Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1905-06


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When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father  Banns  or Licence Witnesses
8th April Albert Henry WILLIAMS 27 bach labourer Highfield Villas, Northwood, St Lawrence Daniel WILLIAMS labourer banns Henry TOMS, Grace Mary TOMS
  Florence Maria TOMS 25 spinster   Highfield Villas, Northwood, St Lawrence Henry TOMS labourer    
24th April Theodore Philip WILMOT 27 bach telegraphist 97 Alpha Street, Slough James WILMOT gardener banns William HOBDAY, Susan HOBDAY, Anthony James WILMOT
  Amy Eleanor HOBDAY 25 spinster   St Lawrence, Thanet William HOBDAY lately police constable    
7th May Prestly HOGBIN 24 bach butcher Grange Road, Ramsgate Tom HOGBIN farmer banns Amy Olive IMPETT, C W IMPETT
  Irena Matilda IMPETT 29 spinster   Grange Road, Ramsgate Charles William IMPETT dairy farmer    
3rd June Frederick Charles GAMBRELL 21 bach farm labourer Cliffsend, Ramsgate John GAMBRELL (decd) farm labourer banns Arthur John MAXTED, Edith Jane GAMBRELL
  Annie Rosetta MAXTED 20 spinster   Cliffsend, Ramsgate Henry MAXTED farm labourer    
14th June Albert James CARRIER 26 bach assistant examiner H M Patent Office 127 Albion Road, Stoke Newington, London Henry CARRIER grocer banns Priscilla Annie CARRIER, Stephe Robert PAGE
  Lydia Jane ETHCUIT 29 spinster   Lily Terrace, Herbert Road, Southwood, St Lawrence John James ETHCUIT builder    
17th June Sutton SCOTT 30 bach plate layer Stanford, near Hythe Richard SCOTT shepherd banns Sarah Amelia SCOTT, Thomas COLYER
  Harriet Jane SCOTT 31 spinster   Nethercourt Lodge, St Lawrence John William SCOTT gardener    
5th July Alfred LEDNOR 25 bach market gardener Coldswood, St Lawrence Charles LEDNOR market gardener banns William LEDNOR, Emma POINTER
  Nellie Louisa POINTER 25 spinster   Holly Cottage, St Lawrence Stephen POINTER (decd) agricultural labourer    
23rd July Robert Harrington GEORGE 31 bach porter 2 Lane Cottages, Grange Road William GEORGE navy pensioner banns George John CHAMBERLAIN, Emma CHAMBERLAIN
  Mary GEORGE 29 spinster   2 Lane Cottages, Grange Road Harry GEORGE (decd) engineer    
7th September Charles Aubrey HAWES 26 bach mill wright 17 Herbert Road Charles Henry HAWES market gardener banns J L HAWES, M E WALKER
  Florence Elizabeth WALKER 27 spinster   139 High Street, Ramsgate George WALKER tobacconist    
30th September Charles MOORE 26 bach labourer 54 Marborough Street, Greenwich George MOORE farm labourer banns Alfred WHITEHEAD, Edith WHITEHEAD
  Ellen WHITEHEAD 25 spinster   8 Newington Terrace, St Lawrence William Aammond WHITEHEAD farm labourer    
4th November John Thomas TOWNER 22 bach railway labourer 9 Townley Street, Ramsgate Henry William TOWNER mariner banns William Richard HOLMANS, H W TOWNER
  Minnie Gertrude HOLMANS 21 spinster   8 Grosvenor Road, Southwood Richard HOLMANS milkman    
5th November Woovelt GORHAM 26 bach mariner Brightlingsea James GORHAM mariner banns J JACOBS, A JACOBS
  Mabel BIGGS 30 spinster   2 Napleton Road, St Lawrence William Edward BIGGS brewer    
25th December Harry Jack HILL 30 bach seaman Chilten, St Lawrence William HILL carpenter banns Jessie May MONK, John J MONK
  Ethel Sarah MONK 26 spinster   Chilten, St Lawrence John Frederick MONK naval pensioner    
