Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Burials 1931-40


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Date First Name(s) Last Name Age Abode Comments
16th January Lucy Ethel ANDREWES 63 119 Crescent Road  
12th February Mary Ann SCOTT 81 18 Vale Road, Ramsgate  
25th February Sarah Emma COULTER 75 152 Grange Road, St Lawrence  
4th March Minnie GOODSON 68 8 Arklow Square, Ramsgate  
5th March George DARBY 78 Barwick, Margate Road, Ramsgate  
28th March Ann Augusta WILSON 89 Bramley, Gilbert Road, Ramsgate  
4th April Annie Elizabeth WILSON 61 Bramley, Gilbert Road, Ramsgate  
8th April Mary Ann TAPSELL 80 Maycroft, Ellington, St Lawrence  
15th April Samuel BANGER 84 Pegwell, St Lawrence  
6th May Edward RALPH 68 Denham House, Marlborough Road, Ramsgate  
17th June Ellen MARVELL 78 General Hospital, Ramsgate  
26th June James Henry SHEPPARD 62 1 Pegwell Avenue, Ramsgate  
22nd August Frederick Edward BEER 71 16 Clifton Road, St Lawrence  
28th August Rita Bessie WISSENDEN 35 The Bungalow, Cliffs End, St Lawrence  
23rd September Sarah Ann FENNER 86 13 Westcliff Road, Ransgate  
30th October Oliva Eliza FOREMAN 54 Hill House, Minster  
16th December Mary Ann HAWKINS 84 Beverley Farm, St Dunston, Blean  
15th January Sarah Mary Jane Danton ANDREWS 64 Southwood Tavern  
2nd February Mary Jane HARRIS 74 Wakefield, Manston Road, St Lawrence  
29th February Eliza Ann HOLMES 81 16 Bloomsbury Road, Ramsgate  
3rd March Mary Ann Elizabeth BRISTOW 81 39 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
5th March Emily Sophia SOLLY 49 Spratling Street, Manston, St Lawrence  
4th March Edna Lucie REGNIER 76 Beaulien, Victoria Avenue, Westgate on Sea  
24th March Henrietta Ada MURRAY 77 37 Park Road, Ramsgate  
19th May Francis Edwin MURRAY 78 37 Park Road, Ramsgate  
13th July George STEEL 87 68 Vale Road, Ramsgate  
9th August James MEIKLE 64 107 Crescent Road, Ramsgate  
24th October Herbert Wyld BOORMAN 78 Charlton Lodge, St Mildreds Avenue, Ramsgate cremated 20th October, his ashes interred 24th October
22nd December Sydney George STANNARD 48 Laritta, Newington Road, St Lawrence  
11th January Walter Thomas LAYTON 71 Mayhill, High Street, St Lawrence  
18th January Stephen Robert THOMPSON 70 128 Devon Mansions, Tooley Street, London Arthur Le Cazalet, Rector of St Olave & St John, Southwark
19th January Mary Miller HOBDAY 86 39 South Eastern Road, Ramsgate  
26th January James BANGER 73 Hill House, Minster  
2nd February Stephen ADAMS 80 34 Ashburnham Road  
4th April Ellen MAITLAND 85 Duncan Road, Ramsgate  
3rd May Sidney PETLEY 24 39 High Street, St Lawrence  
9th May Helen Elizabeth HUBBARD 89 Old Dover Road, Canterbury  
13th May George Herbert HUBBARD 84 Old Dover Road, Canterbury  
8th July Edward HOBDAY 45 39 South Eastern Road, Ramsgate died Hill House, Minster
8th July Emily Maria PETLEY 80 68 High Street, St Lawrence  
12th July William John MARVELL 60 General Hospital, Ramsgate  
30th August Charles Gerrard ANDREWS 71 119 Crescent Road  
21st September Ellen Ann DARBY 68 34 High Street, St Lawrence  
15th December William James CURTIS 74 Eureka, Cliffs End, St Lawrence  
3rd March Emmas Alice GOODSON 78 8 Arklow Square, Ramsgate  
29th March Arthur Edward George SOLLY 76 Highlands, Manston, Ramsgate  
24th April Mary Ann GRAINGER 69 Southwood, Queens Avenue, St Lawrence  
23rd June Alile WHITE 81 Upnor, The Vale, Ramsgate  
30th August Alice Harriet HUNT 85 11 Royal Crescent, Ramsgate  
18th December William James JARMAN 49 6 Seafield Road, Ramsgate  
3rd January Harry DARBY 66 17 Manston Road, St Lawrence  
15th March Camilla CANVEY 74 19 Penshurst Road, Ramsgate C L De R Copinger, Vicar of St Alphage, Hereford
24th April Bertha Lucy KENNETT 66 18 Vale Square, Ramsgate  
10th May Ellen Mary DAVIS 68 Chilton Lane, St Lawrence  
24th July Henrietta BURTON 68 Manston  
31st July Olive Mary BARNDEN 46 Saxon, Ellington  
2nd October Annie Louisa PEALL 73 Elkhom, Addiscombe Road, Margate  
18th October Thomas William HEARNE 84 Hill House, Minster  
