Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1907-08


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
17th January George Cornelius MOULDER 26 bach moulder 129 High Street George MOULDER shoemaker banns Edith Alice COCKS, William MOULDER
  Louisa Hephyibah COCKS 24 spinster   3 Heathcote Villas, Margate Road William COCKS engine driver    
4th April  Leonard Thomas WESTBROOK 38 bach clerk Crescent Road, Ramsgate Thomas WESTBROOK (deceased) merchant banns Alice Maud GROSVENOR, Bertram Stuart GROSVENOR, H G ALDWORTH
  Edith GROSVENOR 27 spinster   Crescent Road, Ramsgate Henry GROSVENOR (deceased) secretary    
14th April  John Smith COAKES 37 bach seaman Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence Edward COAKES (deceased) seaman banns Albert Victor MYNHEER, Sarah Elizabeth BISH
  Adeline Florence FOSTER 31 spinster   Bloomsbury Road, St Lawrence John Thomas FOSTER cab proprietor    
4th May Bertram Arthur WOODWARD 26 bach teacher 2 Bayview, Manston Road, St Lawrence Harry Thomas WOODWARD (deceased) schoolmaster banns Thomas Kingsford PEARCE, Elizabeth PEARCE
  Florence Margaret PEARCE 32 spinster   21 Station Road, Redhill Thomas Kingsford PEARCE printer & stationer    
7th July Charles MAPLE 21 bach gardener 2 Pegwell Avenue, St Lawrence James MAPLE gardener banns Frederick J PRYER, Kate S PRYER
  Louisa Ellen BARTON 24 spinster   2 Pegwell Avenue, St Lawrence William BARTON (deceased) labourer    
23rd July Jesse WILLIAMS 19 bach hawker Northwood, St Lawrence Henry WILLIAMS hawker banns Frank SIMPSON, Esther SIMPSON
  Anne Hettie WILSON 20 spinster   Northwood, St Lawrence John WILSON hawker    
3rd August Alfred Thomas HOUGHAM 23 bach labourer 17 Claremont gardens, Chapel Road Harry HOUGHAM paperhanger banns Louisa M FENNELL, Jessie L DANTON, Frederick W DANTON
  Florence Ethel DANTON 20 spinster   17 Claremont gardens, Chapel Road Alfred William DANTON builders labourer    
2nd September Clifford Hogarth LEACH 32 bach farmer 140 Grange Road William LEACH gentleman banns Charles Herbert ROWLAND, Rosa Ann LEACH, Alice Louise TREMILLS, William LEACH
  Jessie Ellen ROWLAND 29 spinster   140 Grange Road Charles Samuel ROWLAND (deceased) gentleman    
15th September Jack CLARK 44 bach labourer 2 Central Road, St Lawrence William CLARK (deceased) labourer   This entry was not completed as the parties were found to be within the prohibited degrees and there was no valid marriage
  Ellen Jane CLARK 31 widow   2 Central Road, St Lawrence James SOLLY (deceased) labourer    
5th October Frederick Thomas DYER 21 bach school master 4 Ellington, St Lawrence Charles DYER civil service clerk banns Charles DYER, Cecilia Prescilla WHEELER
  Millicent Evelyne PRIESTLY 21 spinster   5 Ellington, St Lawrence Leonard PRIESTLY clerk    
9th October George Edward SMITH 23 bach farmers assistant Northdown, Margate Wm Henry SMITH shepherd (deceased) banns Austen John SLADDEN, Ellen Jane SLADDEN
  Kate Martha SLADDEN 20 spinster   Little Cliffs End, St Lawrence Austin John SLADDEN farm labourer    
19th October George Henry EMPTAGE 26 bach milkman Hengrove nr Margate George EMPTAGE labourer banns Stephen James BAILEY, Thomas William EMPTAGE
  Maud Mary BAILEY 22 spinster   Manston, Ramsgate Brice BAILEY waggoner    
26th October Arthur Henry BURCHETT 32 bach miner Prospect Villa, Exthorne John BURCHETT gardener banns William Thomas SAYER, Winifred SAYER
  Bertha SAYER 22 spinster   Southwood Road, St Lawrence William Thomas SAYER wood dealer    
