Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1913-14


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
4th January Leonard Charles GIFFORD 22 bach fisherman 7 Field Terrace, Chilton, St Lawrence Charles GIFFORD (deceased) fishmonger banns R MOORE, B. MOORE
  Edith Florence Hamond MOORE 26 spinster   7 Field Terrace, Chilton, St Lawrence Richard MOORE plate layer    
20th January Henry Alwyne UNGLESS 26 bach carpenter 32 Alma Road, St Lawrence Fred UNGLESS farmer banns Sydney FOREMAN, Ellen FOREMAN
  Susan Annie HOOKER 25 spinster   32 Alma Road, St Lawrence William HOOKER (deceased) cooper    
3rd March James DICKINSON 42 bach soldier Tidworth, Wilts John DICKINSON (deceased) estate agent banns Reginald BALDWIN,  R REYNOLDS, ELLEN I WEST, Winifred P WEST
  Susanna Mary WEST 23 spinster   52 Boundary Road, Ramsgate Thomas WEST (deceased) railway lampman    
24th March Joseph William BETTRIDGE 25 bach grocer 101 Margate Road, Ramsgate Joseph William BETTRIDGE (deceased) grocer banns William MILES, W MILES, Alice LANE
  Edith Celia MILES 22 spinster   The Stables, Westcliff Terrace Mansions, St Lawrence William MILES coachman    
26th April Alfred FINCH FULL widower gentleman 65 Southwood Road, St Lawrence George FINCH (deceased) commercial traveller licence Alfred Rupert FINCH, George Edward VENNER
  Mary Jane WOOD FULL widow   71 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Edward RICHARDSON (deceased) engineer    
3rd June Richard GOLDING 79 widower retired farm bailiff 7 St Lawrence Terrace, St Lawrence Adam GOLDING (deceased) farm labourer banns Thomas COLYER, Ellen Lilian COLYER, Lydia HEDGECOCK
  Eliza Souton HILLS 55 spinster   127 Margate Road, St Lawrence Charles HILLS (deceased) dairyman    
20th July George Alfred WALPOLE 28 bach warehouse man 52 Dane Road, Ramsgate George King WALPOLE (deceased) blacksmith banns Bert W WALPOLE, Rose NASH
  Annie NASH 30 spinster   The Gardeners Cottage, Southwood House, St Lawrence James NASH gardener    
26th July Wilfred George LOVE 25 bach gardener I Tunis Row, Crowhill, Broadstairs Henry John LOVE market gardener banns Harry DARBY, Lilian Estella OLD, H J DARBY
  Dorothy Ann DARBY 21 spinster   34 High Street, St Lawrence Harry DARBY carrier    
25th September Samuel TALBOTT 27 bach caterer 53 Cleveland Gardens, Barnes Harry TALBOTT (deceased) baker banns Charles TALBOTT, George WEST, Dorothy Mary WEST
  Nellie Elizabeth WEST 24 spinster   Westcliff Lodge, St Lawrence George WEST gardener    
21st October Karl Majx BASSERMANN 28 bach teacher 37 Regents Park Road, London Karl BASSERMANN clerk banns J Walter SCARLETT jnr, John W SCARLETT, Elizabeth SCARLETT, Rose S M WEIGALL
  Alice Marie SCARLETT 30 spinster   Beechcroft, St Lawrence John Walter SCARLETT auctioneer & estate agent    
30th October William Henry FOAD 41 bach roadman The Cot, Sarre John FOAD market gardener banns Ellen E SHAXTED, Rose KELLY, Ann BUSHELL
  Annette Mary KELLY 37 spinster   Manstone, St Lawrence         
16th November Thomas Henry PEARSON 32 bach baker 6 Victoria Road, Ramsgate John PEARSON (deceased) stoker banns E L SPRATT, S J HOLNESS
  Lily Violet Gertrude HOLNESS 24 spinster   6 Victoria Road, Ramsgate Albert HOLNESS labourer    
25th December Frank Harry MITCHELL 25 bach baker 13 New Cross, St Lawrence, Margate George MITCHELL (deceased) farm labourer banns James FRIEND, Alice Mary BAYLEY
  Ellen FRIEND 28 spinster   4 Chilton Terrace, St Lawrence James FRIEND farm labourer    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
11th February Frederick William Trobridge BRISTOW 22 bach labourer 1 Torrington Villas, Northwood William Henry BRISTOW labourer banns W J ROWLAND, A A ROWLAND, G ROWLAND
  Rose Ellen ROWLAND 22 spinster   69 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Walter James ROWLAND labourer    
3rd March George ROLFE 27 bach baker Brasted, Kent Robert ROLFE labourer banns Walter ROLFE, James REDWOOD, Charlotte REDWOOD
  Nellie REDWOOD 25 spinster   Manston James REDWOOD labourer    
29th March Eric Richard NEWINGTON 24 bach butcher 77 Seafield Road, St Lawrence John Hewitt NEWINGTON painter banns John Hewitt NEWINGTON, George BAGGS, Ada BAGGS
  Beatrice Helen CARROLL 25 spinster   98 Thanet Road, St Lawrence Thomas John CARROLL painter    
4th April William George BOOTES 20 bach market gardener 69 Winstanley Crescent, Ramsgate Amos BOOTES sweeper banns William WILLIAMS, L M WILLIAMS, A E BOOTES
  Daisy Jane WILLIAMS 20 spinster   Walnut Tree Cottage, Haine, St Lawrence William WILLIAMS labourer    
11th April George Edward JARROLD 55 widower foreman stevedore 29 Cross Street, Lower Road, Deptford Phillip JARROLD (deceased) mariner banns J BEAN, J REEVES, J BEAN, M BEAN
  Charlotte BEAN 49 widow   3 Catherine Terrace, Chapel Road,  St Lawrence William Cullen HARDER (deceased) cordwainer    
