Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Marriages 1901-02


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When married First name(s) Last name Age Condition Rank or profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
12th January James Frederick OLIVER 32 bach labourer St Lawrence James OLIVER labourer banns Henry William LADD, Rose SPRATT
  Florence Elizabeth BRUNGER 27 spinster   St Lawrence Daniel BRUNGER (decd) labourer    
17th January Percy Wootton PHEYSEY 32 bach clerk in holy orders St Lawrence Richard PHEYSEY chemist wholesale banns Charles MORGAN, H R PHEYSEY, Emily F JONES, Catherine G MORGAN
  Catherine Marie MORGAN 26 spinster   Herne Bay Charles MORGAN stationer    
26th January Benjamin William IMPETT 22 bach labourer Manston Herbert Henry IMPETT dairyman banns Ernest DENNETT, Herbert Henry IMPETT, Ethel Mary IMPETT
  Florence Annie DENNETT 22 spinster   Manston John DENNETT labourer    
16th February Charles Frederick CHAPMAN 25 bach labourer St Lawrence George CHAPMAN labourer banns J LEDNER, Susannah HUSK
  Mary HUSK 21 spinster   St Lawrence James HUSK labourer    
22nd March Julian Mayne HOFF 26 bach bank clerk Christ Church, Ramsgate Edward HOFF FRCS banns L SPRING, Hilda WATTS
  Ethel Maude WATTS 25 spinster   St Lawrence Reading WATTS gentleman    
30th March Robert James SMITH 32 bach solicitors managing clerk St Lawrence James SMITH (decd) butcher certificate Superintendent Registrar Charles OFIELD, Henry HOLLOWAY
  Minnie Louise OFIELD 31 spinster   Ramsgate Charles OFIELD brewers traveller    
8th April Harry DEAN 27 bach carman St Lawrence William DEAN coachman banns W THORP, Jane THORP
  Edith Eliza BARNETT 24 spinster   St Lawrence John BARNETT (decd) baker    
28th April Herbert Charles KEMBER 29 bach post office stamper St Lawrence John KEMBER (decd) pilot banns James Lewis BAX, Charlotte Maud Annie BINGHAM
  Minnie Maria BINGHAM 23 spinster   St Lawrence William BINGHAM blacksmith    
19th May Francis Albert PAY 19 bach plumber St Lawrence George PAY bootmaker banns Henry WOOD, Adeline CATT
  May CATT 19 spinster   St Lawrence Henry John CATT (decd) engineer    
8th June Herbert Walter FAGG 25 bach seaman RN St Lawrence Albert George FAGG (decd) dealer banns Alexander COOPER, Lily COOPER
  Caroline Elizabeth COOPER 25 spinster   St Lawrence Alexander Jordan COOPER boatman    
13th June Arthur SHERSBY 26 bach carrier St Lawrence George SHERSBY carrier banns Martin John TOTTMAN, Nellie TOTTMAN, Lizzie TOTTMAN
  Jessie Elizabeth TOTTMAN 27 spinster   St Lawrence John TOTTMAN (decd) bricklayer    
15th June William Thomas FORWOOD 40 bach bootmaker St Lawrence Thomas FORWOOD bootmaker banns C W COOPER, Matilda EVANS
  Jane Buckley RHODES 29 spinster   St Lawrence Henry RHODES (decd) clerk    
20th June Alfred William REDSTONE 31 bach SQ. M.S Canterbury Henry REDSTONE baker banns David SETTERFIELD, Alice WEST, W SHAKESPEARE
  Edith Laura SETTERFIELD 25 spinster   St Lawrence John William SETTERFIELD plasterer    
22nd June Thomas FRASER 27 bach railway fireman St Lawrence Alexander FRASER Superintendent at cemetery banns James FRASER, Mary Emily Elizabeth FRASER
  Louisa Maud BOWERS 24 spinster   St Lawrence James BOWERS fisherman    
20th July James WILLMOTH 22 bach gardener 3 Hessa Villas, St Lawrence James WILLMOTH labourer banns W CURTIS, A S A WALTER
  Hannah MALPAS 24 spinster   3 Ellington, St Lawrence David MALPAS fisherman    
21st July George Alfred ANDREWS 21 bach stoker St Lawrence Edward ANDREWS (decd) goods guard banns William Thomas BIRCH, Alice Gertrude ANDREWS
