Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1909-10


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
30th January Frederick Stanley GOODCHILD 27 bach carpenter 18 Shaftesbury Street John GOODCHILD carpenter banns Albert C GOODCHILD, W H TUCKER, A M TUCKER
  Annie Elizabeth TUCKER 25 spinster   60 Chapel Road John Henry TUCKER butcher    
6th March George William HAWKES 29 bach groom Manston Edgar Ernest HAWKES County Court Bailiff banns William Angus SCOTT, Rose Lydia, MEADSDAY
  Louisa MEADSDAY 21 spinster   Manston Edward MEADSDAY labourer    
15th March Reginald Montefiore IMPETT 24 bach dairyman 158 Grange Road, St Lawrence Charles William IMPETT dairyman banns Ann Rebecca IMPETT, L M TUCKER, Albert Edward RUTTER, Stanley Cyril IMPETT
  Edith Louisa TUCKER 25 spinster   Silverdale, Picton Road, Ramsgate Thomas Robert TUCKER (deceased) smack owner    
22ns March George WALLER 22 bach butcher 14 Chatham Street, Ramsgate James WALLER papermaker banns Minnie Louisa MONK, William George BEATTON
  Jessie May MONK 20 spinster   2 Chilton Terrace, Chilton, St Lawrence John Frederick MONK naval pensioner    
20th May Thomas Forwood TURNER 38 bach greengrocer Fern Cottage, Chatham Street George TURNER carpenter banns Henry Allen PARAMOR, Ada Jane WILLS
  Frances Jessie PARAMOR 39 spinster dressmaker 1 Allen Cottages, Northwood Alfred PARAMOR market gardener    
1st June George William LAWRENCE 31 bach baker The Moor Bakery, Hawkhurst George James LAWRENCE master baker banns William SAYER, Bertha BURCHETT
  Edith BURCHETT 29 spinster   1 Field Terrace, Chilton, St Lawrence John BURCHETT gardener    
11th July Edmund Thomas TUTT 27 bach labourer 8 Hill Blow, St Lawrence James TUTT labourer banns Sydney BUTLER, Mary CATT
  Rose BUTLER 25 spinster laundress 22 Lawn Road, St Lawrence Thomas BUTLER (deceased) soldier    
27th September Henry Amos BARNDEN 27 bach butcher Saxon Villa, Ellington, St Lawrence Henry BARNDEN gardener banns Frederick BARNDEN, Thomas PETTS
  Olive May PETTS 21 spinster   Saxon Villa, Ellington, St Lawrence        
9th October John Allen IMPETT 22 bach milkman Manston Herbert Henry IMPETT dairyman banns Thomas REDWOOD, John PALMER, Florence Gertrude IMPETT
  Grace Beatrice DOWLING 27 spinster   Manston Robert DOWLING (deceased) scale maker    
17th October Arthur William FORREST 28 bach butcher 17 Clifton Road George FORREST butcher banns Albert Edward BUTCHER, John B GIBBS
  Hilda May MILLER 19 spinster   3 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Charles Edward MILLER carman    
17th October Edward James COX 29 bach fruiterer 51 Chapel Cox, St Lawrence Edward James COX (decd) coachman banns Henry George GARDNER, Jessie Louise GARDNER
  Ellen Gertrude GARDNER 24 spinster   51 Chapel Cox, St Lawrence Joseph GARDNER plate layer SE L C  Railway    
19th October William Henry Baker WHITE 29 bach rate collector Queens Mere, Grosvenor Road, Broadstairs William Joseph WHITE builder banns G H LUDCHFORD, Allen A SACKETT, G G COOK, J COOK
  Julia Gilbert COOK 25 spinster   10 Southwood Terrace, St Lawrence George Gilbert COOK gentleman    
21st October Oliver William MILES 23 bach milkman 4 Highfield Villas, Northwood Robert Andrew MILES ( deceased) jeweller banns Herbert Henry IMPETT, Thomas REDWOOD, Florence Gertrude IMPETT
  Ethel Mary IMPETT 26 spinster   Manston Herbert Henry IMPETT dairyman    
28th October William LEDNOR 26 bach market gardener Coldswood Charles LEDNOR market gardener banns Albert DENNETT, Lucy Marion SCOTT, Edward LEDNOR
  Louisa Harriett DENNETT 21 spinster   Manston John DENNETT labourer    
27th November William James STEELE 53 widower insurance agent 16 Dane Park Road, St Lawrence Henry STEELE gardener banns Iris STEBBINGS, May SIMONS
  Emma Henrica PECK 43 spinster   Westcliff College, St Mildreds Road, St Lawrence Samuel Nathaniel PECK provisions merchant    
