   10 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Charles BURGESS gardener    
14th October Frederick Charles HARDING 22 bach postman 12 Hardes Road, St Lawrence William HARDING engine driver banns Christopher HARDING, W J C THOMPSON
  Marjorie Selina JONES 23 spinster   27 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Harry JONES farmer    
16th October Thomas John Gardener PAGE 23 bach waggoner East Northdown, Margate Henry John PAGE labourer banns William Thomas WHITE, Emily Jane WHITE
  Mabel Jane WHITE 27 spinster   8 Field Terrace, Chilton, St Lawrence James Frederick WHITE labourer    
30th October Walter George DELO 24 bach fitter 36 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Walter George DELO gas stoker banns Edith Grace DELO, Laura Gertrude HUNT, William Rowland PARKHURST
  Elsie Harriet HUNT 23 spinster   36 Chapel Road, St Lawrence William HUNT railway guard    
30th October William BAILEY 23 bach market gardener Haine, St Lawrence George Jeffrey BAILEY labourer banns William WILLIAMS, Alice Rose BAILEY
  Louisa Mary WILLIAMS 20 spinster   Haine, St Lawrence William WILLIAMS labourer    
23 November John Benedict MILLINGTON 25 bach soldier British Expeditionary Force, France William MILLINGTON fisherman banns Margaret Ann WALL, Edward Henry CASTLE
  Harriet Ellen ROTHWELL 23 spinster   24 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Walter George ROTHWELL plumber    
28th November George Denis SANDWELL 29 bach labourer 1 Stanley Cottages, Ramsgate George SANDWELL waterman banns Harry WALL, Louise SANDWELL
  Ethel May WALL 26 spinster   1 Stanley Cottages, Ramsgate Harry WALL painter    
9th December Herbert Sydney STUPPLES 29 bach sailor 138 Southwood Road, St Lawrence George Sayer STUPPLES bricklayer banns Angelina Ellenna SETTERFIELD, Winnifred Ruth ROWE, E H W WEEKS
  Hilda Dennis ROWE 29 spinster   138 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Thomas William ROWE (deceased) carpenter    
26th December Henry Ernest PETTS 22 bach boatman 68 Horsa Road, Erith William Edward PETTS labourer licence Harry John TAYLOR, Jacob BURLEY
  Ellen Maud CHAPMAN 32 widow   Newington Cottages, St Lawrence Jacob BURLEY gardener    
27th December Harry James BUSHELL 29 bach soldier 52 Chapel Road, St Lawrence James BUSHELL labourer banns Elizabeth Dilnot BUSHELL, Leonard George PILCHER, Eliza PILCHER
  Jessie Maud PILCHER 25 spinster   52 Chapel Road, St Lawrence William PILCHER (deceased) baker    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
1st January Edward John BOWLES 23 bach soldier Flete Brickfield Cottage, St Lawrence William BOWLES brickmaker banns Katie Eliza SCOTT, Florence WOODWARD
  Beatrice Emily WOODWARD 22 spinster   Flete Brickfield Cottage, St Lawrence Thomas WOODWARD brickmaker    
22nd January Thomas John LARKINS 27 bach sailor RN H M S Stour John LARKINS labourer banns Albert Ernest LARKINS, Ellen LARKINS
  Emily Lily KIMMINGS 22 spinster   5 King Edward Road, St Lawrence John KIMMINGS labourer    
30th January William James BEAL 24 bach postman 6 Rosebury Avenue, St Lawrence James William BEAL commercial traveller banns J B GIBBS, E GIBBS
  Daisy Fanny MAXTED 23 spinster   6 Rosebury Avenue, St Lawrence Henry MAXTED gardener    
2nd March William George OLIVER 47 widower soldier Citadel Barracks, Dover Henry OLIVER gardener banns G KEACHIE, G FINNIS
  Clara Jane FINNIS 44 spinster   Bay View Villa, Chilton, St Lawrence James FINNIS (deceased) shepherd    
3rd June James Henry RANKIN 34 bach soldier East Sandling, Folkestone Henry RANKIN (deceased) miner licence Elizabeth AMBROSE, Ellen FOREMAN