When married First name Last name Age Condition Profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
5th February Arthur James JOHNSON 32 bach licensed victualler St Lawrence Richard JOHNSON farmer banns William James ATWOOD, Ellen Eliza ATWOOD
  Cecilia Emily ATWOOD 25 spinster   St Lawrence Francis ATWOOD farm labourer    
6th March Oliver WYE 68 widower carpenter St Lawrence Charles WYE carpenter banns Stephen BRISTOW, Isabella BRISTOW
  Clara Jane MORRIS 35 spinster   6 Vale Road, Ramsgate William MORRIS coach builder    
11th March Ernest Moore MARSH 28 bach gardener Newington, St Lawrence Joseph MARSH gardener banns Walter George PETLEY, George Norman LONGLEY
  Cordelia Chrissie PETLEY 30 spinster nurse St Lawrence John PETLEY blacksmith    
13th March George NUTTER 31 bach gardener Manstone, St Lawrence George NUTTER labourer banns G A CHURCH, J E NUTTER
  Louisa FOREMAN 31 spinster   Manstone, St Lawrence George Stephen FOREMAN (decd) labourer    
31st March Alfred Henry WILLGOSS 25 bach fisherman 51 Alexander Road, St Lawrence Alfred Harry WILLGOSS fisherman banns Charlotte Ann SETTERFIELD, John EMERY
  Annie Ellen SETTERFIELD 22 spinster   51 Alexander Road, St Lawrence Charles SETTERFIELD fisherman    
31st March Herbert John DOWNS 23 bach fishmonger 19 Chatham Street, Ramsgate Arthur Horatio DOWNS late licenced victualler banns Edward BINGHAM, Lily DERBY
  Jane DERBY 22 spinster   Baker Farm, Northwood Henry DERBY farmer    
7th April Trayton William SANDS 28 bach cellarman Broadstairs Trayton William SANDS dairyman banns Ellen Agnes RATCLIFF, Minnie Beatrice RATCLIFF
  Alice Maud RATCLIFF 25 spinster   St Lawrence Walter Edward RATCLIFF cabinet maker    
7th April Henry James KEMP 26 bach tank man in ice company St Lawrence George KEMP (decd) cabinet maker banns F J KEMP, E F WRIGHT
  Helen Maria BELSEY 22 spinster   St Lawrence Isaac BELSEY labourer    
14th April Alfred SOLLY 24 bach dockyard labourer 7 Breenery Road, Sheerness Edward SOLLY labourer banns Alfred REDWOOD, Louisa SOLLY
  Johanna TUCKER 26 spinster   41 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence Henry TUCKER labourer    
14th April Edward RAGFIELD 21 bach porter St Lawrence Joseph RAGFIELD labourer banns Sydney FOREMAN, Amelia FOREMAN
  Ellen Louisa FOREMAN 21 spinster   St Lawrence George FOREMAN gardener    
22nd April Robert George BOURNER 24 bach carman Herbert Road, St Lawrence Joseph BOURNER fisherman banns William John TEALL, Alice Amy TEALL
  Eva Gertrude EDWARDS 21 spinster   Herbert Road, St Lawrence Thomas EDWARDS fisherman    
22nd April Alfred SKINNER 27 bach brickmaker 15 Percy Road, St Lawrence Thomas SKINNER yachtsman banns W ROWLAND, E STEAD
  Emily Eliza ROWLAND 22 spinster   Chilton Cottage, St Lawrence Walter James ROWLAND labourer    
23rd April Frank Robson AYRES 27 bach clerk St Lawrence Mark AYRES (decd) gentleman banns Henry George WHITE, Alice Jane BLIGH, Robert H COOPER
  Alice Bertha WHITE 24 spinster   Upper Deal Henry George WHITE builder    
2nd June Frank Genest HODGMAN 22 bach lime burner St Lawrence John Genest HODGMAN plumber banns Frederick George HODGMAN, Maud Alice SETTERFIELD
  Frances Louise SETTERFIELD 22 spinster   St Lawrence Stephen SETTERFIELD bricklayer    
3rd June George COLEMAN 30 bach butcher St Lawrence Richard COLEMAN bailiff banns Harry GROVES, Louisa Matilda HONESS