2nd May Richard John BEAN 20 bach carpenter 3 Catherine Terrace, St Lawrence George BEAN (deceased) bricklayer banns Ernest George FOSTER, Winnifred PERRY
  Ethel Gwendoline FOSTER 21 spinster   Belvedere Cottages, Northwood, St Lawrence Willaim FOSTER sweeper    
1st June Albert William COOK 48 bach carpenter 3 Ashburnham Road, ST Lawrence George COOK (deceased) carpenter banns William Sutton SAYER, T FAGG, Ivy Winifred FAGG, B M C BOURNE
  Sarah Anne CHAPMAN 42 spinster   3 Ashburnham Road, ST Lawrence George CHAPMAN (decd) coachman    
20th June Frederick Thomas LAMBERT 28 bach printer 1 Seafield Road, St Lawrence, Thanet Edward George LAMBERT ship's rigger banns James Alfred REDMAN, Mary Ethel REDMAN
  Ada MORECROFT 32 spinster   83 Westcliff Road, Ramsgate George MORECROFT (deceased) whitesmith    
27th June Alfred Thomas MILLER 39 bach architect 13 Liverpool Street, Dover John MILLER gentleman banns George Edward VENNER, Mark TAPLEY
  Mary Frances VENNER 30 spinster   Normanhurst, Southwood Road, St Lawrence, Thanet George Prescott VENNER gentleman    
12th July Albert Victor CLARK 27 bach grocer 46 Boundary Road, Ramsgate George Thomas CLARK (decd) grocer banns Geo SHAW, Mary SHAW
  Daisy Elizabeth SHAW 25 spinster   3 Dane Park, Ramsgate George SHAW railway guard    
3rd August Percy Edward TOMLIN 30 bach gardener Haine, St Lawrence Edward TOMLIN (deceased) platelayer banns Arthur Llewlyln BOLTON, Emma Jane BOLTON
  Sarah BOLTON 24 spinster   Haine, St Lawrence George William BOLTON farm labourer    
3rd September Frank Beecher MOODY 26 bach joiner Glenlyn, Coronation Road, Sheerness Frank Beecher MOODY bootmaker banns Frank Beecher MOODY, F K HAMMOND, H G HAMMOND, S E MOODY
  Hilda Edith HAMMOND 26 spinster   Carisbrooke, Southwood Road, St Lawrence Henry George HAMMOND master mariner    
24th September William James MOULDER 27 bach sign writer Elizabeth Cottage, Whitehall, St Lawrence George MOULDER bootmaker banns Edwin Charles UTTON, H C SLINGSBY, G E MATTHEWS, G MOULDER
  Ada Caroline UTTON 22 spinster   808 Old Ford Road, Bow, London Edwin Charles UTTON shop keeper    
17th October William Charles GRIGGS 44 widower cowman 1 Chilton Farm Cottages, St Lawrence William GRIGGS (deceased) labourer banns William Stephen STANNER, Ellen Francis STANNER
  Elizabeth Mary KEEL 48 widow   6 Field Terrace, Chilton, St Lawrence William STANNER (deceased) outside porter    
17th October William Thomas WHITE 28 bach labourer 7 Queens Avenue, St Lawrence James Frederick WHITE labourer banns William Henry HUCKSTEP, Mabel Jane WHITE
  Ellen Jane HUCKSTEP 24 spinster   Westover, St Lawrence James HUCKSTEP labourer    
1st November Albert Victor CLADINGBOWL 27 bach shop assistant 20 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence William Alfred CLADINGBOWL fisherman banns W R BOND, Edith E BOND, G W HODGMAN, L R CLADINGBOWL
  Florence Louisa BOND 28 spinster   1 Lyndhurst Road, Ramsgate William Robert BOND fisherman    
8th November George BEDDALL 53 bach carpenter 60 Denmark Road, Ramsgate William BEDDALL (deceased) farmer banns Emily CARRUTHERS, J B GIBBS
  Mary Jane ARNOLD 35 spinster   60 Denmark Road, Ramsgate John ARNOLD (deceased) gardener    
25th November Alfred Augustus ROBINSON 39 widower masseur 25 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Arthur ROBINSON (deceased) commercial traveller banns H B CHAMBERS, Harold Geo HUGHES
  Daisy Helen HOPKINS 28 spinster   Crackstake, Ellington Place, St Lawrence John Monger HOPKINS carrier    
26th December Henry Francis SOUTHEY 26 bach baker 84 High Street, St Lawrence Charles SOUTHEY (deceased) coachman banns Charles Richard SOUTHEY, Fred NEEVES
  Agnes Mary NEEVES 24 spinster   7 Margate Road, St Lawrence George NEEVES gas stoker    
26th December Richard Walter SOLLY 29 bach dockyard labourer 49 Richmond Street, Sheerness Edward SOLLY luggage porter banns W T SOLLY, Albert Victor PHILPOTT, R PHILPOTT
  Gertrude Alice Eliza CLARKE 27 spinster   2 Arthur Terrace, Herbert Road, St Lawrence Charles CLARKE (deceased) general stores    
26th December Gilbert Henry SIMPSON 28 bach fireman 138 Southwood Road, St Lawrence William Thomas SIMPSON labourer banns H STUPPLES, E H W WEEKS, B E ROWE
  Lily Gertrude LOVE 25 spinster   138 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Thomas William LOVE (deceased) carpenter    
30th December Harry William BARBER 26 bach soldier 19 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Harry BARBER soldier banns Ernest Edward William GOODBAN, Henry GOODBAN, Violet GOODBAN
  Edith Emily Elizabeth GOODBAN 26 spinster   19 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Henry GOODBAN labourer    

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