  Florence Rose HOOKER 27 spinster   21 Westcliff Terrace Mansions, St Lawrence William HOOKER cooper    
2nd July George Albert JOHNSON 28 bach laundry proprietor 178 Bonbridge Road, South Acton Thomas JOHNSON gentleman banns Thomas JOHNSON, Robert Henry FRIGHT, A RAWLINGS
  Florence Mary FRIGHT 26 spinster   26 Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence Robert Henry FRIGHT brewers drayman    
4th July George Maurice KEEL 26 bach cowman High Hurstwood Lincoln Maurice KEEL (deceased) bootmaker licence Minnie STANNER, Esther STANDFORD
  Beatrice Florence Victoria STANFORD 19 spinster   114 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Ernest Alfred STANDFORD signalman    
8th July John Henry SCOTT 39 bach storeman 19 Trevanion Street, Dover John William SCOTT gardener banns Thomas COLYER, Lillian GREEN
  Kate Lilley GREEN 29 spinster   11 Cambridge Terrace, Dover Charles GREEN (deceased) military policeman    
11th July Harry Vincent HENNIKER 25 bach electrical engineer 20 Darnett Road, Trinity Leigh Percy George Vincent HENNIKER professor of music banns P Vincent HENNIKER, Thomas J E RICHES
  Florence Katie Adele RICHES 30 spinster   Santos, Rawdon Road, St Lawrence Thomas RICHES gentleman    
2nd August Joseph LINTHORN 21 bach sailor 28 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Robert LINTHORN fisherman banns R A MANUEL, J BROWN, D HOBDAY
  Frances Mary NEWINGTON 19 spinster   28 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Thomas NEWINGTON labourer    
3rd August Arthur Thomas SCOTT 28 bach cycle maker 52 St Mildreds Road, St Lawrence George Edward SCOTT decorator banns George Edward SCOTT, Charles MILLS, John Charles MILLS
  Margery Matilda MILLS 21 spinster   52 St Mildreds Road, St Lawrence Charles MILLS builders foreman    
13th September Ernest James CHEESEMAN 26 bach market gardener 77 Seafield Road, St Lawrence James CHEESEMAN (deceased) labourer banns Annie E NEWINGTON, J B GIBBS
  Alice Florence NEWINGTON 20 spinster   77 Seafield Road, St Lawrence John Hewitt NEWINGTON painter    
19th October Joseph Henry FOX 27 bach gas inspector 75 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Joseph Henry FOX (deceased) gas stoker banns Emily FOX, Richard Charles FASSAM
  Nina Florence HARMER 19 spinster   49 Edith Road, St Lawrence David HARMER (deceased) carpenter    
30th October Sydney Alfred WRIGHT 24 bach clerk Cliffsend, St Lawrence Alfred William WRIGHT railway employee licence Joseph Percival CROWTHER, Henry Bentley THORN
  Hilda Alberta DOCKER 23 spinster   267 London Road, Dover John DOCKER (deceased) grocer    
16th November James BENEFIELD 50 widower market gardener Chapel Lane, Manston Harry BENEFIELD gardener banns Arthur Robert BENEFIELD, George Charles LONGLEY, Florence Emily BENEFIELD, May Sutton LONGLEY
  Lucy Jane COLEMAN 46 spinster   22 Church Road, Ramsgate John COLEMAN (deceased) harbour boatman (retired)    
6th December Henry William MASTERS 23 bach soldier West Kent Yeomanry 1 Chilton Farm Cottages, St Lawrence William Thomas MASTERS butcher licence Winifred DAWSON, Herbert COSTIN
  Christine DAWSON 23 spinster   1 Chilton Farm Cottages, St Lawrence William DAWSON farmer    
14th December Godfrey VIGNE 30 bach motor engineer Granville Hotel, Ramsgate Frederick Henry VIGNE none banns C E CATHMOLE, Maggie Dorothy SUTTON, Henry Robert SUTTON
  Nellie Marion SUTTON 25 spinster   1 South Eastern Terrace, Margate Road, St Lawrence Henry Robert SUTTON tailor    

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