Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1911-12


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
19th January Richard Edward Alfred LINCOLN 35 bach sailor 50 High Street, St Lawrence Thomas William LINCOLN (deceased) gardener banns Henry William LINCOLN, Thomas William LINCOLN
  Annie SCOATES 36 spinster   83 Westcliff Road, Ramsgate James SCOATES bootmaker    
25th January Percy William CAISTEP 25 bach farmer Manston John CAISTER outfitter banns Charles FOREMAN, Beatrice FORMAN
  Victoria FOREMAN 27 spinster   Ryash, West malling Charles FOREMAN baker    
5th March Henry Walter CHAPMAN 27 bach painter 50 Boundary Road, Ramsgate William Robert CHAPMAN painter banns Alfred W DANTON, Louisa SUTTON
  Jessie Loiuse DANTON 31 spinster   17 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence Alfred William DANTON builders labourer    
22nd March Owen Arthur HUNT 27 bach manager of licensed premises The Wheatsheaf, St Lawrence William HUNT railway guard banns William AUSTEN, Hilda May Horsley
  Sarah AUSTEN 29 spinster   The Wheatsheaf, St Lawrence William AUSTEN licenced victualler    
25th March Frederick Robert ANDREWS 23 bach shipwright 3 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence William Robert ANDREWS (deceased) plasterer banns James TUTT, Rose Elizabeth TUTT
  Harriet TUTT 23 spinster   16 Alexandra Road James TUTT labourer    
4th April Walter ALLWAY 30 bach poor house officer Kingston Farm Union, New Malden John ALLWAY (deceased) gardener banns D H PREBBLE, Walter C PREBBLE, H J PREBBLE
  Annie Lilian PREBBLE 23 spinster   11 Herbert Road, St Lawrence Walter Charles PREBBLE decorator    
16th April Robert George POINTER 23 bach carrier 85 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Robert POINTER carter banns Robert POINTER, A FARRIER, Alfred HARLOW
  Ellen FARRIER 24 spinster   85 Chapel Road, St Lawrence William FARRIER seaman    
20th April Frederick John HUGHES 23 bach farm bailiff Cliffsend Amos Job HUGHES farmer banns Alfred LEDNOR, Elizabeth Harriet HUGHES
  Lilian LEDNOR 26 spinster   Coliswood Charles LEDNOR market gardener    
27th April Alfred William WHITE 29 widower grocer 179 Grange Road, St Lawrence William Pierce WHITE mariner banns Samuel Richardson MILLER, Frances Ruth WHITE
  Annie WHITE 34 spinster   179 Grange Road, St Lawrence David WHITE labourer    
27th April George WYLES 24 bach dairyman 2 Wimbledon Villas, Chilton, St Lawrence Henry WYLES dairyman banns Arthur WYLES, George WRIGHT
  Bertha Ellen WRIGHT 25 spinster   5 Chilton Terrace, St Lawrence George WRIGHT gardener    
8th May John WALL 33 bach seaman RN HMS Shannon, Sheerness Isaac WALL labourer banns William WALL, C A GOODBAN, Edith Emily Elizabeth GOODBAN
  Margaret Anne MILLINGTON 29 spinster   41 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence William Joseph MILLINGTON fisherman    
20th May John James GRANT 28 bach stoker RN 2 Priory Villas, Northwood, St Lawrence John James GRANT master mariner banns Thomas Elliott BROWN, Ellen Matilda BELSEY
  Rose Hannah BROWN 21 spinster   2 Priory Villas, Northwood, St Lawrence Thomas Elliott BROWN plasterer    
12th July William GARLINGE 24 bach chauffeur River George GARLINGE farm bailiff banns M A GARLINGE, F M MARTIN, S CLARK
  Frances Mabel MARTIN 23 spinster   9 Chilton Terrace, St Lawrence William MARTIN (deceased) farmer    
23rd July John James OVENDEN 30 bach milkman Manston John OVENDEN labourer banns Ellen PETTET, John B GIBBS
  Frances Mary FOSTER 33 spinster   Broadstairs James FOSTER (deceased) publican    
30th July Harry CROUCH 31 bach telegraphist 3 Ellington, St Lawrence Frederick CROUCH manager china warehouse banns Frederick Charles CROUCH, Matthew C TUCKER, Grace ANDREWS
