Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Burials 1961-83


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Date First Name(s) Last Name Age Abode Comments
16th October Joseph (Francis Joseph) GROOM 79 Brennan House, 21 Vale Square, Ramsgate  
6th November Lettie Elizabeth HARLOW 79 149 Grange Road  
1st January Roger HAWKINS 14 Wheatsheaf Inn, High Street, St Lawrence  
19th April Gertrude Elizabeth SCARLETT 83 3 Edgar Road, Cliftonville R V Parker , Vicar of St Pauls Margate
16th August Ellen Mary HARLOW 78 1 Bell Cottages, Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence  
17th October Elizabeth Ann DARBY 90 147 Margate Road, Ramsgate  
7th February Ethel Mary STOCK 92 10 Montefiore Avenue, Ramsgate  
7th March Ernest Spencer PAYNE 78 2A Glenfain Court, Cheltenham  
8th October Albert Edwin WELCH 86 31 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
5th November Florence Lillian MORGAN 79 97 West Cliff Road, Ramsgate  
15th May Henry Amos BARNDEN 81 6 High Street, St Lawrence  
8th October John LILLEY 77 55 Whitehall Road  
28th January Ellen LAMING 87 16 Clifton Road, St Lawrence  
9th March Francis Edwin TODD 75 13 Nethercourt Gardens  
10th May Maud MAXTED 85 Brennan House, 21 Vale Square, Ramsgate  
18th June Marguerite Isabel PEYTON 72 63 Ellington Road, Ramsgate  
26th January William HAWKINS 91 179 High Street, Ramsgate  
28th January Fanny Mildred MORGAN 91 Court Regis, Milton Regis  
23rd May Thomas John LAMING 88 16 Clifton Road, St Lawrence  
15th February Rosina Jane BURROWS 92 Brennan House, 21 Vale Square, Ramsgate  
29th June Lilian Rebecca DIDDAMS 94 Hill House Hospital, Minster, Ramsgate  
17th November Amy Florence GAY 88 Hill House Hospital, Minster, Ramsgate  
5th January Jessie Elizabeth SHERSBY 94 Hill House Hospital, Minster, Ramsgate  
7th January Ethel Mary PACE 81 12 London Road, Ramsgate  
3rd October Arthur Edward William STARTUP 78 12 London Road, Ramsgate  
5th January Mary Ann READ 102 Brennan House, Crescent Road, Ramsgate  
20th January Charles HALL 77 St Augustines Hospital, Chartham cremated remains
11th October Ellen Frances STANNER 98 Argyle House, Lorne Road  
21st October William EDIS 87 15 St Laurence Avenue  
31st May Edith Rose BROWN 90 77 High Street, St Lawrence  
31st May Hettie Maria POINTER 90 Hill House Hospital, Minster, Ramsgate  
August Arthur ELLERY 84 Dunelm, Helvellyn Avenue  
7th March Ethel Annie ELLERY 84 Kimberley Nursing Home, Mickleburgh Hill, Herne Bay  
1st April Leslie Charles DIGWEED 68 died at Hill House Hospital Minster  
25th September Rose HARNETT 96 44 Madeira Road, Cliftonville  
13th October George Edward LAWRENCE 56 146 Newington Road  
9th December Frank BROWN 90 Alexandra Nursing Home, Broadstairs  
10th February Marjorie Annie ANDREWES 86 Deemay, Southwood Road  
March Ian Hamilton (or Leith) HOOPER 45 21 Rawdon Road  
25th July Jessie Madeline ANDREWES 85 76 Broadstairs Road, Broadstairs  
4th August Phoebe Winifred MEIKLE 94 51 Lawrie Park Road, Sydenham  
March Cyril Dawson STROUD 63 47 Helvellyn Avenue, Ramsgate cremated 20th March 1978
24th December Janet Dawn SURGEY 24 17 Derwent Road, Ramsgate cremated 15th December 1978
26th April Ivy Mary CRAMP 77 10 Downs Road, Ramsgate  
10th July Georgina Elizabeth Rita DARBY 62 37 St Lawrence Avenue, Ramsgate  
2nd October Alice Elizabeth CURTIS 68 21 Manston Road, St Lawrence  
23rd October Orion Glenis HAWKINS 60 3 Hurdman Walk, Hereford  
2nd December Brian Paul ELLERY 55 17 Homeville Gardens, Herne Bay  
5th March Iris Jessie Louise OFFERMAN 89 11 Wilfred Road  
4th April Thomas Henry CURTIS 85 36 Bridgecourt Mangere, New Zealand  
2nd July Charles Arthur CHAMPS 85 79 Richmond Road, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire  
28th May Owen DARBY - -  
21st September Norman Robert CRAMP 82 10 Downs Road, Ramsgate  

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