  Louisa Maud COLE 21 spinster   St Lawrence John COLE (decd) ironmonger    
22nd July Henry Marshall PENNEY 20 bach milkman Christ Church, Ramsgate Robert PENNEY fisherman banns F W HAYWARD, B B ANDESSON
  Alice HALL 20 spinster   St Lawrence Richard HALL gardener    
25th July George Charles CHURCHWARD 43 bach civil engineer parish of Woking Surrey William Henry CHURCHWARD civil engineer licence Lilian Christian COLES, William GIBBS
  Beatrice Ann COLES 26 spinster     Lewis Richard COLES carrier    
27th July Ernest William HOLLIDAY 22 bach labourer St Lawrence Henry HOLLIDAY labourer banns J APPLETON, Ellen APPLETON
  Annie BAX 21 spinster   St Lawrence Stephen BAX labourer    
27th July Alfred Edward BRICE 22 bach labourer St Lawrence John Henry BRICE (decd) gardener banns Harry MUNDAY, Nellie HOLNESS
  Florence NAZER 20 spinster   St Lawrence        
4th August Frederick William HOLNESS 20 bach milkman St Lawrence Albert HOLNESS labourer banns Edward George SPRATT, Edith Emma SPRATT
  Ada Jane SPRATT 19 spinster   St Lawrence Edward George SPRATT blacksmith    
19th August Arthur CUTT 30 bach carpenter Surrey John CUTT carrier banns James CHEALE, Louis CHEALE, Elizabet Gertrude ALEXANDER
  Lucy Florence Fanny CHEALE 25 spinster   St Lawrence James CHEALE porter    
5th September Robert Beevor SIMMERS
transcribed as STAMMERS
25 bach civil engineer St Michaels, Devonport George
SIMMERS transcribed as  STAMMERS
clerk in holy order banns John HASELL, George William STAMMERS
  Helen Katherine HASELL 23 spinster   St Lawrence John HASELL gentleman    
15th September George Harry READ 24 bach Royal Marines St Lawrence Thomas READ (decd) drayman banns Ernest Albert SPAIN, A W WEST
  Sarah Elizabeth LEES 23 spinster   St Lawrence John LEES Drum Major (retired)    
16th September Herbert PARSONS 29 bach coach painter St Lawrence William PARSONS(decd) R.N. banns N PARSONS, A O'INN, Agnes KENWARD
  Ellen Mary TERRY 25 spinster   St Lawrence Charles TERRY confectioner    
21st September Ernest George WALTER 43 bach solicitors clerk St Georges, Tufnell Park John Guild WALTER (decd) decorator banns Morrison WALTER, Mabel LINDSEY
  Katherine Elizabeth BUSHELL 28 spinster   St Lawrence William Henry BUSHELL builder    
28th September William Miles PARFECT 26 bach carpenter St Marys, Harrow in the Hill George PARFECT (decd) carpenter banns George DARBY, Ellen DARBY, Jane DARBY
  Katherine Maria DARBY 22 spinster   St Lawrence George DARBY farmer    
12th October Harry AMES 27 bach civil service clerk St Annes, Stamford Hill Thomas AMES (decd) carpenter banns Frank James AMES, Beatrice Mary LEWIN
  Emily Elizabeth LEWIN 26 spinster   St Lawrence John LEWIN electrical engineer    
16th October Charles Shapland AUSTEN 29 bach farmer Faversham Thomas AUSTEN (decd) farmer banns R W PHILPOTT, A C HUITT
  Rosa Mercy PHILPOTT 32 spinster   Manston Richard PHILPOTT (Decd) farmer    
21st October Christopher Henry DOBBS 27 bach job master St Mary, Chepstow James DOBBS (decd) job master banns Ethel BLIGH, E A DOBBS
  Mary BLIGH 24 spinster   St Lawrence Edwin James Collins BLIGH coach builder    
23rd November William Henry HUCKSTEP 23 bach labourer Manston James HUCKSTEP farm labourer banns Stephen FAGG, Emily J FAGG
  Emily Elizabeth STANNARD 23 spinster   Manston Samuel George STANNARD labourer    
9th December George FORSTER 34 bach gardener St Lawrence Charles FORSTER (decd) labourer banns M CHAPMAN, Percy F WEEKSON, E CHAPMAN
  Ruth Charlotte CHAPMAN 35 spinster   St George, Ramsgate John William CHAPMAN grocer    
24th December Henry Edmund WOOD 21 bach carpenter St Lawrence George Daniel WOOD carpenter banns Francis Albert PAY, Eleanor Harriet WOOD