  Hannah Elizabeth TUCKER 35 spinster   St Andrews Villa, Southwood Road, St Lawrence John TUCKER (decd) brewer    
6th August Charles Henry HOSKINS 23 bach baker 32 Boundary Road William HOSKINS bath chairman   Stephen Henry HICKS, Alice Rose HOSKINS
  Maude HICKS 23 spinster   32 Boundary Road Samuel HICKS fisherman    
24th August Arthur Charles BAKER 26 bach gardener 2 Chilton Villas, St Lawrence Robert William BAKER grocers assistant banns Robert William BAKER, Isa HUBBELL, L HUBBELL
  Sarah Emily HUBBELL 27 spinster   11 Westcliff Terrace, St Lawrence Isa HUBBELL caretaker    
8th October Arthur WILLMOTH 22 bach greengrocer 3 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence James WILLMOTH (deceased) labourer banns Martin John TOTTMAN, Walter John WILLMOTH, Kate BLAKE
  Florence Amy TOTTMAN 23 spinster   169 Grange Road, Ramsgate John TOTTMAN (decd) bricklayer    
14th October Albert Edward JARMAN 23 bach blacksmith 4 Southwood Terrace, St Lawrence John JARMAN blacksmith banns Frderick Stanley GOODCHILD, Percy Leopold EDWARDS, Daisy DUFF
  Rose Ellen SPAIN 25 spinster   21 Church Road, Ramsgate Walter Clarence SPAIN fisherman    
14th October John DEBLING 21 bach fishmonger 1 Dolphin Villas, Dumpton Road, Ramsgate William DEBLING fishmonger banns Willie Thomas Charles FOWLES, Ernest BROOKS, Annie GREEN, Ellen BROOKS
  Sara Ann FOWLES 20 spinster   12 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Willie Thomas Charles FOWLES bricklayer    
26th October Walter John SPAIN 34 widower fly proprietor Newington Villas, St Lawrence William George SPAIN (deceased) horse dealer banns Henry ROBERTS, Rose Emily FOORD, Edward Henry GODFREY, Florence EVANSON
  Elizabeth Florence HAWES 33 widow   3 Osmond Terrace, Whitehall, St Lawrence George WALKER (deceased) retired police inspector    
20th November Frank SEATH 23 bach carpenter 50 High Street, St Lawrence William John SEATH wheelwright licence Catherine HORN, William John SEATH
  Sarah Louisa HORN 34 spinster   50 High Street, St Lawrence William HORN (deceased) staff commander RN    
25th November Francis Birdett TAMS 20 bach soldier Shornecliffe Camp, Cheriton Charles TAMS (deceased) mouldmaker banns Reginald H CASTLE, William POSSITT
  Masie Mabel FRANCIS 25 spinster   10 Seafield Road, St Lawrence George FRANCIS accountant    
25th November Albert Richard DENNETT 26 bach carrier Manston John DENNETT wagoner banns Sarah Amelia SCOTT, George DENNETT
  Lucy Marion SCOTT 26 spinster   Nethercourt Lodge, St Lawrence John William SCOTT gardener    
23rd December Henry Albert CULLEN 24 bach plasterer 8 King Harman Terrace, St Lawrence James CULLEN (deceased) sailor banns Florrie Sybilla Augusta FISHER, Frederick James BUSHELL, Henry Thomas BUSHELL
  Lydia Jane BUSHELL 23 spinster   5 Southwood Terrace, St Lawrence Henry Thomas BUSHELL labourer    
24th December Sidney George POINTER 22 bach bottler 27 High Street, St Lawrence James POINTER labourer banns Celise Alma May VERRIER, George Albert WITHERDEN, Albert John POINTER, Alice WITHERDEN
  Hilda Rose WITHERDEN 22 spinster   3 Princes Road, Margate, Ramsgate George WITHERDEN plumber    
25th December Percy John BARNES 26 bach horsekeeper 23 Oak Village, Gosper Oak, London NW John BARNES tailor banns Ellen Louisa HORN, Joseph GROOM, John BARNES, Edith Emma GROOM
  Florence GROOM 21 spinster   13 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence Francis GROOM (deceased) labourer    
25th December Ernest Henry POINTER 28 bach labourer 85 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Robert George POINTER carter banns Ernest William HOLLIDAY, Bartholomew HOLLIDAY
