Ramsgate Parish Register Extracts from 1901

St Lawrence Burials 1921-30


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Date First Name(s) Last Name Age Abode Comments
6th January Robert POINTER 64 31 High Street, St Lawrence  
29th January Henry George LAMING 74 Hill House, Minster  
1st February Mary Terry TUCKER 78 119 Southwood Road, St Lawrence  
16th February John Joseph PERKINS 42 50 High Street, St Lawrence, Ramsgate  
17th February The Lady Rose Sophia Mary WEIGALL 86 Southwood House, St Lawrence  
19th February Henry SMITH 60 29 Herbert Road, St Lawrence  
23rd February Clara Matilda ATKINS 44 Westdene, Ellington, St Lawrence  
11th March Frank BUSHELL 73 General Hospital, Ramsgate  
29th March Jack FISHER 6 weeks 103 Southwood Road  
31st March John Walter SCARLETT 66 18 St Mildreds Road, St Lawrence  
31st March William Grimley LAWRENCE 78 46 High Street, St Lawrence  
1st April Charles Edward BUNDY 15 days 49 Chapel Road  
2nd April Emma Elizabeth Sargent MACKINS 49 24 Grosvenor Road, St Lawrence  
13th April Rosina Godfrey RUSK 77 9 York Mansions, Prince of Wales Road, Battersea, London, SW  
6th May Hilda Olive ANDREWS 5 months Cliffs End, St Lawrence  
12th May Robert BEERLING 83 Hill House, Minster  
19th May Annie Louisa SETTERFIELD 43 39 Ashburnham Road, St Lawrence  
25th May Charlotte IMPETT 80 25 St Lukes Avenue  
23rd July Elizabeth Brockman LARKINS 71 20 Herbert Road, St Lawrence  
13th August Basil SMITHYMAN 41 9 Vale Square, Ramsgate  
15th August Edith GOLDSACK 19 months 32 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
20th September Stanley Walter LAWRENCE 4 months 26 Herbert Road, St Lawrence  
10th October Frederick Henry BARNES 5 2 Catherine Terrace, St Lawrence  
21st October Philip SMITH 3 months 7 Rowdon Road, St Lawrence  
31st October Mary Ann ADAMS 86 9 Belmont Road, Broadstairs  
7th November John JOSLING 86 Hill House, Minster  
14th December Edward Wales SMITH 57 2 Rue Monkga, Nice, France  
29th December Eric Ernest MAYO 8 Thanet Isolation Hospital, Parish of St Peters Extra  
20th January Richard MINTER 76 8 Vicarage Cottages, Ramsgate  
22nd April Emily Blanche BUCKLY 81 59 Grange Road, Ramsgate  
1st June Jacob BURLEY 83 44 Hardres Street, Ramsgate  
23rd June Frances HORTON 83 Vicarage Cottages, St Lawrence  
8th January John PARAMOR 90 Hill House, Minster  
17th January Fanny Jane PITCHER 73 4 Elms Avenue, Ramsgate  
15th February George FOREMAN 77 98 Grange Road, St Lawrence  
8th May Peter MACK 57 Clough???, Newingtond, St Lawrence  
29th May Mary Ann WILLIAMS 79 13 St Winifred Road, Folkestone  
10th July Isabel WESLEY 78 Seafield Road, St Lawrence  
28th August Laura FOSTER 79 48 Norfolk Road E Wilcox, Vicar of Wortley-de Leed, Yorks
3rd September Clyde Collis SHEPHERD 10 54 Chapel Road  
6th January William MAY 93 126 Southwood Road George Curtis - Union Chapel Ellington
12th January Sarah Ann TODD 99 1 Princes Road  
1st February Mary Ann BANGER 80 Hazelburg, Pegwell Bay  
23rd February Martin John Read TOMSON 72 Court Stairs  
28th March Eleanor Rosa DONELLY 78 6 Clarendon Gardens  
16th April William Henry CURTIS 91 6 Manston Road, St Lawrence  
11th July Marianne KENNETT 79 19 Spencer Square, Ramsgate R H Kennet, Canon of Ely
17th December Catherine Isabella PHILPOTT 54 Ferndale, Manston  
15th July Emma STEED 73 1 Catherine Terrace  
8th January Annie Elizabeth SALE 86 46 Ivenna Court, Kensington Charlisle Maughan, Vicar of St Pauls, Mirfield
7th January Henry WEIGALL 95 Southwood House, St Lawrence  
4th March John Barwick GIBBS 72 St Finbarre, Ellington, St Lawrence  
7th March Elizabeth DARBY 41 Barn, Margate Road T W Kingsnorth - Wesleyan Minister
