Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Burials 1941-50


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Date First Name(s) Last Name Age Abode Comments
10th February Ann Rebecca IMPETT 91 5 Picton Road, Ramsgate  
14th February Thomas William NORWOOD 71 53 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence  
19th March William Grimley LAURENCE 76 73 High Street, St Lawrence  
5th June Leonard Philip SMITH 78 24 Eling Lane, Eling near Southampton ashes
24th June Rosalie Amy MUNDAY 80 8 Mayfield Road, Kersal ashes
22nd September Marie Catherine DARBY 87 Margate Road, Ramsgate  
18th November Mary Ann CURTIS 71 21 Manston Road, St Lawrence  
3rd January Mary Ann HOLMANS 88 48 Bloomsbury Road, Ramsgate  
24th March Henry DARBY 84 63 Newington Road, St Lawrence  
7th December Gertrude Alice PIPE 80 53 Ellington Road, St Lawrence  
14th December Sarah MAUSER 86 15 Penshurst Road, Ramsgate  
20th February Ivy HARNETT 62 19 Southwood Road  
13th May Alice Jessie HODGMAN 79 23 Chilton Lane  
10th June Elizabeth Harnett HILL 80 32 Goodwin Road Stanley B Green - Congregational
6th September Leslie John Victor COTTON 37 Murrow, Wisbech  
2nd October Lilian Fanny PETLEY 62 128 Southwood Road, St Lawrence  
20th October Jesse WATERS 76 18 Queens Gate Road  
16th February John JARMAN 91 25 Seafield Road  
12th July Fanny DARBY 88 7 South Parade, Tutton Eling New Forest  
19th July Frances Annie HARLOW 68 1 Bell Cottages, St Lawrence  
19th December Emma Margaret CHAMBERLAIN 88 17 Poplar Road, Ramsgate  
29th January Ada Harriet McClary PAYNE 75 3 Osborne Road, Broadstairs  
17th February Ann Jane PRESTEDGE 99 Pontypool  
21st June Laura CHESTER 87 90 Grange Road  
7th July Jessie ARMSTRONG 69 113 Newington Road  
23rd July William W Wellesley WEIGALL 77 Ascot  
25th July Rodney William HAWKINS 26 123 Crescent Road, Ramsgate  
28th July Alfred John CAYLEY 83 6 Grosvenor Road  
25th September John Edwin SETTERFIELD 95 97 Southwood Road  
7th January Elizabeth LEWIS 80 4 Napleton Road, Ramsgate  
25th January Celia SHENTON 87 13 St Mildreds Road  
20th April Alice Maude Branch HEALEY 76 21 Vale Square  
3rd May Philadelphia RIGDEN 86 56Ashburnham Road  
7th May Eleanor Fanny POWLESLAND 86 S.Ann, Ramsgate Road, St Peters Laurens Sargent, Vicar of St Peter the Apostle in Thanet
5th September Evelyn Henry Villers WEIGALL 70 Five Oaks, Brook Street, Tonbridge A F Weigall, Rector of Brandon, Suffolk
30th September Charles ARMSTRONG 82 113 Newington Road  
6th December William Everard HEALEY 77 119 Grange Road  
30th January Thomas PETTS 78 45 Uphill Grove, Mill Hill, London NW7  
10th March Louisa Marian Maynard DUNN 84 11 Crescent Road, Ramsgate  
2nd July Charles Frederick PEXTON 89 63 Ellington Road  
21st July Eliza Elizabeth LAWRENCE 87 (died at Kent & Canterbury Hospital) Southwood Road  
8th September Ellen Frances CURTIS 86 Eureka, Cliffs End, St Lawrence  
24th September Emily PRICE 56 51 Wilfred Road, St Lawrence  
4th November Alice Ann POWLESLAND 85 S.Ann, Ramsgate Road, St Peters Laurens Sargent, Vicar of St Peter the Apostle in Thanet
16th November Agnes Frederica SMITH 82 died at St Benets, Spencer Square, Ramsgate  
6th January Maria Henrietta SHAWCROSS 91 Wood End House, Hayes  
31st January Gertrude Emma WEIGALL 74 Sonning, London Road, Ramsgate  
2nd April William Henry DABORN 87 56 Queen Bertha Road, Ramsgate  
15th April Henry Louis WHITE 91 15 Idsworth Road, Cowplain, near Havant  
23rd April Kate Mary TUCKER 83 24 Spencer Square  
12th June Roy Forbes Guillam SCOTT 69 15 Manor Road, Cheam  
26th June Ellen STEAD 85 25 Chilton Lane  
19th August William Steven STANNER 80 21 Lorne Road  
29th October Esther Ellen BUTTLE 70 56 Southwood Road  
5th November Walter Thomas MOSES 86 27 Cannonbury Road  
6th December Cyril Collingwood MAUGHAN 76 Bromstone House, St Peters in Thanet  
8th December Horace Walter PETLEY 63 121 Southwood Road  
1st January Patience Eliza DABORN 88 56 Queen Bertha Road, Ramsgate  
9th March Annie GIBBENS 81 10 Grosvenor Road  
3rd May Caroline Daisy SCARLETT 65 Avondale, Roxburgh Road, Westgate on Sea  
16th May John Henry ROBINSON 74 Sunnycote, St Mildreds Road, Ramsgate  
12th July Herbert Stuart INGE 69 177 Grange Road  
15th August Ernest Randall GOODSON 87 8 Arklow Square, Ramsgate J Eric Blanchett, Vicar of St Lukes Ramsgate
16th October Elizabeth Harriett BEERLING 75 11 Crescent Road, Ramsgate  
6th January Arthur Kenrick SMITHYMAN 79 21 St Michaels Street, Folkstone  
19th January Alfred Thomas GRUMMANT 78 105 Grange Road, Ramsgate  
7th February Emily Rebecca SHERSBY 88 Pleasant View, Pegwell Bay, Ramsgate G W Cleach - Presbyterian Minister, Ellington
5th May Walter DIDDAMS 81 181 Grange Road  
7th September George WOODWARD 79 53 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence  
10th October Mary Elizabeth MORGAN 81 97 West Cliff Road, Ramsgate  
4th November Annie Maria HILL 83 53 Whitehall Road, Ramsgate Gerald F Boword - Ramsgate Congregational Church

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