  Florence Emily HOLLIDAY 26 spinster   11 Hatfield Road, Ramsgate Henry HOLLIDAY labourer    
25th December George Strevens GOODBUN 24 bach potman 7 Arthur Terrace, Herbert Road, St Lawrence George Strevens GOODBUN porter banns Minnie GOODBUN, William George HAZELDINE
  Edith Frances HOLMES 23 spinster   Poleash, St Lawrence Joseph HOLMES labourer    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
15th January John Samuel Rowland CLAYSON 69 widower navy pensioner 2 Mays Road, St Lawrence George Hilyard CLAYSON (deceased) labourer banns Elizabeth Eugenie ACRES, Georeg MARTIN, William Edward HODGES
  Alice Elizabeth MILLER 55 widow   Stoke Cottages, Southwood Road, St Lawrence William BICK (deceased) whitesmith    
9th March Stapehen James BAILEY 23 bach groom Afghan Road, Margate Brice BAILEY labourer banns Brice BAILEY, Ada May BROADBRIDGE
  Alice Gertrude BROADBRIDGE 24 spinster   Manston William BROADBRIDGE labourer    
17th March Sydney BUTLER 25 bach window cleaner 22 Lorne Road, St Lawrence Frederick William BUTLER soldier banns E BRIGGS, Rose LUTT
  Florence BIGGS 29 spinster   15 Lorne Road, St Lawrence William Edward BIGGS (deceased) brewer    
24th March Bernard Arthur SMITH 26 bach groom 2 St Peters Footpath, Margate Alfred SMITH (deceased) paper maker banns William Alexander POTT, Charlotte Emma Sutton POTT, Stephen JONES
  Lucy Edith JONES 21 spinster   Ebbsfleet, St Lawrence Henry JONES labourer    
28th March Thomas REDWOOD 21 bach labourer Manston James REDWOOD labourer banns Herbert Henry IMPETT, Edward REDWOOD
  Winifred Maud IMPETT 26 spinster   Manston Herbert Henry IMPETT dairyman    
3rd April George Sanders PEARCE 24 bach musician 2 Seafield Road, St Lawrence George PEARCE printer licence Abert Henry SYCUIUSON, J B GIBBS
  Lizzie Matilda LAVER 26 spinster   41 Vicarage Road, Leyton, Essex William LAVER cabinet maker    
8th April Walter Arthur ELLS 20 bach furniture dealer 15 South Eastern Road, Ramsgate Walter Albert ELLS furniture dealer banns Fanny CAPEL, W ELLS
  Gwendoline Edith Douglas CAPEL 20 spinster   Ravenscourt, Hollicondane Road, St Lawrence George Robinson CAPEL bank clerk    
28th April John LONGHURST 34 bach labourer 20 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence John LONGHURST (deceased) labourer banns Walter BOND, Florence Louisa BOND, William John BOND
  Alice Maud BOND 29 spinster   20 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence William Walter BOND fisherman    
1st July Philip Norman WOODALL 24 bach accountant 6 Rampayne Street, Westminster Robert William WOODALL (deceased) band manager banns Charles Pilcher CLADISH, Leonard HOBDAY, Ruby Mary CLADISH, Edith May CLADISH
  Linda May CLADISH 23 spinster   4 Chilton Villas, Pegwell Charles Pilcher CLADISH grocer & baker    
24th July Albert Edward John TILLEY 32 bach police constable 58 Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Street, London W William TILLEY (deceased) Royal Navy banns C G LARKINS, Kate LARKINS, F M LARKINS
  Emily Jane LARKINS 27 spinster   77 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Charles George LARKINS bricklayer    
4th August Walter HARDING 29 bach engine fitter 112 Gordon Road, Southwood James HARDING engine fitter banns Albert SIDDERS, James SIDDERS
  Lillian Mary SIDDERS 25 spinster   25 High Street, St Lawrence James SIDDERS labourer    
28th August Edwin John FULLER 39 bach gardener 5 Chilton Villas, St Lawrence Charles FULLER labourer banns Charles FULLER, Elizabeth Ann FULLER, Robert William BAKER
  Emma Henrica BAKER 36 spinster   2 Chilton Villas, St Lawrence Robert William BAKER grocers assistant    