  Adeline Wilkins CATT 20 spinster   St Lawrence        
26th December Alfred MATTHEWS 22 bach mariner St Lawrence James MATTHEWS (decd) labourer banns Sydney FOREMAN, Alice FOREMAN
  Rose Mary FOREMAN 20 spinster   St Lawrence George FOREMAN gardener    

When married First name(s) Last name Age Condition Rank or profession Residence at time of marriage Fathers name Rank or profession of father Banns or Licence Witnesses
5th January Alfred FORSTER 22 bach labourer St Lawrence Charles FORSTER (decd) labourer banns George FORSTER, Minnie WEBB
  Amy Rawlings TYRELL 19 spinster   St Lawrence Philip TYRELL (decd) labourer    
25th January Edmund James MUNDAY 26 bach fireman St Lawrence James MUNDAY engine driver banns E F EDWARDS, Ellen Louise MUNDAY
  Ellen WRIGHT 21 spinster   St Lawrence Henry WRIGHT builder    
8th February Thomas SAUNDERS 30 bach labourer St Lawrence Francis SAUNDERS (decd) labourer banns William PRESCOTT, Susan WELLS
  Florence Valentina JENNINGS 27 spinster   St Lawrence James JENNINGS painter    
10th February Frederick George ANNING 24 bach carman St Lawrence Frederick George ANNING (decd) fireman banns George PIDDUCK, Charles RICHARDS, Louisa PIDDUCK
  Mary Ann PIDDUCK 23 spinster   St Lawrence George PIDDUCK labourer    
30th March Richard William AMOS 40 widower bricklayer St Lawrence James AMOS bricklayer banns James John AMOS, Hannah Frances AMOS
  Louisa Elizabeth GARNER 30 widow   St Lawrence Carnick Truro Bridge LARKINS (decd) carpenter    
25th April William BRISCOE full bach gentleman St Lawrence Henry BRISCOE (decd) Capt. R.E licence James MARTIN, Elizabeth Ann ATKINS
  Louisa Alice LAKE full spinster   Christ Church, Ramsgate William LAKE landed proprietor    
8th June Edward Luke BUSBRIDGE full bach labourer St Lawrence Luke BUSBRIDGE (decd) labourer banns J J DOUGHTY, A H PAIN, Eliza DOUGHTY
  Maria May PHILPOTT full spinster   St Lawrence John Thomas PHILPOTT (decd) mariner    
15th June Henry Allen PARAMOR 23 bach coachman St Lawrence Alfred PARAMOR market gardener banns Henry William ROLFE, Frances Susie PARAMOR
  Ellen CASTLE 27 spinster   St Lawrence Henry Burt CASTLE licenced victualler    
21st June Harry MORTLEY 30 bach painter St Lawrence Edwin MORTLEY painter banns William H METCALF, Florence BAILEY
  Ellen Louisa BAILEY 24 spinster   St Lawrence William BAILEY labourer    
28th June Charles Morris MAYO 44 bach salesman St Lawrence Charles Harry MAYO (decd) newsagent banns Thomas PARKER, Mary READ
  Minnie Harriet PARKER 30 spinster   St Lawrence Thomas PARKER laundryman    
19th July David John MONTAGUE 25 bach coach painter St Lawrence David John MONTAGUE (decd) greengrocer banns George James CLARK, Alice Maud CLARK
  Martha Ruth CLARK 23 spinster teacher St Lawrence George Thomas CLARK (decd) grocer    
29th July Percy Francis DOYLE 22 bach railway guard St Lawrence David DOYLE (Decd) army surgeon banns Edmund James DE'ATH, Ada Mary WILLIS
  May Frances Bateson WILLIS 18 spinster   St Lawrence Albert Edward Bateson WILLIS commercial traveller    
12th August Walter DAVEY 23 bach grocer Faversham Henry Zechariah DAVEY contractor banns Frederick James WRAIGHT, Daisy TOMLINSON, Jane DAVEY
  Ella Mary Louisa TOMLINSON 19 spinster   St Lawrence John TOMLINSON waiter    
16th August Edward Frederick EDWARDS 30 bach engine driver St Lawrence Stephen EDWARDS engineer banns James MUNDAY, A EDWARDS, H G EDWARDS
  Ellen Louise MUNDAY 23 spinster   St Lawrence James MUNDAY engine driver    