27th December Mary Ann DANTON 89 17 Bloomsbury Road  
18th January Jane Susan REGNIER 91 Old Mill House, Sarre  
23rd January Alexander William MARSH 76 Hill House, Minster  
29th January Ellen Annie ELGAR 81 21 West Cliff Road, Ramsgate  
1st February John Wilfred HUDSON 2 Westways, St Mildreds Avenue, St Lawrence  
12th February Ada MARTINS 63 died at Hospital, Lockyer Street, Plymouth  
13th February Frederick HARRIS 79 31 Manston Road, St Lawrence  
9th March Elizabeth Rosamund MORGAN 97 97 West Cliff Road, Ramsgate  
27th June Walter SETTERFIELD 68 Hill House, Minster  
29th July Ernest George PETLEY 23 39 High Street, St Lawrence  
26th September Sarah BAILEY 84 38 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence  
9th November Ernest James MAPLE 58 3 Wheatley Road, Ramsgate  
17th November Helen Evelyn PARGETER 25 50 Queen Bertha Road  
18th November Eliza Bedo WINSTANLEY 90 18 St Mildreds Road, Ramsgate  
10th December Ellen Louisa BRISTOW 52 39 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
15th December Mary Ann MORRIS 76 5 Picton Road, Ramsgate  
30th January Mabel Yorke PRICE 23 51 Wilfred Road, St Lawrence  
1st April William GRAINGER 74 Southwood, Queens Avenue, St Lawrence  
6th May Eliza Maurell COLLIER 85 Brunswick Terrace, Hove  
18th May Alfred HARLOW 87 1 Bell Cottages, St Lawrence  
17th June Charlotte Annie MASCALL 82 Oakfield, Newington Road, St Lawrence  
28th December Harriet SCOTT 93 7 Knaresborough Place H T Carnagie, Vicar of Hampstead
26th January William Hammond WHITEHEAD 88 10 Spratling Street, St Lawrence  
22nd February Jane WHITEHEAD 85 10 Spratling Street, St Lawrence  
24th February John William SCOTT 86 18 Vale Road, Ramsgate  
10th March Amy Ann MOSES 83 26 St Peters Road, Broadstairs  
2nd July Sarah Ann PETTS 76 Ivydene, Ellington, St Lawrence  
28th July William BEERLING 87 Hollydene, Haine, St Lawrence  
24th September Agnes Forbes TWISS 86 St Lawrence Vicarage W Henry Wagstaffe, Assistant Priest Holy Trinity Folkstone
31st October Thomas MACKINS 67 24 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence  
9th December Maria Fanny Ann TOMLIN 84 Updown House, Margate  
2nd January John LEWIS 82 4 Napleton Road, Ramsgate  
3rd February Martin John TOTTMAN 69 died at East Maidstone Southern Railway Station (Broad Street, Ramsgate)  
11th February Ernest Edward PHILPOTT 63 Manston (died at Guys Hospital SW)  
18th March Percy Seymour DAVIDSON 64 General Hospital, Ramsgate  
25th March Harriet Beatrice STARTUP 48 Mayfield, Ellington  
14th April John ANDREWS 85 died at Chartham Hospital  
27th May Alfred HARLOW 61 High Street, St Lawrence  
7th June Alma TAPSELL 81 Maycroft, Ellington, St Lawrence  
10th June Susannah TOTTMAN 66 Broad Street, Ramsgate  
14th September Elizabeth Bing LEWIS 85 Nash Farm, Ash  
4th October William LAWRENCE 37 died at Sanatorium Lenham (Southwood Road)  
11th November Edith GOODSON 80 Bono, North Foreland, Broadstairs  
23rd November Mary Augusta WILSON 73 Bramley, Gilbert Road, Ramsgate  
21st December William George SHERSBY 72 170 Southwood Road G E ????????, Non Conformist Minister
22nd December Annie CREWS 69 2 Clifton Lawn, Ramsgate  
28th December Florence Spencer PAYNE 81 29 Chapel Place, Ramsgate  
5th January Reginald CREWS 68 2 Clifton Lawn, Ramsgate  
6th January James Albert POINTER 78 Hill House, Minster  
12th January William Spencer PAYNE 82 29 Chapel Place, Ramsgate Harcourt Samuel, Baptist Minister
23rd January John DANIELS 83 5 Manston Road, St Lawrence  
26th January Mary Ann Susannah RICHES 92 55 Edith Road, St Lawrence  
13th May Lizzie MOYES 76 89 High Street, St Lawrence  
15th May William MASCALL 85 Oakfield, Newington Road, St Lawrence  
14th June Eliza Jane Littlewood CLARKE 67 Pegwell Lodge, Pegwell, Thanet  
19th June Annie BULL 81 29 High Street, St Lawrence  
17th October Arthur SHERSBY 65 1 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence  

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