Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Burials 1951-60


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Date First Name(s) Last Name Age Abode Comments
18th January Alice Lilian WOODWARD 69 53 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence  
22nd January Emma Elizabeth WATERS 91 18 Queens Gate Road  
1st February Lavinia Russell LEMARE 84 61 Chapel Road  
6th February Ena Mary GARDNER 80 53 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
15th February Lucy Jane SAUNDERS 85 10 Downs Road, Ramsgate  
28th February Tryphena CRAMP 82 10 Downs Road, Ramsgate  
16th March Harry RIGDEN 83 71 Ashburnham Road  
7th May Barbara Emma ASHBY 75 62 Chapel Road  
31st May Blanch Elizabeth INGE 67 177 Grange Road  
14th September Joan DIGWEED 37 24 Rawdow Road  
12th October John Edward CRAMP 12 10 Downs Road, Ramsgate  
20th December Alfred DARBY 75 145 Margate Road, Ramsgate C O A Darby, Chaplain RN
5th March Frank Lyford CANNEY 83 19 Penshurst Road, Ramsgate J Geo Leech, Rector of Holy Trinity, Ramsgate
15th March Jennie DADD 79 21 Ashburnham Road, Ramsgate  
26th March Edward Thomas GIBBENS 85 11 Crescent Road, Ramsgate  
2nd April Maria FOSTER 90 81 Whitehall Road  
16th April Amy Ellen HORSLEY 94 45 High Street, St Lawrence, Ramsgate  
3rd July Mabel EDIS 65 15 St Laurence Avenue R Petty, Vicar of Sellildge
3rd July Sarah Ann WELCH 78 31 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
26th January Susan Amy LEWIS 86 at Bon Secours Nursing Home, London Road, Ramsgate  
30th January Edith PARGETER 79 56 Queen Bertha Road, Ramsgate  
21st February Eleanor Johnson JARVIS 78 1 Manston Road, Ramsgate  
12th March William George JUDGE 71 The Nook, Elham, Canterbury Edwin Woodford, Methodist Minister, Elham
6th April Ellen HUGHES 77 9 Picton Road  
6th June Florence Mary HACKER 80 General Hospital, Ramsgate  
28th September Edith Emma GROOM 74 37 Ashburnham Road, Ramsgate  
14th January Henry Walter Charles WOODWARD 76 4 Claremont Gardens, Ramsgate  
11th March Minnie Ada ROBINSON 84 Sunnycote, St Mildreds Road, Ramsgate  
22nd March Florence Eliza HARLOW 79 1 Bell Cottage, High Street,  St Lawrence  
25th March Amy ARTHUR 94 Alms House, Thanet Road  
13th April Daisie HARNETT 76 19 Southwood Road  
14th April Harold Alfred FISHER 71 32 Nethercourt Hill  
21st April Emma Rachael Mary TODD 60 13 Nethercourt Gardens  
25th June Ronald Littlewood CLARKE 47 56 Stanhope Avenue  
25th January Caroline Ross LEWIS 87 4 Napleton Road, Ramsgate  
4th July Harry STEAD 92 21 Vale Square  
8th September Cecily MAUGHAN 53 Bromstone House, Broadstairs, St Peters in Thanet Sydney A Odom, Vicar of Margate
17th September Arthur PACE 73 12 London Road, Ramsgate  
7th October Wilfred Philip HUDSON 80 49 Park Road, Ramsgate ashes
7th November Charles Fletcher Appleton CURTIS 86 21 Manston Road, St Lawrence  
5th December Ada Maria O'NEILL 79 2 Holbrook Drive  
2nd February Emma CHAMBERLAIN 72 17 Poplar Road, Ramsgate  
31st March Sarah Agnes HUMPHREYS 85 113 Newington Road  
29th September Kathleen HYDE 33 died at Salzburg 17.8.1956 ashes
11th April Arthur WILMOT 70 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence (died at Bon Secour Nursing Homes)  
29th August Ellen Carrington PEDDER 84 74 Ellington Road  
3rd October Rosina Lillian WOOD 70 St Augustines Hospital, Chartham  
21st March Sarah Jane Ada STANNARD 84 York House Nursing Home, Broadstairs Carter Lloyd - Evangelical Minister
8th April Hannah Elizabeth CROUCH 84 Hill House, Minster  
29th April William Henry Lawden MOSES 75 General Hospital, Ramsgate  
13th June Myra Christa Lucy SHEPPARD 83 16 Hamilton Crescent, Hounslow  
30th April Annie Louise HAWKINS 77 179 High Street, Ramsgate  
9th September Albert Ernest OFFERMAN 64 11 Wilfred Road  
25th September Ernest ASHBY 82 62 Chapel Road  
20th January Margaret CARUTHERS 80 61 High Street, St Lawrence  
18th June Elsie MAUGHAN 80 Bromstone Farm House, Broadstairs  
21st November Eva Emily MOSES 76 25 High Street, Tunbridge Wells  

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