30th November Sydney JONES 22 bach clerk Wimbledon Villas, Chilton Reuben JONES retired civil servant banns Reuben JONES, Ella HARDY
  Ethel May HARDY 22 spinster   Wimbledon Villas, Chilton Henry George HARDY gardener    
2nd December Richard Lawrence LUCAS 27 bach fisherman 12 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence George LUCAS labourer banns George PIDDUCK, Elizabeth LUCAS
  Beatrice Maud WESLEY 19 spinster   12 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence William WESLEY labourer    
25th December Henry George Ingram KEMBER 22 bach fisherman 22 Abbots Hill, Ramsgate Henry George KEMBER fisherman banns Thomas Noble HYATT, Alice Rose HYATT, Matilda FOSTER, KEMBER
  Cordilia Alice HYATT 18 spinster   16 Herbert Road, St Lawrence Thomas Noble HYATT scaffolder    
27th December Thomas Stanley FARNELL 21 bach bootmaker 18 Southwood Terrace, St Lawrence Charles Richard FARNELL bootmaker banns Charles Eli HARDS, Horace Walter STONE
  Rose Ellen LAURENCE 18 spinster   18 Southwood Terrace, St Lawrence Walter LAWRENCE fisherman    
27th December John Edward WARDELL 26 bach cooper RN 4 Catherine Terrace, St Lawrence George Edward WARDELL (deceased) Inland Revenue pensioner banns Arthur F PILCHER, Alice M HAWKINS
  Mary Elizabeth PILCHER 25 spinster   4 Catherine Terrace, St Lawrence Herbert Robert PILCHER mariner    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
15th January Robert John BROWNING 33 bach labourer Frederick Villas, Whitehall Road, St Lawrence William BROWNING (deceased) baker banns Mildred Elizabeth MILES, John B GIBBS
  Sarah Scott COWELL 24 spinster   Rosenthal, Westcliff Road, Broadstairs Thomas COWELL (deceased) bootmaker    
10th February Eli Charles HARDS 24 bach fisherman 18 Southwood Terrace, St Lawrence Eli Charles HARDS porter banns W D BARTLETT, E J BARTLETT
  Louisa Elizabeth BARTLETT 25 spinster   40 Chapel Road, St Lawrence William David BARTLETT fisherman    
23rd March George TREMAIN 64 widower machine agent 22 Bloomsbury Road George TREMAIN (deceased) carpenter banns John B GIBBS, Maitland T DODDS
  Mary Ann MINTER 62 widow   22 Bloomsbury Road Richard SNELLING (deceased) fireman    
23rd March Robert Bertram PRYNN 29 bach mariner 64 Percy Road, Ramsgate William PRYNN (deceased) mariner banns Henry William ADAMS, Mabel Francis PRYNN
  Jessie Isabel ADAMS 18 spinster   64 Percy Road, Ramsgate Henry William ADAMS gardener    
26th March Alfred Lionel BANGER 38 bach nurseryman Pegwell Bay Samuel BANGER retired florist banns Herbert Stanley BANGER, Daisy Alberta METCALFE
  Aileen Frances Edith METCALFE 20 spinster   Pegwell Bay Timothy METCALFE retired Army Officer    
28th March Frederick Joseph GARNER? or GARNETT 29 bach gas engineer 18 St Georges Street, Canterbury Henry GARNETT (deceased) coal merchant banns Arthur James THYNE, Percy George THYNE
  Gertrude Mary THYNE 28 spinster   72 Grange Road, St Lawrence William James THYNE ( deceased) merchants clerk    
10th April Thomas James MILES 25 bach labourer 1 Park Place, Margate William MILES labourer banns Frederick Terry MILES, Ethel Katherine MILES
  Janet Elizabeth BOND 25 spinster   20 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence Walter BOND mariner    
23rd April George Henry REVELL 29 bach nurseryman The Pear Tree, Pegwell Bay, St Lawrence George Henry RAVELL lather banns Emily Eliza EMMERSON, Francis Herbert RAVELL
  Lily EMMERSON 25 spinster   Huesmole, Cannon Road, Ramsgate Walter EMMERSON lightsman    
23rd April Ernest Sidney Edward EVES 28 bach draughtsman 12 High Street, Luton, Chatham William EVES shoemaker banns Albert Henry ROBERTSON, Lilian EVES
  Ellen SMITH 25 spinster   192 Grange Road, St Lawrence Henry William SMITH carpenter    
14th May James Isaac BELSEY 23 bach labourer 2 Thanet Cottages, Northwood Isaac BELSEY (deceased) plasterer banns Thomas BROWN, Ellen Maria KEMP