25th March Annie Emily HOLBURN 79 Holloway Sanatorium, Virginia Water  
9th April Emily Sophia BINGHAM 85 5 Bay View Villas, Manston Road  
4th August Ann RATHBONE 86 38 Pembury Road, Tonbridge  
20th August Rose Georgina KINGSLEY 80 died at Hotel Sanclu, East Cliff  
26th November Sarah Elizabeth PARSONS 95 7 St Mildreds Road  
28th November Harriet JOY 93 35 Grange Road  
1st December Joyce PREBBLE 85 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
4th January Herbert Dell Littlewood CLARKE 67 Pegwell Lodge, St Lawrence  
7th January Amelia Adelaide SMITHYMAN 84 12 Marlborough Road  
20th January Mary Georgina MAUGHAN 78 19 Northdown Avenue, Margate  
6th February Sarah Ann SAUNDERS 94 31 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
27th April Mabel MAXTED 52 Broomfield, Wingham  
30th July Ann Elizabeth STEEL 82 68 Vale Road, Ramsgate  
17th August Amy EVANS 87 15 Royal Crescent, Ramsgate  
16th October Charles HARNETT 88 19 Southwood Road  
4th February Emily Helen WOODGATE 55 The Vale Tavern, Vale Road  
21st February Elizabeth GESSEY 73 The Hospital Chartham  
4th March William James ROWLAND 77 Victory Cottage, Chapel Place, Ramsgate  
8th March Ann GRAZETT 88 20 Vale Square, Ramsgate  
11th April Eliza PITTS 81 Saxon, Ellington  
28th April Sophia LAWRENCE 67 48 High Street, St Lawrence  
11th August Ellen Elizabeth SAUNDERS 69 130 Grange Road, St Lawrence  
24th August Alfred George WILCOX 68 The Vicarage, St Lawrence E Wilcox, Vicar of Wortley-de Leeds, Yorks
27th August Richard Henry HOBDAY 72 39 South Eastern Road, Ramsgate  
31st August William CASTLE 85 40 Frederick Road, Hastings  
6th October Joseph George GARDENER 80 51 Chapel Road  
12th October Hannah JOAD 91 Cottington, Manston Road  
18th November Elizabeth PETTS 64 Chichester  
17th April Susannah LEWIS 76 Elham  
18th April George TRACEY 83 Queens Avenue, St Lawrence  
20th July Edward Llewellyn MARTINS 54 The Cottage Homes, Manston E Langley - Vicar of Ticehurst
31st July Emma SPICER 91 61 Grange Road  
21st August Emily SOLLY 68 Highlands, Manston  
18th October Ann Elizabeth LEULIATTE 82 28 A Effingham Street, Ramsgate  
27th November Ellen POINTER 51 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
16th February Mary Elizabeth WILLIAMS 68 High Street, St Lawrence  
7th March Louis Victor LAUILIETTE 91 Hill House, Minster W G Farlay, Vicar of North Woolwich
6th April William Ford LEWIS 74 11 Prospect Terrace, Ramsgate  
11th April Elizabeth Mary HOOKER 89 Cottington, Manston Road  
24th July Mary Ann Ellen HARLOW 83 1 Bell Cottages, St Lawrence  
12th August Emily MOSES 69 27 Cannonbury Road  
2nd September Elizabeth BORTON 86 51 Ellington Road  
14th October Mary Jane SOUTHAM 71 65 Chapel Road  
13th November Arthur Washington CLUTTERBUCK 65 Inglenook, St Lawrence  
14th November William POINTER 75 29 Chapel Road, St Lawrence  
18th November Elizabeth SCARLETT 75 77 Northdown Road, Margate  
2nd January Harriet Lyle WILCOX 71 Southcourt, Broadstairs  
4th January Annie LIMMER 96 4 Chapel Place  
19th May Emily Louisa CARRUTHERS 79 57 Ashburnham Road  
29th May Ellen ABRAM 76 14 Royal Road  
21st June John Counmaker ANDERSON 78 23 Westcliff Terrace, St Lawrence  
15th September Lizzie May LAYTON 69 Mayhill, High Street, St Lawrence  
15th October Zela Ann Marten TOMSON 73 Courtstairs, St Lawrence  
8th November Margaret Bennett COLTHUP 87 3 Black Cottages, Haine, Ramsgate  
15th November Emma DARBY 71 Waleigh, Newington Road, St Lawrence  
10th December Robert PHILPOTT 73 Herbert Road, St Lawrence  

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