13th September William Arthur GARDENER 23 bach labourer St Lawrence Joseph GARDENER plate layer banns John BICKER, Mildred COX, Jessie Louise GARDENER
  Grace Charlotte COX 26 spinster   St Georges, Ramsgate Edward James COX (decd) coachman    
13th September Luke BALLARD 23 bach camp-man St Bartholman, Dover William BALLARD labourer banns Thomas William READ, Thomas BALLARD, Louisa BALLARD
  Florence Gertrude READ 22 spinster   St Lawrence Thomas William READ mariner    
21st September Robert SHEPHERD 40 bach tailor St Lawrence Robert SHEPHERD public notary banns William SANDERSON, Edith MACE
  Julia SKIDMORE 40 widow   St Lawrence William MACE (decd) gentleman    
8th October Charles WALL 28 bach stoker RN St Lawrence Isaac WALL farm labourer banns Henry LAMING, Ellen Jane WALL
  Mary Jane LAMING 25 spinster   St Lawrence Henrey LAMING gardener    
15th October Henry Bywater NELSON 23 bach gentleman St Georges, London Herbert NELSON solicitor banns Fanny M CROSSE, Herbert NELSON
  Charlotte Hallewell NELSON 23 spinster   St Lawrence Charles James NELSON (decd) gentleman    
27th October Henry George CHEALE 24 bach fireman S.E.R. Camberwell James George CHEALE porter banns Thomas PETTS, Edith Mary BUSHELL
  Annie Eliza PETTS 26 spinster   High Street, St Lawrence John PETTS (decd) labourer    
30th October Frederick Stephen BAX 30 bach market gardener Haine, St Lawrence Thomas BAX(decd) labourer banns Louisa Helen LOCK, Jessie Eliza NUTTER
  Blanche LOCK 27 spinster   St Lawrence Robert LOCK (decd) market gardener    
15th November Thomas John GORE 28 bach labourer Minster Thomas GORE (decd) labourer banns Richard HOLMANS, Emma Harriet HOLMANS
  Ellen Jane HOLMANS 27 spinster   St Lawrence Richard HOLMANS labourer    
15th November Lewis James BAX 26 bach blacksmith St Lawrence James BAX labourer   William BINGHAM, Edward Robert Annakin BINGHAM
  Charlotte Maud Annie BINGHAM 23 spinster   St Lawrence William BINGHAM blacksmith    
29th November Henry Edward YOUNG 23 bach labourer Parish of Worth, Kent Thomas YOUNG labourer banns Arthur Thomas POINTER, Jane Marian POINTER
  Mary Ann TAPPENDEN 30 spinster   Manston, St Lawrence George TAPPENDEN (decd) labourer    
6th December John TREADAWAY 26 bach sorter St Lawrence William TREADAWAY bricklayer banns A TREADAWAY, Harriet TREADAWAY
  Alice Kate PARNELL 24 spinster   St Lawrence John PARNELL (decd) bricklayer    
7th December James MINALL 26 bach ticket writer St Lawrence William MINALL printer banns W R CHAPMAN, T J CHAPMAN
  Clara CHAPMAN 26 spinster   St Lawrence William Albert CHAPMAN plumber    
7th December Edmund James PAGE 23 bach labourer St Lawrence James Edmund PAGE labourer banns Edmund George SPRATT, Mary Ann PAGE, Florence PAGE
  Edith Emma SPRATT 23 spinster   St Lawrence Edward George SPRATT blacksmith    
18th December Percy Oliver SCOTT 26 bach seaman St Lawrence Fred SCOTT joiner banns C C MOULDER, W A COCKS
  Elizabeth Sarah COCKS 23 spinster   St Lawrence William COCKS engine driver    
25th December Albert Edward BELSEY 22 bach bricklayer St Lawrence James BELSEY bricklayer banns Emily E ROWLAND, M GIBBS
  Mary Ann Frances ANDERSON 20 spinster   St Lawrence - -    
25th December Frederick MILLS 22 bach sign writer St Lawrence Alfred MILLS optician banns Henry Walter CHAPMAN, Elizabeth MILLS
  Sybella Jane CHAPMAN 21 spinster   St Lawrence William Robert CHAPMAN plumber    
31st December Joseph Hollens WITHERDEN 25 bach petty officer RN St Lawrence Joseph Hollens WITHERDEN (decd) labourer banns Edward WITHERDEN, Ellen Jane WALL
  Elizabeth WALL 19 spinster   St Lawrence Isaac WALL brickmaker    

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