31st October Edward Walter AUSTEN 22 bach electrician 119 High Street, Margate Robert AUSTEN plumber banns Robert AUSTEN, Florrie Waterman CLARK, George James CLARK
  Alice Maud CLARK 22 spinster   46 Boundary Road, Ramsgate George Thomas CLARK (decd) grocer    
14th November Robert STUDHAM 24 bach farmer Fleet Farm, Margate George STUDHAM farmer banns Thomas LAWRENCE, Harriett STUDHAM, Charles BEERLING
  Edith fanny LAWRENCE 27 spinster   Hare & Hounds, Northwood, Ramsgate Thomas LAWRENCE licenced victualler    
26th December William James CORNELIUS 21 bach labourer Bradley Cottage, Southwood Charles Edward CORNELIUS carman banns G COX, Harriet TUTT
  Lily TUTT 22 spinster   13 Alexandra Road, Ramsgate James TUTT labourer    
29th December Charles HUGHES 37 bach gardener 4 Clifton Road, St Lawrence Stephen HUGHES (deceased) labourer   F F CRESSARD, S CRESSARD
  Sarah JAMIESON 43 widow   4 Clifton Road, St Lawrence William SWIFT (deceased) file cutter    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
7th January Edward DURRANT 23 bach labourer 17 Hillbrow Road, Ramsgate Edward DURRANT labourer banns Caroline JUDD, John B GIBBS
  Elizabeth JUDD 19 spinster   17 Hillbrow Road, Ramsgate Charles William JUDD (deceased) dockyard worker    
12th January Frederick George Leonard FISHER 24 bach labourer 3 Catherine Terrace, St Lawrence Benjamin FISHER fisherman banns Robert George BOURNER, Jessie Rosina BOURNER
  Emily Rosina BOURNER 21 spinster   3 Catherine Terrace, St Lawrence Joseph BOURNER (deceased) fisherman    
30th March Benjamin Thomas KENNETT 30 bach mariner Albert House, Southwood Road Henry KENNETT (deceased) mariner banns L J KENNETT, Jessie DOUBLEDEE, C FLETCHER
  Ada Evelyn DOUBLEDEE 27 spinster   Albert House, Southwood Road John Brooks DOUBLEDEE engineer    
2nd April George PREBBLE 40 bach victualler Chatham Street, Ramsgate George PREBBLE (deceased) victualler licence Fanny TURNER, Emma DAVIS
  Maud Minnie GOLDSTONE 26 spinster   Spiers & Pond, Town Station, Ramsgate George GOLDSTONE house decorator    
20th April James HUDSON 22 bach milkman Manston Thomas James HUDSON labourer banns Mabel Gertrude GARDNER, Thomas William BUSHELL
  Mabel Gertrude FOSTER 26 spinster     Edward Couzens FOSTER (deceased) labourer    
26th April Henry Thomas FOX 29 bach Sergeant Royal Marines Barracks, Walmer George FOX builder banns Stanley AUSTEN, Daisy H HOPKINS
  Florence Emma AUSTEN 33 spinster   44 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Abraham John AUSTEN (deceased) gardener    
26th May Amos BAKER 63 widower job master 91 Faith Street, Sittingbourne Stephen BAKER workman banns Mary Ann Elizabeth BRISTOW, John Barwick GIBBS
  Mary Jane ANDERSON 59 spinster   22 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Alexander ANDERSON tailor    
8th June Frank William LOVE 23 bach window cleaner 26 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence John Thomas LOVE (deceased) gardener banns Rose Annie LOVE, Albert John LOVE
  Emily Eliza HEWETT 24 spinster   26 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence Ha? HEWETT (deceased) plasterer    
8th June Herbert CHAPMAN 24 bach fisherman 9 Alexandra Terrace John William CHAPMAN (deceased) farmer banns Emily ROBINSON, Frederick CHAPMAN
  Amelia ROBINSON 25 spinster   84 High Street, St Lawrence John ROBINSON labourer    
21st June Percy KING 27 bach plumber 5 Arthur Terrace Richard KING (deceased)   banns Annie HAMILTON, John Barwick GIBBS
  Ellen Louisa GUNTON 27 spinster   5 Arthur Terrace William GUNTON traveller    