  Ellen Matilda BROWN 22 spinster   2 Thanet Cottages, Northwood Thomas BROWN labourer    
25th July Edward CHANDLER 26 bach mason 14 Balgate, High Street, Lincoln Edward CHANDLER fisherman banns William BAILEY, Margaret Louise BAILEY
  Florence Ada BAILEY 27 spinster   2 Hesse Villas, St Lawrence William BAILEY labourer    
21st August Frederick James KIRBY 27 bach coachsmith 6 High Street, St Lawrence Fred KIRBY baker banns Sidney William SAUNDERS, Caroline Esther SAUNDERS
  Isabel SAUNDERS 26 spinster   49 Chapel Road, St Lawrence William SAUNDERS gardener    
28th August Duncan MUIRHEAD 27 bach stoker RN HMS Harrier, Sheerness William MUIRHEAD (deceased) baker banns Henry KETTLE, Ada Jessie KETTLE
  Annie Louisa KETTLE 23 spinster   28 Dane Road, St Lawrence Henry KETTLE bricklayer    
18th September Alfred Frank TAPSELL 27 bach baker 135 Grange Road, Ramsgate George William TAPSELL baker banns W N TAPSELL, William JEWEL, R G HOWARD, Katie TAPSELL
  Clara Edith ELMS 26 spinster   5 Bay View Villas, St Lawrence William Beech ELMS decorator    
22nd September Alfred Ernest ELLIOTT 26 bach monumental mason 69 Westcliff Road, Ramsgate Charles John ELLIOTT monumental mason banns C J ELLIOTT, Lewis SHANDEL, R DOWLING, M BULL
  Lilian Florence DOWLING 26 spinster   13 Seafield Road, St Lawrence Robert DOWLING provision merchant    
24th September Frederick HOWLAND 25 bach labourer 4 St Leonards Aug, St Lawrence Edward DOWLING labourer banns Willie Thomas Charles FOWLES, Annie Jane FOWLES
  Alice Rose FOWLES 22 spinster   12 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Willie Thomas Charles FOWLES bricklayer    
24th September John EVANS 40 bach soapmaker 12 Cork Street, Lower Western, Bath John EVANS (deceased)   banns Nellie Barbara JONES, Millie JONES
  Sarah Bond JONES 42 spinster   Homeleigh, Princes Avenue, St Lawrence Alfred JONES (deceased)      
10th October John FOX 29 bach farmer Upper Hardres William FOX farmer banns William PEARSON, Francis PEARSON
  Mabel PEARSON 33 spinster   Hollicon Dane, ST Lawrence William PEARSON bricklayer    
10th October Sidney SMITH 31 bach ticket collector St Marys Parish, Ashford James SMITH farm bailiff banns Frank RELF, W A FENWICK
  Lily Eliza FENWICK 24 spinster   Northdown Cottage, St Lawrence William Alexander FENWICK engineer    
9th November William Edward PANNELL 28 bach gardener Military Road, Playden William PANNELL hoop maker banns Thomas William SCOTT, Jessie Mary SCOTT
  Annie Eliza SCOTT 27 spinster   The Lodge, Nethercourt John William SCOTT gardener    
12th November Thomas Hughes William EMPTAGE 25 bach market gardener Cliffsend Cottages, St Lawrence George EMPTAGE roadman banns Edith Ellen EMPTAGE, Esther Jane MOORE
  Alice Emily MARSH 22 spinster   Truro Lodge, Ramsgate Henry MARSH labourer    
11th December John William SOLLEY 25 bach gardener Red Cottages, Haine, St Lawrence John SOLLEY labourer banns John FYLES, Minnie FYLES, J POTTER
  Kate FYLES 22 spinster   8 Staffordshire Street, Ramsgate John FYLES greengrocer    
26th December James FRIEND 29 bach labourer 4 Chilton Terrace, St Lawrence James FRIEND labourer banns George Thomas SETTERFIELD, Olive May SETTERFIELD
  Eleanor Jane SETTERFIELD 25 spinster   1 Wimbledon Villas, Chilton, St Lawrence Stephen Edwin SETTERFIELD brickmaker    
26th December John SMITH 25 bach labourer 4 Elizabeth South Church Beech Southfield James SMITH labourer banns Henry GOODBAN, Edith Emily Elizabeth GOODBAN
  Ellen Maud GOODBAN 30 spinster   19 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Henry GOODBAN engine driver    
26th December Joseph GROOM 29 bach labourer 13 Claremont Gardens, St Lawrence Francis GROOM labourer banns Clara GROOM, George HOUGHAM
  Edith Emma HOUGHAM 31 widow   Dominique House, Southwood Road, St Lawrence John BARNES tailor    

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