  Edith Marion HONESS 26 spinster   St Lawrence Henry HONESS carpenter    
10th June George Matthews MOSES 21 bach tramway conductor St Lawrence George Matthews MOSES fisherman banns F S MILLER, Margaret Ann MILLINGTON
  Lizzie Hannah MASKELL 20 spinster     John Thomas MASKELL lighthouse keeper    
4th August John TOTTMAN 34 bach labourer St Lawrence John TOTTMAN (decd) bricklayer banns Elijah EMPTAGE, William TOTTMAN, Nellie TOTTMAN
  Elizabeth ABBISS 28 spinster   St Lawrence Samuel ABBISS railway guard    
5th August James Elvares SPRATT 23 bach carman St Lawrence Edward George SPRATT blacksmith banns Edward George SPRATT, Bertha MARCH
  Elizabeth Jordan MARCH 21 spinster   St Lawrence Alfred MARCH labourer    
12th August Alfred HARLOW 28 bach grocer St Lawrence Alfred HARLOW gardener banns Ellen Mary HARLOW, Nellie POINTER, E POINTER
  Lettie Elizabeth POINTER 25 spinster   St Lawrence Robert POINTER carter    
23rd August James Henry SLADDEN 24 bach fish salesman Ettiue, London Road, South Lowestoft James SLADDEN smack owner banns Ethel Eliza SLADDEN, Henry SUMMERS
  Ethel Kate TUCKER 24 spinster   Silverdale, Picton Road Thomas Robert TUCKER deceased    
22nd September Thomas George WRIGHT 22 bach milkman 6 Chilton Terrace George WRIGHT coachman banns Bertha Ellen WRIGHT, George WRIGHT
  Lizzie MILLS 23 spinster   6 Chilton Terrace John MILLS labourer    
25th September Ernest BEER 29 bach constable 4 Normont Villas, Southwood Road William BEER bricklayer banns Alfred George Griffith PAGE, Jessie Caroline PAGE, Harry Permain DAVIS
  Daisy Elizabeth PAGE 26 spinster   4 Normont Villas, Southwood Road Alfred PAGE master mariner    
30th September Augustus Buckmaster COLGROVE 29 bach tailor Ashburnham Road Daniel Donald COLGROVE tailor banns Ellen SHERSBY, William George SHERSBY
  Mary Ann SHERSBY 21 spinster   Ashburnham Road George SHERSBY gardener (deceased)    
6th October George Alfred CHURCH 25 bach gardener Manston William CHURCH labourer banns John Henry HERDMAN, Fanny CHURCH
  Jessie Eliza NUTTER 29 spinster   Manston George NUTTER labourer    
15th October George Henry SPAIN 21 bach horse slaughterer Newington, St Lawrence James SPAIN horse slaughterer banns Edward Charles WILSON, Oilve Mary WESLEY
  Harriet Maud WESLEY 21 spinster   10 Chatham Street George WESLEY fisherman    
10th November William CHAPMAN 63 widower army pensioner St Lawrence Henry CHAPMAN army pensioner (deceased) banns Naomi Frances BACON, James Burrell MASTERS
  Beatrice Alice MASTERS 30 spinster   St Lawrence Robert MASTERS carpenter    
15th November Samuel Thomas SKELLET 28 bach greengrocer 3 Hereson Road Albert SKELLET photographer banns John B GIBBS, Arthur Alexander SKELLET
  Alice SIDDLE 20 spinster   54 Belle Vue Road Jack SIDDLE blacksmith    
1st December James Percival WALDROW 31 bach tailor Shepherds Bush James WALDROW tailor banns Edith E R HALL, Henry William TURNER, Thomas MARSHALL
  Stella Elizabeth HALL 30 spinster   St Lawrence James HALL railway pensioner    
25th December Edward James Sweetman LAWRENCE 22 bach greengrocer Finsbury Road, St Lawrence Sweetman LAWRENCE fireman banns Elizabeth TURNER, William Henry Gray
  Mabel Gertrude WATERMAN 18 spinster   Finsbury Road, St Lawrence Thomas WATERMAN fisherman    

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