4th August Arthur James THYNE 33 bach school master 72 Grange Road, Ramsgate William James THYNE ( deceased) merchants clerk banns F J GARNER, W T CHANDLER, Lizzie Annie THYNE
  Alice Eunice WEBB 31 spinster   17 East Cliff Gardens, Folkestone Mark WEBB (deceased) builder    
9th August Arthur Albert DOUGLAS 21 bach fisherman 1 Central Road, Ramsgate Albert DOUGLAS butcher banns E COPPINS, S RICHARDS
  Alice Louisa Elizabeth TAYLOR 22 spinster   1 Central Road, Ramsgate William Henry TAYLOR (deceased) labourer    
29th August William Henry Clithbert WILLIAMS 28 bach able seaman High Street, St Lawrence Alfred Richard WILLIAMS decorator banns George J WILLIAMS, Henry PHILPOT, Mabel S PRITCHARD
  Elizabeth Mary PHILPOT 23 spinster   High Street, St Lawrence Henry PHILPOT fly proprietor    
12th September William John JARMAN 23 bach carpenter 4 Southwood Terrace, St Lawrence John JARMAN blacksmith banns John JARMAN, Albert C JARMAN, Walter F CADMAN, Jennie SLATER
  Ethel Mary CADMAN 24 spinster   58 Winstanley Crescent, St Lawrence Walter Frederick CADMAN bricklayer    
16th September John Richard BACK 26 bach sailor 3 Priory Hill Cottages, Dover John BACK labourer banns Naomi BACK, William BACK
  Emily Jane Elizabeth WRIGHT 25 spinster   4 Thanet Cottages, Northwood John WRIGHT labourer    
28th September William Henry TUCKER 28 bach 1st Class Petty Officer Sheerness John TUCKER butcher banns S A TUCKER, L G HUNT
  Ruth Ethel HUNT 23 spinster   11 Denmark Road, St Lawrence William HUNT railway guard    
22nd October George Henry MOORE 21 bach miller 4 Tilbury Villas George Henry MOORE brickmaker banns Florence MOORE, Lillian MOORE
  Kate Victoria BEERLING 21 spinster   83 Chapel Road James BEERLING labourer    
29th October Frank HICKMAN 26 bach professional golfer Cliffsend, St Lawrence Henry HICKMAN shepherd banns Stephen F HOBDAY, Thomas A VARDON
  Mary Elizabeth Alice BOULTWOOD 22 spinster   Cheshunt, Herts Jonathon BOULTWWOD gardener    
1st November Louis Ernest MORGAN 29 bach jeweller 52 Grange Road Frederick MORGAN (deceased) Manager Shipping Company banns Frederick T MORGAN, Henry F ELLIS
  Rhoda Cecilia ELLIS 26 spinster   22 King Street, Ramsgate Sidney ELLIS (deceased) Carriage Builder, Great Western Works    
8th November Alfred MARCHANT 18 bach fisherman 17 Hibernia Street, Ramsgate George MARCHANT fisherman banns Grace Ellen GRUMMANT, John BLOGG
  Ellen Maud BLOGG 18 spinster   9 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Charles William Joseph BLOGG labourer    
15th November George (Edmund) PAGE 48 bach barman 19 Cheriton Road George Edmund PAGE (deceased) labourer banns James Edmund PAGE, William GOODWIN
  Helen GOODWIN 47 spinster   111 Hereson Road, St Lawrence Thomas GOODWIN (deceased) gardener    
16th November John William RYDER 30 bach labourer Eythorne Charles RYDER (deceased) labourer banns Winifred SAYER, William H, Rosetta APPLETON
  Alice Mary Harriet KEMP 26 spinster   Pegwell Lodge, St Lawrence George KEMP (deceased) cabinet maker    
26th December George Thomas SETTERFIELD 25 bach brewers man 1 Wimbledon Villas, Chilton, St Lawrence Stephen Edwin SETTERFIELD brickmaker banns Harry J CORBIN, Eleanor J SETTERFIELD
  Edith Rochester AUSTIN 28 spinster   1 Wimbledon Villas, Chilton, St Lawrence Joseph AUSTIN (deceased)      
26th December Edward William NEEVES 23 bach baker 2 Naviesink Villas, Mays Road William NEEVES (deceased) labourer banns Charles William BROCKMAN, Harriet Frances FISHER
  Matilda Emma BROCKMAN 22 spinster   6 Fitzroy Avenue, Northwood John BROCKMAN labourer    

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