5th September William Philip HARRISON 26 bach manufacturer 3 Leinster Mansions, Hamstead William Popham HARRISON manufacturer banns W P HARRISON, Martin J R TOMSON
  Lela Constance Martin TOMSON 27 spinster   Courtstairs, St Lawrence Martin John Read TOMSON brewer    
17th September Harry WELLER 24 bach railway guard 1 Rochester Street, Kemp Town, Brighton John WELLER copper smith banns William WELLER, Charles BURGESS
  Blanche BURGESS 28 spinster   10 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Charles BURGESS gardener    
24th September Herbert Stanley BANGER 28 bach shop assistant Pegwell Bay, St Lawrence Samuel BANGER potted shrimp manufacturer banns W J CURTIS, Alfred Lionel BANGER
  Alice Frances CURTIS 27 spinster   The Sportsman Inn, Cliffsend, St Lawrence William CURTIS licenced victualler    
28th September Alfred Ernest PERKINS 23 bach market gardener Haine Alfred Ernest PERKINS (deceased) soldier banns Alfred Henry BUSANT, Helen BASSETT
  Olive Annie GAMBELL 25 spinster   Haine Thomas GAMBELL (deceased) butcher    
6th October Frederick Ashby STOCKLEY 26 bach butcher 12 St Patricks, Dumpton Road, Ramsgate Isaac STOCKLEY (deceased) bootmaker banns John IRWIN, Harry James PRATT
  Jennie Elizabeth WILLMORE 23 spinster   12 St Patricks, Dumpton Road, Ramsgate Walter WILLMORE (deceased) cabinet maker    
12th October John GROOMBRIDGE 32 bach gardener Great Cliffsend, St Lawrence John GROOMBRIDGE labourer banns J EMPTAGE, W R BRIDGER
  Edith Ellen EMPTAGE 21 spinster   Cliffsend, St Lawrence George EMPTAGE labourer    
12th October Alfred SMART 30 bach porter 73 Alexandra Road, St Lawrence Edward SMART (deceased) brewers drayman banns James BARDEN, Henrietta HUNT
  Emma BARDEN 28 spinster   73 Alexandra Road, St Lawrence Edward BARDEN photographer    
31st October George William BAKER 27 bach tram driver Chantry Cottage, St Lawrence George BAKER (deceased) seaman banns John TOTTMAN, Nellie JARVIS, A E DALTON
  Nellie TOTTMAN 32 spinster   Chantry Cottage, St Lawrence John TOTTMAN (decd) bricklayer    
18th November William Hilbert SAYER 31 bach greengrocer 3 Bell Cottages, St Lawrence William Thomas SAYER wood merchant banns George SAYER, Ada Blanche MARTIN
  Laura Louisa FARLEY 20 spinster   3 Bell Cottages, St Lawrence James FARLEY (deceased) mariner    
1st December Ernest William TREADAWAY 30 bach labourer 7 Derby Avenue, North Finchley, London N Frank TREADAWAY (deceased) bricklayer banns C MARSHES, F SPINAGE, Frank METCALF
  Ada BATTEN 30 spinster   99 King Harman Terrace, Southwood, St Lawrence John BATTEN (deceased) gardener    
25th December Percy Frederick William WRIGHT 24 bach carter 1 Thanet Cottages, Northwood, St Lawrence John WRIGHT labourer banns Nelly EUDEN, Alfred J GIFFORD
  Ellen Louisa DARLING 19 spinster   3 Forge Cottages, St Lawrence James DARLING labourer    
25th December Ernest Richard MARSH 30 bach butcher 103 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Charles MARSH butcher banns R FISHER, G FISHER, N PHILPOTT
  Florrie Sybilla Augusta FISHER 25 spinster   103 Southwood Road, St Lawrence Benjamin FISHER mariner    
26th December Harry George BAILEY 24 bach baker Beaconsfield House, Haine William BAILEY coachman banns T L SHELLEY, Emily Ceila OVENDEN
  Freda Violet LINDENBERGER 28 spinster   Beaconsfield House, Haine John Frederick LINDENBERGER (deceased) fishmonger    
26th December James SALE 39 widower labourer 40 Leslie Road, Dorking, Surrey William SALE labourer banns John SUTTON, C S HARPER
  Sarah Ann SUTTON 38 spinster   3 Chilton Farm Cottages, St Lawrence John SUTTON (deceased) labourer    

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